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"What's your business worth?" is one of the most important questions a family business can answer because it touches on so many aspects of your financial life. That's why we partnered with BizEquity because their patented platform is the largest cloud-based business valuation software, and with over 33 million valuations worldwide, they have the most business valuation data in the market today.

We offer this service on a complimentary basis because we believe every family business should be armed with this information and it should be updated annually.The head of your finance department should be able to have the data input and results back to you within a few hours. Feel free to contact us with any questions.



  • 98% of business owners don’t know their value. You can’t grow your value and optimize it without knowing where you are today.
  • Better understand Your Business and its potential
  • Know the value of your largest asset so you can plan for Retirement
  • Ensure the business and your family are Properly Protected
  • Create a Succession Plan
  • Pay the right amount when you Buy a Business
  • Get what it is worth at Sale
  • Create Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners
  • Explore Funding Opportunities
  • Establish a Trust or create an Estate Plan
  • Prepare for Taxable Events such as gifting or grants
  • 82% of all businesses owners that knew their value at least 18 months
    before their sale, increased their sale price by at least 14%

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