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Episode 15: The "Hot & Cold" of Two Family Businesses

In this episode of the Family Business Show, hosted by Michael Palumbos, we delve into the intricacies of family-owned businesses through the experiences of two notable companies from Rochester, Anthony Daniele of the Daniele family event businesses, and Ray Isaac of Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning. The discussion, aptly titled "The Hot and Cold of Two Family Businesses," explores the journeys, challenges, and values that have shaped these businesses over generations.

Anthony Daniele shared the history of the Daniele family businesses, emphasizing the transition from hospitality to car wash services. He highlighted the importance of passion, integrity, and a 'whatever it takes' mentality in their operations. This approach has not only sustained the business but also allowed it to thrive and expand, with plans to grow their car wash locations significantly by 2025.

Ray Isaac offered insights into Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning's evolution, stressing the significance of maintaining an equity business mindset, where the business supports the family, not the other way around. He shared the foundational values instilled by his grandfather and father, focusing on the impact of trust, responsibility, and ensuring that family members are passionate about their roles.

Both leaders emphasized the importance of creating a positive culture, where employees feel valued and empowered. They shared their strategies for employee engagement, from acknowledging individual efforts to fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to bring forth their best.

This episode underscores the unique dynamics of family businesses, where balancing family relations with business objectives requires a nuanced approach. It highlights the significance of core values, a clear vision for the future, and the ability to adapt and grow while staying true to the roots that define the family business's essence. Through the stories of the Daniele and Isaac families, we gain valuable insights into the resilience, innovation, and leadership that drive successful family enterprises.

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Episode 15 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos: Well welcome everybody to the family business show. I'm your host, Michael Columbus and we're really excited today. This is



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Michael Palumbos: Been a long time coming. WE'VE BEEN INTERVIEWING, YOU KNOW, thought leaders throughout the family business industry for lat the first 15 or so episodes.



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Michael Palumbos: And what we realized we were missing was the voice of the family business. And so today is our kickoff with a two incredible businesses here in Rochester Anthony Daniela from the Danielle family event businesses and re Isaac from Isaac heating, cooling air conditioning. Sorry. Right.



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Raymond Isaac: Right right there.



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Michael Palumbos: Perfect.



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Michael Palumbos: So we're, you know, we're really excited about this and the topic or the title. Today we titled it the hot and cold.



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Michael Palumbos: Of to family businesses. And people might be wondering, you know, it makes sense with Isaac heating and air conditioning. How was that for both and



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Michael Palumbos: For those of you who don't know the Danielle, a family has businesses and, you know, Rochester, New York, and down in Florida. So you can't get much more hot and cold than than that. So again, welcome and thanks for joining us guys



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Raymond Isaac: Thanks Michael.



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Anthony Daniele: Thanks Michael.



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Michael Palumbos: What I'd like to do is just to start out with is, if you know give me an abbreviated version of how you got to where you are today within the family business and you know who started it, you know, what were some of the early, you know, what did it look like early on.



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Michael Palumbos: I know if I'm talking to a fifth generation business. That's the whole hour so you know Ray. I know, I know you've got a bunch of things in there and Anthony, you probably got more stories than, than I know at this point but



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Michael Palumbos: Anthony, why don't you kick us off and just tell us how you got here and give us a little bit of the history



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Anthony Daniele: Sure. Thanks. Thanks again, Mike, for having me. It's, it's an honor to be here with you and with Ray Ray Isaac and his wonderful family and the legacy that he has taken from a wildly successful company to tremendously Wilder and more sexy company.



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Anthony Daniele: That he started with. So it's an honor to be here with you. But so the Danielle, a family of companies is basically made up of my mother and father Mario and Flora who came from Italy back in. Well, my mother came in the early 50s. My father in the mid 60s and



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Anthony Daniele: Basically what you know with the shirt on their back started out with a little pizzeria in Farmington Hills, Michigan. My brother and I were both born there.



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Anthony Daniele: And then we came to Rochester when my brother and I were very young. My father continued in the restaurant business and really



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Anthony Daniele: That that's really what was the base creation of the Danielle, a family accompanies many people remember Mario's on East Avenue Mario's a Monroe Avenue.



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Anthony Daniele: A couple bazell restaurants Crab Shack. So really, our family has been based in hospitality from when my parents came from Italy.



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Anthony Daniele: And then, you know, probably about 1012 years ago, my brother and I came up with a concept that we didn't want to necessarily be in the restaurant business until we were 6065 years old.



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Anthony Daniele: And we know without dragging out a story we we kind of stumbled upon the carwash business. We had a piece of property at Monroe and clover.



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Anthony Daniele: We knew it was great demographics, a great piece of property that if if if developed correctly could make good living for my brother, my father, my mother and I and our families and we came up with the carwash concept and



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Anthony Daniele: It wasn't easy to get approved in the town of Brighton, but we got there. And now we have 10 operating car washes with three more under development.



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Anthony Daniele: The goal is to get to 20 by the year 2025 and we're well on pace to do that. And I'd say, what we're most proud of.



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Anthony Daniele: Is not only, you know, as I mentioned with the Isaac family is not only taking what my father and mother created which was pretty pretty amazing story and of itself.



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Anthony Daniele: But my brother and I, being able to parlay that into something you know something bigger and better in a lot of ways.



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Anthony Daniele: While hanging on to the roots of hospitality and customer service, which is what really made my family successful and what we instill in our employees and we believe is the secret sauce, if you will.



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Anthony Daniele: For all any of our business, the widget may change whether it's carwash or meatballs. But it's all about hospitality. It's about taking care of customers and



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Anthony Daniele: You know, that seems to be a common thread with successful companies.



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Michael Palumbos: Love it. Thank you for sharing. You know it's you said a couple of things that I just want to hit upon your family came from Italy directly



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Michael Palumbos: And there's a lot of correlation between immigrants and family businesses and then it just, you know, take out the business side of it and just watch the immigrant families.



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Michael Palumbos: The first generation scrapping to make things happen when they get to the new country doing things. The second generation doesn't always, you know,



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Michael Palumbos: They saw how hard mom and dad work so they work you know as hard to manage those things and



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Michael Palumbos: By by the time you know the kids come around. Now they've been indoctrinated into whatever the new society is and whatever the new country is and you know they forget the old language and they, you know, they don't do things exactly the same way. So it's



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Anthony Daniele: Yeah, you know, and your business, and I'm sure we'll get into it during this hour, but



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Anthony Daniele: You know, the hardest. The biggest challenge for me and my brother is is instilling that same hunger passion and intensity in our children, you know, we've done a great job providing for them.



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Anthony Daniele: But in doing so, you know, there there's more food on the table than we can eat and and that that that lack of hunger.



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Anthony Daniele: raises a new challenge for me as a parent, you know, my father. You know, when I said I wanted a Rubik's cube or a car.



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Anthony Daniele: He said, no problem. Work your ass off in the business, I'll pay you on Friday. And if you work hard enough and you make enough, you can have a Rubik's cube or a car or maybe even both



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Anthony Daniele: Right. But when you just have a car, it's harder to do so. Yeah.



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Michael Palumbos: And that was the second thing that you said was the my brother and I saw what my parents did knew that we might not



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Michael Palumbos: Want to do it in



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Michael Palumbos: Exactly the same way. But we parlayed that and there you know success and then you made your own



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Michael Palumbos: And so that's, you know, always one of the secrets in each generation as a family business is going there has to be another entrepreneur.



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Michael Palumbos: That you're either green and growing or dead and dying and so unless you can find that person to instill that in there as you know it's important



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Michael Palumbos: I have some ideas for yet and I have some people that you might want to get on their blogs and follow them. They do some great stuff with kids. I wish that I was following these blogs 15 years ago, but you still got a chance and so does your brother for



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Michael Palumbos: Sure, so



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Michael Palumbos: Ray, take a, take a second walk us through your family history and how did you get here today.



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Raymond Isaac: Well before I do that, I want to thank Anthony and the Danielle is because I don't know how many



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Raymond Isaac: family businesses can have customers to say some of the most memorable moments in their life were celebrated at their establishment so graduations parties anniversaries birthdays.



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Raymond Isaac: fashion shows, you know, things that you know that that that special so you know you guys were a strong part and we started on estab because it was right down the street from our one of our locations. When we moved to Rochester, so



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Raymond Isaac: Needs to go in the in the smaller location right there across from



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Anthony Daniele: fond memories. Right.



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Raymond Isaac: Yeah, so congratulations and thank you. Thank you for that. There was a special Isaac and 75 years old, my grandfather started the



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Raymond Isaac: Business were the third generation and as



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Raymond Isaac: Michael and I have talked about and some of our previous conversations where the generation that kills it is a 4% success rate of third generation businesses and we can talk a little bit about that. But my grandfather started the company.



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Raymond Isaac: He quit his job. My grandmother was in the hospital, giving birth to a child. Number five. I think at that time.



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Raymond Isaac: went and told her that he was going to quit his job and start his own heating business and it was George



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Raymond Isaac: George T. Isaac automatic eating a sheet metal and my dad always joke that it was a good thing that they kept the mothers in the hospital for about a week back then when they gave birth because if she could have got out, she would have killed him.



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Raymond Isaac: And, you know, imagine he was a he was an entrepreneur himself. That was his first real job.



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Raymond Isaac: And my dad and my uncle's all work there. At one point, my aunts all work there. So they almost eight people in the in the family business at that time. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with those challenges we've had close to that. It's sometimes but



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Raymond Isaac: My I think my dad probably said and talk to Mario on a number of times because you know you want the three speed bike.



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Raymond Isaac: Over over iatse. So here's how much it's going to cost. And this is what you can do.



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Raymond Isaac: child labor laws don't apply to family businesses or at least they didn't back then because eight years old. WE WERE IN THE BACK OF THE BACK OF THE SHOP cutting up sheet metal



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Raymond Isaac: For what they call duck hangers and you had to cut them in the small strips mom used to do a hand check when we got home, we'd have to hold up their hand and just make sure we had all of our fingers so



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Raymond Isaac: You know, if we wanted something we had her in the money going by it and his, his one rule, though, is that get a lot of rules, but is one rule is that



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Raymond Isaac: You can do whatever you want. You just better have a passion and a purpose for it. And if you're not passionate about this business. I don't want you here.



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Raymond Isaac: And I'm fine with you going and doing something else. And I think we did a great job of



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Raymond Isaac: Promoting that my brothers and I. There's four of us now. They own the company we bought it from my dad, my uncle and my sister. About three years ago now. And when I say bought it went to GRB got alone wrote a check.



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Raymond Isaac: And and bought the business and that is another element that we can talk about of succession planning that I think is paramount, as they have some skin in the game, but



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Raymond Isaac: We went and bought it, but none of the fourth generation are in the business and none of them are interested, we have



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Raymond Isaac: Kids, you know, training or educating to be dentists. We have chefs. We have real estate agents and brokers, we have nurses and we have people that work in production.



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Raymond Isaac: And we have 115 year old that still doesn't know what he wants to do, but he's going to figure it out in the next couple years. So



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Raymond Isaac: You might go into the trades, I don't know, but you know that's that's kind of our legacy and we have that obligation to make sure that we can get it through the third generation and figure out what their fourth generation looks like, whether it be Isaac's are not



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Michael Palumbos: Great. And it's nice, you know, it's like you said you and I've had this conversation a little bit, but it's when





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Michael Palumbos: So I'm not going to go back and through them. The beginning the, the good news is, with the wonderful world of editing. I'm just going to put in a little and now my editor will know that, you know, to, to start us from there. So,



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Michael Palumbos: Ray. We were talking, you know about you know your history and Anthony we share, you know, got you know the the history behind you know your family business. One of the things that we have seen, you know, through the years is when we're talking to family businesses, the values of the family.



00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:45.630

Michael Palumbos: Have permeated themselves, you know, into the business.



00:00:46.290 --> 00:00:59.640

Michael Palumbos: Would you mind sharing, you know, you know, if you know them off the top of your head. If you don't know them. That's a okay but if you do, you hit you know the family's values and what are the have they permeated into the business and how and if so, how



00:01:01.650 --> 00:01:06.810

Raymond Isaac: I'll kick it off my dad had three or four sayings. I already gave you one of those, you know,



00:01:07.650 --> 00:01:11.700

Raymond Isaac: You're going to do some have a passion and a purpose for it, but he had



00:01:12.150 --> 00:01:22.200

Raymond Isaac: For family coming into the business. He had the first one was if you love what you do. You never work a day in your life. And I actually have an hour long keynote based on that for family businesses and other businesses that



00:01:22.920 --> 00:01:28.290

Raymond Isaac: is geared towards the people I shouldn't have to say it to you know people that come into business without a passion.



00:01:28.890 --> 00:01:38.640

Raymond Isaac: And those are usually the family members because there's a legacy trap that they get sucked into all your last names on the business. I mean, who else we going to give it to you got to be here.



00:01:39.120 --> 00:01:46.980

Raymond Isaac: And, you know, if you look at anything and Danny. I mean, they didn't want to be a restaurant or for the rest of their lives and filler 65 work every single holiday work every weekend.



00:01:47.310 --> 00:01:56.280

Raymond Isaac: And be there until two o'clock in the morning and this every event and every person's life is meaningful to them. So I mean they're there for my meaningful moments, but not their own people.



00:01:57.390 --> 00:02:07.680

Raymond Isaac: His other one was your last names responsibility. It's never a privilege that when you have the last name, the same one on the company that is a responsibility and don't ever throw it around like it means anything



00:02:08.550 --> 00:02:13.800

Raymond Isaac: And you're going to get paid for what you do not for who you are and that was right from day one, you're going to get a penny a



00:02:14.550 --> 00:02:19.050

Raymond Isaac: Piece of decaying or you're going to get a penny for each one you do or a half a penny.



00:02:19.560 --> 00:02:24.900

Raymond Isaac: So you're going to get paid for what you do. I paid as the president CEO. I have three brothers who were partners.



00:02:25.380 --> 00:02:32.670

Raymond Isaac: And the ownership side. We're all paid evenly. If we declare a bonus or dividend. At the end of the year, but for what we do. We are paid differently.



00:02:33.300 --> 00:02:40.980

Raymond Isaac: So my brother wants to be a service technician and my second oldest brother David is he's paid as a commercial service technician and works for



00:02:41.340 --> 00:02:51.090

Raymond Isaac: A commercial manager who works for a VP who works for an executive VP who technically works for me. So I'm kind of four degrees of separation from my brother that's maybe sometimes a good



00:02:52.230 --> 00:02:59.730

Raymond Isaac: Process in a family business. But those were pretty much as our core philosophies and those are the ones that we have lived by



00:03:00.270 --> 00:03:15.210

Raymond Isaac: And have really guided us in in our actions and our thoughts and then really the one item, you can talk about four hours is culture in an organization and the family is going to set that culture and those set the culture for the family. That's awesome.



00:03:15.480 --> 00:03:23.790

Michael Palumbos: We should real quick. Did you dead, you know, come up with those on his own, were those something that you know he you know



00:03:24.270 --> 00:03:41.910

Michael Palumbos: He read in a family business book or you know something, because you know those are exactly the things that we try to teach family businesses over and over again, and they're so hard for most people to pick up on. And in utilize you



00:03:42.750 --> 00:03:51.120

Raymond Isaac: Know, Jeff knows my dad. Very well. He probably came up with those himself. But wouldn't take credit for he might, he might have what we call iron D robbed a duplicated of



00:03:51.780 --> 00:04:03.090

Raymond Isaac: From somebody, but really, those were the basis of what he really thought you should always have as an equity business that a lifestyle business and we have Isaac is a an equity business we run it like it's electric so



00:04:03.720 --> 00:04:18.900

Raymond Isaac: I'm not sure where he got them from but they've been repeated to us over the years and and that was something that was our, our orientation. Our handbook. When we came into the business. That's the family handbook and I think it had one page on it. And those three were written on it so



00:04:19.560 --> 00:04:30.750

Michael Palumbos: Love it. Thank you. Anthony within you know within your family. What are the values that are there guiding the business, you know, it's really need both of you. If you go to your



00:04:31.350 --> 00:04:37.980

Michael Palumbos: Family's website, it talks about the values right up there and you know you can see them, but would you mind sharing them with us.



00:04:38.310 --> 00:04:48.150

Anthony Daniele: Sure. And, and, obviously, there's a reason. Ray and I are on this together. I think there's a lot of synergy between the dynamics of the companies and the family history.



00:04:48.960 --> 00:04:57.360

Anthony Daniele: When my father had the restaurants on East Avenue, the front page of the menu had the words passion and integrity and and growing up.



00:04:57.840 --> 00:05:07.320

Anthony Daniele: You know Ray use the same passion word it again if you don't love what you're doing. It shows and. And again, regardless of the widget that you're selling to people.



00:05:07.890 --> 00:05:17.850

Anthony Daniele: People can tell whether you care about what you're doing. And that'll translate into whether you care about what you're doing for them. And if you care about them and so



00:05:18.360 --> 00:05:29.670

Anthony Daniele: The Passion has to do with, you know, wanting to be where you are and the integrity is standing behind what whatever it is you're providing knowing that you're not perfect and that



00:05:30.690 --> 00:05:33.900

Anthony Daniele: If you didn't do it right the first time. You'll do it right. The second time.



00:05:35.400 --> 00:05:40.770

Anthony Daniele: Since that time, the restaurant business, my brother and I. If you go to any of our car washes



00:05:41.670 --> 00:05:51.120

Anthony Daniele: A lot of our employees have pins that they were on their hats. There's a brass emblem next to the front door of every car wash with the initials wi t



00:05:51.540 --> 00:06:03.390

Anthony Daniele: And wi T stands for whatever it takes. And so when an employee when a fairly new employee does something going above and beyond for a customer or for the business itself.



00:06:03.870 --> 00:06:13.440

Anthony Daniele: They're awarded a pen, a wit pin and. And so, you know, while we have rules and we have a handbook and there are laws of the state of New York. And the federal government.



00:06:13.770 --> 00:06:23.820

Anthony Daniele: And morals and standards. There is also the doing whatever it takes to make our customers happy. And so they're almost allowed a free pass. Aside from the rules.



00:06:24.300 --> 00:06:34.020

Anthony Daniele: As long as they can look us in the face and say I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do for the customer. They'll never get reprimanded and there'll be applauded for doing whatever it takes to make people happy.



00:06:34.530 --> 00:06:43.950

Anthony Daniele: And then I guess the overlying theme of our organization is in fact hospitality and you could tie that Wi Fi. You can tie passion and integrity into that.



00:06:45.000 --> 00:06:51.900

Anthony Daniele: And that's one of the funny things when when we got into the car wash business, you know, we are all of our employees were bow ties.



00:06:52.200 --> 00:07:02.160

Anthony Daniele: And press blue shirts and you know what is a bow tie, have to do with washing cars. Absolutely nothing. But what we've decided when we started that that car wash business was we weren't selling



00:07:02.580 --> 00:07:10.650

Anthony Daniele: washing cars we were selling a feeling that you get as a customer when you first get pulled into the property. The first smile. You see,



00:07:10.980 --> 00:07:20.190

Anthony Daniele: From the kid that's that spraying your car and you know going through to the show of the carwash now at the end. Hopefully your car is clean if it's not clean. That's going to be a problem. Eventually, but



00:07:20.700 --> 00:07:34.440

Anthony Daniele: Cleaning the car is not a big deal. Fixing a furnace is probably not a big deal. It's everything else that goes around with it. You know, there's a lot of companies that fixed furnaces, but you know it goes way beyond just the the bag of tools and



00:07:35.910 --> 00:07:39.270

Anthony Daniele: Those are, those are the underlying principles of the company. Yeah.



00:07:39.300 --> 00:07:51.690

Michael Palumbos: You know, when we were talking earlier as you as we when we started, you said you know those values and the that passion and the you know that that was written on the top of the menu, you just said that.



00:07:52.590 --> 00:08:04.500

Michael Palumbos: It doesn't matter what business you're in. And that's what's really, you know, you've taken what you've learned from mom and dad and that hospitality feel and now it's going into a whole nother industry and



00:08:04.740 --> 00:08:20.460

Michael Palumbos: I would imagine that no matter what industry. You were in, whether it was, you know, real estate development or you know it was you know, retail, you're going to bring that same level of service and attitude and hospitality to that and that's



00:08:21.090 --> 00:08:26.760

Michael Palumbos: pretty unique. I think at the end of the day what it really boils down to is kind of the, the purpose



00:08:28.050 --> 00:08:37.620

Michael Palumbos: You know of the Danielle family is to serve and then maybe another word. You may have talked about that already. And so it just doesn't matter. You know what the industry is



00:08:38.280 --> 00:08:47.820

Michael Palumbos: This is just who you guys are. And you do it, do it very, very well. Thank you. That's perfect. The other thing that I grabbed on to



00:08:49.020 --> 00:09:03.330

Michael Palumbos: Is come on a whatever it takes. When you're talking about that that pin to me. You know what I got out of that is when I'm talking with with family businesses we talk about actions to live by.



00:09:03.930 --> 00:09:10.140

Michael Palumbos: And so it's, you know, how do we take you know what our bee hag is the big hairy, audacious goal. How do we take



00:09:10.440 --> 00:09:23.580

Michael Palumbos: You know, our core values and our core purpose and turn them into actions to live by. And that pin and you guys exemplary examples of how to do this kind of stuff. And I



00:09:23.880 --> 00:09:35.580

Michael Palumbos: When when family members talk to me and say, Oh, why should I, you know, why should I give the give that pat on the back. Why should I put that pin on their shoulder. Why don't we, you know, why do I do that well. This is exactly why.



00:09:35.910 --> 00:09:41.760

Michael Palumbos: Because what's the look on somebody's face Anthony when you know they're given that pin the first time.



00:09:43.260 --> 00:09:43.710

Michael Palumbos: Right.



00:09:43.890 --> 00:09:46.620

Anthony Daniele: That's, you know that that's what makes you know



00:09:47.250 --> 00:09:54.900

Anthony Daniele: Putting on the bow tie and they go home and you know we've got we have so many stories of employees that just love working for our company.



00:09:55.230 --> 00:10:04.470

Anthony Daniele: And, you know, frankly, they're making a little over minimum wage and they're standing outside. Sometimes it five degree weather spring water up in the air. It does not sound like a very sexy picture.



00:10:05.310 --> 00:10:12.510

Anthony Daniele: But we try to make them part of something bigger. That's, again, not about Washington a car. It's about something else and



00:10:13.560 --> 00:10:18.600

Anthony Daniele: You know that that's how my father taught my brother and I, that's hopefully how we're teaching our children.



00:10:19.680 --> 00:10:21.780

Anthony Daniele: And and that's what makes it work.



00:10:23.400 --> 00:10:30.450

Michael Palumbos: Ray, you know, do you mind picking up on that a little bit, you know, talking about actions to live by. What are some of the ways that



00:10:30.750 --> 00:10:40.350

Michael Palumbos: You're working with, you know, the employees throughout the company and rewarding them, you know, when you see them doing the things that your family values. Yeah.



00:10:41.310 --> 00:10:44.790

Raymond Isaac: Some great ideas. I actually added a couple of those down. So thank you, Anthony.



00:10:45.840 --> 00:10:59.670

Raymond Isaac: We, we, we try to take a very personalized approach is Anthony can tie in any company can tell you as the, as you grow it. The greatest challenge in the organization is maintaining and nurturing that culture and that is our jobs as the leaders.



00:11:00.150 --> 00:11:07.800

Raymond Isaac: Is to nurture the culture in an organization, we define culture is the predominant thoughts actions beliefs emotions discussions disagreements.



00:11:08.100 --> 00:11:15.000

Raymond Isaac: Interactions in an organization. You can sit in somebody's office for 20 minutes. Watch how people interact and you're going to get an idea of what the culture is



00:11:15.420 --> 00:11:22.740

Raymond Isaac: And as the leaders in the organization. We need to nurture that culture and the first way we doing that is is by being happy when you come in.



00:11:23.280 --> 00:11:32.070

Raymond Isaac: I when I do my keynote speeches and the never work a day in your life. I do a quiz at the beginning and I have everybody close your eyes and raise their hands.



00:11:32.490 --> 00:11:42.720

Raymond Isaac: In response to a question if they agree with it. And first I qualify that with, you know, has anybody been reincarnated and everybody says no. And I asked how many of you are the owners or the family and the businesses, most people



00:11:43.080 --> 00:11:48.000

Raymond Isaac: raise their hand said, Okay, how many of you love going to work every single day, no matter what day it is or what time of the day it is.



00:11:48.600 --> 00:11:57.360

Raymond Isaac: And I was in, I think it was Fort Worth, Texas at 380 people in the room. I had them raise their hands with their eyes closed. I said, okay, leave your hands up. And now, open your eyes.



00:11:57.900 --> 00:12:06.090

Raymond Isaac: 10 hands were oh wow I said that's a problem. I said, if you're not happy going to work every day and you're not smiling, who are you fooling



00:12:06.450 --> 00:12:14.340

Raymond Isaac: I mean you're not only fooling yourself. You're fooling every employee there because they can read right through that they can see whether or not you want to be there. They can tell by the way you walk in.



00:12:14.880 --> 00:12:22.200

Raymond Isaac: And they can tell how you interact with people. And if you take the time to thank somebody and to give them a pin that says Wi Fi or



00:12:22.470 --> 00:12:26.580

Raymond Isaac: I personally right every single birthday card for every employee in the company. I give them



00:12:27.000 --> 00:12:34.860

Raymond Isaac: I used to give movie tickets. Now I've had to transfer that to Amazon gift cards so I can man design gift cards I send thank you to them for working over



00:12:35.220 --> 00:12:51.150

Raymond Isaac: 55 hours we paid double time for that we pay double time or 50 so there's over 55 so we we reward them for that I I go out and I personally hand their anniversary awards to them. And last year we we retired five people in the company.



00:12:51.690 --> 00:13:02.490

Raymond Isaac: They were with us 39 years 37 years 33 years and two of them at 30 years. So there was a number of anniversary awards. But we always personally handles and we take a picture of it and



00:13:02.880 --> 00:13:11.220

Raymond Isaac: In my brother's a lot of times will accompany me if they can, but you have to be personally involved. You have to have the passion, you have to have the integrity, you have to



00:13:11.580 --> 00:13:21.570

Raymond Isaac: I mean, our core values are not what I mentioned I mean those are our core values as a as a family, but we have core values for an organization. And one of those is fun. And the other one is family.



00:13:22.110 --> 00:13:29.070

Raymond Isaac: I mean, we see it it family businesses not who owns it. It's how you interact, where we can have drawn out arguments.



00:13:29.790 --> 00:13:35.700

Raymond Isaac: And discussions heated discussions, but at the end of the day, we're still bound by something more than



00:13:36.210 --> 00:13:45.990

Raymond Isaac: Who we work for and and you really I read a survey the other day. That said, there is more stress created in an organization, not by people working long hours and enjoying what they do.



00:13:46.320 --> 00:13:52.740

Raymond Isaac: But people working 40 hours and hating what they do and it's the old Delbert commercial where they go home at night and they're kicking the dog in



00:13:53.100 --> 00:14:01.410

Raymond Isaac: And they're upset and they said that creates more stress in an organization, and then a family than anything. And my dad had what we call the 4.3 rule.



00:14:01.830 --> 00:14:07.050

Raymond Isaac: 4.3 is whenever you make a decision or you have an action. It doesn't just affect you.



00:14:07.500 --> 00:14:15.000

Raymond Isaac: It doesn't just affect the family that doesn't just didn't affect the employees, the average American household is 4.3 minute family members.



00:14:15.270 --> 00:14:30.060

Raymond Isaac: That affects 4.3 people. So if we have 400 employees, that's over 1600 people we can affect or in fact with a good or bad activity or action or or culture. So that's kind of, we try to extend that to our



00:14:30.870 --> 00:14:46.410

Raymond Isaac: Extended family and how we're affecting somebody when dad gets home or mom gets home in time to see them, you know, hit a home run. You know, because we we worked extra hard to make sure we adjusted the schedules and gave them a fun environment to work in



00:14:48.510 --> 00:15:04.440

Michael Palumbos: Awesome. Yeah, it's, there's a lot to running a business. It's not about what you do. It's how you do it. And it's about bringing those people in both of you guys, you know, again, why did I ask you guys to kick this off.



00:15:04.980 --> 00:15:09.570

Michael Palumbos: I had a pretty good idea of how things were done within both of the businesses and



00:15:10.020 --> 00:15:22.020

Michael Palumbos: You know, yeah, Anthony. I use the carwash I was just there on Sunday and you know the guys come running up you know the employees come running up here. Let me put your card in for you. How you doing today.



00:15:22.320 --> 00:15:36.570

Michael Palumbos: And it is amazing. It is not, it's not the same as some of your bigger competitors in town. You don't have the the smiles that are coming at it. And the guy that was spraying my car inside of the you know the carwash



00:15:36.960 --> 00:15:38.520

Michael Palumbos: Was doing a little dance and, you know,



00:15:39.390 --> 00:15:52.080

Michael Palumbos: Just kind of, you know, jiving with you and making sure that he knew that, you know, he cared, and the windows are down and you're not talking, you know, and you just you still got that feeling. So you guys are doing a great job with that.



00:15:52.680 --> 00:16:03.600

Michael Palumbos: That's that you have given the employees a purpose beyond profit and both of you have some employees, you know, at some levels. You know, like you said, they're not making



00:16:04.620 --> 00:16:08.490

Michael Palumbos: Millions of dollars a year they're making out you know they're not they're not in the



00:16:08.760 --> 00:16:18.180

Michael Palumbos: In the highest you know brackets and they're just over minimum wage in some in some areas, but they still care because you've provided that purpose beyond profit and



00:16:18.690 --> 00:16:30.720

Michael Palumbos: Well, Anthony sometime remind me to tell you the whole food STORY YOU'LL APPRECIATE IT. But they have done a really great job of really, you know, putting that into their employees as well. So we'll



00:16:30.960 --> 00:16:33.540

Anthony Daniele: Work it out a whole food story as we speak. It's just a



00:16:33.780 --> 00:16:34.260

Anthony Daniele: FEW EXTRA



00:16:37.860 --> 00:16:38.730

Michael Palumbos: Um,



00:16:39.360 --> 00:16:55.980

Michael Palumbos: What else you know let's let's talk about, you know, what would you say is you know your your vision for success for your family and for your employees and Anthony. I'm going to ask you to dive in. Now,



00:16:57.060 --> 00:17:14.490

Anthony Daniele: Yeah, that's a great question. And what's interesting for me about that question. My brother and I share an office. We have since we were teenagers. My dad put us in an office literally two desks in the same room. The room is about 25 feet long by 12 feet wide.



00:17:15.960 --> 00:17:28.200

Anthony Daniele: And and he did it on purpose because he decided that we needed to be getting along at an early stage of our partnership or understand that we weren't going to get along at an early stage, and we do get along.



00:17:28.890 --> 00:17:44.550

Anthony Daniele: remarkably well. Very much Yang Yang, my brother and I are very different personalities, but I'm string so that what makes that question interesting is the fact that if you would ask my brother and I, that question 10 years ago it was probably a very different answer.



00:17:45.720 --> 00:17:59.400

Anthony Daniele: You know, obviously we have financial goals we have you know how many car washes. Can I build and operate profitably which is you know as much an ego thing as it is anything else but it really has morphed into



00:18:01.410 --> 00:18:13.650

Anthony Daniele: Creating a platform where the leaders in our company. We have a management team now of about 16 people average age is in their mid to late 20s.



00:18:14.160 --> 00:18:24.180

Anthony Daniele: And and these are kids who generally you know may have gone may have gone to MCC for a couple years, most of them graduated high school, but very few four year degrees.



00:18:24.960 --> 00:18:37.740

Anthony Daniele: Many of them started out working for us as a cook a dishwasher a busboy at the restaurants and just kind of clung on to the family concept of what we were building and we assured them that again as the widgets change.



00:18:38.550 --> 00:18:47.940

Anthony Daniele: You can change with us and now they're making you know close to six figures and and just, you know, doing tremendously well. So to answer your question.



00:18:48.480 --> 00:18:57.660

Anthony Daniele: Getting getting our company to a point. Hopefully in the next five to eight years where we can create something for our employees to take over.



00:18:58.080 --> 00:19:05.760

Anthony Daniele: And continue to run with, you know, hopefully with some guidance from us and and if my or my brother shoulder want to participate in that.



00:19:06.600 --> 00:19:22.740

Anthony Daniele: You know, they certainly have a a in a better opportunity than some of the managers that are there. Now, at least to get in on the ground floor. But ultimately, they'll have to earn it, and they'll have to stand side by side with those managers and prove their worth and value to the company.



00:19:23.910 --> 00:19:36.180

Anthony Daniele: And so long, long, short answer long creating a future for our for for the management team that's really the backbone of the company at this point in making it happen every day.



00:19:37.140 --> 00:19:45.720

Michael Palumbos: Nice. Love it. Ray, how would you, how would you guys define success when it comes to both the family and the employees.



00:19:46.680 --> 00:19:53.100

Raymond Isaac: I'm still getting along. Still loving each other and having people that want to be here. I guess it's a summation



00:19:53.520 --> 00:20:04.380

Raymond Isaac: I'm did mention it before, though we, our goal and my job is to really create an equity business and that is where the ownership exists, first and foremost, to support the business.



00:20:04.770 --> 00:20:17.430

Raymond Isaac: Yeah, there are so many family businesses that turn into lifestyle businesses where the business exists, first and foremost, to support the lifestyle, the owner. I think the word right off was developed by a family business owner, because



00:20:18.090 --> 00:20:26.940

Raymond Isaac: I mean, if the succession strategies and text veggies are and I personally believe that they are completely opposite



00:20:27.540 --> 00:20:36.990

Raymond Isaac: Direction so each other's on the best tax Reggie is the worst succession strategy and when you create an organization where you have a lifestyle business and it's usually signified by



00:20:37.380 --> 00:20:39.030

Raymond Isaac: The private parking spots with the



00:20:39.570 --> 00:20:49.290

Raymond Isaac: With the personalized license plates with the class near the luxury car parked in it right by the front door because God forbid the owner has to walk, any more than two feet to get in the front door.



00:20:49.620 --> 00:20:59.850

Raymond Isaac: Everybody that has a last name of the company has a two initials after a BMP in the back shop or all the toys in the employees are loading up outside



00:21:00.240 --> 00:21:09.540

Raymond Isaac: And things like it's they see that. I mean, you can't affect an organization, any more than what you throw in somebody's face and how you how you've run the business where



00:21:09.960 --> 00:21:18.960

Raymond Isaac: There's two sets of rules. There's two sets of operation. I mean to have one of my brothers who was an equal owner with me take his orders literally from



00:21:19.470 --> 00:21:24.060

Raymond Isaac: A person who's been with us about eight years and is probably half his age.



00:21:24.840 --> 00:21:32.160

Raymond Isaac: But is the service manager is earned his way up. We've created that that opportunity where there is no glass ceiling, because it is a family business.



00:21:32.520 --> 00:21:45.780

Raymond Isaac: And anybody can be successful. And I love Anthony. You're a great place because I have about the same thing. We're average age in the 30s, but that leadership team that are going to be making. And that's currently are making some very good money.



00:21:46.980 --> 00:21:54.300

Raymond Isaac: Salary wise you know they they can support their families and have a great living and salary why some of them make more money than all the owners.



00:21:55.140 --> 00:22:02.460

Raymond Isaac: I have sales people that might make more money than me. Which, you know what, that's an equity business because if you have set up everything properly.



00:22:03.270 --> 00:22:08.880

Raymond Isaac: You have a business that is run like General Electric. And at the end of the year, you've done very well you set up the order



00:22:09.150 --> 00:22:17.370

Raymond Isaac: And you, everybody knows the rules of engagement and how the game is going to be played. And if you play the game right then and only then do you get your reward.



00:22:18.060 --> 00:22:30.660

Raymond Isaac: And that is how we've always run Isaac, and as I said, it's, it's like General Electric, where we could have. We don't currently but we could have an owner who isn't part of the business and they can't just walk in and tell people what to do.



00:22:31.740 --> 00:22:43.050

Raymond Isaac: And we had that for years. My sister was an owner, but she wasn't in the business and she didn't even have a key to the place. There was no reason for her. And just as I could be an owner and stock of General Electric, and I can't walk in and tell anybody what to do.



00:22:44.160 --> 00:22:56.160

Raymond Isaac: Now, so that's, I think, that is the one thing we family businesses, miss. They put too much emphasis on the word family and they forget that it is still a business that the family can't create a great environment.



00:22:56.910 --> 00:23:03.570

Raymond Isaac: But they forget that is this is a business and that 4.3 year old comes into a place because if the place fails.



00:23:04.170 --> 00:23:12.330

Raymond Isaac: You have a lot of people you're affecting beyond just yourself and the owners and if you make a dumb move for a dumb decision as the owners or as the leadership.



00:23:12.870 --> 00:23:22.590

Raymond Isaac: That has a exponential effect. So we need to start getting back to running it like a business and you can still have nice little elements, but



00:23:23.340 --> 00:23:35.520

Raymond Isaac: You know your employees when, at the end of the day, they want to know that their job is safe and that they're going to be taken care of and they're empowered and enabled to make decisions that are for the benefit of the customer and themselves and they're going to be okay.



00:23:37.530 --> 00:23:37.890




00:23:40.710 --> 00:23:59.490

Michael Palumbos: Where do we want to go next. I think where I want to go next is talking about the past, a little bit. Let's go back to history when you look at you know the business. You look at transitions. You look at just, you know, we're sitting here in this world of



00:24:00.690 --> 00:24:13.980

Michael Palumbos: And for all of us. Life is different today than it was a year ago I sent out an email to clients yesterday and said, I'm giving my team Fridays off in the month of August.



00:24:15.390 --> 00:24:24.600

Michael Palumbos: Because they're working harder than normal. They're working, you know, they're working more hours, they're not taking vacation, and I want to make sure that they're healthy.



00:24:24.870 --> 00:24:30.120

Michael Palumbos: And they're mentally healthy so take August will take some Friday's it doesn't affect anybody



00:24:31.020 --> 00:24:41.400

Michael Palumbos: But what the line that I put in there as a year ago, if I walked into a bank with a mask on, they'd be screaming and yell. And now if I walk into a bank without a mask on there screaming and yelling. And so, you know,



00:24:42.000 --> 00:24:55.770

Michael Palumbos: Things have changed. And so, you know, what were some of the things that defined, you know, your businesses, your family businesses. What were some of the heart. You know, what were some of the hard things that you know the family has gone through, through the years.



00:24:56.820 --> 00:24:58.200

Michael Palumbos: The business has gone through



00:24:59.040 --> 00:24:59.850

Raymond Isaac: What day is it



00:25:02.640 --> 00:25:04.050

Michael Palumbos: We don't have that much time. Right.



00:25:04.080 --> 00:25:04.620

Raymond Isaac: I know



00:25:06.630 --> 00:25:08.370

Raymond Isaac: You can go. Let me, let me get some



00:25:08.790 --> 00:25:09.630

Anthony Daniele: Hail, you say your



00:25:10.170 --> 00:25:20.040

Anthony Daniele: Stories. Oh yeah, it probably is similar, you know, so the challenges I guess as relates to a family business.



00:25:21.630 --> 00:25:23.340

Anthony Daniele: You know they're they're certainly



00:25:24.960 --> 00:25:30.270

Anthony Daniele: Challenges in working with relatives and family, you know, there's, you know, we



00:25:30.750 --> 00:25:41.190

Anthony Daniele: We benefited by the fact that it's just my brother and I, as much as it would have been great to have more siblings from a family standpoint, it would have made things much more complicated from a business standpoint.



00:25:41.670 --> 00:25:49.410

Anthony Daniele: And my brother, and I've gotten along but but there are things that we don't agree on obviously and and we have a system where



00:25:49.890 --> 00:25:56.280

Anthony Daniele: My father is the tiebreaker and no questions asked. And we always commit to



00:25:56.970 --> 00:26:08.070

Anthony Daniele: Whether it goes my way or it goes my brother's way, whatever that third decision is and you know we have an opportunity to make, you know, to present my father with our side and the facts and etc.



00:26:08.460 --> 00:26:20.550

Anthony Daniele: And and while we may not agree with the outcome we pledged to move forward 100% and not hold any grudges, not, not, you know, I told you so, or ambush or or sabotage. I shouldn't say



00:26:21.210 --> 00:26:25.620

Anthony Daniele: The decision that wasn't necessarily our choice. So we've had a few of those.



00:26:26.550 --> 00:26:32.250

Anthony Daniele: You know that they're there are struggles in business. And you know, I joke about the whole foods project, but



00:26:32.610 --> 00:26:40.650

Anthony Daniele: You know I'm fighting Wegmans you know the Wegmans family who doesn't want to Whole Foods there and they certainly have deeper pockets than I do. And and



00:26:41.220 --> 00:26:47.160

Anthony Daniele: You know that that creates a lot of stress in the family and it creates a lot of stress in decision making.



00:26:47.640 --> 00:27:02.370

Anthony Daniele: You know, every week we're forced to make certain decisions that have significant financial consequences and you know depending on our mood, depending on what else is going on. And in our personal lives, and with with other businesses that we have



00:27:03.750 --> 00:27:07.500

Anthony Daniele: You know, it adds a significant amount of stress to to raise point though.



00:27:08.460 --> 00:27:17.640

Anthony Daniele: You know, I've got a management team that's doing a phenomenal job with our car washes and it's very important that while you know I want to put my fist through a door sometimes



00:27:17.910 --> 00:27:31.350

Anthony Daniele: Because of something unrelated to my car wash business. I can't go out there and take it out on my car wash employees can't take it off. I might take it out on my office staff who is busting their butt to make the company work.



00:27:32.610 --> 00:27:35.340

Anthony Daniele: And so, managing that stress.



00:27:36.360 --> 00:27:44.610

Anthony Daniele: You know, and, and I liked it. We do a lot of taking our staff out to lunch taking them out to dinner, doing some one on one stuff.



00:27:44.970 --> 00:27:50.070

Anthony Daniele: And and we really do put our heart and cards on the table with them so that they do understand that.



00:27:50.310 --> 00:27:59.880

Anthony Daniele: Hey, I'm you know I may lose my cool sometimes not at you. But, but, you know, we have a small office than walls. They hear us yelling they hear us slamming the phone down



00:28:00.690 --> 00:28:02.730

Anthony Daniele: You know, that stuff is real. It happens.



00:28:02.970 --> 00:28:14.640

Anthony Daniele: And we want them to know that, hey, you know, it's not about I'm not mad at you it's it's stress that I'm dealing with and I want you to be patient. And if you think I take it too far. I want you to come in my office and tell me that I'm being, you know,



00:28:16.230 --> 00:28:17.280

Anthony Daniele: I was going to swear, but



00:28:17.490 --> 00:28:17.820

Raymond Isaac: I know you're



00:28:18.060 --> 00:28:18.810

Anthony Daniele: Not sure what this



00:28:18.870 --> 00:28:20.940

Anthony Daniele: I'm not sure what this podcast is rated but



00:28:20.970 --> 00:28:33.660

Anthony Daniele: Yeah, you're welcome, they're welcome to come in and put me in my place and tell me to cool down or just, you know, go outside and take a walk or take the rest of the day off and work from home so that I'm not being a toxic element.



00:28:34.020 --> 00:28:44.100

Anthony Daniele: In my own business and and there are times where, you know, the challenges there are times where I am a toxic element in my business because of outside factors that are creating a



00:28:44.670 --> 00:28:55.350

Anthony Daniele: Bad person and a bad leader and being able to my brother being able to tell me, me being able to tell my brother, my staff, being able to tell me, hey, you need to leave for a little bit, because



00:28:56.250 --> 00:29:04.530

Anthony Daniele: You know, it's not the culture. It's not building the culture. It's taking it down. And those are challenges, you know, and they're real, and it's, you know,



00:29:05.460 --> 00:29:14.280

Anthony Daniele: I'm looking at all the names of the people on the screen. And as much as we all have very successful businesses. I know we're all very proud of what we built



00:29:14.970 --> 00:29:21.930

Anthony Daniele: You know, it's not all a bed of roses. Either you know there are thorns on those stamps and you have to learn to deal with those two. Yeah.



00:29:22.350 --> 00:29:32.520

Michael Palumbos: And it's, it's nice that you and your brother, you know, and figured out some governance, you know, and how do we make decisions as a family that's a huge key. I talked about it.



00:29:33.300 --> 00:29:38.340

Michael Palumbos: With people all the time. Patrick lens. Sione if you haven't read Patrick lens to any books.



00:29:38.610 --> 00:29:48.810

Michael Palumbos: The five dysfunctions of a team that's what you're talking about. It's like, just give each other you know opportunity to plead our case and talk about it because I want them to know that I'm being listened and heard



00:29:49.230 --> 00:29:58.410

Michael Palumbos: And then, but once we do make a decision, regardless of whether it was mine or not we're going forward. And that's really healthy. That's really, really healthy, good job on that.



00:29:58.710 --> 00:30:08.700

Michael Palumbos: The other thing that you mentioned that I didn't realize is that, you know, there's other siblings do you, how many, how many siblings in the business, you know, it's the two, the two of you. How many siblings, not in the business.



00:30:09.000 --> 00:30:12.570

Anthony Daniele: Well, no, that's so what made it easier, is that it is just the two of us, you



00:30:12.570 --> 00:30:13.320

Michael Palumbos: Just the two of us.



00:30:13.350 --> 00:30:17.130

Michael Palumbos: Got it, okay. I thought I heard it differently. I just clearing that up. Okay, thanks.



00:30:17.850 --> 00:30:36.780

Michael Palumbos: That's good stuff, you know, and it's it's okay to be human, it's not okay to make a toxic and and and to end to do those things. And my wife. God bless her Tuesday. She's bike riding and hit some pebbles and fell and you know she broke her hip.



00:30:38.040 --> 00:30:47.310

Michael Palumbos: Is so yeah little, little touch and go. And we have a 13 week old puppy in the house. And if you remember what I said, you know, we're working from home.



00:30:47.730 --> 00:31:01.080

Michael Palumbos: So maybe Wednesday or Thursday after dealing with some of this stuff. I had to, you know, tell my team like guys you know helped me out here. If I, if I need to step back from things I'm I'm way overwhelmed right now.



00:31:02.280 --> 00:31:05.460

Michael Palumbos: You know I love animals. I just love other people's better



00:31:07.020 --> 00:31:27.810

Michael Palumbos: Just and rate in doing the puppies. We brought the puppy and because she's a teacher and off, so it's like you're juggling all those things. I get it. You know, it's just stress from other places. I'm we're sitting at Anthony, you went first. Go ahead. Re thoughts on that same conversation.



00:31:28.410 --> 00:31:30.270

Raymond Isaac: Yeah. Again you imagine. So it was pretty



00:31:30.660 --> 00:31:41.010

Raymond Isaac: Interesting with Lindsey on his book The five dysfunctions of a team. The first dysfunction is an absence of trust and there's a nice book that I love. It's called trust and betrayal in the workplace and it feeds off of that.



00:31:41.460 --> 00:31:48.360

Raymond Isaac: And the main saying, and that book is trust begets trust and trust begins with you and leaders often lament that their



00:31:48.780 --> 00:31:56.100

Raymond Isaac: Their subordinates or their people that follow them. Do not trust them. And the main concept in the book is do they know you trust them.



00:31:56.430 --> 00:31:59.430

Raymond Isaac: And that's the thing you need to give that trust to your employees and



00:31:59.820 --> 00:32:07.350

Raymond Isaac: And I love when Anthony said earlier is that, you know, what is my data, the same thing, you know, you'll always get a free pass if you could tell me you thought it was right for the client.



00:32:08.010 --> 00:32:17.790

Raymond Isaac: If he did something you thought it was right for the client that's part of what I call my for ease of engagement education empowerment and enablement, we need to enable our people to execute and enjoy what they do.



00:32:18.780 --> 00:32:25.860

Raymond Isaac: One thing that is unique. My dad. He was our tiebreaker. You had two and two. We have, are you wanting one we have four. So there could be two and two.



00:32:26.370 --> 00:32:35.550

Raymond Isaac: And we're sitting around one day and my dad was put in the position of being a tiebreaker. And he stopped and he looked up. He says guys at 82 years old. The last FM thing i want to be as the tiebreaker with you.



00:32:35.970 --> 00:32:43.980

Raymond Isaac: I don't want half of you being unhappy with me and the other half being okay with these as you're going to have to decide something else. So we went to a unanimous only rule.



00:32:44.280 --> 00:32:47.640

Raymond Isaac: That we have to unanimously agree and somebody's going to have to give



00:32:48.000 --> 00:32:56.040

Raymond Isaac: So he it was the funniest say do we all just kind of laugh and we said, yeah, you're right. At this point, you've you've spent your whole life breaking up battles between four boys.



00:32:56.340 --> 00:33:05.100

Raymond Isaac: We're not going to take you into that place anymore. But we did go with with the unanimous rule, we had some tough times. Luckily, as a company, we've never lost money.



00:33:05.640 --> 00:33:16.380

Raymond Isaac: As a, as a company, so the financial stress is there, but being in different positions in the company and doing different things. It wasn't co CEOs and



00:33:16.770 --> 00:33:23.550

Raymond Isaac: I've never been a fan of that I personally and maybe I'm probably wrong. And there, but I always said, Okay, somebody couldn't get along.



00:33:24.000 --> 00:33:29.670

Raymond Isaac: With somebody else being the CEO. So that's why they made them both CEOs and I bring that up in one of my key notes that I do, but



00:33:30.420 --> 00:33:44.880

Raymond Isaac: We've had we've had our battles. The thing that we always say, though, is that you never bring them to work. We can be fighting, we never have a board meeting in these four walls, we never have a discussion about ownership issues will meet over it. They'll grace.



00:33:45.990 --> 00:33:52.440

Raymond Isaac: You know, we used to meet at Mario's we said he'll do little things like that outside of here because the last thing you want is your employees looking



00:33:52.830 --> 00:34:03.720

Raymond Isaac: At a argument between the owners and wondering, Am I safe and that safety is a is a main thing. And there's one philosophy that our leadership team has had drilled into their head and it's called it's showtime.



00:34:04.290 --> 00:34:13.710

Raymond Isaac: When you get out of the truck or the car in the morning. It's showtime. And even before that. It's showtime. Nobody cares if you had a bad drive into work or if you had a fight with somebody



00:34:14.340 --> 00:34:19.710

Raymond Isaac: They only care really they should only care about how they're going to be treated and how they're going to



00:34:20.550 --> 00:34:30.930

Raymond Isaac: Conduct their day in your company. So that's something I learned from a guy named Michael So who was a speaker I belong to vistage which is a great organization. And that's kind of my outside board of directors to



00:34:31.350 --> 00:34:37.260

Raymond Isaac: Keep me centered and you know sometimes slap me upside the head on things that I'm going awry.



00:34:40.800 --> 00:34:50.070

Michael Palumbos: I love it. Um, you talked, you've talked about a couple of books. I brought up a couple of books. Here's a question. How many books in your day each of you read



00:34:52.590 --> 00:34:57.300

Raymond Isaac: I'm a lazy reader. I fall asleep in about two minutes. I'm an audible or now.



00:34:57.930 --> 00:35:06.930

Raymond Isaac: That counts. Yeah, I'm an audible or I'm a voracious audible or I know Harry Truman said not all readers lead but all leaders read so



00:35:07.350 --> 00:35:22.980

Raymond Isaac: I always subscribed to that I'm up to over 100 and something books and some of those are 56 hours of listening so I probably get in close to a dozen and probably want a month on Audible, which is great because it's a great way to pass the time driving to work.



00:35:23.790 --> 00:35:34.440

Michael Palumbos: It's phenomenal I lot of my clients you know I have clients that somewhere, you know, in Rochester, but the vast majority of them are Elmira and Cortland and Syracuse. And, you know, I'm all over the place.



00:35:34.890 --> 00:35:48.480

Michael Palumbos: So what I'm missing most about this coven thing is I would have a two hour ride to Elmira in a two hour ride back at book at one and a half speed on Audible. I'm getting it done, you know, and we're not doing that right now.



00:35:49.860 --> 00:35:50.520

Michael Palumbos: Anthony



00:35:51.120 --> 00:35:55.770

Anthony Daniele: Well, this should be a perfect time for me to say I do 13 a year. But no, I'm just kidding.



00:35:57.150 --> 00:35:58.200

Anthony Daniele: Say advantage, you're going



00:35:58.260 --> 00:35:58.620

Anthony Daniele: To know



00:35:59.790 --> 00:36:18.960

Anthony Daniele: Now I as well. I don't. I actually have a book here at the lake that I'm trying to read but i'll i'll probably listened to probably eight books a year that come from recommendations, but we do try to do some sort of education once a year where my brother and I will go



00:36:19.980 --> 00:36:27.870

Anthony Daniele: Not always. Both of us, but most of the time, I suppose, both of us either an Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy or



00:36:28.500 --> 00:36:37.290

Anthony Daniele: Some, you know, down in Florida will go to something at a, you know, at a posh hotel somewhere and spend 36 hours in a conference room and



00:36:37.860 --> 00:36:45.930

Anthony Daniele: There's a lot of peer of stuff that we do with the carwash industry, they do a pretty cool job with some peer conferences and



00:36:46.440 --> 00:36:55.920

Anthony Daniele: You know, I tend to feed more off of this type of environment where we're talking to each other. And I'm listening to people's stories but education is, you know,



00:36:56.820 --> 00:37:00.990

Anthony Daniele: Paramount if you're going to succeed, and I believe that



00:37:01.470 --> 00:37:07.620

Anthony Daniele: It expands your mind and helps you grow. And it's kind of neat for my brother and I, to do it together. Because again, we're in the same office.



00:37:07.950 --> 00:37:20.610

Anthony Daniele: And so we kind of feed off of what's the last thing we went to. And it's kind of refreshing and and you know reiterate what we learned three months ago did you remember when he said this. Do you remember when she said that



00:37:23.220 --> 00:37:28.200

Michael Palumbos: Love it. That's what brought it up as one we talked about a couple books and Ray.



00:37:28.620 --> 00:37:45.150

Michael Palumbos: You said something. It sounded like it just came right from jack stacks the great game of business, you know, and so that's what got me thinking about it. So I'm we're up on one o'clock. Now what I want to do is



00:37:47.460 --> 00:37:58.740

Michael Palumbos: If you were to give you know a little bit of advice to another family on business and and part of me sitting here going, Ray.



00:37:59.160 --> 00:38:14.910

Michael Palumbos: We Anthony's, you know, g to the haven't gone into G three yet. So if you were coat, you know, brought ray in or somebody else in his position. What do you, what do you say into them to you know make sure don't miss these things and I think you've covered a lot of it. You know, so it's



00:38:15.990 --> 00:38:22.950

Michael Palumbos: Partly in home, you may have said all those things that you want to say already but and then Anthony, you know,



00:38:23.460 --> 00:38:34.260

Michael Palumbos: talking to somebody who's you know in your possession or, you know, looking at the, the things that you're looking at, down the road to say how do I get there, you know,



00:38:35.010 --> 00:38:40.650

Michael Palumbos: What would you share with you know some of the family businesses that are going to be listening to this in the future rail it



00:38:43.380 --> 00:38:50.400

Raymond Isaac: Yeah. Again, it would have to go back to the equity business just in my research and my analysis and running it like a business.



00:38:50.640 --> 00:38:58.710

Raymond Isaac: The other thing is just because you're the sob doesn't need mean you need to be an sob and the sob his son of the boss. Don't be an sob. I'll because



00:38:59.190 --> 00:39:04.110

Raymond Isaac: Sometimes that can creep in and that's where that 4% success rate. And if you're not passionate



00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:09.240

Raymond Isaac: Find something else to do. I actually had my resume out there and I was looking for a job and a buddy of mine.



00:39:10.020 --> 00:39:18.210

Raymond Isaac: asked me why. And I told him all these things I wanted to do in the business that I was, you know, was looking to go work for. And he looked at me says, Why can't you do them and Isaac.



00:39:18.870 --> 00:39:25.710

Raymond Isaac: And it was a turning point for me. And I realized, you know what I can do them here. And, you know, if we run it properly, like a business and



00:39:26.100 --> 00:39:37.230

Raymond Isaac: Take that risk to maybe make the change. And don't get caught into the legacy trap and live by dogma. I love my dad. I'm sure I would love my grandfather. I never met him that I can remember I was



00:39:42.090 --> 00:39:53.040

Raymond Isaac: It's your time when they come in with an idea. I always ask them, Are you asking me, you're telling me you're asking me, I'll give you my opinion you for telling me. Let me know how it works out i i've empowered you and I enable you to do it.



00:39:58.050 --> 00:39:58.740

Raymond Isaac: You're on you.



00:39:59.460 --> 00:40:00.270

Michael Palumbos: Oh,



00:40:00.690 --> 00:40:03.120

Anthony Daniele: There we go. I can read lips. So I think it's my turn. So



00:40:05.460 --> 00:40:05.790

Michael Palumbos: Yeah.



00:40:07.350 --> 00:40:09.840

Anthony Daniele: That was a great answer. Ray and and



00:40:11.280 --> 00:40:13.920

Anthony Daniele: I guess I guess the advice that I would give



00:40:15.030 --> 00:40:19.440

Anthony Daniele: I'm not sure it's as much a family business but question but



00:40:20.610 --> 00:40:22.530

Anthony Daniele: Not staying profit centered



00:40:23.160 --> 00:40:34.950

Anthony Daniele: You know, you have to make money there. I mean, at the end of the day, you create a company and you go to work every day so that you can provide for your family and hopefully build wealth for the next generation, etc. So profit is is very, very important.



00:40:35.550 --> 00:40:38.880

Anthony Daniele: But as Ray said so. Well, it can't start there.



00:40:40.050 --> 00:40:53.910

Anthony Daniele: Because it won't work long term, short term, you know, you can go to the casino and be profit centered and maybe have a great night and worked out well. But if you try to do that every day. It's just a, it's a bad formula for the long haul. And so, so



00:40:55.110 --> 00:41:10.590

Anthony Daniele: Really going back to the key words the passion, the integrity culture, you know, you really have to love what you're creating and love the people that you're working with. And, and, and if there are toxic elements in that organization, including if you're the toxic element.



00:41:11.760 --> 00:41:17.670

Anthony Daniele: You know, for the betterment of the business. You need to get out again our biggest challenge.



00:41:17.970 --> 00:41:26.940

Anthony Daniele: Is going to be, you know, what's going to happen with the next generation and Ray, you said it best to you know what my brother and I both of us went to Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.



00:41:27.390 --> 00:41:38.220

Anthony Daniele: And before we came back, my father asked, you know, do you guys want to come back and work in the business. And he said, if you guys don't, you know, put your resume. He had a plan and he made sure that we knew he had a plan.



00:41:38.670 --> 00:41:44.670

Anthony Daniele: On what he would do if we chose not to go in the business and he whether he was fine with it or not, I'll never know.



00:41:45.630 --> 00:41:50.520

Anthony Daniele: But he convinced us that he was fine with us not going into the business. So there was no pressure.



00:41:51.000 --> 00:42:01.890

Anthony Daniele: And that's, again, I'm not sure I'm doing a great job of it. But, you know, not making my kids feel like they have to carry on the legacy. Because again, half, half to



00:42:02.190 --> 00:42:09.900

Anthony Daniele: Is a toxic word if you're going to work because you have to, again, it's not a long term play. It's a short term play



00:42:10.290 --> 00:42:14.700

Anthony Daniele: And and so you know if they are passionate about it. Great. If they're not



00:42:15.090 --> 00:42:31.140

Anthony Daniele: That's okay to have a plan because it may not be, you know, and that's why when I say, My plan is to have my group of managers, take the business over if they choose to in five to 10 years to me that's a plan my kids want to be a part of that great. If they don't, that's okay too.



00:42:32.520 --> 00:42:33.870

Anthony Daniele: I don't know if I answered the question, but



00:42:34.620 --> 00:42:38.250

Michael Palumbos: That's great. I would throw to you.



00:42:39.660 --> 00:42:45.660

Michael Palumbos: The, the, what pops into my head is because



00:42:46.860 --> 00:42:55.920

Michael Palumbos: You're just, you're just on that CUSP like Ray said, you know, it's 4% that makes it to the next generation. So you have your work cut out for you.



00:42:57.450 --> 00:43:03.030

Michael Palumbos: There, you know, Cornell has a family business center ST. JOHN Fisher has one



00:43:03.810 --> 00:43:10.080

Michael Palumbos: I happen to have more resources than you can shake a stick at. So if you want a couple of books. I'm happy to send them your way.



00:43:10.440 --> 00:43:15.360

Michael Palumbos: But what you're talking about is a family employment policy and they're all things that it's like



00:43:15.570 --> 00:43:26.160

Michael Palumbos: You know, I don't have to do these in any other business, but because we're a family owned business. There are certain things that if we want to be successful. For generations, if that's in anybody's had



00:43:27.000 --> 00:43:33.750

Michael Palumbos: That that would come through. So a family employment policy, you know, might be helpful, you guys.



00:43:34.260 --> 00:43:42.720

Michael Palumbos: One. Thank you for putting up with our technical difficulties. Today we'll get this thing together. You guys have been great. I really enjoyed this.



00:43:43.560 --> 00:43:49.560

Michael Palumbos: I was telling my team for, you know, since since this was starting starting to come together how excited I was



00:43:49.890 --> 00:43:56.940

Michael Palumbos: Because this is what it's really all about. It's the voice of the family business, it's it's hearing



00:43:57.210 --> 00:44:06.420

Michael Palumbos: Your stories and other people's stories so that somebody else doesn't have to either make the same mistake or can take the idea and utilize it in their business.



00:44:06.750 --> 00:44:17.460

Michael Palumbos: And that, you know, we can support each other. And you know, when we look at the GDP of the US and how much of it is coming from family owned businesses. It's really all of our responsibilities.



00:44:17.670 --> 00:44:31.950

Michael Palumbos: To kind of be a giant vistage for one another. And that's kind of what I'm looking at this, you know, as is, you know, how do we get this information out there for people. So again, I can't thank you enough for kicking this off together. You guys have been great.



00:44:33.810 --> 00:44:34.260

Anthony Daniele: Pleasure.



00:44:34.890 --> 00:44:36.000

Raymond Isaac: And thanks for the opportunity.



00:44:36.810 --> 00:44:46.200

Michael Palumbos: Thank you everybody for joining us. Some of you that are on the call right now will be getting an email from a short leads to be future guests not no names mentioned



00:44:46.830 --> 00:44:56.670

Michael Palumbos: Right this second but we really appreciate everybody joining us again, I'm family wealth and legacy Michael Columbus.



00:44:57.630 --> 00:45:03.000

Michael Palumbos: You know, check out our website. We're getting a new one shortly. And if there's anything that we can do.



00:45:03.450 --> 00:45:16.560

Michael Palumbos: To help you know your family business, whether it's a just a consultation or just the name of a book to help you with something we're there for you. Ray and I you know when coven was happening. We started talking about



00:45:16.950 --> 00:45:17.940

vern sessler: Scaling up



00:45:18.000 --> 00:45:28.830

Michael Palumbos: And the ability to scale up versus scaling down and you know that's you know when we're helping businesses family businesses grow where that came from for us was that, you know, when a family said



00:45:29.730 --> 00:45:30.720

Michael Palumbos: You had to



00:45:30.870 --> 00:45:33.810

Michael Palumbos: Have a three family members for family members, you know,



00:45:34.110 --> 00:45:36.360

Michael Palumbos: Running a family business and living off of it now.



00:45:36.360 --> 00:45:42.180

Michael Palumbos: We've got eight. How are we going to do this then rolling. It's the only way to do it.



00:45:43.740 --> 00:45:54.120

Michael Palumbos: I just want it. You know what, as, as I'm as I'm signing off here. Does anybody have any questions or thoughts or things that they want to ask ray and Anthony. If you guys don't mind.



00:45:57.360 --> 00:45:59.310

vern sessler: No, I would, I would just like to say



00:46:00.360 --> 00:46:12.000

vern sessler: Thank you to both of them and that so much of what they had to say rings. Very true. From our organizations point of view as well. Thanks for thanks for



00:46:12.630 --> 00:46:15.570

jeff Leenhouts: Yeah, I can. I could, I could say a lot, but I'll be



00:46:16.290 --> 00:46:17.250

vern sessler: Quick, I have some



00:46:17.280 --> 00:46:23.970

jeff Leenhouts: So many fond memories of Anthony and raise father's actually for different reasons.



00:46:25.260 --> 00:46:45.030

jeff Leenhouts: Did a little business with with Mario. And certainly, Jim. Jim, I have fond memories. Memories of in one comment. I just have to say that anytime I feel really hot outside, or really cold. I know Jim Isaac is smiling. So it always makes me happy. So



00:46:46.290 --> 00:46:46.710

jeff Leenhouts: Anyway,



00:46:46.770 --> 00:46:54.990

Michael Palumbos: Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, Jeff. Alright everybody, have a great week. We look forward to having you on the next episode.



00:46:55.380 --> 00:47:06.930

Michael Palumbos: If you are a family business that would love to be a part of the, you know, part of this show. Let me know if you know of a family business that should be part of this and be sharing their stories. Let us know as well enjoy. Take care everybody



00:47:07.230 --> 00:47:07.980

Raymond Isaac: Thanks. Bye bye.



00:47:08.340 --> 00:47:10.290

Raymond Isaac: Thank you. Thanks, guys. Thanks. I think that good.



00:47:10.500 --> 00:47:10.860

Anthony Daniele: Thank you.



00:47:11.070 --> 00:47:12.030

Jeff ca re calm.

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