Family Business Succession Planning

How to Hire a Financial Planner, Financial Advisor or Wealth Advisor

Hiring a wealth advisor, financial planner or financial advisor can have a tremendously positive impact on your family, especially if your family’s net worth is $500,000 or higher. We want to share with you why it is so important to hire an advisor who is comprehensive in their approach to financial planning. You’ll learn that great financial advisors are well versed in not only investments but estate planning, retirement and cash flow modeling, personal risk management, the impact of taxes, and business owner planning. Far too often, individuals hire advisors who are not right for the task and only hurt themselves and their families in the long run, if not the short run. Most of the time it isn’t the advisor's fault because the industry and the firm they are with has not prepared them to handle comprehensive financial planning. This guide will not only inform you of the reasons hiring an advisor is such a challenge today, but more importantly how to find a financial advisor or wealth advisor that is a perfect fit for your family.

Two Big Challenges to Hiring a Financial Planner

The challenges to hiring a financial advisor today will not be talked about on CNBC, or the Wall Street Journal. Even if you Google how to hire a financial planner the potholes we are going to share are rarely, if ever, written about. Author, Helaine Olen, got close in her book “Pound Foolish” but rather than staying focused on the financial services industry she veered into the world of financial entertainers like Suze Orman, David Bach and Jim Cramer. We will not veer from the financial services industry and we will arm you with some very powerful information.

What’s the Solution to Finding the Best Financial Advisor for You?

Once we expose the root of the problem in regards to hiring a financial advisor, we will offer a solution. We believe there are five things that anyone hiring a financial planner can look for to really understand whether or not the advisor will be taking a comprehensive approach that will serve you and your family.