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Episode 1: Introduction to the Family biz show with Michael palumbos

Welcome to the Family Biz Show! Every month, we'll release new episodes featuring family businesses primarily from the upstate New York area and top industry consultants to discuss all things family legacy, transition, succession and more. You can follow us anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts and don't forget to share episodes with other family businesses.

Episode 1: Transcription

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Michael Palumbos: Well, welcome to the family biz show. I am your host Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy in Rochester, New York.

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Michael Palumbos: If this is your first time here. Welcome. We appreciate you joining us. So let me tell you a little about the show and why family owned businesses and the advisors that serve them should listen in.

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Michael Palumbos: We didn't realize it at the time, but it was a pivot moment for us when Kobe 19 forced everyone to work from home and we started a series of zoom webinars.

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Michael Palumbos: To stay in touch with the family businesses that we served and after four or five weeks of creating new and meaningful content.

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Michael Palumbos: To be honest with you, I got a little burned out, and almost stopped the webinars.

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Michael Palumbos: And then it struck me that I didn't have to create the content every single week. I could

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Michael Palumbos: You know, bring in my friends, colleagues and mentors that I've known through the years as guests and there are a ton of brilliant people

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Michael Palumbos: That work with family owned businesses in many different capacities and I thought this would be a great way to introduce new mean content to the families.

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Michael Palumbos: And those that serve them so you know my business coach Dan said, you know, hey, you're doing these recordings, you're doing these webinars.

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Michael Palumbos: Why don't you turn them into a podcast. A lot of people, you know, would much rather watch a video that or would much rather listen to a podcast and watch a video. So we did

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Michael Palumbos: After about eight episodes I realized that we had something missing. It was pretty big.

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Michael Palumbos: What we needed was the, the voice of the family business. So we added interviews with other family business owners, so that you could hear their journey.

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Michael Palumbos: Right from their mouths and what drives that. So this is, it's a mix of both, you know, industry thought leaders and family business owners on this show. And that's really what makes this show special

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Michael Palumbos: So be sure to add this to your favorites so you don't miss an episode but by now you're probably wondering who is Michael Columbus and how does he fit into the family business world so

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Michael Palumbos: Just to let you know I've been working with and studying family on enterprises for about 20 years I spent about 18 of those years actually working with my father.

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Michael Palumbos: Who worked predominantly with family owned businesses before he retired and sold that part of his practice to me.

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Michael Palumbos: Today my firm works with the third and in some cases, the fourth generation of those same families.

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Michael Palumbos: And along the way, I have been mentored by some of the most gifted and giving people in the family business family wealth space much of that is because of Jay Hughes James us

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Michael Palumbos: After I read his book family wealth, keeping it in the family he introduced me to Johnny Warneck and the purposeful planning Institute. So thank you.

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Michael Palumbos: It's safe to say I have developed a passion for working with family owned businesses and I look forward to sharing that passion with you. So again, be sure to share, you know, our podcast and add us to your favorites.

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Michael Palumbos: share a link with the family businesses, you know, and join in as we explore the amazing world of family businesses here on the family. Michelle, thank you.


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