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A Second Opinion May Be Invaluable To Your Family Business

If you or a family member were facing a serious health issue, you'd be looking for a second opinion, correct?

Your financial health is just as important. Whether you call it a stress test, reality check, or second opinion, when was the last time you checked the financial health of the family and the business?

Wealth Researcher and Author, Russ Alan Prince, says, "One of the best ways to deal with a possibly economically destructive situation where you're just “not completely sure” or you “feel a little uncertain” is to get a second opinion". Click the link to read his full Forbes article, The Logic Of A Financial Second Opinion.

Our team will look to identify both potentially destructive errors and financial planning opportunities not yet taken.

  • First, we focus on the goals and objectives of the family and the business using four of our unique tools to help you get laser focused on what's most important to you.
  • Second, we look at your entire wealth: the family estate plan, tax reduction strategies, cash flows, the business - growth and succession plan- as well as, your investments; We focus on the advanced strategies and techniques used to help protect, preserve and transfer your family's complete wealth.
  • Finally, after we have gone through all of your documents and really have a firm grasp on your overall situation in its current state, we'll present you with ALL of our observations about your situation both verbally and in a detailed written report that details our observations in each of the areas of your wealth.

Second Opinion Service is 100% Confidential and Cost Efficient

Our team can help you identify anything potentially destructive to your family, your business, your wealth and your legacy. We will also expose any missed financial planning opportunities. Combined these could be worth a substantial amount of money.

Our flat fee to provide you with an in-depth look at your current planning, and any advanced financial planning techniques you may not have been introduced to is done on a tiered flat fee schedule (plus applicable travel expenses):

Net worth up $25,000,000 is $5,000

Net worth between $25M and $50M is $10,000

Net worth over $50M is $15,000

Our process is completely independent of your present advisory team so you will receive an objective, “tell it like it is”, unbiased report.

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