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Ready to Outsource the 401K RFP Process to a 401K Specialist?

June 06, 2019

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Family, Wealth & Legacy has a long history of working with business owners to outsource the RFP process because we have a written RFP process, a 401K program and we do this many times a year, not just every 3 to 5 years.

We can take you step by step through the entire process to ensure you’re choosing the appropriate vendor and investment options for your company.

  • We are independent and have access to many non-proprietary 401k vendors – means, you can deal with just our team…we’ll deal with all of the providers and sales people.
  • We already have a process and system in place for running your RFP – means, saves you and your company the man hours designing, investigating, and conducting the RFP process.
  • We “blind bid” your RFP – means, you’re not inundated with sales calls because word got out that you are shopping the 401K.
  • Once we conduct an RFP to find the appropriate 401K vendor for your company, we will work with your TPA prior to making a final choice and you can choose the financial advisor to oversee it or you can choose our firm.

We would love to stop by your company and share our unique process with you and your team. We know what we are doing in the qualified retirement plan space and we believe we are good at it.

Save your company time, headaches and money by hiring a firm that can run the RFP for you. In addition, we know how to sort through the proposals to identify all of the pros and cons.

We are in the 401K space weekly so we will know what’s going on, what’s changing and we will be certain to steer you clear.