Kay Pfleghardt,CFP®

Kay Pfleghardt,CFP®

Registered Financial Associate

Kay is a pioneering millennial who learned quickly in life about the fearsome force that money can create for families ambitious about preserving meaningful legacies. At 18, Kay unburied a less-than-favorable family legacy when she went to apply for her first credit card (be sure to ask her the story).

It was at that time that she switched her baccalaureate major from Psychology to Financial Planning. By age 23, Kay earned the CFP® certification. Kay is the youngest of three siblings, and proudly touts herself as the “financial guru” and “dilemma doctor” of the family.

Kay enjoys her family's newest tradition of hosting a “sibling-only” Christmas Eve each year which gives her parents the energy they need to survive the craziness that Christmas Day comes with each year. Her family stays close, no matter the physical distance they're apart, by keeping in touch everyday through the family's group text.  She also enjoys traveling as much as possible (her parent's regret of not doing more of while they were young), playing competitive beach volleyball, and telling stories about her wild (and only) nephew, Dexter.

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