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Family Biz Show - April 29, 2020: Guests Daniel Van Der Vliet and Timothy Belber

Strengthen and Grow your Family Business with Insights and Ideas from Industry Thought Leaders


Join us this coming Wednesday, April 29th from noon till 1pm EST to learn what other family businesses are doing to protect cash, stay viable and grow revenue during this crisis. 


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This week’s guests:

Daniel Van Der Vliet, Executive Director of the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University*

Daniel G. Van Der Vliet is the John and Dyan Smith Executive Director Family Business at Cornell University. Founded in 2014, the Smith Family Business Initiative is housed in the Cornell College of Business and provides education, networking and research for family business owners, successors and students from across the globe.



Tim Belber, Founder at The Alchemia Group*

Money represents different values for different individuals. Depending on one’s personal outlook, financial assets may be freedom or security, respect or self-worth, connection to the future or a link to the past. Tim focuses on transformation – the conversion of the family’s tangible financial assets into the impact and empowerment they hope those assets have for future generations and society as a whole.



Tim is also the author of the book, "The Middle Way".  In The Middle Way, Tim Belber offers an alternative way to think about and act on a family's financial wealth. Based on over 30 years of experience advising and helping wealthy families, Tim provides clear, practical and useable guidance for using wealth to benefit and strengthen future generations-without tearing them apart.




During this live interactive webinar, Wednesday, April 29th from noon till 1pm EST, we will be focused on the following questions:

  1. What's the current "temperature" of the family businesses you serve?
  2. How can family businesses pivot to flourish now and post-COVID “normal”?
  3. What creative things have family firms done to survive and thrive during this crisis?
  4. Any other ideas that the family should be thinking about during the economic down turn?


Register for the webinar here:  

Password: 395


You won’t want to miss it!




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