Our Mission:

Support business-owning families that want to empower the rising generation to create aspirational visions

and lasting legacies by transferring the values, wisdom and wealth.


About Family Wealth and Legacy

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand the family's potential. We do that by 

creating innovative tools that help families answer the tough questions, by being forever students of our industry,

by building relationships with a diverse team of professionals, and by positively impacting the families

and communities where we live and work.



We believe that family is made up of not only the human capital but the social, intellectual

and relational capital of the individuals within the family.



We believe that a family's complete wealth is comprised of the family's assets mentioned

above and the values and financial assets of the entire family.



We believe that when a family's balance sheet focuses on complete family wealth,

that is when their legacy begins to flourish.


Our Team

A team that's qualified, motivated and dynamic.

A love for family unites us. 

A desire to share ignites us.

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