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Family Biz Show - May 26, 2020: Guests Terry Schaefer & Tom Garrity

The Family Biz Show

Season 1: Episode 6


Four Ways to Leverage the Crisis and Strengthen the Rising Generation

Join us Tuesday, May 26th from noon till 1pm EST to learn what other family businesses are doing to Grow, Communicate, Stay Agile and Continue into the Next Generation.

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During this live interactive webinar, Tuesday, May 26th from noon till 1pm EST, we will be focused on the following topics:


  1. Why sharing the company story means more today than any other time.
  2. How to actively involve the next generation.
  3. Actions you can take today, as the leader, to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the Next Gen.
  4. The mindsets that are holding family business leaders back and contribute to failed transitions.

This week’s guests:

Terry Schaefer, Family Business Coach*

Terry works with family business owners who want to focus, align and scale into healthy organizational growth. Terry is a Certified Social Worker turned Gravitas Impact premium coach. Since 1996 he’s blended his education to bring new possibilities to owners, teams and the demands of the market he serves.

Terry focuses on the individual mindsets of all family members in the business. He helps company owners design high performing teams by using creative tools to create a vision together and work together effectively.

Terry is the author of the blog “Clarity is Power”, which provides insights on how individuals can adjust their personal mindsets to open doors that help them grow their businesses past their own expectations.



Tom Garrity, Founder of Compass Point Family Business Strategies*

Tom is a growth strategy and ownership transition expert with extensive experience in family businesses. Tom grew up in a family business himself. During his time in the family company, he built several distribution operations, and operated the middle-market building products sales sleeve of the company. Tom also served as the president of two early stage, family business manufacturing companies in fabric structures and factory automation. In 2003, Tom founded Compass Point, which focuses on helping strong families build phenomenal companies for generations to come. Tom serves his community as a board member for the Forum of Ethics in the Workplace, the President’s council at DeSales Universtiy, and HoverTech International.


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