Family Business Succession Planning

The Fee Questions


There should be some flexibility when discussing fees. A fee is not always a bad thing as long as you’re getting something more valuable in return than the money you are investing.

Here are a few questions to focus on:

  1. What are the fees for setup?
  2. Are there platform fees?
  3. How much is being paid to the TPA? The financial advisor?
  4. What, if anything, happens to the 12b-1 fees?
  5. Conversion fees are how much?
  6. What are the charges for plan administration?
  7. Is there a fee for moving assets?
  8. What are the costs to terminate a plan? Are there any market value adjustments (MVAs)?
  9. What are the fees for loans, hardship fees, rollover fees, distribution fees?
  10. Are there any other fees that we may incur?