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Episode 35: Baseball, Hotdogs & Family Business

In a recent episode of the Family Biz Show, hosted by Michael Palumbos, guests Naomi Silver from the Rochester Red Wings and Julie Camardo from Zweigle's shared their experiences and insights on running family businesses. Naomi recounted how her father's efforts in the 1950s helped save the Red Wings, and how she eventually became involved in the business, finding her niche and passion within the organization. Julie discussed her journey at Zweigle's, detailing her various roles over the years and her decision to take on more responsibility within the family business.

Both guests highlighted the importance of community involvement and employee well-being in their business philosophies. They shared personal stories illustrating their families' commitment to their employees and their communities, reflecting on how these values have shaped their leadership styles and business practices.

The conversation also touched on the challenges of navigating family business dynamics, particularly when transitioning leadership roles and adapting to changing business environments. Julie mentioned the significance of seeking external advice and mentorship to guide her through leadership challenges, while Naomi emphasized the importance of having a supportive board and learning from past experiences.

Overall, the episode provided a heartfelt glimpse into the world of family businesses, underscoring the unique challenges and rewards that come with maintaining a legacy while fostering growth and community engagement.

Episode 35 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos: Welcome everybody to the family business show I am your host Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy right here in sunny Rochester New York.



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Michael Palumbos: And today, we are in for a super treat we have the only silver from the Rochester red wings and Julie komodo from weigel joining us both today welcome welcome welcome glad to have you both here.



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Naomi Silver: You glad to be here.



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Julie Camardo: yeah same here awesome.



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Michael Palumbos: What I what we typically do when we start the show is we just.



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Daniel Van Der Vliet: Ask each.



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Michael Palumbos: person to kind of talk about their journey in terms of how did you end up working in the family business what you know what led you to those decisions to join the family businesses you're going through this so Naomi if you don't mind kicking us off.



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Jeffrey Leenhouts: You know.



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Naomi Silver: My dad got involved with the red wings in the 50s when he held a stock drive to save the team that was going to that was going to close down.



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Naomi Silver: And that was actually even before my time.



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Naomi Silver: years later, my father has long since been gone the team was struggling a bit and I just came into the front office to help out in any way I could we had a small staff.



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Naomi Silver: smaller than it should have been, but it was what we could afford, and you know, and I was able to just lend a hand in a number of areas, and then you know you sort of gravitate to what what makes sense for you what what you feel like you have a certain.



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Naomi Silver: passion for or challenge for and and it grew and I guess, I never left and certainly didn't think it was going to go that way, but you know.



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Naomi Silver: If if you find a comfort level in the family business it's really a blessing, because it could go the opposite way.



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Naomi Silver: But the family business is definitely is is definitely near and dear to the heart, so I feel very lucky.



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Michael Palumbos: Julie.



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Michael Palumbos: I.



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Michael Palumbos: think we might have lost.



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Julie Camardo: I guess sugar.



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Michael Palumbos: Naomi yeah.



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Julie Camardo: Can.



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Michael Palumbos: We got.



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Michael Palumbos: I think we got here.



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Naomi Silver: You know.



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Julie Camardo: Hello.



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Michael Palumbos: We got you.



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Julie Camardo: know.



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Julie Camardo: in so many ways.



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And then.



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Michael Palumbos: You know it's.



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what's funny.



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Julie Camardo: i'm going to shut up go ahead with Naomi and i'll just you know enter.



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Michael Palumbos: Julie actually without the video, I think we just got you we got your perfect.



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Julie Camardo: Okay, all right perfect.



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Julie Camardo: Okay, so as a.



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Julie Camardo: So as a kid we always used to go into the plan on weekends.



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Julie Camardo: My mom would always seem to be getting the time cards my parents would check on things and on Sundays, you know it's like every Sunday it always seemed as if we were going to so instead of.



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Julie Camardo: You know your traditional Italian family.



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Julie Camardo: Sundays, with some sauce ours was visiting all the different hot dog places your time was to build grades your showers all you know occasionally on Sundays.



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Julie Camardo: I worked at why goes in high school, so I worked at the front desk I worked in the let's see in been.



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Julie Camardo: Finance kind of area for a little bit of time and then in college, I worked down in the packaging cooler for a summer and then I also worked in sales over the summer, a different summer.



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Julie Camardo: So those are my first beginning entrance to fly goals and I loved I did enjoy all the experience but.



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Julie Camardo: kinda had a different path that I thought I was going to take.



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Julie Camardo: While I was in college, I spent a year after college lived in Syracuse for a year and then moved to baltimore and then at some point I kind of decided.



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Julie Camardo: was my goal is something that I wanted to see if it was something I wanted to continue it was not something my sister was interested in doing at the time, my grandfather my mother were both there my.



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Julie Camardo: And so I moved back to Rochester.



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Julie Camardo: And it was 2000 into and started working in the office taking doing some HR responsibilities and sort of took off from there and and I do I loved it so it was fantastic.



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Julie Camardo: But I wanted to point out, which I believe the shares that Naomi is talking about her father selling or raising awareness of I believe that I just recently, we found in West share that my father had and then there's Michael has one so we're proud, always been proud supporters.



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Michael Palumbos: Oh cool is that.



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Really that.



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Michael Palumbos: We, and we were saying before you know before we kicked in the show that the relationship between red wings and there's why goals and why goals.



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Michael Palumbos: You know dates back to the 1930s so that's pretty powerful relationship it's really, really, really awesome that the that that has continued through the years.



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Michael Palumbos: um you know, I just want to throw in I think it's interesting because I never saw myself going into the family business either you know and and it was.



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Michael Palumbos: I had graduated from you have our and.



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Michael Palumbos: dad never really the only thing I did is I did prospecting cards for him, I would I would write down, and you know index cards.



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Michael Palumbos: The name the industry and the phone number of business owners for my father to contact back when cold calling actually you know could work and.



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Michael Palumbos: He would pay me $10 an hour at a time when minimum wage was like.



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Michael Palumbos: 315 or something like that i'm like, why are you paying me so much and he's like it's you know the work that you're doing doesn't you know what you get paid isn't always.



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Michael Palumbos: about the work that you're doing it's about the value of what you bring to the table, was the lesson that he wanted to teach me and.



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Michael Palumbos: And then, it was you know it was 2001 for me Julie and dad said, you know there's an opportunity, you might want to look at and.



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Michael Palumbos: hook line and sinker I was just like I loved it and I think it was watching him like you know Naomi you saw and Julie, you saw you know.



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Michael Palumbos: Your parents doing those things and and helping people and being a part of the Community and doing those things that really that's part of that imprint that happens right.



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Michael Palumbos: um.



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Naomi Silver: Go ahead, I was gonna say absolutely you know you don't know you don't always know where your future is going to take you when you're a young person and you're just starting to to think about your your future.



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Naomi Silver: But when you have significant ties, especially as you say, in the Community it's sort of narrows things down, you know where where I felt very much tied to the Community and and being with the red wings would be what enabled me to be to become very.



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Naomi Silver: Very much invested in the.



00:08:15.360 --> 00:08:32.730

Naomi Silver: Community it would enabled me probably better than anything else, I could do to to advocate for the Community to get out into into into the Community and do good for them, so you know, for me it was sort of the the double.



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Naomi Silver: benefit I guess you know, being in an organization that's family and that I love and and that my outreach could be so great here.



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Michael Palumbos: I want to i'd like to dive into kind of when you when you look at the red wings when you look into why goals.



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Michael Palumbos: And you know the histories are so deep, I mean the red wings, you know before that, even before the silver family they're one of only a few teams.



00:09:02.460 --> 00:09:15.540

Michael Palumbos: That dates back to the same city, the same league for since the 1800s and you knows why goals back to the 1800s as well, so there's some rich history there.



00:09:16.440 --> 00:09:35.820

Michael Palumbos: Talk about you know the culture that's developed through the years and the values kind of like you know we is there a core purpose beyond profit, you know inside of that culture at both places and Julie, would you kick us off about you know tell us about why goals.



00:09:37.110 --> 00:09:51.060

Julie Camardo: So yeah we've been around for 141 years and really the strongest value that we had in even new only touch you know talked a little bit about it it's that caring for your Community I can.



00:09:51.210 --> 00:10:02.820

Julie Camardo: You know I have memories or my desktop memories, I have stories that i've heard back from my great uncle's of how they hosted kids from a local orphanages, who were.



00:10:03.930 --> 00:10:13.620

Julie Camardo: whose parents were off at war, and they would bring the kids to to their house in and have you know sort of like a bizarre for them for the day and kind of take them away from.



00:10:15.420 --> 00:10:23.820

Julie Camardo: You know what environment they were in, and they would do that fairly, very often, and I, you know, had people say over the years that they.



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Julie Camardo: But they had continued to care for the Community, and I know that's part of how my grandfather was raised in his family, not only with the understanding that family is important, but so was your community that you live in.



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Julie Camardo: And so you know we've we enjoy supporting many different local Rochester events and organizations, because it not only is it a great way for connecting but it's also.



00:10:58.500 --> 00:11:04.170

Julie Camardo: was always the right thing to do, it's what we were taught what we grew up with knowing.



00:11:04.470 --> 00:11:14.130

Julie Camardo: and supporting those who support you, as always been so important to our family, we have we see his other really important values and it's caring, also for the employees that work for us.



00:11:14.460 --> 00:11:24.660

Julie Camardo: And I really saw that most closely with my grandfather with how he always wanted to make sure that they had enough or they were being taken care of.



00:11:25.110 --> 00:11:29.370

Julie Camardo: And the value that they provided to us why goals in terms of.



00:11:30.270 --> 00:11:40.710

Julie Camardo: You know, working as why goals, but also that they had families, they were caring for so it definitely extended beyond them as individuals and we carry that through today.



00:11:41.010 --> 00:11:56.580

Julie Camardo: Both you know the Community and our employees they're all very important to us, there are other values but that's probably the strongest one that we are most proud of and has roots back you know, to the team, you know back to 1880 i'm sure that's.



00:11:57.600 --> 00:11:58.830

Michael Palumbos: that's awesome Thank you.



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Michael Palumbos: Naomi talk about you know that that culture that you cultivated and that's been you know cultivated through the years that the red wings.



00:12:11.220 --> 00:12:11.760

Naomi Silver: well.



00:12:13.230 --> 00:12:18.420

Naomi Silver: I guess, we are cultivating culture, when you know when we didn't know that expression.



00:12:18.750 --> 00:12:19.050

Naomi Silver: But.



00:12:19.830 --> 00:12:30.600

Naomi Silver: You know just just trying to make people feel a part of this and and, and that is, you know when the Community comes into frontier field or silver stadium before it.



00:12:30.930 --> 00:12:40.080

Naomi Silver: You know our our focus was on making people feel like this was an atmosphere that they they enjoyed being with their friends and their families.



00:12:40.500 --> 00:12:54.390

Naomi Silver: Very important in baseball, of course, you know the family component is is large, for us, so, and you know, a safe environment where you can have some fun, you can let your kids run around that that's something that we try to convey.



00:12:55.170 --> 00:13:03.300

Naomi Silver: You couldn't do that without a staff that that has that at heart as well, so you know, like Julie.



00:13:04.140 --> 00:13:20.640

Naomi Silver: Our employees are everything to us, they they represent us inside the stadium outside in the Community, but they get to they they get along like a family with with very high standards for themselves.



00:13:21.840 --> 00:13:34.500

Naomi Silver: And you know those are the kind of people that it's it's a dream to be able to work with you know their their their people who care about our fans and our Community.



00:13:35.490 --> 00:13:43.950

Naomi Silver: Like I do you know, and you know and i'll just say you know for Julie and for her family before her they are.



00:13:44.430 --> 00:14:01.290

Naomi Silver: extremely generous around the Community i'm generous in in always you know they're generous with their their business product and Julie just gives a great deal of her time and, as a young person, which she is.



00:14:01.860 --> 00:14:15.480

Naomi Silver: Giving as much of her time in the Community to boards and so on, is not easy, because you're balancing running a business you're trying to you know learn the business get it done, you know manage people.



00:14:16.320 --> 00:14:28.050

Naomi Silver: grow the business which she's been fantastic it's not easy when you're young you know it comes much easier, as the years go by, and you have you sort of have things.



00:14:28.710 --> 00:14:40.950

Naomi Silver: It running the way you wanted it to, and you have a little more free time so anyways I just I admire her for what she does she is she is definitely she's a role model and on the rise.



00:14:42.450 --> 00:14:44.190

Julie Camardo: Now so sweet of you Naomi.



00:14:46.650 --> 00:14:47.520

Naomi Silver: Now you're.



00:14:49.920 --> 00:14:51.750

Julie Camardo: You got it no problem.



00:14:51.960 --> 00:14:52.410

Naomi Silver: I know where.



00:14:53.520 --> 00:14:53.850

Julie Camardo: game.



00:14:55.590 --> 00:15:02.670

Michael Palumbos: So Naomi something that you said, talking about how the employees have to feel.



00:15:03.240 --> 00:15:14.910

Michael Palumbos: That same way that you do about the families in the end that protective instinct for the families that are coming to the to their, how do you how do you relay that, how do you ensure that that.



00:15:15.390 --> 00:15:22.890

Michael Palumbos: You know that it's coming from you how do you how do you take that down to the troops, so to speak, you know honey and make sure that they understand that.



00:15:23.160 --> 00:15:23.670

Naomi Silver: You know.



00:15:24.810 --> 00:15:25.860

Naomi Silver: We have a really.



00:15:27.210 --> 00:15:30.810

Naomi Silver: important to us internship program here.



00:15:31.560 --> 00:15:38.580

Naomi Silver: And you know, fortunately, there are a lot of young people in their last or junior year of college.



00:15:38.820 --> 00:15:48.180

Naomi Silver: They need to fulfill an internship and if they're interested in sports or if they they might just think this would be a fun place to spend that internship that business internship.



00:15:48.690 --> 00:15:56.580

Naomi Silver: They come to us, and when we need to hire someone it's from that pool of candidates, the people who have interned with us for five months.



00:15:57.090 --> 00:16:09.210

Naomi Silver: That we can we, we have a nice selection and are able to select someone who has really shown those values is somebody that that that that.



00:16:10.080 --> 00:16:17.460

Naomi Silver: You don't have to teach how to love this Community, you know it's it's innate and that's an very important.



00:16:18.210 --> 00:16:34.530

Naomi Silver: Probably the most important characteristic is they have to be able to know how to how to deal with people but care about people it's not you know it's not made up and it's not a training course, it is it's innate.



00:16:35.610 --> 00:16:46.500

Michael Palumbos: love it and so you're just watching you're watching for those traits which is really smart and you have that internship program So you can see, you get them for four to five months to see what it's like and how they actually.



00:16:46.890 --> 00:16:59.220

Michael Palumbos: Work you know work out in the in the field that's great i'm Julie, one of the things that you know I wanted to ask and i'll ask you both, but I wanted you to you know talk about a little bit is there's.



00:17:00.750 --> 00:17:07.110

Michael Palumbos: there's kind of a weight that comes to the controlling you know generations.



00:17:08.430 --> 00:17:17.370

Michael Palumbos: You know it's a weight on the shoulders about legacy, you know the we been here for five generations, and we have you know this.



00:17:17.820 --> 00:17:22.590

Michael Palumbos: We want to continue that legacy that the family has started before us.



00:17:23.100 --> 00:17:32.760

Michael Palumbos: How do you balance that when you're talking with your kids you know the the legacy behind you know, in the end the values and the end the.



00:17:33.000 --> 00:17:42.750

Michael Palumbos: You know the the purpose that we have to help the Community, but still, you know, allowing them to have their dreams and how do you balance that with your kids.



00:17:43.290 --> 00:17:46.980

Julie Camardo: yeah that's a great question you guys can still hear me okay right.



00:17:47.370 --> 00:17:47.850




00:17:48.870 --> 00:17:56.280

Julie Camardo: Great so I like to think my kids are still fairly young my oldest will be eventually.



00:17:58.110 --> 00:18:09.240

Julie Camardo: And you know 11 so they are on the younger side, but when we do talk about cycles and family it's you know a little bit more on the history and the education of squabbles.



00:18:09.600 --> 00:18:20.040

Julie Camardo: And some of and really their family, so their great great great grandparents and and moving forward and making sure that they understand.



00:18:20.940 --> 00:18:31.170

Julie Camardo: The value of why goals as as a business, not only for our family, but also for the roster community but it's also there you know I, the world is.



00:18:31.920 --> 00:18:46.560

Julie Camardo: You know, at their fingertips, in a sense, you know they have their growing up in an era much different than I I ever have when information they want, they can search for it on the Internet and through multiple sources of social media.



00:18:47.610 --> 00:18:57.810

Julie Camardo: And for them, you know I want to make sure that whatever they do in life, they know that I fully support them and what their decisions to.



00:18:58.200 --> 00:19:07.410

Julie Camardo: to explore whether, whatever their interests are my oldest at the moment is having she definitely is interested in business, which is great, but.



00:19:07.890 --> 00:19:20.250

Julie Camardo: There is still a lot of time for her to explore what she wants to do and to discover in high school and, of course, beyond that, in college, I will.



00:19:20.820 --> 00:19:33.840

Julie Camardo: require each of my kids to spend one summer when they turn 18 to work on our shop floor so they understand what what that fire is like I think it's very important and that's always been important to my family.



00:19:34.260 --> 00:19:51.720

Julie Camardo: To my sister and I both have that experience and my mother as well, so that's going to be no different, but they will not absolutely be required to work that's why girls, they are encouraged to find their own path and at the same time, appreciate the legacy that they have.



00:19:52.950 --> 00:20:07.800

Julie Camardo: and go out and be good, you know stewards to whatever community that they live in in the future, and I hope that's the values that that they will take when they wherever they end up and when they continue as they continue to grow.



00:20:08.880 --> 00:20:10.830

Julie Camardo: So i'll feel good about that, if that happens.



00:20:11.820 --> 00:20:13.110

Michael Palumbos: Perfect Thank you.



00:20:14.850 --> 00:20:29.880

Michael Palumbos: Naomi you have kids as well you know what is How does that question hit you when when you think about that balancing legacy of you know, the the dreams of the past with the dreams of the future, I guess, I would call it.



00:20:30.210 --> 00:20:36.330

Naomi Silver: Well i'm afraid I haven't given them much balance in life.



00:20:37.890 --> 00:20:51.900

Naomi Silver: It is it is school and baseball and that's you know that's what they have known baseball is it's sort of it's a lifestyle for us it's it's not just it's not just the business, it is what we.



00:20:52.590 --> 00:21:05.790

Naomi Silver: Everything everything that we do revolves around it, you know where we go on vacation is where mom takes them for meetings around the country for baseball and.



00:21:06.000 --> 00:21:19.980

Naomi Silver: What we do with our entire summer my kids have no idea what a summer vacation is because they're you know if it's not even part of the discussion we spend our summers five months of our spring and summer here at the ballpark.



00:21:20.940 --> 00:21:30.030

Naomi Silver: 50% of every single 50 50% of every single date is at home, so we are here all the time and.



00:21:31.020 --> 00:21:42.930

Naomi Silver: They grow up with it, and you know they they have an appreciation for it, they know what it means they hear they hear what fans have to say to them and say to me and how much they appreciate, you know.



00:21:43.860 --> 00:21:52.110

Naomi Silver: The long lasting you know Rochester read ways, because no other team does have that history and and they know that.



00:21:53.280 --> 00:22:02.460

Naomi Silver: They know that it's incumbent upon them to make sure that the that the team stays safe and solid.



00:22:03.540 --> 00:22:21.630

Naomi Silver: But their careers may take them elsewhere but but I guess they're always going to feel a sense of duty to Rochester and the red wings and honestly the both end up working for the red wings, I believe, at some point in their lives, you know, like many people.



00:22:22.920 --> 00:22:30.600

Naomi Silver: You you go elsewhere, when you're out of college and you figure out what you're doing and it takes a bit to decide and that.



00:22:31.050 --> 00:22:48.450

Naomi Silver: And that experience that you have after college is probably you know some of the most important experience in the long run in contributing to who you are and what you become what you choose to become in your business life yeah.



00:22:49.050 --> 00:23:10.980

Michael Palumbos: it's funny you know they always say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree right, and you know, I have a client who is a cabbage geneticist and he learned that from his grandfather, and he would spend time in you know they would be placing you know.



00:23:12.900 --> 00:23:19.380

Michael Palumbos: branches on to a tree, to create a different variety of something and his grandfather, this is, you know just.



00:23:19.770 --> 00:23:23.940

Michael Palumbos: What he learned as a kid you know that's how he spent time with his grandfather.



00:23:24.330 --> 00:23:37.710

Michael Palumbos: And from spending that time with his grandfather doing those things that led him to and Dan badly and the cornell team is out here, he ended up going to cornell to get a degree in that thing in that arena.



00:23:38.100 --> 00:23:53.520

Michael Palumbos: But it's you know those those young ages, when we do bring them in to the business and we show them the fun and you know the the commitment that we have to it, it really does you know, like we said imprint and make and make.



00:23:54.210 --> 00:24:07.860

Michael Palumbos: A giant difference for me with dad it was you know and remember the words he said he said we get we get paid well to do really good things and to help an awful lot of people.



00:24:08.370 --> 00:24:18.030

Michael Palumbos: And he said and the and the ripples that we have go further than just the families that you're serving so don't forget that you know always work hard to.



00:24:18.300 --> 00:24:26.220

Michael Palumbos: You know, ensure that you're doing the best for the family that you're working on, because they employ people and they have families and the ripples just keep going on and on.



00:24:26.520 --> 00:24:36.420

Michael Palumbos: And the same for the two of you, I mean just think about how far those ripples go in, you know all the things that you do you know it's.



00:24:37.680 --> 00:24:38.700

Michael Palumbos: Pretty phenomenal.



00:24:40.140 --> 00:24:40.920

Michael Palumbos: um.



00:24:43.350 --> 00:24:57.780

Michael Palumbos: We all know that you know, being part of a family business it isn't always you know bright sunshiny days, there are some you know some some downsides to to those you know to those aspects of it.



00:24:58.230 --> 00:25:08.280

Michael Palumbos: So, being part of the family, what were for the two of you what were some of the things that were that were tough for you going through the process of being in the family business.



00:25:13.110 --> 00:25:18.270

Naomi Silver: I can say, for me, there have been a few challenges in my career and.



00:25:20.700 --> 00:25:21.330

Naomi Silver: excusing.



00:25:22.950 --> 00:25:30.840

Naomi Silver: negotiating a couple of leases here for frontier frontier field, the original and then the subsequent lease.



00:25:32.400 --> 00:25:54.120

Naomi Silver: tough times, both of them I you know I cringe at the thought of my kids having to go through this and another 10 or 20 years, perhaps it is no fun so stressful times, but you know you you live through it and and you're stronger for you learn something.



00:25:55.290 --> 00:26:06.240

Naomi Silver: But you're stronger for it, so I guess, those are the those are the toughest things you know until the until coven hit and put us out of business for for 14 months I guess that would be.



00:26:07.500 --> 00:26:12.540

Naomi Silver: That would coven would certainly be the biggest challenge we've ever had to face.



00:26:13.590 --> 00:26:14.910

Naomi Silver: It it's.



00:26:16.230 --> 00:26:39.600

Naomi Silver: You know, obviously so many people have had to face even much tougher challenges that I don't I don't feel like I can complain about that it is, it is a fact and we'll get through it, fortunately, but not everybody will, so I guess i'm i'm grateful for what it is.



00:26:41.970 --> 00:26:43.470

Naomi Silver: opening a on the road.



00:26:44.160 --> 00:26:50.970

Naomi Silver: And it's it's I like the way you said there some rainy days yeah around here a rainy day is is costly.



00:26:52.110 --> 00:26:52.830

Michael Palumbos: that's right.



00:26:54.330 --> 00:26:55.980

Michael Palumbos: Julie, what about for you.



00:27:03.330 --> 00:27:04.680

Michael Palumbos: Did we lose you Julie.



00:27:07.470 --> 00:27:08.370

Naomi Silver: We can see here.



00:27:10.530 --> 00:27:12.960

Naomi Silver: Julie you're on mute in case you don't know that.



00:27:14.460 --> 00:27:17.190

Julie Camardo: I got it sorry I muted, I was listening intently.



00:27:18.390 --> 00:27:19.290

Julie Camardo: Sorry, can you hear me now.



00:27:19.680 --> 00:27:19.950




00:27:21.030 --> 00:27:21.390

Julie Camardo: Great.



00:27:23.250 --> 00:27:35.790

Julie Camardo: So what I some of the challenges over the years, coming into the business when I was the serious kind of conversation I came back, and it was time to take a more active serious role.



00:27:36.870 --> 00:27:51.120

Julie Camardo: It was that understanding of here's how my grandfather was running the business and i'm not saying that our values were extremely different, but how to go about running the business, we were, as I was taking up.



00:27:52.710 --> 00:28:04.410

Julie Camardo: I guess a larger step in the business my grandfather just passed away, we were in the middle of beginning middle of our first major expansion, that my mom was leading and.



00:28:05.430 --> 00:28:15.810

Julie Camardo: You know, it was a definitely a learning experience for me, because she was taking over in his footsteps I was taking on a larger role trying to understand more about the business and.



00:28:16.140 --> 00:28:32.190

Julie Camardo: If there were not always easy days there was probably more understanding trying to understand where my mom was coming in from and and wanting to run the business and then my understanding of what I thought we should be doing fast forward a few years.



00:28:33.480 --> 00:28:36.090

Julie Camardo: There was a point in time, where I.



00:28:37.470 --> 00:28:45.180

Julie Camardo: You know I, I was very much aware of some of my own personal strengths and weaknesses and we really needed to have somebody strong in our.



00:28:45.750 --> 00:28:51.600

Julie Camardo: Operations side of the business and we didn't I was definitely more of a strength on my grandfather's side.



00:28:52.110 --> 00:29:06.510

Julie Camardo: And my mom had was in in you know not doing well health wise so as I, as I was stepping up even more I knew was imperative, it was my goals were to stay in business, I had to bring in.



00:29:07.050 --> 00:29:14.160

Julie Camardo: I had to look for somebody in the right position and, at the same time, convince my mom that this is what michaels need to do.



00:29:14.880 --> 00:29:26.580

Julie Camardo: In order to succeed because we we needed to write ourselves, we were tipping a little bit in where you don't want to be in a family business and we wanted to be successful, we want to grow.



00:29:28.770 --> 00:29:41.520

Julie Camardo: We need to be financially successful as well and it, you know we, the President who's the President of legos today, you know it was when you know I started when I met him, it was I just knew that he was the right person.



00:29:42.900 --> 00:29:50.760

Julie Camardo: But he had to and he had to meet with my mom first, and it was you know, it was a learning experience for me, there was definitely that part of the building a.



00:29:51.630 --> 00:30:04.410

Julie Camardo: Business and we really had to work together and I had to trust his experience to know that he was going to help us to grow, the business and get it, and a path to be successful.



00:30:04.770 --> 00:30:13.560

Julie Camardo: And I had to take over some of some of the response of these from my mom which in some ways, gave a little bit better of a.



00:30:15.030 --> 00:30:15.390

Julie Camardo: I guess.



00:30:16.740 --> 00:30:26.190

Julie Camardo: position unfortunately my mom passed away when I i'd like to say was fairly young so at least you know I have had some experience at that point.



00:30:26.730 --> 00:30:35.250

Julie Camardo: And then that was sort of another part of this family business that I wasn't quite ready for so that next level of kind of what does that mean.



00:30:35.970 --> 00:30:46.170

Julie Camardo: to really step in and take over if that's something that I still want to do, and I did have supported the board, and I have supported my management team, but it was a learning experience for me.



00:30:46.890 --> 00:30:57.300

Julie Camardo: By far and I also turn to outside help with coaching and mentors to help me in the beginning stages of the process.



00:30:59.250 --> 00:31:06.360

Michael Palumbos: But I mean that was that was really one of the first non family members in a leadership role at the company.



00:31:07.050 --> 00:31:09.600

Julie Camardo: Yes, yes, it was it was a big deal.



00:31:11.160 --> 00:31:19.950

Michael Palumbos: I bet I bet it there, I mean I can, I can only imagine you know, being a fly on the wall listening to you and your mom going through those discussions right.



00:31:20.340 --> 00:31:34.230

Julie Camardo: mm hmm yes yeah and some of that was the finance part of it to those are very serious discussions when you're bringing somebody in from the outside, and you know that you really need to make that leap, and you know.



00:31:35.250 --> 00:31:43.260

Julie Camardo: there's not a day that goes by that you know I don't regret that he's with us and i'd like to think that my mom would feels the same way.



00:31:44.100 --> 00:31:54.510

Michael Palumbos: Absolutely and it's a it's a unique thing, and you know I just read this recently it says the strength of the family business, and you know the legacy.



00:31:54.930 --> 00:32:15.030

Michael Palumbos: typically happens most when somebody is most flexible, you know you need to have that flexibility and not be fully rigid around things because to to expect that you know, out of my gene pool i'm going to produce everything for every aspect within the company.



00:32:15.600 --> 00:32:19.770

Michael Palumbos: Just probably isn't likely, you know nate.



00:32:21.150 --> 00:32:22.080

Michael Palumbos: Go ahead Julie.



00:32:22.710 --> 00:32:24.570

Julie Camardo: Oh no it just sort of made me think of.



00:32:25.050 --> 00:32:35.190

Julie Camardo: Like my three children and and although I don't know where they're going to end up I in my little hat I put buckets of like Oh, I think they'd be really good in quality or they'd be really good at sales Are they really good.



00:32:35.610 --> 00:32:42.030

Julie Camardo: In you know the finance department, but that may not happen, but sort of how what you're saying is that you truly don't know.



00:32:42.690 --> 00:32:52.500

Julie Camardo: And you have to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in order to know what you need to fill some of the gaps in, as we all want our business to be successful right.



00:32:53.280 --> 00:33:00.690

Michael Palumbos: So at Naomi I think you'd probably agree with this, I think you'll think we've talked about it before but it's you know that idea of.



00:33:01.260 --> 00:33:09.720

Michael Palumbos: um play to that play to the strengths and put people in the right places it's not just that you have a seat in your last name silver that you're going to end up in that spot.



00:33:10.080 --> 00:33:16.950

Michael Palumbos: You got to do the work right, I mean what did you do you guys have like an employment policy view and the kids talked about those things.



00:33:19.470 --> 00:33:24.690

Naomi Silver: We talked about how they might fit into the business Michael is I witcher you're talking about.



00:33:27.030 --> 00:33:37.800

Naomi Silver: I think they they each gravitate towards different certain different types of responsibilities, based on the personalities, that they have.



00:33:38.820 --> 00:33:53.760

Naomi Silver: And and and that's that is important, I think that you know being successful in business and in a lot of ways, when you're in a in a key role is to just to make sure that.



00:33:55.110 --> 00:34:04.710

Naomi Silver: You are you're you're using the resources that you have at hand, your people, the best way you possibly can, and you know.



00:34:05.670 --> 00:34:12.990

Naomi Silver: Again, is what the future holds for them i'm not sure I think everybody needs a little experience outside of their own.



00:34:13.590 --> 00:34:29.880

Naomi Silver: Their own domain, you know to to go out and see what the world is like and see how other employers treat their employees and you know what it takes out there it's a tough business world out there and that can only that can only.



00:34:30.900 --> 00:34:39.690

Naomi Silver: Help I think to to create a management style hopefully for the for the better, hopefully, you know you come back with a little.



00:34:40.230 --> 00:34:54.360

Naomi Silver: empathy for what an employee feels like and and that goes a long way in trying to imagine what they're going through when you make a decision, and what they're the impact you'll have on them is.



00:34:55.110 --> 00:35:08.550

Naomi Silver: So you know I I hope my kids are going to go out and and learn sort of the way I did was I guess it's you know no secret and around my circle.



00:35:09.090 --> 00:35:19.080

Naomi Silver: I was married to a ballplayer for more than 10 years and we we were in many different cities, he he was with a number of different ball clubs.



00:35:19.470 --> 00:35:26.760

Naomi Silver: Major league mannerly and out of the country, and I was able to see so many different kinds of operations good ones bad ones.



00:35:27.660 --> 00:35:42.060

Naomi Silver: ones that I wanted to emulate and ones that I wanted to get out of but that you know that that taught me a lot that was my real internship my foray into the baseball world.



00:35:43.170 --> 00:35:48.630

Naomi Silver: When I got home I didn't know how I was going to apply that the opportunity to come.



00:35:50.040 --> 00:35:52.350

Naomi Silver: When when we returned back to Rochester.



00:35:53.970 --> 00:36:07.860

Naomi Silver: But I it, it became it became part of my my background my psyching I you know I couldn't have gotten involved in the business the way I did if I hadn't.



00:36:08.640 --> 00:36:21.510

Naomi Silver: Had that exposure to others that it's just been really important to me, I want my kids to have that somewhere that'll narrow down what what their abilities are and what their interests are.



00:36:22.830 --> 00:36:38.610

Michael Palumbos: I think that's that's a perfect way to look at it, I will share with you that I keep in my desk drawer my rejection letter from the Miami dolphins, because I, you know, at one point thought I was going to go into into sports myself but.



00:36:39.330 --> 00:36:40.020

Naomi Silver: For their bank.



00:36:40.740 --> 00:36:51.180

Michael Palumbos: Oh no, no, no, no, I wanted to work back behind the behind the scenes, I had it was in my head, but I just I leave it there because it's like those are the kinds of things that it's like ooh.



00:36:51.540 --> 00:36:58.860

Michael Palumbos: You know, you know here, I thought Oh, of course, i'm gonna get my degree from your bar and i'm just going to go in sports, you know economics of sports perfect.



00:36:59.640 --> 00:37:09.090

Michael Palumbos: And you know that hard work, knowing that industry, I should have come to the red wings and done some internships there um but it.



00:37:09.480 --> 00:37:11.790

Michael Palumbos: should be that's a, of course.



00:37:13.590 --> 00:37:21.810

Michael Palumbos: Julia Julie, you mentioned something I want to, I want to make sure we spend some time on that when you were going through some of the tough conversations.



00:37:22.530 --> 00:37:33.570

Michael Palumbos: You had a board to rely upon but you also got outside you know help can you talk about that and share, you know what that experience was like for you, and how are you know.



00:37:34.050 --> 00:37:43.320

Michael Palumbos: And i'm thinking about it for others, that may be going through similar circumstances to say you know what other resources or what a way of thinking about that could they be thinking about.



00:37:44.670 --> 00:37:55.680

Julie Camardo: yeah so you know, in taking over the family business i've raised recognize some of the areas that I needed to grow in and learn more about.



00:37:56.190 --> 00:38:06.750

Julie Camardo: And I started talking with other people in I guess other family business people was probably some of my first experience people who had started to take over their family businesses.



00:38:07.440 --> 00:38:18.330

Julie Camardo: Are people who were already involved at different levels and probably similar maybe the run the similar ages of me as well in some of the ways that they ended up trying to get help.



00:38:19.320 --> 00:38:26.460

Julie Camardo: or tried to learn more about their business and and I did I looked into coaching I actually there was a couple of different coaches, that I had.



00:38:27.030 --> 00:38:37.650

Julie Camardo: interviewed and then I also checked out one large organization which is vistage, which is the current organization that i'm a part of i'm in the sea, so an executive group.



00:38:38.550 --> 00:38:47.640

Julie Camardo: And i've gone through a couple of different groups over the years, but what I have found most valuable probably from that group comes from the Members itself.



00:38:47.910 --> 00:39:00.030

Julie Camardo: And their help and assistance with various different topics that we all might be going through it definitely depends on it definitely it depends on the topic different topics.



00:39:01.050 --> 00:39:20.250

Julie Camardo: It runs the gamut of you know challenge like difficult employees to potential future acquisitions to you know it has a broad range of kind of the topics we will bring in discuss but but but or and there's also opportunities for us to have.



00:39:21.510 --> 00:39:30.840

Julie Camardo: Speakers that talk about various different topics that I may not have been you know more involved in, had I not been a part of.



00:39:31.320 --> 00:39:45.690

Julie Camardo: The mystics group and there's a lot of conversations about strategic planning there's a lot of conversations where they talk about emotional intelligence now and how he, that is to working with various different employees in your organization.



00:39:46.290 --> 00:39:53.070

Julie Camardo: We have finance it, you know it runs the gamut but it's been the strength of the people that are in the organization that truly.



00:39:53.340 --> 00:40:03.180

Julie Camardo: helps us to succeed and that times, sometimes we'll help each other, we call it, like our tiger teams and if there's a bigger issue or something that we really need to do a deeper dive in.



00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:12.540

Julie Camardo: We will help each other on those separate from these these meetings that we have, and then you also have your one on one coaching so a lot of times what happens is.



00:40:12.930 --> 00:40:23.580

Julie Camardo: You know, it is work related and something and that comes to fruition, but sometimes it's it's personal and there's a lot of that that happens to that comes from the outside.



00:40:24.120 --> 00:40:28.110

Julie Camardo: That, at times, it can you know cloud sort of.



00:40:28.740 --> 00:40:36.780

Julie Camardo: cloud some of the things that you're trying to work through in business and sometimes you need a different person who's not directly in your business to discuss these things with.



00:40:37.200 --> 00:40:46.710

Julie Camardo: And I have found a lot of value having the balance between the vintage community and the Members as well as the coaches that i've had over the years.



00:40:47.010 --> 00:40:52.530

Julie Camardo: To help in those various different ways, and they do those gut checks that accountability, where you said you're going to do this.



00:40:52.830 --> 00:40:57.450

Julie Camardo: And you haven't done it yet why haven't you done it what's the reason, and how can we help you to get it done.



00:40:57.870 --> 00:41:07.650

Julie Camardo: But what types of things are also really important as well if sometimes you don't always have that you have your own internal accountability, but you don't always have that or they're pushing person pushing you from the outside, so.



00:41:09.480 --> 00:41:09.930

Michael Palumbos: love it.



00:41:09.990 --> 00:41:10.710

Julie Camardo: Anything great.



00:41:11.010 --> 00:41:22.470

Michael Palumbos: yeah no that's that's phenomenal it's you don't always know what you don't know right and and it's nice to have some people pushing from a different perspective Naomi.



00:41:23.130 --> 00:41:33.390

Michael Palumbos: What is your experience in regards to you know mentoring or boards, or you know get getting other advice, where where have you leaned on for advice, through the years.



00:41:36.750 --> 00:41:48.480

Naomi Silver: You know, I was lucky enough to have my mom for most of my adult life my mom passed away, just a few years ago she was very much a part of of.



00:41:49.890 --> 00:41:59.250

Naomi Silver: Who I am today, you know I lost my dad when I was just 15 so so I didn't get a lot of the business acumen from him that I.



00:42:00.060 --> 00:42:17.610

Naomi Silver: could have but my mom was pretty devoted to his to his to what what he left behind, she was devoted to making sure that this company would succeed, so that kind of devotion you know definitely rubbed off she was she was always there for me, and you know.



00:42:19.980 --> 00:42:21.810

Naomi Silver: The obvious kinds of.



00:42:23.130 --> 00:42:35.400

Naomi Silver: Things that you, you expect a parent to give you were very strong with her the ethics and you know the moral values and the things that are so important to get from your parents.



00:42:36.540 --> 00:42:43.500

Naomi Silver: In terms of other people, you know when I was a young woman, we had we have a board of directors here volunteer board of directors.



00:42:44.010 --> 00:42:59.490

Naomi Silver: That you know, represent the Community, like some of our greatest fans and allies and we had a board President, when I was just getting involved and and he you know, I was still a woman in a man's world of.



00:42:59.520 --> 00:43:14.400

Naomi Silver: Support he was an extremely strong advocate of mine, you know he he understood that that I just got it, this is a business that would work, but he had his own business.



00:43:15.180 --> 00:43:25.440

Naomi Silver: And I was able to lean on him for for some advice, and you know i've always been surrounded by by very by very talented.



00:43:26.100 --> 00:43:46.500

Naomi Silver: Older mentors that I could go to if I had an issue, and you know, and I think that in in our roles as CEOs I think we we've already got a great gut or we it would be difficult for us to be in these positions right.



00:43:48.270 --> 00:43:51.420

Naomi Silver: So you know it's nice to get verification.



00:43:52.830 --> 00:44:06.720

Naomi Silver: That you're doing something right, but I know julie's julie's got, for example, you know Julie just needs to hear that what she's doing is right, she she she's usually right she just wants she needs to hear it and that's.



00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:08.520

Naomi Silver: You know.



00:44:09.870 --> 00:44:12.720

Naomi Silver: that's very important so.



00:44:15.840 --> 00:44:16.770

Julie Camardo: True very true.



00:44:18.690 --> 00:44:20.160

Naomi Silver: you're always right Julie, I.



00:44:23.580 --> 00:44:25.110

Julie Camardo: Just tell my children.



00:44:26.580 --> 00:44:27.210

Naomi Silver: No, no.



00:44:32.100 --> 00:44:40.380

Michael Palumbos: I think I think that's really, really powerful and as your as you're thinking about those things um.



00:44:42.450 --> 00:44:44.970

Michael Palumbos: What do you hope for you know.



00:44:47.010 --> 00:45:01.410

Michael Palumbos: For the future of the red wings, what do you hope for the future is why goals, what do you know what's what are you thinking about right now what how are you planning the future I guess what do you how do you put those together too late.



00:45:02.790 --> 00:45:17.760

Julie Camardo: yeah so the future of my goals is continued growth, so we do have a strategic plan outlook for looking into this 2020 the coven year and 2021.



00:45:18.540 --> 00:45:27.390

Julie Camardo: You know, things are slightly different from when we originally started our strategic plan, but are still our plan is still growth we have you know we have.



00:45:27.930 --> 00:45:37.470

Julie Camardo: just completed a fairly major expansion in our goals to help to fill that to continue to employ people in the Rochester community and in.



00:45:38.910 --> 00:45:48.840

Julie Camardo: With a focus on trying to help those that are in you know different backgrounds different minority backgrounds and to help them with some of our.



00:45:49.530 --> 00:46:00.420

Julie Camardo: We have a leadership program that's my goals in order to grow within the company that would be a great goal of ours, we want to be able to continue to grow with.



00:46:01.290 --> 00:46:10.560

Julie Camardo: So in our private label opportunities we have a great relationship with wegmans and some other great customers, we want to continue to grow that and work hard.



00:46:10.950 --> 00:46:19.170

Julie Camardo: To continue those relationships and then our product as actual cycles as a brand so expanding why goals.



00:46:19.830 --> 00:46:27.030

Julie Camardo: Where it makes sense in terms of our brand and then some of our other lines of products that we started to.



00:46:27.660 --> 00:46:36.660

Julie Camardo: started slow growth on mama tomatoes with our peoples and our spiral lines trying to even out our year, so we are.



00:46:37.290 --> 00:46:46.290

Julie Camardo: A seasonal business, a lot of our business is based from Memorial Day it's just slightly after fourth of July, so we work hard to try to make sure we.



00:46:46.860 --> 00:46:57.270

Julie Camardo: connect with customers or partners as we like to call them who can help us balance out the rest of our Year and we're going to continue to try to innovate.



00:46:58.410 --> 00:47:07.350

Julie Camardo: Do our own r&d and then work with our current customers to make sure that we are meeting their needs it's you know it's a lot about what.



00:47:07.710 --> 00:47:14.250

Julie Camardo: is going on in the industry and trends and making sure that we're watching the trends that keeping up with the trends.



00:47:14.700 --> 00:47:23.100

Julie Camardo: As it makes sense for us why goals we're not necessarily going to get to every trend that's out there, but we need to be able to focus on the ones that makes sense for us.



00:47:23.520 --> 00:47:29.370

Julie Camardo: And then also continue to make sure that we are, as I mentioned before, we have our.



00:47:29.970 --> 00:47:36.690

Julie Camardo: Leadership development program but we always have to keep looking for those next employees that are going to come in, who.



00:47:37.110 --> 00:47:43.350

Julie Camardo: You know, are wanting to show up to work every day on time and it's you know it.



00:47:44.070 --> 00:47:55.770

Julie Camardo: For every cyber sometimes that hasn't struggles, so we are work really hard on our brand and make sure that it's respected brand we work hard in our quality products, always has been one of our core values.



00:47:56.580 --> 00:48:05.940

Julie Camardo: And you know, our goal is to still be around I can't guarantee what the future of the generational family businesses but i'm going to work hard to make sure that.



00:48:06.570 --> 00:48:12.960

Julie Camardo: As long as i'm here and i'm in charge, I definitely want to make sure that's why this is around for.



00:48:13.620 --> 00:48:29.040

Julie Camardo: You know, through this fifth generation and that we're stronger than when I entered and whatever happens that we have a brand that I continued to be proud of, with really amazing employees who continue to work hard every day and be proud to work with me.



00:48:30.090 --> 00:48:41.160

Michael Palumbos: Great in two things that you said, I want to just hit on real quick talking about the leadership program that you, you know that you have X, Y goals have you read the book by matt Kelly, the dream manager.



00:48:42.300 --> 00:48:45.060

Julie Camardo: I haven't but i'm writing it down well i'll.



00:48:45.360 --> 00:48:55.560

Michael Palumbos: grab grab that book it just one of my favorites and talking about the team, and what we can do for the employees to help them, you know grow.



00:48:57.390 --> 00:49:06.300

Michael Palumbos: And then the other thing is, you know there's this stigma in the family business community of you know.



00:49:07.050 --> 00:49:21.000

Michael Palumbos: I What if we're the ones were the last of our generation or the last of the family that is running or controlling the business or whatnot and I just you know I like to kick that notion, to the curb.



00:49:22.260 --> 00:49:33.870

Michael Palumbos: I think it's phenomenal regardless of whether a company's second generation 17th generation, whatever it is that if you're able to survive for any amount of time.



00:49:34.200 --> 00:49:43.860

Michael Palumbos: And then it's time to bring in a non family member, that is just maturity yeah that's, you know as much as it is you know the, it is not.



00:49:44.430 --> 00:49:54.000

Michael Palumbos: It is not a bad thing to be smart enough to protect those jobs and protect the Community if that were to happen and that's not what i'm saying, for you, but i'm just like just the.



00:49:54.390 --> 00:50:02.520

Michael Palumbos: The notion in general that you failed if you were to not bring in the next generation, or you know they didn't have the.



00:50:04.140 --> 00:50:13.770

Michael Palumbos: methods and madness to make it happen, so to speak, but we regardless whatever happens with both red wings and why goals in the next 20 or 3040 years.



00:50:15.060 --> 00:50:28.560

Michael Palumbos: You know I know from you know my way of thinking we just applaud everything that you've done for the Community and for all the people that you serve right now, regardless of where things go in the future.



00:50:31.170 --> 00:50:31.920

Michael Palumbos: Naomi.



00:50:32.280 --> 00:50:39.810

Michael Palumbos: yeah of course Naomi when you're thinking about you know, the future of the red wings, what do you see what do you, what do you envision.



00:50:41.520 --> 00:50:52.170

Naomi Silver: Well we've we've been a pretty stable organization driving the same number of people, you know through good times and bad times over a great number of years, so.



00:50:53.370 --> 00:51:03.720

Naomi Silver: As you know, things in New York state are not the most desirable for businesses, and we see our population shrinking a bit you know.



00:51:04.770 --> 00:51:22.410

Naomi Silver: I feel like we'll have our work cut out for us to keep up with what with our attendance here at frontier field over the next 20 years I don't know what will what it will bring to us so that's that could be a challenge that we face, but.



00:51:23.940 --> 00:51:35.640

Naomi Silver: In any event, you know this is this we consider ourselves a Community asset, you know it's it's not mine, it is the communities and it's important to.



00:51:36.870 --> 00:52:00.660

Naomi Silver: A good segment of the Community, and you know so i've got to keep in place, whether it's my kids or not i've got to keep it in place someone who has that that same devotion to the people of this community and will recognize, you know that it, it is a it's a responsibility that you have.



00:52:01.770 --> 00:52:04.650

Naomi Silver: In this position here so.



00:52:07.050 --> 00:52:11.700

Naomi Silver: I you know i'll just I will do my best to to.



00:52:12.810 --> 00:52:19.050

Naomi Silver: Exit in with it with it in good hands i'm not quite sure what that looks like right now but.



00:52:20.940 --> 00:52:23.100

Naomi Silver: it's not gonna it's not going to.



00:52:26.400 --> 00:52:36.450

Naomi Silver: The business will not suffer with the fantastic front office, I have, in general, manager that I have here, you know, things will go on and and.



00:52:36.840 --> 00:52:55.560

Naomi Silver: And we just We just have to prepare, as well as we can, I don't think it's ever easy for for any business owner to to put in place exactly what they would want to do themselves but, but there are better ideas to come in the future i'm sure that too great.



00:52:56.460 --> 00:52:57.000




00:52:58.110 --> 00:53:11.040

Michael Palumbos: I appreciate both of you joining us today, and I know we're coming up to the top of the hour, but what i'd like to do and i'm going to put you both on the spot cuz I didn't you know prep you for this, but.



00:53:12.330 --> 00:53:30.330

Michael Palumbos: If there's a story from any time in your company's history your family's history that maybe hasn't been told, or that you just have fond memories of it's your favorite story to tell about you know the family, the business whatnot.



00:53:31.830 --> 00:53:43.920

Michael Palumbos: You know Would you mind sharing Is there something that just POPs to your mind as a story that man, if I could just if everybody knew this story, I would really think that they would you know really understand us better or.



00:53:44.190 --> 00:53:59.460

Michael Palumbos: would understand where we came from what we're about but it kind of exemplifies you know who we are where we came from I don't know is anything pop into either one of your minds that you'd be willing to share or maybe a story somebody hasn't we haven't heard before.



00:54:01.710 --> 00:54:14.220

Naomi Silver: And it's honestly, you know I have 1000 stories and most of them told to me about my dad you know the kind of things that that left impressions on people.



00:54:14.730 --> 00:54:21.840

Naomi Silver: I had an elderly man come to me at a game about 10 years ago he's probably not with us any longer.



00:54:22.680 --> 00:54:37.200

Naomi Silver: Quite elderly many years ago, when my father was a younger man he worked for the newspaper and he handled circulation and he would put the kids out on the street to sell newspapers, as they did in those days.



00:54:37.770 --> 00:54:45.510

Naomi Silver: And this was an older African American man who was one of the paper voice back in the day and he said that.



00:54:47.400 --> 00:54:57.570

Naomi Silver: He just had to introduce himself to me because he appreciated the fact that, when we had a snow storm, then my dad would come and pick him up and take him home you just couldn't leave him out there.



00:54:58.260 --> 00:55:07.620

Naomi Silver: Knowing that he had a bit of a of a walk to get back home, and I, you know, and it was like you know it didn't it didn't matter who you were and I guess you know.



00:55:09.090 --> 00:55:16.380

Naomi Silver: Those are the kinds of things they make a it's a small thing that makes an impression on you, that leaves you with.



00:55:17.610 --> 00:55:23.640

Naomi Silver: Your you have to you have to look out for people everybody should feel that way you know.



00:55:25.890 --> 00:55:29.070

Naomi Silver: The way you treat people is how you're going to be remembered.



00:55:30.120 --> 00:55:30.510

Naomi Silver: So.



00:55:32.070 --> 00:55:32.460

Naomi Silver: Great.



00:55:32.640 --> 00:55:34.770

Michael Palumbos: Thank you, no, no, that was awesome I appreciate that.



00:55:35.850 --> 00:55:42.180

Julie Camardo: yeah so again, there are a lot of stories that I was probably shared over the years.



00:55:43.650 --> 00:55:56.280

Julie Camardo: it's why goals, and you know I think some of them that have more of a personal touch are usually the types of stories that naomi's talking about the behind the scenes types of stories but.



00:55:57.150 --> 00:56:14.820

Julie Camardo: it's why remember you know it was younger and it was Christmas Eve, and my grandfather always had this Bible party on Christmas Eve, and we were kids so what I remember you know I remember all the employees would come through they would get that was when my grandfather we call them.



00:56:15.990 --> 00:56:23.280

Julie Camardo: I call them bonuses at the time it was further your work, it was to thank you, thank them for their hard work and my sisters and my job was to pass out.



00:56:23.610 --> 00:56:34.740

Julie Camardo: They would always get a ham, a box of candy and then early on, it would be you know, a bottle of wine or something now that changed over the years, but I sort of remember at one point my mom saying.



00:56:35.850 --> 00:56:44.670

Julie Camardo: What she was you know we, as we were young as kids and it was church, and so my sister and I we'd have things that we were doing of church and we need to be there, a certain period of time and so.



00:56:45.000 --> 00:56:58.350

Julie Camardo: Her aspect is a mom was a little bit different, but the reason why my grandfather did it at the time, because he never wanted anybody to be alone on Christmas or that Christmas time it was really important that everybody has that family.



00:56:59.610 --> 00:57:03.090

Julie Camardo: You know that family aspect and that he cared for for them and then for him.



00:57:03.990 --> 00:57:13.890

Julie Camardo: It was really important that he felt or personally that everybody needed to be together at that time, and so, for him, that was really important.



00:57:14.220 --> 00:57:27.180

Julie Camardo: And I respect my mom for what she was doing as we were kids we were just you know we were taking forever, so we didn't you know wasn't much of a say, but I kind of remember learning about that, and when I learned the reason behind it, it was you know it was definitely.



00:57:28.200 --> 00:57:35.100

Julie Camardo: A different perspective I guess you have of Iraq in your eyes as as as a child, and you know who my grandfather was and.



00:57:36.330 --> 00:57:39.300

Julie Camardo: You know, he was definitely a true gentleman by far.



00:57:41.310 --> 00:57:41.790

Julie Camardo: and



00:57:42.120 --> 00:57:42.390




00:57:44.370 --> 00:57:49.800

Michael Palumbos: yeah it's a powerful message you know when I work with families today, and I think this is.



00:57:50.400 --> 00:58:03.990

Michael Palumbos: kind of capstone rate on to what you the two of you are talking, if we can pass on to the next generation, the knowledge that we've learned through the years and the values that we've acquired through all of that time.



00:58:04.620 --> 00:58:11.760

Michael Palumbos: The wealth can be destroyed the wealth can go away it doesn't matter, but if I can give them the knowledge, if I can give them the values.



00:58:12.360 --> 00:58:26.070

Michael Palumbos: they're wealthy and they'll do great wonderful things with it it's not about the money it's about the people I think the two of you really exemplify that and in the work that you've been doing and the families and the businesses.



00:58:27.300 --> 00:58:39.240

Michael Palumbos: Again, powerful message today really truly appreciate your time and everything that you've done for the Rochester community and keep it up.



00:58:40.350 --> 00:58:43.800

Naomi Silver: Thank you so much we're going to try yeah.



00:58:44.010 --> 00:58:46.260

Julie Camardo: yeah Thank you very much and I always enjoy.



00:58:47.640 --> 00:58:58.350

Julie Camardo: Joining Naomi and hearing your stories, I always learn something new every day it's definitely one of the mentors out there, that I look forward to pay towards so yeah.



00:58:59.040 --> 00:59:00.960

Naomi Silver: we're gonna sell a lot of hot dogs this year.



00:59:02.880 --> 00:59:03.390

Michael Palumbos: we're.



00:59:03.420 --> 00:59:07.080

Julie Camardo: gonna have your perfect amanda attendance that you're allowed to legally have.



00:59:09.690 --> 00:59:11.220

Naomi Silver: twice as many hot dogs.



00:59:11.610 --> 00:59:13.650

Julie Camardo: And you go, we all can't wait.



00:59:15.540 --> 00:59:16.740

Naomi Silver: Well, thank you.



00:59:16.980 --> 00:59:30.660

Michael Palumbos: Thanks Michael Thank you everyone for joining us on this wonderful episode of the family biz show my name is Michael Columbus and i'm with family wealth and legacy right here in Rochester and you can.



00:59:31.500 --> 00:59:45.420

Michael Palumbos: find more information out about the red wings or as why goals you can just Google and it's all over the place there's tons of great stories out there many that we didn't get a chance to share today and I encourage you to continue to.



00:59:46.080 --> 00:59:51.210

Michael Palumbos: Listen in and learn more about both of these wonderful companies Thank you so much, ladies.



00:59:51.570 --> 00:59:53.130

Michael Palumbos: really enjoy your time today.



00:59:53.940 --> 00:59:55.050

Julie Camardo: Thank you.



00:59:55.470 --> 00:59:55.980

Jane Shaffer: Thank you.



00:59:56.400 --> 00:59:58.050

Julie Camardo: Thank you Thank you everyone.



00:59:58.110 --> 01:00:00.960

Naomi Silver: Thank you, yes, thanks for joining.

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