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  • Are accountability issues causing challenges? 
  • Is your team lacking alignment? 
  • Is there excessive pressure on you?
  • Do you need a superstar leadership team?
  • Are you experiencing burnout?
  • Is a lack of organization impeding growth? 
  • Not sure where to start?

develop a leadership team that's capable of running on its own.


  • The powerful structure of a compound growth system.

  • The flexibility of a customized program that meets your specific company needs.

  • Goal-setting guidance for long-term success. 

  • Collaboration with other CEOs who understand your challenges.

  • Implementation strategies that make team productivity inevitable.

You'll Create:

  • A vision for the future & a company culture that will attract and retain top talent
  • A solid understanding of whether you have the right people doing the right things
  • A strategy that elevates & separates you from the competition
  • An execution system that speeds communication and leverages accountability
  • Alignment around your one-year and quarterly priorities that will drive you toward the vision you created
  • A week to week progression for achieving each of the quarterly priorities

Develop a High-Performing, Aligned Leadership Team

Experience transformative business coaching as we work closely with you and your leadership team to align, scale, and propel your business forward. Utilizing the power of Metronomics, our custom tailored coaching approach empowers you to optimize operations, drive growth, and achieve sustainable success, unlocking your business's full potential.



Our seasoned and certified business coach will be with you every step of the journey, guiding you not through direct instructions, but by asking thought-provoking questions that enhance your business's capabilities.

Through quarterly meetings with you and your leadership teams, we track progress, foster growth, and build upon your legacy, ensuring a stronger and more expansive future for your organization.



By harnessing the proven frameworks and tools of Metronomics, we will establish a well-defined and streamlined playing field for your company.

Businesses leveraging the resources of Metronomics have consistently achieved remarkable year-over-year growth rates of 30% or more. With a dedicated business coach by your side, you can rest assured that you will maximize the value of these tools and resources, unlocking their full potential for your business's success.



Leveraging their expertise and the Metronomics approach, your coach will tailor the services and program to perfectly align with your company's needs.

Through ongoing collaboration, your coaching experience will consistently be personalized to your unique requirements, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness for you and your business.

What's Included

Ignite Your Success with Personalized Coaching and Alignment

 Unlock the Power of Growth with Our Expert Business Coaching Service

Are you ready to propel your business to new heights? Our exceptional business coaching service, tailored to CEOs and leadership teams, revolutionizes your approach to growth while improving work-life balance.

At Family Wealth & Legacy, we understand that sustainable growth relies on effective alignment. Our personalized coaching brings experience and expertise with a direct correlation to the renowned Metronomics approach.

CEO + Leadership Team Coaching is a comprehensive and dynamic program designed to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of top-level executives and their leadership teams. This exclusive offering encompasses a range of valuable components tailored to foster growth, collaboration, and strategic thinking. 

      • Regular meetings & an Annual two-day kick-off for the CEO + Leadership Team
      • Quarterly full-day sessions for CEOs + Leadership Team
      • Monthly CEO 1 on 1 60 minute calls with your coach
      • Metronomics Growth Software for every company team member
      • One Page Plan - Experience the convenience of having your company strategy and plan presented clearly and concisely on one page. Furthermore, each employee's individual plan includes their top priorities and metrics.
      • Visibility of Priorities - See the status of all team member’s priorities at a glance.  Quickly see what areas to focus on to achieve success.
      • Track Metrics - View, track and share company and individual metrics.  Visually know how well team members are performing in order to promote accountability and ownership.
      • Daily Dashboard
      • Team View & Scorecards
      • Function Accountability Chart
      • Meetings 
      • Team Member Reviews
      • Cash Flow Story Software - Amazingly simple and unique software that helps you improve profit, cash flow and value. 
      • Seats at Metronomics Annual Retreat - TIP TOP for the entire Leadership Team (more on that below)


    • A two-day event held on April 16-17 in the captivating locale of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
    • A remarkable opportunity to gain invaluable insights, establish connections, and acquire practical growth strategies. 
    • Influential speakers, interactive sessions, and a meticulously crafted agenda, 
    • Equips business leaders to achieve predictable growth 
    • Stay ahead in the competitive landscape
    • No questions asked.
    • "Before attending Michael's boot camp, we operated on different playing fields and were not in sync, creating a dysfunctional organization. Everyone was trying to do the right thing independently, creating friction and frustration among us. Michael and his team help us understand the importance of being in the same field and being able to share our goals, expectations, and vision. Since attending the boot camp, we have started sharing our goals and expectations and playing in the same field. We have weekly meetings to discuss the targets and align ourselves as a team. This alignment and sharing of the team's expectations are vital to a team's success. Now the team can make decisions and lean on each other for help. Our day-to-day work almost got in our way of not attending the session. But, as a team, we are glad we listened and took time from our daily operations to work on the future of our business. Taking the time to work in the business is essential and sometimes overseen by leaders. So we are delighted with the time invested as we started to see the return on investment immediately.

      What impressed me the most was the overall system, in other words, the step-by-step guide on how to
      improve the output. This system was the key for our team as we needed to build the structure and
      standardize our process to eliminate doubts and confusion. Mike and his team did a fantastic job creating the building blocks from the Metronomics book to simplify the implementation and why it is essential. I recommend this boot camp to other CEOs because you need to take time to work on your business. This system is a proven method that will help get your team aligned and speak the same language. Once you have all your team working in the same language, you will have the foundation to grow and take your organization to the next level. Mike's engagement and energy will make this boot camp easy to implement.

      The return of investment is immediately. Take the time to work on your business. This boot camp helped us all align and understand each other's expectations and frustrations. We all held ourselves accountable for the actions and plans we said we would take. In simple words, we are speaking the same language now. All team members' engagement is contagious and spreads throughout the organization; that is what we want across the team."

      *Non-client endorsement provided by Pedro Colon on May 22, 2023. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to Mr. Colon in exchange for this endorsement. However, Mr. Colon and his colleagues attended the CEO and Leadership Team Boot Camp hosted by Michael Palumbos free of charge. This endorsement is based on the endorsement provider’s unique experience, may not be representative of others’ experiences, and is no guarantee of future performance or success.  CRN-5676099-050923 

    • "This cleans up your business! My most valuable take away was clarity, not only about our mission, values and processes but also on the roles of the company. Not only did it help provide clarity for the company but it also gave an uptick in pride, when someone in your company starts to see that they are in charge of operations or marketing a sense of identity is established and I could feel that with our team members.

      The energy, I immediately felt it when I came onto the screen and it only got better throughout the sessions. This was really important because some of the questions and topics we were discussing were difficult conversations. Having a high energy host and overall team allowed our business team members to feel comfortable and open to those discussions which helped provide greater clarity. I think if you have a team session with low energy those conversations and authenticity are ignored and Michael and his team helped immensely in that area."

      *Non-client endorsement provided by DJ Logory on 6/28/23. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to Mr. Logory in exchange for this endorsement. However, Mr. Logory and his colleagues attended the CEO and Leadership Team Boot Camp hosted by Michael Palumbos free of charge. This endorsement is based on the endorsement provider’s unique experience, may not be representative of others’ experiences, and is no guarantee of future performance or success. CRN-5941724-091123 

    • "Before the bootcamp, I think each member of the team had an idea of where we collectively wanted to go, but I don’t think there was a clear path on how to get there. Now, you know my personality, so the path forward was very clear to me. To my surprise, it wasn’t exactly the same for the rest of the team. The nice part of the camp was that it started to put a vision in everyone’s mind of how we could grow, and what the steps are to get there. I think the process of taking something that appears to be overwhelming and breaking it into digestible portions made the long-term goals become transparent and obtainable.

      Since the bootcamp, we’ve focused a lot on the day-to-day pieces and what needs to be done right now to reach our long-term goals. This has had a great impact as its given people the foresight to make decisions that don’t just solve a problem but provide a foundation for the next steppingstone of our growth plan."

      *Non-client endorsement provided by Joseph Burkhart on 6/24/23. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to Mr. Burkhart in exchange for this endorsement. However, Mr. Burkhart and his colleagues attended the CEO and Leadership Team Boot Camp hosted by Michael Palumbos free of charge. This endorsement is based on the endorsement provider’s unique experience, may not be representative of others’ experiences, and is no guarantee of future performance or success.  CRN-5893435-081823 

    • "For me, the decision to attend the bootcamp was an easy one. I have come to know Michael’s business acumen, his caring for business leaders and his ability to apply process to business challenges. Given that our business is a start-up with high-growth potential and high-impact potential, I wanted to make sure I had another set of experienced eyes helping me stand-up the business in preparation for our expected growth.

      Our time together as a team did a number of things for us. It edified our alignment behind our cause, core values and vision for growth. Having a third party efficiently and effectively facilitate that for us was great experience. We came into bootcamp as a loose team with a loose understanding of vision and mission. We left as a tight team ready to Ignite Clarity, Confidence and Curiosity in the leaders we serve. We aligned around our commitment to revolutionize leadership by ending mental suffering in the workplace in order to enable leaders to reach their full potential."

      *Non-client endorsement provided by Scott Gibbs on 7/7/23. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to Mr. Gibbs in exchange for this endorsement. However, Mr. Gibbs and his colleagues attended the CEO and Leadership Team Boot Camp hosted by Michael Palumbos free of charge. This endorsement is based on the endorsement provider’s unique experience, may not be representative of others’ experiences, and is no guarantee of future performance or success. CRN-5941706-091123 

    • "Our recent engagement with Michael proved to be an incredibly valuable experience. The impact of his expertise and the Metronomics framework was immediately noticeable as it quickly brought clarity to our conversations and significantly reduced time wasted on organizational issues. Prior to working with Michael, we often found ourselves struggling to determine who was in charge of specific tasks and who held responsibility for certain outcomes. His guidance helped us establish a straightforward structure that eliminated these ambiguities.

      Being a startup, one of our primary challenges was establishing a solid framework for growth. Michael's consultation proved instrumental in this regard. By working closely with him, we were able to develop a comprehensive set of common long-term and short-term goals. These goals served as a guiding light for our entire team, aligning everyone towards a shared vision and purpose.

      Furthermore, Michael helped us define clear metrics to measure both individual and company milestones. This will enable us track our progress effectively and ensure that we remain on course towards achieving our objectives. With this framework in place, we will gain a deeper understanding of our company's performance and will be able to make data-driven decisions to fuel our growth."

      *Non-client endorsement provided by Ray Brown on 6/26/23. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to Mr. Brown in exchange for this endorsement. However, Mr. Brown and his colleagues attended the CEO and Leadership Team Boot Camp hosted by Michael Palumbos free of charge. This endorsement is based on the endorsement provider’s unique experience, may not be representative of others’ experiences, and is no guarantee of future performance or success.  CRN-5893557-081823 

    What’s the agenda for our annual 2-Day kickoff look like?

    DAY 1: SESSION 1

    • Introduce Metronomics frameworks.
    • Start building the foundation for success.
    • Determine functional accountability and Key Function Flow Map (level 1).
    • Restore core values, core purpose, and core customer.
    • Create BHAG, 3HAG, 1HAG, 90 Day Plan.
    • Develop Corporate Sprint and Swim lanes.
    • Build your Market Map and Key Function Flow Map.
    • Enhance the cohesiveness of your leadership team.
    • Spark excitement and enthusiasm throughout the entire company.
    • Celebrate successes as a team.

    DAY 1: SESSION 2

    • Track current success
    • Check-in on company culture and moral
    • Engage in open conversation and questions about the progression
    • Update Your One-Page-Plan 
    • Celebrate future success

    DAY 2

    • Track current success
    • Check-in on leadership team development
    • Visualize reaching future goals
    • Conversation and questions
    • Celebrate future success

    Why We Utilize Metronomics Vs Other Programs

    Metronomics stands out from other coaching platforms due to its unique focus on strategy, execution, and cash. Unlike some other services that excel in one area but fall short in the rest, Metronomics offers exceptional strength in all three crucial aspects. With a continuous drive for improvement, Metronomics ensures that your strategy remains ahead of the competition, allowing your business to thrive and succeed.

    If you're interested, reach out to us for more details and to commence the screening stage. We value your time as much as ours, which is why we have an application in place. Our objective is to collaborate exclusively with clients who demonstrate a sincere dedication to advancing their business and achieving remarkable growth.

    Experience the transformative power of our personalized business coaching service.

    Establish trust in your team, regain your time, and take the first step towards unparalleled success.

    At Family Wealth & Legacy, we empower businesses like yours to reach their full potential. Contact us now and let us guide you towards a future of sustainable growth and alignment with our business coaching service directly correlated to the acclaimed Metronomics approach.

    Don't wait another day to embark on this transformative journey.


    • It’s designed for middle-market family businesses who typically have revenues between $5 million and $500 million, and 25 employees or more. These are guidelines, not strict requirements.

    • Nobody! Our coaching service offers a personalized approach exclusively tailored to the CEO and leadership team of your company, incorporating both group sessions with the entire team and individual one-on-one sessions with the CEO and their dedicated business coach.

    • Annual two-day kick-off for the CEO + Leadership Team Coaching Quarterly full-day sessions for CEOs + Leadership Team Coaching Monthly CEO 1:1 60 minute calls with your coach NOTE: This is just a guideline. We'll customize this program specifically for you and your company.

    • Absolutely! Our compound growth system has been successfully implemented by thousands of business owners across diverse industries, employing the same proven formula that applies universally to every company.

    • You’re not alone. Most successful CEOs got here by pouring everything they have into the business. Now they are realizing that better systems open the door to living a more balanced and enjoyable life.

    • Unfortunately, we are strictly a U.S.-based provider.

    • That’s even more of a reason you need to do this.

    • First of all, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find value, we’ll refund 100% of your fee within 7 days of your kickoff session. Pricing is customized around your needs and building the right program for you, your leadership team and the company. Secondly, you can’t really put a price tag on reclaiming your time, reducing stress and having your team take ownership.

    • Metronomics differentiates itself from other coaching platforms by its distinct emphasis on strategy, execution, and cash. While some services excel in one area but lack in others, Metronomics excels in all three critical aspects. Through its unwavering commitment to improvement, Metronomics keeps your strategy ahead of the competition, empowering your business to thrive and achieve success. In addition to its focus on strategy, execution, and cash, Metronomics also recognizes the importance of soft skills within a business, such as fostering a strong company culture, building a cohesive team, and implementing a human system that ensures everyone is aligned and invested in the company's success.

    • To ensure a successful alignment between all parties involved, we have established a comprehensive application process. We firmly uphold our core purpose and seek to collaborate with individuals and companies who share our unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable growth. We aim to cultivate a collective drive towards unprecedented success by seeking like-minded individuals and organizations to join us on our transformative journey.

    Let's Talk!

    I can help you determine whether CEO + Leadership Team Coaching is right for you right now, answer any questions and help you make a clear choice. Email me with “CEO + Leadership Team Coaching” in the Subject Line. I will get back to you within 24 hours.