Michael Palumbos

Michael is a second generation family wealth advisor serving business-owning families.  Marty, his father, started the wealth advisory practice in 1973; he also served many family owned businesses. Michael is the father of seven, grandfather of one and he is married to Victoria, a special education teacher in the Pittsford School district. Michael has three siblings and four nephews.  

Michael's two favorite Palumbos traditions are Palumbos Family Vacation (PFV) and the gratitude beads.  The entire Palumbos family gets together for PFV annually in July and they have been doing it for almost 20 years.  The beads of gratitude are brought out at holiday gatherings...a string of beads are in the bag and the bag is randomly passed from person to person; each family member shares what they are most grateful for in the past year.  












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