Family Business Succession Planning

Two Big Challenges to Hiring a Financial Planner

Understanding Financial Professional Designations and Titles

Go behind the scenes of the financial services world and watch as we compare it to other professions. This will begin to illuminate why it’s so hard to know which financial advisor is right for you.

Understanding Standards of Service

Once we have opened up the issues we want to shine a big, bright light on the issue that causes more confusion than anything else. If you were to ask industry insiders this question: If all the same client data, client objectives and information was given to ten different well trained financial advisors, how many different financial plans would be created? The answer is almost always 8-10. Think about that for a moment…if pilots used 8-10 different methods for landing a plane, how often would you fly?

If the clients, objectives are the same then the financial plan should be relatively the same. Find out why that’s not the case.