Family Business Succession Planning

Scaling Up Contact

My team and I used Scaling Up to grow our business and we were extremely happy with the results. Even more importantly, clients noticed the changes and were happy with the services we were providing them. One of our clients asked us to work with them as an accountability coach and help them through the Scaling Up process. We have since added the Scaling Up process to our business transition process. We realized that regardless of whether or not the business will be transferred to family or sold to a new owner, that the process of Scaling Up was beneficial to everyone. Scaling Up your business will help you:

  • Take control of the time spent in your business.
  • Prepare for the sale of your business.
  • Grow revenues for your business.

If your business would be better off with help in any of these areas it may be worth taking the time to scale up your business. For help Scaling up your business please reach out to the Family, Wealth and Legacy team.

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