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Episode 28: How does your "Why" affect the family business

In this episode of the Family Biz Show, Michael "Challenge" Palumbos dives into the significance of understanding one's "why," which is deemed essential in comprehending oneself and improving business and family dynamics. The episode features Why Institute founder Dr. Gary Sanchez, Chris "Clarify" Kenny, and Laverne Sessler, who explore the concept of "why" and its impact on business and personal relationships.

Laverne Sessler shares his journey from growing up in the construction and demolition industry, influenced by his family business, to pursuing engineering and business studies, and eventually returning to contribute to the family business. The discussion unfolds to reveal how knowing one's "why" can lead to better decision-making and more effective leadership.

Dr. Gary Sanchez elaborates on the importance of understanding one's purpose (why), the method (how), and the outcome (what). This clarity helps individuals and leaders align their actions with their core motivations, enhancing their effectiveness in personal and professional settings.

Chris Kenny emphasizes the value of this understanding in the context of teamwork and leadership, especially in family-owned businesses, where personal histories can significantly influence professional interactions.

Throughout the episode, the conversation underscores the transformative power of recognizing and embracing one's "why," demonstrating how it can lead to more meaningful and impactful engagements in both business and personal life. The episode concludes with contact information for the guests, offering listeners avenues to explore and discover their own "whys" to foster better relationships and achieve success in their endeavors.

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Episode 28 Transcript


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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Welcome everybody to the family biz show. I am your host Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy in Rochester Rochester, New York.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Today we are going to be talking about your why and why is so important, why it's the essential first step and understanding more about yourself and



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Even more so maybe even how we can take that how why how I'm sorry your why how and what and then understand how that is effective with



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: The rest of the family as well as inside the business. So today we're joined by why Institute founder Gary Sanchez, Dr. Gary Sanchez Chris Kenny and Laverne Sessler WELCOME, GENTLEMEN. Glad to have you all here.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Great to be here. Thank you.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: So the way we always start the show off is, you know, we ask those that have joined us to kind of tell us about their journey.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: How did you get to where you are. Where did you come from. And what's the future looking like so Laverne if you don't mind starting off as the as the family business member



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And one other thing to note for the audience is that today is totally unscripted



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: We don't have questions, we don't have anything else. We're going to Dr. Gary Sanchez, and Chris Kenny are going to work with Laverne to help him discover his why how and what live on as we're doing this and then we'll feed in some other things. So Laverne tell us about yourself. Yep.



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LaVerne Sessler: So I grew up in the construction demolition industry. My grandfather started Sessler companies back in 1958



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LaVerne Sessler: Is a family business that was then pass down to my aunt. My uncle and my father. And so that's kind of what my life was growing up.



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LaVerne Sessler: From there I went to Syracuse University studied engineering and then also my MBA read after school. I went from there down to New York City and work for construction management from there outside of the family business for a few years.



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LaVerne Sessler: And then just recently and



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LaVerne Sessler: Came back in joining the family business here in upstate New York. So, so right now in part of the third generation.



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LaVerne Sessler: There is myself, my brother and a couple of my cousins and the businesses kind of right now, mix between generation to generation three working through some transition details and helping the business to grow and continue being successful.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Great appreciate you joining us today.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Chris



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Journey so presently. I am a coach, along with you, Michael. And the gravitas impact community.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Prior to that, I



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Did a lot of strategic planning work and consulting work I have, I have also worked inside of a family owned business. It was a fairly large and



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: independently owned travel company travel agency. It was affiliated with American Express, it actually is my wife's family's business and I worked in that for a number of years.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Also started a an HR outsourcing company and before all of that I was a lawyer, I practiced business law for a couple of large law firms in Chicago in Kansas City before moving to New Mexico, which is where I live now.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And about five or six years ago I had the



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: privilege of meeting Dr. Gary Sanchez, and in the context of the work that I do with my clients, including many family owned businesses.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, understanding why they do what they do or what the core purpose of the enterprise is is sort of an essential not sort of it is an essential component of



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: My being able to coach them effectively and help them accomplish what they want and the methodology that I was using at the time had a chance to describe it to Gary and



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Gary, you know, introduced me to the methodology that he has developed with the Y Institute. Now, in terms of helping people discover their why and it was



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Was and is a far more effective method for helping business owners, understand their why and connecting that to the company's core purpose. So that's been my journey I've been working with this.



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Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Gary's why discovery process and applying it with my clients for several years and it's been transformative.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Dr. Gary Sanchez, welcome. Tell us about your journey.



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Gary Sanchez: Thank you, Michael. So I joined my family. So I'm a dentist as well. And my father was a dentist.



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Gary Sanchez: And so I joined him in 1988 and the advice that I was given at that time was if you just do a great job, you know, build a great product. And people will come



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Gary Sanchez: And so I did that I spent 20 years going to the best institutes fine finding the best mentors building a beautiful facility hiring a wonderful team and training them and and



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Gary Sanchez: Getting all the latest technology. So I did build a great product, and I took it to a very, very high level, but I can tell you that just having a great product is not enough.



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Gary Sanchez: Right People become used to that. And that's the way things are done done and I became very disillusioned.



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Gary Sanchez: I, I found that my practice was stagnating, it was getting smaller and smaller as more and more refined



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Gary Sanchez: But it wasn't growing people weren't talking about the great job. We did. And so I knew that I needed to find a better way. And that's when I heard about this concept of why



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Gary Sanchez: When you know your why what you do as more impact this why, how, what thing that Simon cynics developed and I was like, man, that is the missing piece. That's what I don't have. I know what I do.



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Gary Sanchez: And I do it well, but I don't know why I do what I do. So I became obsessed with discovering my why



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Gary Sanchez: I called Simon, he and I spent about eight months together trying to figure out my why I finally figured out my y which is to find a better way, and then share it.



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Gary Sanchez: And once I figured out my why my life made so much more sense to me.



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Gary Sanchez: Why I did what I did. I've got lots of patents and products inventions all better ways of doing things.



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Gary Sanchez: My life has always been about finding better ways. And so once I realized that I went back and figure out what Simon was trying to do and I made it better.



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Gary Sanchez: And so instead of taking eight months, I could help somebody discovered their why in about an hour.



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Gary Sanchez: And I started doing this with people all over the world and I started to keep track of all the whys that I discovered and I figured out there was only nine different wise. So once we figure that out. Then we were able to



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Gary Sanchez: Develop the algorithm and write the software that you took and Laverne took and we're all using now to help people discover their why and in just a few minutes versus



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Gary Sanchez: Many, many hours. And so it's become very helpful in communicating within our family when you know your why and I'll leave it at that. Because I know I'm sure you've got some questions already set up and let's see where we go



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Yeah, so I just want to share with people when I took the, the, the y



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Process. When I went through the discovery process. I'm a challenge. I will tell you that when I read what you wrote and what how the description was in there.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: It really impacted me in a really positive manner it described so many different areas of how I've lived my life because I'm always challenging than the norm. I was always going against the grain.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And and really trying, and for that reason of really wanted to help my clients because I didn't want to listen to what



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: You know, somebody said was the right way to do things, because oftentimes when you follow the herd, in my opinion.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: You end up just getting heard type results. And so, you know, I wanted to challenge the norm. And there was a couple of lines in there. One of them was, you know, people don't always understand you.



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Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And and that just, you know, made so much sense. I have a very small group of friends that got me and they know that, you know, if you're going to deal with Mike, then you know he's always going to challenge the status quo. There's always going to be



00:08:51.060 --> 00:08:52.260

Gary Sanchez: Something that he's looking for



00:08:52.530 --> 00:08:58.950

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: It's you know that's that's pushing the envelope and and i do that for the relationships but



00:08:59.370 --> 00:09:07.230

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: I just loved that. And so I'm really excited for you a little burn today. You know, you took you took the why.



00:09:07.680 --> 00:09:26.460

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: discovery process and Chris and Dr. Gary are going to walk you through some more about that. So I'm just going to turn it over to the two of you guys I'll interject every now and again. But why don't you you know let's let's start here and then we'll talk about why why it matters.



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Gary Sanchez: Chris. Would you like me to start with you.



00:09:29.280 --> 00:09:30.990

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Know, Gary, I think, I think you ought to



00:09:32.100 --> 00:09:32.670

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Dive in.



00:09:33.090 --> 00:09:39.510

Gary Sanchez: Okay so Laverne you you took the why discovering it came up with the why of trust. How did that feel to you.



00:09:41.550 --> 00:09:50.460

LaVerne Sessler: So I first thought I looked at it and you look at just the word trust. And you know what the definition of it as and everything else and



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LaVerne Sessler: It took me a little by surprise. I wasn't exactly sure what trust man as far as a why



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LaVerne Sessler: You know, at first when I first saw it, I was like, well, I don't do things, just so people can trust me and things like that. And then you started reading through



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LaVerne Sessler: A lot of the content you had there and, you know, diving deeper into what exactly does that mean in terms of your why and a lot of it did seem to resonate with me and



00:10:18.600 --> 00:10:23.730

LaVerne Sessler: Was pretty spot on. With a lot of the stuff that I was thinking it was interesting to read some of that.



00:10:24.120 --> 00:10:30.780

Gary Sanchez: So it's actually creating relationships based upon trust. So let me let me outline this for the audience.



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Gary Sanchez: The why of trust is actually creating relationships based upon trust to be the trusted source to be the one that others can count on.



00:10:40.260 --> 00:10:47.880

Gary Sanchez: If you can count on Laverne and he can count on you, the sky's the limit. There's nothing we can't do but Laverne. How do you feel if somebody breaks your trust.



00:10:49.470 --> 00:11:03.240

LaVerne Sessler: I'm I mean I think like everybody you know you feel betrayed or, you know, you kind of stop going to those people for the answers or different things and you know that a lot of times, results in doing things on your own to get to those answers.



00:11:04.590 --> 00:11:08.040

Gary Sanchez: Does it just kind of annoy you, or is it more a knife in the gut.



00:11:09.330 --> 00:11:11.910

LaVerne Sessler: Um, depending on what it is.



00:11:13.350 --> 00:11:16.470

LaVerne Sessler: You know, if it's something that you can't believe they did it or



00:11:17.670 --> 00:11:29.010

LaVerne Sessler: You know, you put yourself in their shoes and stuff. If it's something that you wouldn't do. It's kind of the knife and they go up. But, you know, smaller things if you can see that perspective, it makes sense sometimes



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Gary Sanchez: Do you think it would be valuable for the people that work with you to know that trust is such a big important part of who you are.



00:11:39.060 --> 00:11:56.820

LaVerne Sessler: Um, I think so. I think it would be valuable for everybody to understand what their Why is and have it kind of out there in the open. And that way, people know. So I don't know what the other. I guess the other seven wise are I know one of them's challenge. Now the mike decided



00:11:57.780 --> 00:11:58.590

Gary Sanchez: And better way



00:11:59.280 --> 00:12:01.620

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Yep, clarify.



00:12:02.280 --> 00:12:08.280

Gary Sanchez: And clarify. Yes, we've got clarify for Chris. So here's the important thing about the why of trust.



00:12:09.330 --> 00:12:20.970

Gary Sanchez: If you don't let people know how important that is to you. The odds are, they are going to break your trust they are going to do something that's going to let you down.



00:12:21.510 --> 00:12:30.330

Gary Sanchez: So I'm going to guess that you probably do get let down or people don't meet up to kind of what your standard of trust is because they don't know



00:12:31.140 --> 00:12:49.920

Gary Sanchez: And so, as their leader, if you don't let them know if you don't sit them down and say look to me, trust is a very big deal. I need to be able to trust you and you need to be able to trust me, if I say, you know, our meeting starts at eight, I want you to be here at 8805 is not okay.



00:12:50.910 --> 00:12:58.230

Gary Sanchez: And they'll understand your actions from the perspective of your. Why does that make sense.



00:12:58.800 --> 00:13:01.680

LaVerne Sessler: Yeah, yeah, that makes complete sense.



00:13:02.940 --> 00:13:19.350

LaVerne Sessler: Yeah, I think, you know, a lot of people take it for granted that everybody kind of knows what their Why is or everyone shares the same kind of values of things, but I'm sure everybody you know values trust, but it's ranked differently on different people's agenda so



00:13:20.250 --> 00:13:22.230

Gary Sanchez: That's exactly it. Chris, you



00:13:22.260 --> 00:13:31.140

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Did you want to add to that was gonna say. I mean, that's a great observation and a couple of times, liver, and I've heard you sort of refer to. Well, I suppose everybody you know



00:13:31.620 --> 00:13:46.620

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Is going to feel this way or that way and know that that's that's not that's not what happens. Which is why it's having this understanding of what your why is and having other people in the organization know one another's



00:13:47.250 --> 00:14:07.590

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know way of filtering information, seeing the world and wanting to act is so important because what ends up happening for almost all of us is we assume you know that's a dangerous word but we presume. Let's say that people view the world the same way we do.



00:14:09.060 --> 00:14:27.750

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And that's dangerous because quite often they don't. And in fact, generally they don't. That's one point, the other. I wanted to just make really quickly. Was that your why is is a fabulous one for inside of an organization and as a leader, there is a



00:14:29.310 --> 00:14:32.580

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Principle that Michael and I use in the work that we do.



00:14:33.000 --> 00:14:42.690

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: It's around Patrick lynsey on these five dysfunctions of a team. And actually if you flip it around. It's what are the five attributes that make up a great team including a business organization.



00:14:43.470 --> 00:14:55.830

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: A relationship with, you know, with your spouse, whatever. Anyway, it's built on these five attributes and the number one attribute that drive successful teams is trust.



00:14:56.880 --> 00:15:11.550

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: trust among the members of the team. It is the essential first step in building a great team just as knowing what your why is the is the essential first step in understanding yourself and and others. Anyway, I'll stop there.



00:15:12.120 --> 00:15:22.980

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: I love it. Can we, you know, what are some of the challenges that Laverne may face when he's, you know, has the the you know the the why of trust.



00:15:24.120 --> 00:15:34.260

Gary Sanchez: So Laverne recently I was having a beer with a buddy and his friend joined us and he says to me, Hey Gary. Have you told Matt about this why thing that you do.



00:15:34.710 --> 00:15:42.210

Gary Sanchez: And I said, Well, you know what, instead of, instead of me talking to about him about it. Let's have him discover is why, and then we'll have a conversation about it.



00:15:42.510 --> 00:15:47.430

Gary Sanchez: And so he sat and it is why and it came up as trust, just like yours. And so I said,



00:15:48.210 --> 00:15:57.360

Gary Sanchez: You know, Matt. Some of the challenges that you might face is that if people break your trust, it's gonna be hard for them to ever get it back. And so



00:15:57.630 --> 00:16:07.980

Gary Sanchez: He said, You know what, that just happened to me today. He said one turns out this guy's the commander of the Kirtland Air Force Base, and he said it just happened to me today. One of my



00:16:08.790 --> 00:16:15.210

Gary Sanchez: members of my group was in a car accident and he said it was just a fender bender. And that's all he told me



00:16:15.990 --> 00:16:23.010

Gary Sanchez: But then I get a call from the guys the the commander of the guy that he hit and he says, Hey, what are we going to do about these two



00:16:23.640 --> 00:16:27.750

Gary Sanchez: And I said, Well, what do you mean he. I mean, he said, What do you mean he goes, You didn't hear what happened.



00:16:28.470 --> 00:16:37.320

Gary Sanchez: And he's like, No, he said, Well, this was a road rage thing where you're a guy ran my guy off the road and into a fence, and he's like, well, that's not what I was told.



00:16:38.310 --> 00:16:50.160

Gary Sanchez: And so he said this guy didn't know that he could trust me didn't give me all the information made me look bad. And now I can never trust this guy again.



00:16:51.570 --> 00:17:01.980

Gary Sanchez: And so your challenge is going to be what we talked about earlier, letting people know how important trust and the relationship is to you.



00:17:02.340 --> 00:17:13.710

Gary Sanchez: Relationship with themselves relationship with you relationship with the clients, all of those things need to be addressed up front so that they don't break it.



00:17:14.400 --> 00:17:27.480

Gary Sanchez: And once they know it once you articulate that Laverne they can then raise their hand and say, Yeah, you know what Laverne I believe the same thing. I'm not going to break your trust. I'm not going to let you down. You can count on me.



00:17:28.530 --> 00:17:38.400

Gary Sanchez: And that's when you're going to have that team around you that just soars you guys are going to do amazing things like Chris said you have a wonderful why for a leader.



00:17:39.090 --> 00:17:46.110

Gary Sanchez: You couldn't really have much of a better one. So you're in a great spot there. What is your title. What is your current title there.



00:17:48.180 --> 00:18:07.920

LaVerne Sessler: So it's funny you ask. So right now there's generation to who's kind of the leaders of the company, we have you know a couple different companies underneath Sessler companies, I'm in different industries and rate now generation three who's myself, my brother and three of my cousins.



00:18:09.360 --> 00:18:16.860

LaVerne Sessler: Were kind of all intermixed within the company different leadership roles here in the field or out in the office.



00:18:19.170 --> 00:18:30.000

LaVerne Sessler: Don't necessarily have a title right now. I'm kind of doing whatever it takes. And whenever, wherever in the company needs me. And that's kind of where I'm fitting in right now so



00:18:30.870 --> 00:18:43.170

LaVerne Sessler: You know it's it's a mix of everything for the first half of the year I was out in the field on a job site. The last couple months here. I've been in the office, working on the financial side and some of the estimating and stuff like that but



00:18:44.250 --> 00:18:48.060

LaVerne Sessler: Really kind of. Wherever, wherever I'm needed in the company's where I've been lately.



00:18:49.200 --> 00:18:54.450

Gary Sanchez: So when you're in those different roles. How important are the relationships to you.



00:18:55.830 --> 00:19:04.710

LaVerne Sessler: So it's it's really important. And one of the things that you mentioned that that makes a lot of sensor kind of triggered. Something was



00:19:05.340 --> 00:19:14.730

LaVerne Sessler: How you when you're talking about your friend that you had a beer with and the fender bender, you know, he went and told other people that it's only a fender bender right so



00:19:15.870 --> 00:19:24.630

LaVerne Sessler: You're trusting people right if you get information from a colleague or somebody who worked for or who's underneath you, or anything else you're taking that information.



00:19:24.990 --> 00:19:32.250

LaVerne Sessler: And, you know, at its face value, trusting them that. That's right. And then you're moving that up the chain or going and talking to somebody else and you're



00:19:32.730 --> 00:19:39.960

LaVerne Sessler: Putting your whole reputation on the line. So, you know, one little thing if they might not value trust and they're like, oh, it's not a big deal.



00:19:40.380 --> 00:19:46.620

LaVerne Sessler: As the details or anything like that. And then, you know, I turned around and convey that same message to somebody



00:19:47.100 --> 00:19:51.150

LaVerne Sessler: Where I value the trust a little bit more, you know, then I find that out. It's



00:19:51.570 --> 00:20:00.090

LaVerne Sessler: You know, it's not necessarily the impact that we, he wasn't completely trustworthy with me or like fin de little or something like that.



00:20:00.450 --> 00:20:08.700

LaVerne Sessler: You know that's not a big deal, but it's the fact that I took that information and now my reputation is kind of on the line with other people that that's been passed on to



00:20:09.840 --> 00:20:10.380

Gary Sanchez: Yes.



00:20:11.280 --> 00:20:26.340

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Just going to jump in real quick. You know, it reminds me of a story about Alan Mulally and when he took over as CEO of Ford that the the leadership team would keep coming to him and he would ask. How's everything



00:20:26.340 --> 00:20:34.920

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Going, What's going on for you guys. Where are you at, and every kept everybody kept saying green lights. Everything's good. We're on track.



00:20:35.280 --> 00:20:45.000

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And then, month after month quarter after quarter. They kept missing their numbers. And finally, you know, Ellen, you know, has a heart to heart with them to say hey guys, you know,



00:20:45.840 --> 00:20:52.860

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: What's going on here. We can't come in every week, every month and be in every quarter being, you know, everything's green light.



00:20:53.190 --> 00:21:03.960

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And then you get to the end of the quarter and say, Oh, I missed my number. If they don't, compute. He goes, do you not trust me enough to know that I can handle the truth.



00:21:04.290 --> 00:21:12.060

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: I want the truth. And I want you to be able to have that relationship with me. Can you explain to me why this isn't happening.



00:21:12.330 --> 00:21:21.330

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And what they said was the last CEO every time they came in, if they had a yellow light or or a red light even worse things were going the right way. They get yelled at.



00:21:21.570 --> 00:21:31.950

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And so to avoid being yelled at. They would just always say we're going to green light everything. So that's a really, you know, knowing this for you, lover and having those conversations with people to say,



00:21:32.310 --> 00:21:39.510

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: You know, I need you to know that you can trust me, even if we fail. That's really important.



00:21:40.260 --> 00:21:50.820

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Not right you know well i one other thing that I see in the value behind this a couple of points. The and it's true of every team, but boy.



00:21:51.390 --> 00:22:01.530

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: In a family owned business. Holy smokes. Is this, is this important, because you know you have that history of knowing one another or knowing when



00:22:02.040 --> 00:22:10.470

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know your your brothers said something at the Christmas party at your house that pissed everybody off, you know, I mean, you kind of remember all of that stuff. Right.



00:22:10.890 --> 00:22:18.240

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: So you have a history and it's very easy to fall into this notion of presuming that you know the motivation.



00:22:18.870 --> 00:22:33.330

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: behind why somebody may be behaving a certain way or saying certain things or whatever. And what I found with the this why discovery when, particularly when you do the why the how and the what, which are all three components of



00:22:34.380 --> 00:22:44.190

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: What we're calling the why iOS. The why operating system. When you know all of those three components. What it really is saying is these are the things that are important to me.



00:22:45.330 --> 00:22:45.780

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And



00:22:46.920 --> 00:22:53.520

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: If they're not good or bad, right or wrong. There's nothing better than any other right but these are the things that are important me so



00:22:54.150 --> 00:23:01.320

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: For you and your family, knowing and employees who work with you, knowing that trust is something you value highly



00:23:01.950 --> 00:23:12.000

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Right. Well, if you're going to get anything done in this world. It's by and through people. And so you want to be, you know, engineers like to be efficient with



00:23:12.660 --> 00:23:25.020

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Things and with people and the challenge for a lot of those kinds of folks is, you know, you really need to focus on being effective and to be effective, you need to understand what's important to the other person.



00:23:26.040 --> 00:23:35.370

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: In addition to knowing what's important to you, so you can communicate what's important to you. And when you have those kinds of things going on, and then you create a healthy environment in which



00:23:35.910 --> 00:23:41.910

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: The people involved in the organization are there to support one another, bring out the best in one another.



00:23:43.020 --> 00:23:54.720

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: This is a great way to gain insight into the things that matter to everybody else in the organization and by putting a label on it. Gary will probably talk a little bit more about the limbic brain and stuff and



00:23:55.200 --> 00:23:59.100

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, these names that we give things where there's challenge or clarify or trust.



00:24:00.240 --> 00:24:02.550

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: They are verbal articulation of



00:24:03.720 --> 00:24:10.980

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: A feeling and and that's very hard to put into words. And we've done our best to give them succinct kind of definitions.



00:24:11.700 --> 00:24:17.490

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But what's important here is that, you know, when you know this about yourself when you know this about another person.



00:24:17.820 --> 00:24:25.710

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Right, you can be far more effective and it's, you know, not just that, you know, my brother's a jerk. He's always been a jerk. Well,



00:24:26.190 --> 00:24:37.560

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Know Your brother values challenging the status quo. It's not personal. What he brings to the world. His great gift to the world is to view situations very differently.



00:24:38.130 --> 00:24:53.160

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And he's not trying to be a pain to you personally, but he just feels that he's contributing something when he offers up a different perspective on it. So I think in family businesses and understanding this is really, really important.



00:24:55.200 --> 00:25:03.630

Gary Sanchez: Laverne. Have you ever felt like you put somebody in the wrong place, you ask somebody to do something that turned out they weren't the right one to do that.



00:25:07.590 --> 00:25:08.790

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, so



00:25:09.840 --> 00:25:23.820

Gary Sanchez: As you grow and larger and larger and become more and more of a leader there you're going to find, you know, you're going to have to pick people for certain positions or jobs right and and how do you do that.



00:25:25.020 --> 00:25:25.560

Gary Sanchez: That's, yeah.



00:25:26.910 --> 00:25:39.900

LaVerne Sessler: So there's definitely challenges with that. I mean, all the way from, you know, the leadership of the company down to the field laborers, or anybody else. You know, it is the in the company of where they fit in best and



00:25:40.590 --> 00:25:45.030

LaVerne Sessler: You know, what are their motives and stuff. And where can they excel within the company.



00:25:46.200 --> 00:25:56.760

LaVerne Sessler: There's been a lot of scenarios where we, you know, put somebody in a certain position and 10 months later, a year later, you're talking to that person, and you wonder how they ended up doing what they're doing.



00:25:57.090 --> 00:26:00.750

LaVerne Sessler: And that's where they belong. And, you know, eventually they get to the right spot.



00:26:02.010 --> 00:26:11.400

LaVerne Sessler: But it's tough right off the bat. And, you know, a lot of times new hires and people you bring on, you don't know right away you know where they fit in.



00:26:12.330 --> 00:26:24.180

LaVerne Sessler: Fortunately, if you have people you know in companies that you've relationships within can talk to people that know them. You can help get to the end goal quicker of putting them in the right place.



00:26:25.290 --> 00:26:38.220

LaVerne Sessler: Yeah. A lot of it's just, you know, trial and error and trying to figure out where they fit in. And more often than not, I think, you know, you talk to anybody. They eventually get to that spot where they're excelling the most



00:26:39.450 --> 00:26:46.680

LaVerne Sessler: And, you know, eventually it gets there, but it's just a matter of how long it takes. And, you know, there's a bunch of factors that go into that. So,



00:26:47.190 --> 00:26:50.130

Gary Sanchez: Well eventually can be a long and expensive road right



00:26:50.940 --> 00:26:52.410

Gary Sanchez: Right, yeah.



00:26:52.440 --> 00:27:08.730

LaVerne Sessler: Right, even, you know, even, like I said, I'm not sure exactly what my position as right now. You know, I think G three who's you know that third generation of the company for the majority of us, I think that would be the answer you get from almost anyone



00:27:09.780 --> 00:27:17.580

LaVerne Sessler: And it's kind of, you know, you come into the company doing you know where you can contribute the most and stuff to the success of the company and



00:27:18.630 --> 00:27:21.630

LaVerne Sessler: Like you said, eventually is a long road but



00:27:22.830 --> 00:27:28.320

LaVerne Sessler: You know, there's, I think everybody's going to find where they fit into the company's the best in in



00:27:28.620 --> 00:27:40.530

LaVerne Sessler: 10 years or five years, they're going to look back and say, you know, this is the right spot of where everybody fits in, and it's working well and we're not really sure how we got here, but it's you know it's all ended up and working well.



00:27:41.400 --> 00:27:45.960

Gary Sanchez: You. Yeah. Hope. Yeah, that's exactly you gotta, you gotta go smoke some hope IAM.



00:27:46.740 --> 00:28:00.570

Gary Sanchez: Well, you know, I'm so if I would have put you if I were to hire you for my company and I put you in a position where you get to develop relationships with people.



00:28:01.110 --> 00:28:11.520

Gary Sanchez: You get to be the trusted source, you get to be the one that people go to when they need answers for things you get to develop all of these relationships. Would you enjoy that.



00:28:12.780 --> 00:28:19.380

LaVerne Sessler: Um, I would. I would. And something I was just thinking about that triggered, something else is



00:28:20.550 --> 00:28:39.720

LaVerne Sessler: I did an internship back several quite a few years ago and I was kind of on that outside right where I was coming up with the data and everything else and presenting it and it was for a larger company and I was presenting it to as a not a senior executive, but like



00:28:40.920 --> 00:28:49.950

LaVerne Sessler: Basically, like two levels down from that and he basically took all of my information without questioning it turned it around and presented it to like the executives of the company and



00:28:50.400 --> 00:28:55.440

LaVerne Sessler: You know, for me, I'm sitting in my chair shaking, hoping that it's right and everything else but



00:28:56.340 --> 00:29:04.860

LaVerne Sessler: You know, from that one action and that one meeting from there on out, you know, he put that level of trust in me that he trusts whatever I'm doing



00:29:05.190 --> 00:29:13.650

LaVerne Sessler: And I made sure that for the rest of the entire time there that anything that I was giving him and stuff was a to z check through and everything else. So



00:29:14.670 --> 00:29:23.700

LaVerne Sessler: It's interesting, just one action from the leadership level down to that, you know, just showing that you openly trust you know where you're getting the information and the people beneath you.



00:29:24.570 --> 00:29:30.810

LaVerne Sessler: Kind of works the opposite way in the fact that you're going to get better information and that level of trust from those people as well.



00:29:31.500 --> 00:29:39.000

Gary Sanchez: And see, that's how you see the world. And that's what's important to you. Now if you know the why.



00:29:39.510 --> 00:29:48.810

Gary Sanchez: How and what have all of your family members all of your team members everybody in your organization. It will be so much easier for you.



00:29:49.110 --> 00:29:58.290

Gary Sanchez: To a create that trusting relationship with them. Be put them in a place where they will have passion for what they do, they'll love what they're doing.



00:29:58.620 --> 00:30:06.960

Gary Sanchez: Just like I asked you if I put you in a place where you get to live your why of creating trusting relationships. Will you like that, you're like yeah so I would love that.



00:30:07.740 --> 00:30:10.530

Gary Sanchez: Where I can be the trusted source. That's what I want to do.



00:30:11.250 --> 00:30:15.060

Gary Sanchez: Well, if I put you in that spot. I know you're gonna you're going to excel there.



00:30:15.330 --> 00:30:25.470

Gary Sanchez: Now you can now go do the same thing with everybody else in your organization, put the right people in the right place where they're passionate about what they're doing. And that's how you create an inspired organization.



00:30:25.710 --> 00:30:32.400

Gary Sanchez: And inspire team where everybody loves coming to work and they love what they're doing. Otherwise, you got to rely on hope, right, you're going to



00:30:32.970 --> 00:30:45.540

Gary Sanchez: Put them in a position and sneak into your office, real quick, and put your hands together like this and then you're going to start to pray like oh my god please. Did I put them in the right spot and then you'll know eight months later, you know,



00:30:45.960 --> 00:30:47.730

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: I was thinking about that example in



00:30:47.940 --> 00:30:56.580

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: The converse could equally have occurred in that situation right let's say that the boss that you went to was either Michael



00:30:57.780 --> 00:30:58.440

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Or Gary



00:30:59.640 --> 00:31:13.020

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: AND YOU PRESENTED YOUR INFORMATION TO Michael who's big into challenging presumptions and assumptions and the way that you put your data together. And he starts firing off stuff for you like



00:31:13.500 --> 00:31:18.090

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: What is this, why did you, how about this. Have you thought of it this way or whatever or Gary



00:31:18.480 --> 00:31:26.550

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know better way people have a similar. Well, you know, if you took this data and you presented it this way instead of the way you presented it to me, you know, on



00:31:27.180 --> 00:31:32.400

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You'd probably walk out of there with your tail between your legs thinking, you know, and you as a trust person.



00:31:33.060 --> 00:31:41.400

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: May feel as if you know you were just kind of shot down and that may put your guard up relative to Gary or Michael



00:31:41.850 --> 00:31:52.200

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And and the relationship is now off, you know, on a on a negative trajectory. That's probably going to take a lot of, you know, working out over the overtime, whereas



00:31:52.950 --> 00:32:02.820

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: If you know this stuff up front about one another and, you know, walking into Michael's office, the chances are very good that whatever you give him.



00:32:03.450 --> 00:32:10.620

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: He's going to be looking at it from a different perspective and challenging your assumptions not rest of it. It's just who he is.



00:32:11.220 --> 00:32:28.860

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Right. It isn't about the relationship is flawed. It's about this is the way, Michael, you know, feels like he's adding value to the world. And same with Gary So I mean, knowing this stuff about one another, we just, we were just repeating the same message. It's just so helpful.



00:32:30.000 --> 00:32:36.690

Gary Sanchez: Chris, can I, you've done this with lots of different companies. Can you just look at somebody and know what their Why is



00:32:40.050 --> 00:32:42.570

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: 99 i mean i can think that I do.



00:32:43.620 --> 00:33:05.460

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But I don't go by that anymore. No way. We could, because again you fall into the presumption thing and and 99 times out of 100 that's incorrect. So when you get this you know validated in, you know, five minutes, quite frankly, is all less than that really is all this app takes



00:33:06.840 --> 00:33:21.870

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Now I'm in a much better position to understand how to communicate with the person, not in a manipulative manner, but more in a, in a way of being able to establish rapport with the person. So it's really helpful.



00:33:22.560 --> 00:33:26.760

Gary Sanchez: Well, one of the things that have friends and family businesses is



00:33:27.300 --> 00:33:35.910

Gary Sanchez: Is it can be really easy to misinterpret things well in any business in any business right somebody does something and you attach meaning to it and you don't know what that and so



00:33:36.180 --> 00:33:47.670

Gary Sanchez: Typically you attach a negative meaning to it and now you're ticked off about something and that isn't even what actually happened or the way that they, you know what, that's not they're thinking about what happened.



00:33:48.150 --> 00:33:56.010

Gary Sanchez: But when you know somebody why Laverne you can see what they're doing, from the perspective of how they think.



00:33:56.610 --> 00:34:02.040

Gary Sanchez: And you'll understand it at a completely different level, it'll make sense to you. Oh, okay, I get



00:34:02.430 --> 00:34:10.020

Gary Sanchez: I get what Michaels doing he's challenging the status quo. He's wanting us to think differently. He's wanting us to think bigger



00:34:10.350 --> 00:34:18.570

Gary Sanchez: Whereas other people may think of Michael is why is he being a pain in the whatever again. Well, you know, why won't he just accept any of this.



00:34:19.320 --> 00:34:25.860

Gary Sanchez: He won't. That's just how he is right. He's going to challenge it. And so you'll see



00:34:26.370 --> 00:34:36.000

Gary Sanchez: What he does from the perspective of why he does it, and you will understand it and you will value it because when you need to think outside the box.



00:34:36.510 --> 00:34:42.420

Gary Sanchez: When you, when things aren't working, and you've been trying the same thing. You can go to Michael and say, Hey, Michael, what do you think about this.



00:34:43.680 --> 00:34:47.850

Gary Sanchez: And he'll get you outside of that box. You've put yourself in. Is that making sense.



00:34:48.150 --> 00:34:54.600

LaVerne Sessler: It does. And the more you talk about that, the more I now realize Michaels, the challenge.



00:34:54.960 --> 00:34:55.560




00:34:57.090 --> 00:34:58.770

Gary Sanchez: And you can smile about it now.



00:34:58.890 --> 00:35:00.750

Gary Sanchez: And you go about it like you are



00:35:00.990 --> 00:35:09.930

Gary Sanchez: Versus kind of underneath your breath kind of snicker about man that guy's a pain in the butt, man. He just always is causing this. Well, that's what he does.



00:35:10.380 --> 00:35:11.880

Gary Sanchez: That's why you hired him.



00:35:12.420 --> 00:35:15.060

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: What does he need that be hag isn't big enough.



00:35:17.430 --> 00:35:18.570

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: This is great to turn



00:35:18.660 --> 00:35:21.840

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: To turn Michaels show like against him.



00:35:22.080 --> 00:35:22.560




00:35:23.850 --> 00:35:25.170

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: This is actually helping



00:35:25.170 --> 00:35:38.070

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Because you know when when people understand that, you know, as a coach, I'm the challenge guy I'm coming in with exactly that reason to say, Why are you taking that is okay.



00:35:38.430 --> 00:35:50.520

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: THAT'S WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU KNOW, THERE'S THERE'S ALWAYS, YOU KNOW, I DON'T WANT TO SAY better way because that's a whole nother thing but it's to challenge them and it is challenged them to be a better way to to to get to the next level.



00:35:50.970 --> 00:35:52.650

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And then a great thing for you.



00:35:52.740 --> 00:36:03.810

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: The great thing for you, Michael is, you know, as you're talking with prospective customers right protective perspective CEOs, you can say to them very clearly. Look, this is who you get when you get me.



00:36:04.260 --> 00:36:13.680

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And if you're not up for somebody challenging your thinking and questioning the way you're doing things and pushing you in new directions. Right. I'm not your guy.



00:36:14.070 --> 00:36:25.650

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Yeah, and it's okay it's perfectly okay and I just want to point you know so liver and the, you know, putting the right people in the right seats is what Gary was talking about before. I mean, we all know that.



00:36:27.000 --> 00:36:37.290

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: The skill set that everyone brings to their particular function in a company and their experience etc is all really important



00:36:38.070 --> 00:37:00.480

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But we also know that that isn't the whole package, right, you get the the entire emotional side. You get what you get with Chris Kenny are the the filters through which I view my work. My position in the company my value to the company, etc. And, and if you don't understand that as a leader.



00:37:01.650 --> 00:37:10.770

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: It's far more difficult for you to put the right people in the right seats right with the right skill sets, obviously, right.



00:37:12.420 --> 00:37:21.870

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But putting them in places where they will thrive and they'll thrive, not just because they have the skill set to do the work.



00:37:22.770 --> 00:37:33.930

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But because the nature of the job at your particular company calls on them to express the best of themselves and their personal life formula or their Y. O. S.



00:37:34.890 --> 00:37:43.260

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Fits that job function in your company absolutely perfectly whereas you know it may be a complete dysfunction.



00:37:43.740 --> 00:37:50.010

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Even though the same skill set can be applied in a different role in your company or in a different company all together. Right.



00:37:50.370 --> 00:37:57.330

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: The fact that what you're looking for them to do draws upon their why how and what because you know it.



00:37:58.080 --> 00:38:11.550

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And you put them in that role. Oh man, watch them take off it. I've seen it time and time and time again. It's really powerful for as a leader to be able to have a method for putting the right people in the right seats.



00:38:12.870 --> 00:38:28.740

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Love it when I want it. Let's change gears a little bit and can you know I don't know I don't want to run out of time. I want to get it, dig into the, the, the iOS, you know the the OS formula and talk about his house and his. What do you want to dive into that a little bit, Gary.



00:38:30.810 --> 00:38:31.350

Gary Sanchez: Well,



00:38:32.730 --> 00:38:39.780

Gary Sanchez: We could. It's just we he doesn't know the nine wise yet. That would be the challenge. So I can I can I can



00:38:41.220 --> 00:38:52.230

Gary Sanchez: Let me quickly go through the nine wise with you learn. And as I'm telling you the nine wise, I want you to be thinking about you'll probably say, well, you actually I'm part of all those



00:38:52.890 --> 00:39:01.470

Gary Sanchez: Are all of those are in me and that's true. But what I want you to be thinking about is, which one of them is how you create trust with people.



00:39:02.400 --> 00:39:17.160

Gary Sanchez: And lastly, what it is. People can ultimately count on from you. So let me give you an example of my Why is to find a better way how I do that is by making things clear and understandable and then ultimately what I bring is a simple solution.



00:39:17.790 --> 00:39:24.690

Gary Sanchez: So one of the nine wise is my why one of the nine wise is my how and one of the nine wise is my what



00:39:25.320 --> 00:39:34.200

Gary Sanchez: So my wife has better way. My house is clarify and my what is simplify. So let me quickly go through the nine wise with you. And let's see what we can come up with here.



00:39:35.010 --> 00:39:38.550

Gary Sanchez: It easier if we'd had a little more time to do that. But, well, let's see what we can do.



00:39:39.270 --> 00:39:49.800

Gary Sanchez: So the first. Why is contribute to contribute to a greater cause add value, have an impact in the lives of others. These are people that want to help.



00:39:50.370 --> 00:39:55.650

Gary Sanchez: They don't have to be the thing. Well, here we go. They're coming up on the screen. So the first one is contribute



00:39:56.100 --> 00:40:01.320

Gary Sanchez: Okay. They don't have to be the thing, but they want to be part of it. They want to make a difference in the lives of other people.



00:40:01.620 --> 00:40:05.820

Gary Sanchez: The second why which is your y is to create relationships based upon trust.



00:40:06.120 --> 00:40:13.320

Gary Sanchez: To be the trusted source to be the ones that others can count on right if you can count on them and they can count on you, the sky's the limit.



00:40:13.620 --> 00:40:21.510

Gary Sanchez: But if you break their trust. That's a really big deal. The third way is to make sense out of things, especially if complex or complicated



00:40:21.840 --> 00:40:28.500

Gary Sanchez: These are people that you can pretty much dump all your stuff on to them and they'll quickly synthesize the problems down to



00:40:29.070 --> 00:40:36.120

Gary Sanchez: What what's actually going on so that you can understand it and move through it. So they help you move forward by helping you solve your problems.



00:40:36.540 --> 00:40:47.190

Gary Sanchez: The fourth. Why is to find a better way. And share it. These are people that are good at innovating taking something that's already there and finding better ways to do it improve upon it.



00:40:47.520 --> 00:40:50.790

Gary Sanchez: They are always asking the question, how can we make it better.



00:40:51.180 --> 00:41:05.100

Gary Sanchez: The fifth. Why is to do things the right way in order to get results. These are structure process systems people they want to get predictable, consistent results. So they follow things that work.



00:41:05.790 --> 00:41:09.900

Gary Sanchez: The sixth. Why is to think differently and challenge the status quo.



00:41:10.440 --> 00:41:20.700

Gary Sanchez: This is Michael's why these are people that think outside the box. They do things their own way, who says we have to do it that way, who says we have to follow the recipe. Let's do it our own way.



00:41:21.150 --> 00:41:30.840

Gary Sanchez: Right. This was Steve Jobs. Why are Keller her Richard Branson. They all thought, think big think differently. The seventh. Why is to seek mastery and understanding



00:41:31.140 --> 00:41:38.550

Gary Sanchez: These are people that like depth and breadth and details they take the simple and make it complex by diving deep into it.



00:41:38.790 --> 00:41:46.440

Gary Sanchez: So for you and I. It's maybe three steps to cook a scrambled egg for them it's 28 steps because they know something about every single step.



00:41:46.890 --> 00:41:50.310

Gary Sanchez: The eighth. Why is clarify or create clarity. These are people that



00:41:51.180 --> 00:42:01.560

Gary Sanchez: Want to make sure that things are crystal clear they are fully heard and fully understand and they fully understand what you're saying there, the person that kind of sits up on the fence and waits to get



00:42:01.950 --> 00:42:06.720

Gary Sanchez: clear on what direction to go. But once they're clear then they're ready to take off.



00:42:07.140 --> 00:42:20.490

Gary Sanchez: And then the last. Why is simplify to simplify or make understandable. These are people that take the complex and break it down to its simplest form, because when it's simple. It's easy to understand and everybody can use it.



00:42:20.820 --> 00:42:24.570

Gary Sanchez: Don't give them the fluff don't beat around the bush. Just tell me, like it is.



00:42:25.920 --> 00:42:41.190

Gary Sanchez: So those are the nine wise, so you're wise is to create relationships based upon trust now of the remaining seven wise, which of those fields to you learn how you go about creating trusting relationships.



00:42:43.380 --> 00:42:51.180

LaVerne Sessler: I would say probably number three, to make sense out of things, especially if complex or complicated. You know that



00:42:52.140 --> 00:43:01.470

LaVerne Sessler: I see myself doing that a lot is trying to, you know, diving deep into things, not necessarily to overcomplicate or, you know, like you were saying with number seven to make



00:43:02.010 --> 00:43:16.260

LaVerne Sessler: Making a scrambled egg in the 28 steps, but rather to, you know, dive into it and really understand it to make sense out of it and kind of bring it back to something that I can use. I just to make those relationships. Yep.



00:43:16.980 --> 00:43:31.800

Gary Sanchez: Okay, so if your why is to create relationships based upon trust and how you do that is to make sense of the complex and challenging of the remaining seven which of those is what you ultimately bring or what we can count on from you.



00:43:35.040 --> 00:43:41.040

LaVerne Sessler: Um, I would say probably number for finding a better way. So,



00:43:41.550 --> 00:43:57.690

LaVerne Sessler: You know, all of it together. You know, you're diving into things really to try and make sense out of it and you know presented and build those relationships, but then goal is to really find a better way, or more efficient or just an overall or successful way to do things.



00:43:58.170 --> 00:44:11.040

Gary Sanchez: So is it do you feel more successful when you're able to find a better way, or when you're able to find the right way. Is it more important that things are better or more things that things are more important that things are predictable and consistent



00:44:15.120 --> 00:44:16.050

LaVerne Sessler: Can they be both.



00:44:18.600 --> 00:44:34.710

LaVerne Sessler: So I, I think finding a better way. As long as you know it's not the wrong way. And I'm not exactly sure you know the interpretation of the right way, right, because everything you want to do you want it, you know, done properly or done right.



00:44:35.970 --> 00:44:49.470

LaVerne Sessler: But there's always you know that room. Is there a better right way to do things, you know, are we doing things and efficiently or can we find a better way to do it. It's not necessarily saying the old way was wrong. It's just



00:44:51.390 --> 00:44:52.230

LaVerne Sessler: Not the best way



00:44:52.620 --> 00:44:59.220

Gary Sanchez: So is. Are you somebody that likes to follow structure processes and systems do you create those types of things.



00:45:00.450 --> 00:45:01.830

LaVerne Sessler: I would say yes. Yeah.



00:45:02.490 --> 00:45:04.800

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, because usually



00:45:06.000 --> 00:45:16.410

Gary Sanchez: If you're, if why you're doing it is to create trust. Then what you bring is probably something consistent and predictable so that people can trust you.



00:45:17.550 --> 00:45:20.310

Gary Sanchez: And better way, people tend to change things all the time.



00:45:21.870 --> 00:45:24.210

Gary Sanchez: Are you constantly changing things or you



00:45:24.330 --> 00:45:26.100

Gary Sanchez: Know for something that's more predictable.



00:45:27.510 --> 00:45:34.350

LaVerne Sessler: Now that we go more into it. I would say probably the way you're going is to do things the right way or more predictable.



00:45:34.620 --> 00:45:41.490

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, that's what I so so if we were to look now at your why and your how and your what tell me how this feels to you.



00:45:41.820 --> 00:46:00.240

Gary Sanchez: So my Why is to create relationships based on trust to be the trusted source. Now, how I do that is by making sense of the complex and challenging things that we face and ultimately what I bring is the right way to move forward and get predictable results.



00:46:01.980 --> 00:46:02.910

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, I



00:46:03.870 --> 00:46:05.070

LaVerne Sessler: That sounds pretty good.



00:46:06.720 --> 00:46:11.370

LaVerne Sessler: I mean, Mike knows me too. I don't know if he has any comments on as well but



00:46:12.060 --> 00:46:19.320

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Now that sounds is spot on to how you do things we've in it. What's really unique is



00:46:19.710 --> 00:46:35.880

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Laverne is the you know the the one that has been with the company, the least amount of time. So we've spent, you know, we've spent some time together but just in that you know that sequence, you can see that come right out every single time with what you're doing.



00:46:36.810 --> 00:46:41.700

Gary Sanchez: So Laverne if I had you on my team.



00:46:42.960 --> 00:46:50.430

Gary Sanchez: I would now understand your thinking. And I would understand your decision making process so



00:46:51.240 --> 00:47:02.520

Gary Sanchez: Your why how and what are also your decision making process. So for you, it's if I had an idea that I wanted to present to you if I came and showed it to you, but it doesn't really



00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:12.210

Gary Sanchez: Create better relationships with people. It's not really that logical and it's not going to get us predictable results. How do you think you'd feel about that idea.



00:47:13.590 --> 00:47:14.070

LaVerne Sessler: Um,



00:47:15.810 --> 00:47:24.900

LaVerne Sessler: I wouldn't be okay with it. I probably wouldn't be, you know, all for it. I think, you know, I'd rather do it kind of following that the what and the how.



00:47:25.770 --> 00:47:29.910

Gary Sanchez: Would you be okay if it didn't create a predictable results or trust.



00:47:31.320 --> 00:47:31.800

LaVerne Sessler: Um,



00:47:33.420 --> 00:47:37.740

LaVerne Sessler: I wouldn't be against the necessarily. I wouldn't be all for it, though.



00:47:38.520 --> 00:47:52.710

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, so if I said hey lover and let me show you how this is going to create better relationships with our clients. Let me show you how this makes sense. And let me show you how this is going to get us predictable, consistent results. Now, how do you feel about it.



00:47:54.330 --> 00:47:58.410

LaVerne Sessler: Much better. You probably could convince me a pretty much doing whatever



00:47:59.040 --> 00:48:02.190

Gary Sanchez: Yeah, that's your decision making process he



00:48:02.280 --> 00:48:02.520

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Know,



00:48:03.240 --> 00:48:06.210

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: What's great about this is that, oh sorry, Gary.



00:48:06.330 --> 00:48:18.510

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: No regret, well you know in in the work that we do. Mike. When I in coaching and I'm sure you've seen Laverne is this whole notion of disagreeing, and committing right as a leadership team.



00:48:19.080 --> 00:48:25.170

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, you come into the room you you each view things big decisions for the business.



00:48:25.740 --> 00:48:36.660

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Through these filters, right, this y o s filter is your is going to be your primary way that you're evaluating things. And a lot of it you know it's unconscious unconscious, up until today.



00:48:37.290 --> 00:48:47.250

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Up until now, now you know that as as decisions are being kicked around the, the leadership team. These are the filters, you're applying to the issue at hand.



00:48:47.970 --> 00:49:01.350

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And when we as coaches invite the leadership team to disagree. What we're really asking them to do is take a look at the issue, you know, in effect, apply this why iOS to it and



00:49:02.070 --> 00:49:14.550

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, say your piece, right. Get it out on the table. Let's talk about it. But finally, when we ask you as a leadership team to speak with one voice to the rest of your organization when we've decided



00:49:15.630 --> 00:49:25.260

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: That this is the way we're going to go right you as a leadership team need to speak with one voice, but what Gary's talking about here is, you know, this is the process that is



00:49:25.800 --> 00:49:31.320

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Going to be going through as you're evaluating and debating with your fellow members of the team.



00:49:31.800 --> 00:49:44.070

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And as a leader in the company, your ability to know this about the other people on the team and their ability to know this about you is really good because if you are being asked to commit to something



00:49:44.910 --> 00:49:54.090

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Somebody who is in a leadership role on on your leadership team if they were smart, they would be putting this decision in the context of



00:49:54.570 --> 00:50:01.710

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: How is what we're about to do when they're talking to you Laverne. How is what we're about to do. How's it going to create relationships based on trust.



00:50:02.670 --> 00:50:09.660

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: How does it help us make sense of our world and our clients world in a better way. And then how is this the right way to move ahead.



00:50:10.170 --> 00:50:20.100

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Because if they can speak to you in that language, you're going to be much more prone, it seems to me to understanding the issue and being able to actually commit to it.



00:50:20.790 --> 00:50:40.050

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Coming out of that leadership team meeting. And so, you know, that, that again is sort of the power of of having this knowledge not in him. Again, not in a manipulative way, but how do I speak to Laverne so that Laverne really sees this issue through his three primary filters.



00:50:42.030 --> 00:50:42.300

LaVerne Sessler: It.



00:50:45.240 --> 00:50:55.920

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: I think it goes hand in hand with once you start to do these things with every member of your leadership team and your family, then it really starts to to help you to understand



00:50:56.310 --> 00:51:02.220

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: You know, you know that your uncle is going to want to hear it differently than your father is going to want to hear it, then your brother's gonna want to hear it.



00:51:02.550 --> 00:51:07.530

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And and if you can filter those pieces through and help people to



00:51:07.770 --> 00:51:14.910

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: To get there, we can get on the same page faster. That's one of the things. Think about through the, the last 18 months of working there.



00:51:15.120 --> 00:51:29.790

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: A lot of times there's lots of ideas and lots of discussion, but making that commitment to say, let's move forward all together isn't always easy. And that's one of the things that we've been been working on, you know, in putting those together, everybody gets a voice. Now let's move forward.



00:51:30.810 --> 00:51:33.000

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: I often say to my often say to my clients.



00:51:33.000 --> 00:51:36.630

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, look, do you want to be right or do you want to be effective.



00:51:38.340 --> 00:51:43.110

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And when it comes to working with people and that's the only way you're going to get anything done.



00:51:43.950 --> 00:51:53.490

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: It's far better to make a choice to be effective. Well, this gives you a tool for being much more effective with people. Again, not in a manipulative way.



00:51:53.880 --> 00:52:03.480

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: But in a way in which you are speaking their language or you're speaking to them in a manner where what they find important is part of the conversation.



00:52:05.460 --> 00:52:14.220

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Lover. And let me ask it. Do you have any questions or comments or thoughts. Something's coming anything that's coming up for you that you'd like address before we, you know,



00:52:15.000 --> 00:52:16.290

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: We come up time



00:52:17.190 --> 00:52:27.630

LaVerne Sessler: No, no specific questions my you know the value in this just the way you know you guys are crazy and out the end that I know my why how and what is



00:52:28.260 --> 00:52:36.390

LaVerne Sessler: You know I opening. I think you know it is something that'd be beneficial to know about, you know, the family and leadership's and stuff like that.



00:52:37.230 --> 00:52:43.230

LaVerne Sessler: You know, like just saying not to manipulate people or anything else. But to understand where everybody's coming from and



00:52:44.070 --> 00:52:52.320

LaVerne Sessler: You know, I, I mean, you've seen the personalities and everything very greatly amongst different people in the family. And I think, you know, everybody.



00:52:53.100 --> 00:53:06.270

LaVerne Sessler: You know, it can create conflicts here and there, and also a lot of good resolution. But to understand where everybody's coming from and the reasons behind the way they're going about things. It makes a lot more sense and



00:53:07.320 --> 00:53:12.600

LaVerne Sessler: I think create you know better teamwork and everything amongst the family and leadership.



00:53:13.230 --> 00:53:26.460

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Yeah, a while ago, we did the the disc, you know, profile for everybody. And that was helpful, I would say, I almost think about this is the difference between 2D and 3D



00:53:27.120 --> 00:53:46.770

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: And it was it was a 2D look at somebody to know their D is you know s&c. But when you start to know it from that standpoint of the why, how, and what you really start to get 3D because that whole decision process that whole thinking process comes through. Does that sound right, Gary.



00:53:47.100 --> 00:53:55.590

Gary Sanchez: Well, so your desk is awesome Myers Briggs is awesome Colby is awesome. Those are great assessments, but those are how you take action.



00:53:56.220 --> 00:54:12.270

Gary Sanchez: The Why is why you take action. And so if you don't know you're why you're not starting at the right level. It's like a GPS. If you don't know where you are and you're just talking about where you want to go, you don't have enough information to get there. And so this is the starting point.



00:54:13.320 --> 00:54:24.240

Gary Sanchez: The disc is not the starting point, it's a it's a place along the journey. And so once you now look at your desk from the perspective of your why how and what you'll see it totally differently.



00:54:25.290 --> 00:54:31.260

Gary Sanchez: So it was great that you were able to do the desk. This will make it much more it'll give you more depth.



00:54:32.520 --> 00:54:34.260

Gary Sanchez: Great. And it's easy.



00:54:36.030 --> 00:54:42.750

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Any last comments, Chris, Gary, anything that this was phenomenal and you did a great job.



00:54:43.410 --> 00:54:48.720

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: I didn't give you a lot of time, but it was really neat to see how that that went through and I think that was helpful.



00:54:49.320 --> 00:54:59.070

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: For everybody you know if if they wanted to do this themselves or they wanted to do this with their family business, obviously, you know, contact, Chris.



00:54:59.640 --> 00:55:12.870

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Contact myself. You can go to the y Institute directly, you know, there's resources out there to do to do that. Why don't you know each of you take a second wrap up, and then tell people how they can reach you.



00:55:14.220 --> 00:55:15.060

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: That would be great.



00:55:16.440 --> 00:55:21.570

Gary Sanchez: So last thing I would say on that is, you know, you must know them in order to lead them.



00:55:22.080 --> 00:55:26.940

Gary Sanchez: And this will give you that tool to really get to know them. And so if you want to get ahold of me, the best way would be



00:55:27.210 --> 00:55:37.500

Gary Sanchez: Through the why and you can find me on LinkedIn to but just go to the why my, my recommendation is your first step would be to to talk to either Michael or Chris and



00:55:37.860 --> 00:55:44.250

Gary Sanchez: Work with them to discover your why and I'll be there if you need me. But these guys are experts as well. I mean, they



00:55:44.610 --> 00:55:50.640

Gary Sanchez: They're the experts in the coaching. I'm the expert in developing the why these are the guys you really want to work with in your business.



00:55:51.330 --> 00:56:01.110

Gary Sanchez: And they can help you in discovering your, your why your how in your what, just like we did today for Laverne Laverne thank you for letting me walk you through that process.



00:56:01.350 --> 00:56:08.160

Gary Sanchez: I know you didn't know where we were going to go but I appreciate your being, being a ready and able to and willing to do it.



00:56:08.700 --> 00:56:18.060

LaVerne Sessler: No, I appreciate it. And, you know, it was very beneficial to myself. And I think, you know, to everybody that would be watching this that's beneficial, just to see how that process works and



00:56:18.990 --> 00:56:35.970

LaVerne Sessler: Taking me through it. I, I appreciate it. As far as my contact information, anybody could reach out to me on LinkedIn or if you want to send me an email. It's Laverne at Sessler wrecking calm, any of that works so great. Thank you guys.



00:56:36.810 --> 00:56:45.480

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And thank you for allowing me to be here. I yeah LinkedIn is probably the best way to find me. I'm happy to speak with anybody about



00:56:45.960 --> 00:56:57.960

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: You know, so what do you do with this. Why, how and what stuff inside a company to help build a great culture, you know, many of you have probably heard the notion that culture eats strategy for breakfast.



00:56:59.010 --> 00:57:09.210

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: And this is an essential first step in, you know, really building out a great culture and putting people in the right seats and enabling them to thrive. That's really



00:57:09.810 --> 00:57:19.980

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: I think the the the most significant benefit of utilizing this tool and then complementing it as Gary said with DISC or Myers Briggs or whatever it is.



00:57:20.490 --> 00:57:26.790

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: Isn't is a great additional tool, but this is really the thing that will help you understand yourself and your people.



00:57:27.630 --> 00:57:41.520

Chris "Clarify" Kenny: So that you end, they can thrive in doing what you're doing. So I strongly encourage you to, you know, go to the y Institute. But if you want to reach me LinkedIn is great, or get in touch with Michael So thanks for having us appreciate being here.



00:57:42.240 --> 00:57:55.440

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Thank you, everybody. My name is Michael Columbus. This is the family business show from family wealth and legacy in Rochester, New York, if we can help you in any way, feel free to reach out, everybody. Have a great week.



00:57:56.520 --> 00:57:57.330

Michael "Challenge" Palumbos: Thank you all.



00:57:58.470 --> 00:57:58.740

LaVerne Sessler: Thank you.



00:57:59.790 --> 00:58:00.570

Gary Sanchez: Great job, you guys.

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