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Episode 50: The Hybrid Heart; When Human Emotion Meets Tech

In this episode of the Family Biz Show, host Michael Palumbos engages in an enlightening conversation with Jane Shaffer and Brian Sessler, prominent figures from the Sessler Companies. Jane, the President of Sessler Excavating and Wrecking, and Brian, the President of Sessler Environmental Services, delve into the history, growth, and future aspirations of their family-operated business, emphasizing the core purpose of "making great things happen."

The discussion begins with a look back at the company's origins in 1958, initiated by Vernon and BB Sessler. They share how the business evolved from simple basement and septic line work to a specialized focus on bridge demolition and environmental services, expanding its reach and impact over the decades. The transition of leadership to the second generation, consisting of Jane, Craig, and Laverne Sessler, marked a significant era of growth and diversification, including the establishment of Sessler Equipment and Sessler Environmental Services.

Brian Sessler reflects on his journey within the company, highlighting the emphasis on earning one's place and the value of starting from the ground up. He discusses the challenges and rewards of business expansion and the importance of assembling a skilled and dedicated team to drive success.

The conversation shifts to the complexities of family business dynamics, particularly during transition periods. Both Jane and Brian underscore the necessity of open communication, humility, and patience. They stress the importance of involving external consultants to provide fresh perspectives and solutions, ensuring the business's legacy continues across generations.

In their closing remarks, Jane and Brian offer advice to other family businesses navigating transitions. They advocate for maintaining integrity, embracing family pride, and honoring the legacy set by previous generations while being open to new ideas and guidance from experienced professionals.

This episode serves as a testament to the resilience, innovation, and collaborative spirit that defines the Sessler family's approach to business, setting a valuable example for other family enterprises.

Episode 50 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos: going.



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Michael Palumbos: Hello everybody and welcome to the family biz show I am Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy in Rochester New York and we've got a great show for you today we're talking with.



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Michael Palumbos: Members of the sessler companies and the title of the show happens to be that company's core purpose, which is making.



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Michael Palumbos: That making great things happen, I almost did right make making great things happen.



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Michael Palumbos: And so i'm super pleased to have Jane schaefer and Brian sessler with us here today Jane is the President of sessler excavating and racking and Brian is the President of sessler environmental services, welcome to both of you.



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Jane Shaffer: Thank you.



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Brian Sessler: Thank you for having us.



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Michael Palumbos: you've got it, so the way we typically start the show off is just ask everybody to kind of give a little bit of a journey of how did you end up working in the family business and.



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Michael Palumbos: everybody's journey seems to be a little bit different we have those that you know dive right in feet first and we have others that take the long road road like myself when I get part of you know, working with my father so Jane why don't you kick us off and tell us about your journey.



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Jane Shaffer: But I actually you know you're born right into the family and the family business and.



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Jane Shaffer: I was.



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Jane Shaffer: Constantly at my mother's knee learning different office techniques and processes that in was her assistant from a very young age.



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Jane Shaffer: I didn't know that checking all of those red mark checks on the statement was really reconciling a bank statement I thought it was a fun rainy day activity, she just had, be doing to keep busy.



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Jane Shaffer: You know, so there are all kinds of tasks that that all of us kids did growing up with our parents and even on through high school I had learned how to read the time clock at the metal FAB.



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Jane Shaffer: And how to do payroll and learn to typing in shorthand data from my mother and continued right through school through the different entities that our company and our family had.



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Jane Shaffer: went off to college came back went to Seneca army double worked in the admin building and then worked for the engineering department which further.



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Jane Shaffer: Enforced my background in the construction business in working closely with the corps of engineers, then I was married to him to Syracuse and went to work for the irs.



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Jane Shaffer: And learned all of their little interesting facts and tidbits that also helped me in the later years move back to Waterloo.



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Jane Shaffer: and continued working with the company our Father good multitude of health issues in my mother's time was taken away from the office quite a bit we were basically a.



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Jane Shaffer: One person office located in our home, so they hit they asked me if I could command full time which I did and i've been here, ever since it's been 42 years now, so yes grew up with the family and pitched in and helped wherever I could, and then in full time.



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Michael Palumbos: congrats cool, thank you for sharing Brian how about yourself.



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Brian Sessler: Well kinda like and Jane just told everybody.



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Brian Sessler: being born into a family business means about the first time, you can walk you're you're off you're doing something for the family business, whether you know it or not.



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Brian Sessler: And naturally in the industry that we're in big toys big excavators you know big sand boxes.



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Brian Sessler: And a time, as I was growing up, I had the chance to go to work with that or grandpa or whatever I could do to just be involved, you know I that's how it kind of got introduced to the.



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Brian Sessler: To the family business go out and see the job sites and everything else, and so I personally grew up you know there's a fascination you know for the type of work that we did, and it was just really interesting and and and, as I went through high school, you know you.



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Brian Sessler: You try to spend the weekends up at the shop and get to know all the equipment and and everything else, and then fast forward to after graduation I did go to college for for for a little bit, and then I came back to the family business, starting in.



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Brian Sessler: And i've been working ever since.



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Michael Palumbos: awesome awesome can you walk us through if you wouldn't mind kind of set the landscape of.



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Michael Palumbos: The family members in the business, you know, so the company was started by Brian be your grandparents right.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah so give me a little bit of you know how how that worked out Jane do you want to walk us through that.



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Michael Palumbos: Your parents started it when.



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Jane Shaffer: Our parents Vernon bb sessler started this sessler companies in 1958 and they started it with a not aware they 1952 49 and tractor backhoe.



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Jane Shaffer: which our Father promptly painted pink some said it was the cheapest darn paint he could get other said it was a marketing whiz.



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Jane Shaffer: And dad spent was pink for a couple years and then we went to our traditional colors of blue and yellow so it was started by our parents 1958 64 years ago.



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Jane Shaffer: And it was doing basements and septic line set in different small projects and then through the 60s that he started into a little bit larger and we kept growing and adding employees and finding our niche in the bridge demolition which we've now expanded quite a debt.



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Michael Palumbos: Great and then so your parents passed the business on to whom, who would, who is the next generation.



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Jane Shaffer: So the first generation obviously was Vernon bb sessler in this second generation is myself and my two brothers Craig sessler laverne sessler jr.



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Jane Shaffer: Is i'd mentioned earlier.



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Jane Shaffer: Our Father kid a lot of different health element, but so did our mother in our mother.



00:06:53.610 --> 00:07:08.970

Jane Shaffer: passed away very young age of 59 and when she passed away is when the succession and the transfer of the company's went to generation to so it was in 1997 that Craig Vernon I.



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Jane Shaffer: became the next active generation on generational owners of the company and our Father also died at a young age of 66 and he was still very active.



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Jane Shaffer: Or is active see could be at those times mere fact during those times is when he is a true entrepreneur we're starting line of other little.



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Jane Shaffer: Businesses we obsessed lawyers happy days, which was a soda fountain we had settlers best 18 miniature golf course in Florida, we just had a multitude of.



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Jane Shaffer: different things we had verne's hotdog stand throughout New York state so, even though he was quote unquote retired from the demolition business.



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Jane Shaffer: His entrepreneurial spirit, still live down in that spirit lives and within each one of the family members.



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Jane Shaffer: Is we were coming through the ages, besides Craig burn and I is Brian said, all the boys were to G three except for my daughter is all boys, so we have a lot of sessler boys bundling up through the company's so we have.



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Jane Shaffer: Through the through the transitions we've had craig's four boys then Brian Kevin Kevin in we've had laverne family laverne INEC who have come through.



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Jane Shaffer: The business, and it is, we all know, when you bring that many family members, together, sometimes it gets too crowded or it squashes others entrepreneurial spirit.



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Jane Shaffer: And it is quite common in a lot of family businesses, some need to find their own way in half.



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Jane Shaffer: And the oldest Daniel sessler has captured that entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather, and he has branched off to start his own company and he is doing very well.



00:09:19.740 --> 00:09:38.190

Jane Shaffer: And so we still have five of G three is what we call the third generation in the company and you know they range in age from the MID 20s to the late 30s so we have quite a ladder of succession that's coming into place.



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Michael Palumbos: Sure, thank you, Brian you know walk me through you know you started in 2002 you said, and you know you joined the family business what was what was it like for you then.



00:09:54.870 --> 00:10:10.800

Michael Palumbos: versus you know and and your and your siblings versus what's going on today walk us through and what do you, you know the conversations, maybe there was you know some through the years there was probably different conversations that happen between you and angie to.



00:10:11.280 --> 00:10:13.800

Brian Sessler: yeah So when I started it was.



00:10:15.120 --> 00:10:25.770

Brian Sessler: Which which I applaud I give I give g to a lot of credit, because when I tell you there was no silver spoon I mean there was really no silver spoon it was it was.



00:10:26.340 --> 00:10:33.540

Brian Sessler: You started at the shop sweeping the shop floor you were the low man on the totem pole on the job sites.



00:10:34.230 --> 00:10:42.540

Brian Sessler: Working out in the field and and and and we essentially had to earn our way right up through the business, you know from.



00:10:42.960 --> 00:11:00.810

Brian Sessler: from being the Labor on the job site to them to form into an operator to the superintendent you know there's a lot of different levels, you know that we had to climb up through so for the first i'm going to say, for the first 12 to 15 years of my.



00:11:02.130 --> 00:11:09.240

Brian Sessler: of my career at the sessler companies was was involved a lot at the mostly in the demolition company.



00:11:09.660 --> 00:11:28.950

Brian Sessler: Again, starting from the Labor to to grow on all the way up to a heading in 2016 2015 2016 you know, myself and, at the time, my brother Dan was involved and and we are the heads of operation for the entire for the entire sessler wrecking.



00:11:30.210 --> 00:11:31.050

Brian Sessler: Company.



00:11:31.710 --> 00:11:46.800

Michael Palumbos: And and that's about the time that you know I had met the family, through my father years before I remember being in the blue building upstairs one time for a meeting with the the three of you may be in probably about the time you started Brian.



00:11:47.610 --> 00:11:52.140

Michael Palumbos: I think my dad was kind of taken me around because he was excited that Michael had joined the business.



00:11:53.910 --> 00:12:03.450

Michael Palumbos: And then, but it was 2015 16 as dad was getting ready to retire that that we started, you know interacting together.



00:12:04.770 --> 00:12:18.840

Jane Shaffer: Though Michael when we're talking about that timeframe that's when we started thinking of transitions succession planning so much kudos to your father into our parents.



00:12:19.860 --> 00:12:29.490

Jane Shaffer: They were proponents of planning and our parents had engaged, you know your father Marty and worked with him and.



00:12:30.330 --> 00:12:42.900

Jane Shaffer: structuring their estates, even though their states were small they were structuring their estates that and how should things like in how do we move forward, how to we.



00:12:43.290 --> 00:13:03.480

Jane Shaffer: Keep what they started is a sessler legacy moving forward so in 2012 is when Craig Vernon I were firming up succession planning in looking at what's the direction we want this family in the companies to go.



00:13:03.990 --> 00:13:18.690

Jane Shaffer: And did their time I was appointed officially is President a sessler racking and we became established is one of the premier women business enterprises in the demolition field.



00:13:19.410 --> 00:13:31.950

Jane Shaffer: Not only New York, but throughout the Northeast and Craig inverne and I further grew the company and to bringing in the multiple talents they each have G three here.



00:13:32.400 --> 00:13:44.580

Jane Shaffer: In part of their planning was working with a variety of consultants to make sure that G three had the skill sets in the training in the preparation necessary.



00:13:45.060 --> 00:13:56.250

Jane Shaffer: In part of that 10 year plan that we were working in was how to further diversify the assets of the company, what is the best transfer mechanisms.



00:13:56.550 --> 00:14:10.650

Jane Shaffer: And at that time is when we started two more additional companies one was sessler equipment which became the entity, of which we purchased all the construction equipment in.



00:14:11.070 --> 00:14:24.270

Jane Shaffer: But what we did was we started that concert assessor equipment in G three snake, so all the assets were beginning to evolve into G three transitional.



00:14:24.870 --> 00:14:33.360

Jane Shaffer: And then through that trying to look at what other aspects in every news were available that we regularly.



00:14:33.630 --> 00:14:45.660

Jane Shaffer: were already in in environmental was the area that we chose so shortly after the establishment assessor equipment, we established in generation three.



00:14:46.110 --> 00:14:58.740

Jane Shaffer: The assessor environmental services which, after much discussion that was their brain would head up that division become the President of their company so by the MID.



00:14:59.970 --> 00:15:01.890

Jane Shaffer: So right around 20.



00:15:03.000 --> 00:15:06.510

Jane Shaffer: What about 2015 2016.



00:15:06.870 --> 00:15:14.670

Jane Shaffer: Exact had already developed to G three owned companies that are vital parts to the sessler companies.



00:15:15.030 --> 00:15:33.600

Jane Shaffer: So sorry equipment when purchasing equipment and then Lisa it to both sessler racking and to sesame environmental and that's when the force and the gravity of G three and bringing everybody in and getting everybody on the same road map for succession.



00:15:34.590 --> 00:15:45.900

Michael Palumbos: So can I remember, there was a conversation I remember in 2015 sitting around the conference room and see if anybody else remembers this this conversation.



00:15:47.250 --> 00:15:49.350

Michael Palumbos: You know in you had you know.



00:15:50.400 --> 00:15:57.990

Michael Palumbos: sessler excavating and racking was their equipment was there at the time, I think we started.



00:15:58.050 --> 00:16:04.920

Brian Sessler: In 16 2016 we incorporate and I believe the equipment company was 2004.



00:16:05.340 --> 00:16:18.180

Michael Palumbos: Right, so the equipment was before I started, you know talking with you and the conversation I remember and feel free to say Michael you're making that up that's what the conversation I remember is you know.



00:16:19.050 --> 00:16:26.370

Michael Palumbos: Se w had kind of I don't want to say plateaued but you guys said you were taking everything you needed out of it.



00:16:26.910 --> 00:16:38.700

Michael Palumbos: And, and it had it had done a really good job of you know, caring for and providing lifestyle for the three G two families as as they were.



00:16:39.090 --> 00:16:58.020

Michael Palumbos: And I somebody said, you know it might have been eugene so tell me if i'm remembering this right is what fed three families can't feed, you know five yet alone all eight of US So how are we going to you know we've got to do something differently Do you remember that conversation.



00:16:58.620 --> 00:17:12.600

Jane Shaffer: I do in that was a mimic of a conversation that my father's brother Bob sessler had said to me back in the early 80s, before I joined the family business.



00:17:12.930 --> 00:17:23.430

Jane Shaffer: saying you know the company your father is in doing well, I don't know if it can support another family don't leave your government job.



00:17:23.790 --> 00:17:33.330

Jane Shaffer: Well, is true is the sessler spirit and how stubborn, we cannot be we said well that heck with that in.



00:17:33.780 --> 00:17:48.630

Jane Shaffer: joined at the sessler family and grew it from supporting just one family today and Craig Vernon I to for families to them to generation to eight families, but we knew that through the.



00:17:49.110 --> 00:17:57.390

Jane Shaffer: structure changes that racking alone could not do that, in the way that it was currently set up.



00:17:57.870 --> 00:18:05.700

Jane Shaffer: And that's why we had to look at the other support avenues of companies, not only to support rocky.



00:18:05.940 --> 00:18:18.330

Jane Shaffer: but also within racking We further diversified those in took on too much stronger role not only in the bridge demolition, but in establishing the building.



00:18:18.720 --> 00:18:26.130

Jane Shaffer: And did the large commercial demolition, so that we have two very distinct divisions with leadership groups.



00:18:26.490 --> 00:18:39.870

Jane Shaffer: which you know now we're supporting between all the companies, and this is where I get goosebumps between all the employees of our companies, we are currently supporting over 120 families.



00:18:40.200 --> 00:18:51.120

Jane Shaffer: that's also times you know with the seasonal how we can be up to 200 families and every morning that I get up cognizant of bed it's not just.



00:18:51.780 --> 00:19:01.080

Jane Shaffer: Is the sessler family okay it's are the employees Okay, where are we, you know we have to make sure that the whole team.



00:19:01.560 --> 00:19:12.120

Jane Shaffer: You know it's not just assessor families, the sessler team cross to all companies, and then we have to make sure we treat the employees well in that we are treating.



00:19:12.450 --> 00:19:20.580

Jane Shaffer: That that we're treating them well and they feel appreciated, so that we can all work together for each other's benefit yeah.



00:19:21.690 --> 00:19:34.680

Michael Palumbos: that's great, and you know it matter of fact i'll come back to that in a second I don't know if one if either one of you knows the the company values by heart, but I know that you know when you do I just saw it recently on a linkedin.



00:19:35.580 --> 00:19:46.230

Michael Palumbos: And where you're you're hiring and you know you posted here's our company, you know our company values and and I know that those values are alive and well.



00:19:46.590 --> 00:19:55.920

Michael Palumbos: In the company, just when I meet the employees, I don't have to meet a family member, you know you can see it alive and well in the employees that work you work with today.



00:19:57.390 --> 00:20:11.820

Michael Palumbos: Brian you know I want to talk about the business itself, and you know I want to talk about you know Jane you know talked about the fact that there was a time when it was digging out basements and pools, and you know small jobs.



00:20:12.180 --> 00:20:19.650

Michael Palumbos: And when when you got involved in the company what was you know what were some of the big jobs that were happening for you.



00:20:19.980 --> 00:20:36.960

Michael Palumbos: You know, at the time and then what were some of the things that you know as you were going through the years say up, and you know before fcs started what were some of the things and how did you grow and how did you, you know add to your capabilities to that period of time yeah.



00:20:38.490 --> 00:20:48.450

Brian Sessler: I would have to say when I first started the company was more it was more local the first probably five years or so of.



00:20:49.470 --> 00:21:03.390

Brian Sessler: Myself entering the business, we were more of a local company, we had the you know, we had that you know hundred mile radius around this type of mentality and every now and then we'd go a little bit further, but as.



00:21:04.680 --> 00:21:15.450

Brian Sessler: As time went on, I noticed and looking I didn't realize it at the time, but as I, as I sit in that reflect back, I can see the growth of the company and then all of a sudden hey.



00:21:15.870 --> 00:21:32.700

Brian Sessler: You know we're we're over here in Massachusetts and hey we're up here in Vermont now and hey we're you know, then we kind of captured in a good way we kind of covered the New York City market, I remember the I can kind of remember you know, the first couple jobs back in 2001.



00:21:35.040 --> 00:21:43.770

Brian Sessler: You know I can remember some of those you know the jobs going on down there and then we got some big contracts down in the southern tier so i've enjoyed.



00:21:45.180 --> 00:21:49.530

Brian Sessler: You know the the the course of my career has enjoyed the.



00:21:50.100 --> 00:21:59.310

Brian Sessler: The watching the company grow and and truthfully not even realizing what we're doing I you know in my head at the time it was like hey I gotta drive over here I gotta go do this job and.



00:21:59.670 --> 00:22:06.900

Brian Sessler: And you know Lo and behold, it to roadmap to where we expanded to now we cover basically the entire northeast.



00:22:07.770 --> 00:22:11.880

Michael Palumbos: You know if you don't mind i'm going to ask you to get a little specific.



00:22:12.300 --> 00:22:21.660

Michael Palumbos: Because there's a there's a couple of things through the history that I think are important for you guys to share one was you know, in the in the.



00:22:21.990 --> 00:22:32.100

Michael Palumbos: In the demolition of bridges if i'm not mistaken, there was a patent along the way the you know some innovations that came from them and then you know.



00:22:32.760 --> 00:22:43.230

Michael Palumbos: When we talked you know about strategy back in 2015 before we you know before things really started to get rolling.



00:22:43.920 --> 00:23:01.350

Michael Palumbos: The way they are, and let me give you kudos real quick, you know in in the US, the amount of companies that you know our do do annual revenues of a million dollars or less it's about 93% of businesses.



00:23:02.400 --> 00:23:08.460

Michael Palumbos: The number of companies that do revenues between one and $10 million is about 6%.



00:23:09.120 --> 00:23:20.160

Michael Palumbos: Okay, and to go over $10 million of revenue is less than 1% and to do you know more than $100 million is like a quarter of 1%.



00:23:20.670 --> 00:23:36.450

Michael Palumbos: And, and you guys, you know, have a lot to be proud of, in order to feed, you know and House you know over 100 different families, we know that the revenues, you know are well north of you know, the $10 million range so i'm not talking out of school or anything but.



00:23:38.040 --> 00:23:46.950

Michael Palumbos: You know, to get there, you know that's not where you started when you to when the three of you Jane Craig and vern took over the company.



00:23:47.520 --> 00:24:02.280

Michael Palumbos: you're below that $10 million mark you know, and you, you know, had surpassed some things, but there was creativity and innovation and the The thing that I remember that I, you know, the thing that I think is something to be really proud of is.



00:24:03.720 --> 00:24:11.130

Michael Palumbos: You always said, give us the most technically difficult jobs and this family will figure out how to get it done.



00:24:13.170 --> 00:24:22.320

Michael Palumbos: So you know talk about you know, a couple of the jobs, Brian where you sit there and say, technically, these were some of the toughest things that we did yeah.



00:24:23.100 --> 00:24:35.400

Brian Sessler: Some of the so as we mentioned earlier bridge demolition was a a niche for us and we've got you know we've got the reputation of being the premier bridge demolition contractor.



00:24:36.780 --> 00:24:49.740

Brian Sessler: So you know East of the Mississippi so the some of the technical jobs that we would get into our large dry bridges that have massive you know million pound counterweights and.



00:24:50.910 --> 00:25:03.240

Brian Sessler: You know a lot of building and bridge implosions that you drop them bridges into the bottom of a lake and you gotta you scuba divers to go down and retrieve them off the bottom of the lake and then.



00:25:04.320 --> 00:25:16.710

Brian Sessler: New Jersey turnpike where they decide hey we want to, we want to widen the entire thing and rip out, you know 25 bridges and here we go we're going to rip out 25 bridges on the New Jersey turnpike to.



00:25:17.130 --> 00:25:18.570

Jane Shaffer: All at the same time.



00:25:18.660 --> 00:25:18.960




00:25:20.580 --> 00:25:21.090

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:25:21.930 --> 00:25:25.050

Brian Sessler: And so, and then we we did some.



00:25:26.340 --> 00:25:36.540

Brian Sessler: Jobs and evolved, a lot of underwater concrete remote well, so we had to utilize GPS type equipment, because obviously you can't see underwater and we had to reach them.



00:25:37.020 --> 00:25:54.540

Brian Sessler: To the depths of 40 foot below sea level to reach reach the concrete, you know massive amounts of concrete to come out and and and naturally the bridge demolition, you know there's an inherent engineering techniques that you got to use them and.



00:25:55.560 --> 00:26:02.940

Brian Sessler: You know, and we pride ourselves with the amount with the level of engineering that we have in the House and in the consultants that we use.



00:26:04.620 --> 00:26:10.650

Brian Sessler: it's the team that you know really helps us tackle these technical projects.



00:26:11.460 --> 00:26:21.360

Jane Shaffer: Great so along with it, you had talked about the patents so back in the early 19 around 19 9092.



00:26:22.590 --> 00:26:43.830

Jane Shaffer: my brother my brother is cranking burn had developed three different patents and these patents are still in the fact they have worked wonderful for the company between our wing attachments to our trailers, to the barge projects that we do.



00:26:44.970 --> 00:26:53.250

Jane Shaffer: That it really has helped to get all the bridge industry, where we work so Craig and burn.



00:26:53.580 --> 00:27:05.970

Jane Shaffer: Just had that spirit, they weren't engineers and they weren't trained engineers, but from the work experience in looking to see what needed to be done and how we could streamline.



00:27:06.360 --> 00:27:15.990

Jane Shaffer: had taken their ideas and further developed them had them proved out and obtained these very important patents for the assessor company.



00:27:17.820 --> 00:27:33.030

Michael Palumbos: Great So if I wanted those the wing trailers, you know it's you've got a trailer the wings pop out underneath the bridge, so that when the bridge falls down it captures all of the debris right.



00:27:34.650 --> 00:27:40.770

Michael Palumbos: And if the you know when you see it, and if you think about it it's like well, of course, that makes perfectly good sense.



00:27:41.160 --> 00:27:51.150

Michael Palumbos: But somebody had to be going through there, and you know they dropped that bridge and you're going sending people left and right to pick everything up or equipment left and right, and you know one one device.



00:27:51.450 --> 00:27:58.860

Michael Palumbos: You know, really made a huge giant difference for the work that you did so overdose to your ingenuity and.



00:27:59.520 --> 00:28:05.880

Michael Palumbos: You know how you how you looked at things in it and that continues today, I know you know in conversations that we've had.



00:28:06.660 --> 00:28:18.330

Michael Palumbos: Both with g to angie three you know, one of the things that they have said is that innovation and that ability to look at those difficult jobs there's not a job that.



00:28:18.870 --> 00:28:26.370

Michael Palumbos: The sessler family when it comes to demolition and environmental you know work that you'd probably shy away from at this point.



00:28:28.440 --> 00:28:38.940

Michael Palumbos: yeah I remember you know watching videos of the implosion of some of the Eastman Kodak buildings which just amazing when you watch the timing behind there.



00:28:39.690 --> 00:28:49.290

Michael Palumbos: I know a couple years ago you even you even left the you know we're typically on the east coast, you went to the Midwest tell us about you know what was that project blank.



00:28:50.370 --> 00:28:59.070

Brian Sessler: So in Michigan I assume that's the project be talking about, we were hired to decommission a a an old.



00:29:00.660 --> 00:29:10.950

Brian Sessler: General Motors I believe us General Motors power plant, obviously the car manufacturer they had their own power plants out there and and it was a.



00:29:11.880 --> 00:29:22.170

Brian Sessler: It was a larger boilerhouse I think it contained seven different boilers on the inside, and so we were hired settlers were hired to go there to.



00:29:22.530 --> 00:29:34.650

Brian Sessler: decommission the entire plant that entire facility, which was you know we took on all of the environmental components, you know from the bestest to the PCBs, to the universal ways.



00:29:35.700 --> 00:29:53.220

Brian Sessler: And then, and then we commence the demolition and that demolition also included 110 foot tall a boiler house that we did a we did have to we didn't have to, but we upload it to bring it down because that was the safest way to do it.



00:29:54.390 --> 00:30:06.600

Michael Palumbos: awesome that's it's fun stuff I, you know as a kid I remember having my sandbox Brian that you know my father Marty built this giant sandbox for us.



00:30:06.900 --> 00:30:18.540

Michael Palumbos: And I had the big old tonka trucks and so every time I pull you know pull into you know the the pull in the driveway or the parking lot and see those giant excavators and whatnot it's.



00:30:18.960 --> 00:30:28.890

Michael Palumbos: You know you understand it's sometimes it probably doesn't feel like going to work when when you get the chance to you know to be thinking about how are we going to do these things.



00:30:29.460 --> 00:30:30.690

Brian Sessler: yeah yeah well.



00:30:30.990 --> 00:30:48.240

Jane Shaffer: He and so you talk about all of that, you know I caught the boys toys right so whenever we would purchase the new excavator one of my nephews would always claim it is that mine is at my birthday present can I operate it first.



00:30:48.630 --> 00:30:53.550

Jane Shaffer: You know, so it was like oh no and all the excitement about the real life.



00:30:53.940 --> 00:31:06.060

Jane Shaffer: And all of this sessler boys have are torn torn down their first house at a very young age right it's like go yeah that's go down to the O dot.



00:31:06.330 --> 00:31:20.400

Jane Shaffer: pmc or the same allied and you know whose turn, is it now to get me excavator you know of course supervise make sure, everything is safe, in compliance, but those were like the.



00:31:21.330 --> 00:31:41.700

Jane Shaffer: I don't know the training wheels, you know for for everybody, and you know we're taught is we're talking with Brian in myself, you know we have to make sure that we're talking about the other people in G three and the impact that they have on the company right Brian.



00:31:42.000 --> 00:31:46.170

Jane Shaffer: So it just would you want me to wait.



00:31:46.470 --> 00:31:52.110

Michael Palumbos: yeah cuz i'm going to come to that in a second because there's there's a lot of I think there's a few other pieces, I just want to set up real quick.



00:31:52.590 --> 00:31:53.550

Michael Palumbos: Oh i'm.



00:31:53.940 --> 00:31:54.840

Jane Shaffer: Like window.



00:31:55.470 --> 00:31:59.700

Michael Palumbos: And Brian hit to talk loudly wow What was it.



00:32:01.200 --> 00:32:03.570

Michael Palumbos: I forgot what I was gonna say that's all right.



00:32:05.280 --> 00:32:08.550

Michael Palumbos: let's do this let's just back up to that.



00:32:10.860 --> 00:32:15.390

Michael Palumbos: When I was introduced to the family at a different level.



00:32:16.920 --> 00:32:22.200

Michael Palumbos: If you don't mean so at the time you've got sessler excavating and racking and sessler equipment.



00:32:23.280 --> 00:32:34.320

Michael Palumbos: paint the picture of what's going on at that point you're you know 43 years into a into the transition plan that was put together by.



00:32:34.590 --> 00:32:44.820

Michael Palumbos: My father and your accountant and attorney at the time and that's really key you guys have always been really good at making sure that you.



00:32:45.330 --> 00:32:56.430

Michael Palumbos: put all of the advisors together so that they could be out and talk to each other, and you know the pros and cons of each of the different scenarios could be worked through.



00:32:56.700 --> 00:33:03.090

Michael Palumbos: By putting the team together and that's really smart because you know, one of the things that.



00:33:03.540 --> 00:33:06.510

Michael Palumbos: we've learned through the years and I learned from my father is that you know.



00:33:06.720 --> 00:33:11.880

Michael Palumbos: If I press on one button there's it's like a lever something else happens, and so you need to know.



00:33:12.060 --> 00:33:27.330

Michael Palumbos: What all those different things are, and you don't know the tax aspects if it's you know if you're just approaching it from a legal perspective, you know, or what the financial perspective is or the estate planning aspect you know perspective and all of those things are you know.



00:33:28.500 --> 00:33:39.210

Michael Palumbos: come from you know when you have the level of success that the families had you have to be careful of all those different pieces so Brian you want.



00:33:40.650 --> 00:33:54.180

Jane Shaffer: To go along with that my goal is, we always found a great time to you and fiscal there you in bringing all of the components together to the same table right like.



00:33:54.600 --> 00:34:05.040

Jane Shaffer: That talk about the text is in the legal in the succession, the state and let's get all the players together schedule it we're all in the same conference room.



00:34:05.400 --> 00:34:15.240

Jane Shaffer: And let them all feed off each other right, instead of having the meeting with the Attorney who's now going to call the accountant in a week later, we might get that.



00:34:15.780 --> 00:34:26.490

Jane Shaffer: response which further impacted the estate, we need to bring in that person so Craig run and I would talk about we bring everybody in.



00:34:26.760 --> 00:34:36.120

Jane Shaffer: and also in the conversation would migrate, you know between all of those advisors and we would just sit back and watch it happen.



00:34:36.420 --> 00:34:56.310

Jane Shaffer: And then come back together like Okay, this is what everybody's marching orders are in it was it saved a lot of time in energy, because everybody was, at the same moment in the same conversation not diluted by a week or a month, so.



00:34:56.340 --> 00:34:56.910

Jane Shaffer: We are.



00:34:57.390 --> 00:35:07.620

Jane Shaffer: Strong proponents of that bring everybody together don't worry about the costs of the I really for this one, or that one bring them all together and get the interaction going.



00:35:08.520 --> 00:35:17.880

Michael Palumbos: It all at the end of the day, you know, and I, I have been a big proponent of that myself, as you know, but at the end of the day it saves time and money.



00:35:18.180 --> 00:35:31.020

Michael Palumbos: And one of the things that i've learned, you know, and I think you've seen this is that it's not comfortable for every single one of the advisors, a lot of times, especially when you get really good advisors.



00:35:32.340 --> 00:35:44.640

Michael Palumbos: there's this you know this ego thing that happens and i'm supposed to be leading or you know where things are, and you know what i've learned is everybody just needs to set the egos aside and just serve.



00:35:45.090 --> 00:35:50.460

Michael Palumbos: And when that happens, the magic happens because an idea sprouts out of like you said Jane.



00:35:50.760 --> 00:35:59.640

Michael Palumbos: You know the accountant says something or the Attorney or the the wealth advisor that you know says something different, the business coach and it's like Oh, we missed that.



00:36:00.180 --> 00:36:10.170

Michael Palumbos: You know, so you like, one of the things that I think was fabulous is you know when you started the equipment company didn't start it in the name of g to.



00:36:11.190 --> 00:36:20.760

Michael Palumbos: You know, and so the ownership was already stuck you know so here's a company that was you know non existent no assets work, you know didn't get no value at that point.



00:36:21.090 --> 00:36:37.350

Michael Palumbos: And then you started that building the value in the next generation and that's you know generational allocation of the assets so um alright so we're going to we're going to paint the picture, Brian from your perspective, think about around that 2015 time frame from.



00:36:38.430 --> 00:36:40.650

Michael Palumbos: perspective what's happening.



00:36:41.550 --> 00:36:50.160

Brian Sessler: yeah so and 2015 not all of the Members that are present in the business now we're active at that time I.



00:36:51.330 --> 00:37:04.260

Brian Sessler: I don't know exactly which ones were, but I know I do believe my brother Dan was involved, I was obviously involved my brother Jeff was involved and i'm not sure if Kevin was involved at that point or not.



00:37:05.460 --> 00:37:19.770

Brian Sessler: So at this at this stage in and our career Harry and I were coming out of the field and we're kind of entering you know you know flirting with the idea i'll say of entering into the office of management side of things.



00:37:20.160 --> 00:37:36.000

Brian Sessler: All the wild you know we started with the transition I the business the record business was it was still pretty good at the time, I believe, and Jane might be able to correct me, but I know we had we did have a couple struggle in years because in a lot of it, I think, was due to.



00:37:37.050 --> 00:37:43.500

Brian Sessler: there's just a lot of mouths to feed and everyone is literally just trying to find their place in the business because.



00:37:44.820 --> 00:37:52.500

Brian Sessler: It was confusing a lot for G three is like what are we supposed to be doing or not we're not really sure, should we have a shovel and I and or she will be over here.



00:37:52.770 --> 00:38:03.360

Brian Sessler: You know the computer and trying to figure out the next job we're not really sure trying to learn our places the best way I can explain that so at the at the time of.



00:38:04.260 --> 00:38:12.180

Brian Sessler: At the time, we had the equipment company and then you know that just the talks and you might have been involved in a lot of the talks.



00:38:12.720 --> 00:38:25.200

Brian Sessler: about how do we, how do we one transition, the company from GE to to how do we essentially grow the family business, you know what are we going to do, because, as we touched on earlier.



00:38:25.560 --> 00:38:30.300

Brian Sessler: You know we're multiplying, you know there's going to be a lot more family members that we've got to feed.



00:38:31.170 --> 00:38:45.120

Brian Sessler: And and almost as equally as important, you know we're all entrepreneurial and we we need that you know, we want to kind of drive something ourselves and develop something ourselves and and.



00:38:46.080 --> 00:39:04.020

Brian Sessler: You know, for a long time the families talked about the environmental arena Howard coincides with the demolition and and everything else, and it could utilize a lot of the same equipment and we talked about a lot of different avenues, and that was the one that kind of stuck in.



00:39:05.400 --> 00:39:16.530

Brian Sessler: At the time we we went to market and we found a couple of experts that really assisted us and starting up that business and the environmental business and.



00:39:17.250 --> 00:39:27.000

Brian Sessler: And gotta go on, and it was a rough couple years in the beginning, but but it's really flourished since then pretty proud of it Nice.



00:39:27.240 --> 00:39:31.020

Michael Palumbos: I had come back i've got some other questions for you, but Jane from your perspective.



00:39:32.940 --> 00:39:34.230

Michael Palumbos: what's g to thicken.



00:39:37.980 --> 00:39:42.300

Jane Shaffer: In 2012 when we embarked on this 10 year.



00:39:43.680 --> 00:39:52.230

Jane Shaffer: Craig Bernie and I are still young right we're still young today and we're looking like God wouldn't it be great be able to.



00:39:52.620 --> 00:40:04.590

Jane Shaffer: sit back and retire and beyond here in 10 years cuz cuz we're the day to day grunting it out right and then, as we get going it's like G three is coming in.



00:40:05.010 --> 00:40:11.190

Jane Shaffer: And i'm not telling tales out of out of school but it's like all of a sudden.



00:40:11.790 --> 00:40:22.470

Jane Shaffer: They start to feel entitlement right and it's like What do you mean you think you're entitled to this are entitled to that, so there was a push between G two and.



00:40:22.800 --> 00:40:41.190

Jane Shaffer: Three right and at each one was trying to find their foothold right Jay to us like we're still here, and you still need to do this right so working with yourself and other consultants was for each.



00:40:41.880 --> 00:40:52.770

Jane Shaffer: side to see what the other side we're seeing and feeling and experiencing to help work through that and that's where the art of communication.



00:40:53.010 --> 00:41:03.540

Jane Shaffer: is very important, so the key to MP3 or understanding and that we can get into each other's heads, even though I don't want to get into some of their heads.



00:41:05.130 --> 00:41:07.920

Jane Shaffer: Thinking I don't want to know but.



00:41:08.940 --> 00:41:22.020

Jane Shaffer: So it was a tough, you know the last five years have been very transitional for the companies in for the family and as we began to better respect the.



00:41:22.410 --> 00:41:35.760

Jane Shaffer: younger ones, the G three and to see that well look at what they've learned and what they're doing in their ideas have merit in their successful.



00:41:36.150 --> 00:41:57.180

Jane Shaffer: So it was like trying to learn how to loosen the grip is you're doing the pass off right but still keeping a hold of the tail to make sure it's still staring in the right direction right so when you have that much testosterone within the family business, you know and.



00:41:57.570 --> 00:41:59.400

Michael Palumbos: It was very difficult.



00:42:00.270 --> 00:42:07.800

Jane Shaffer: For day they've they've all worked together and are learning how to do that and, as we mentioned.



00:42:09.150 --> 00:42:20.160

Jane Shaffer: With all these young men in learning the skills they're each finding their own knock of expertise, or what they would like to do.



00:42:20.520 --> 00:42:32.460

Jane Shaffer: Right now, which is, which is great everybody's falling into we have a good road plan a roadmap going through we're coming to the end of every 10 years succession.



00:42:32.880 --> 00:42:47.040

Jane Shaffer: And even though the last three years, have been rough because we're like holy crap we're getting close where are we who's going to do one so it's all the strategic planning and both sides in the open communication yeah.



00:42:47.190 --> 00:42:57.390

Michael Palumbos: And I really so one of the things do you mind talking about you know between 2015 and 16 there was some Saturday meetings.



00:42:57.990 --> 00:43:04.710

Michael Palumbos: And D, that I was happened to be a part of with with the family Do you remember those meetings, Brian I do.



00:43:05.550 --> 00:43:16.260

Michael Palumbos: You want to just talk about that a little bit, because I think that that along with, and if you don't mind me, you know, using his name the other consultant that that came in, is that okay.



00:43:16.800 --> 00:43:27.570

Michael Palumbos: Sure yeah so Jeff Sam love came in and Jeff really you know, there was a and it came from the Saturday meetings at some level so talk about the Saturday meetings that we were doing.



00:43:28.410 --> 00:43:33.750

Brian Sessler: yeah I think we touched on earlier a little bit you know everywhere else, trying to find our place and.



00:43:34.530 --> 00:43:42.390

Brian Sessler: it's specifically G three is trying to find a place in the business and and at the same time, I think G two is saying what.



00:43:42.870 --> 00:43:53.880

Brian Sessler: What are you guys doing you know you should be doing something different, or you know, or what are you doing it was it was a tough time and then, at the same time we.



00:43:54.420 --> 00:44:07.170

Brian Sessler: As the G three as we started to elevate within the businesses and take on a leadership roles, I think I think some members felt that.



00:44:08.400 --> 00:44:19.890

Brian Sessler: They were being left behind, they weren't quite it wasn't the dreams that they once had they weren't going to be in charge of everything and the partnership that a family business.



00:44:20.610 --> 00:44:31.890

Brian Sessler: needs, in my opinion, at least the partnership i'm not so sure that that partnership was there, so those Saturday meetings with with yourself and Jeff was.



00:44:32.250 --> 00:44:32.820

Brian Sessler: We should try.



00:44:33.780 --> 00:44:46.500

Michael Palumbos: I apologize, the city when we first started the Saturday Jeff wasn't involved, if you remember, we pulled out a book and it was like it was like a book club meeting, where we pulled out, you know vern harnesses book scaling up.



00:44:46.680 --> 00:44:47.400

Brian Sessler: scaling up.



00:44:47.910 --> 00:44:54.150

Michael Palumbos: And started to say you know what are other companies doing to get through this stuff.



00:44:54.360 --> 00:44:55.230

Michael Palumbos: And that way you know.



00:44:55.260 --> 00:44:56.310

Brian Sessler: I apologize, I was.



00:44:56.970 --> 00:44:58.410

Brian Sessler: The other Saturday meetings.



00:44:59.280 --> 00:45:14.310

Brian Sessler: So that the scaling up that we started doing that really, in my opinion, that was at my point in time, that was when things just started clicking for me that was me and i'm speaking specifically for me.



00:45:15.570 --> 00:45:21.240

Brian Sessler: But I think it affected everybody, but at that point in time, it just it opened their eyes, like hey.



00:45:21.720 --> 00:45:28.830

Brian Sessler: You know, you know we've got a we've got to be working on this business, not just in the business we've got to do it together and it kind of.



00:45:29.280 --> 00:45:40.860

Brian Sessler: At that point in time, I believe, is when is when you know the the throttles went back forward and the entire family was you know, working together, we know.



00:45:41.100 --> 00:45:49.410

Brian Sessler: We know where we're going we knew what we wanted to do and and in a we're figuring out pretty quickly how we're going to get there yeah.



00:45:49.860 --> 00:45:57.990

Michael Palumbos: And, and that as those things started to unfold, the way I you know going back is those things started to unfold.



00:45:58.350 --> 00:46:11.220

Michael Palumbos: that's when some of the I don't want to say it wasn't personalities, but it was like wait a minute we're growing and we're going into this stuff and is this the direction I want to go and that's when some of the communication was breaking down.



00:46:11.490 --> 00:46:20.850

Michael Palumbos: And you know it was like I could I could walk you through reading this book and I had been familiar with Rockefeller habits and scaling up you know, for over 10 years right, you know and.



00:46:21.090 --> 00:46:37.080

Michael Palumbos: So I knew, you know enough, but I was not certified as a business coach in in those areas at the time and and there was you know just some of the personality pieces and you know what the desires of.



00:46:37.620 --> 00:46:44.940

Michael Palumbos: I didn't know how to I didn't know how to navigate that and I know I threw my hands up in the air, at one point, and was like.



00:46:45.330 --> 00:46:56.070

Michael Palumbos: We got to get some help, and you know I remember, there was a lot of pushback and tell me, you know if i'm from from family to say you want to bring in.



00:46:56.460 --> 00:47:09.780

Michael Palumbos: A family business coach I don't you know we don't need that we just need to grow, the business and and there was a Jeff Sam love, I had watched him at a purposeful planning Institute.



00:47:10.980 --> 00:47:23.850

Michael Palumbos: seminar, it was, and he did this whole thing on metallica and family businesses, and I remember coming back to you guys and say, well, if you're cooler than metallica than I guess you don't need jeff's fans.



00:47:25.350 --> 00:47:37.260

Michael Palumbos: That, I think, was the point that it was, like all right if metallica hired a business coach to help them, you know, and it was it was a family business coach that you know that that helped metallica stay together.



00:47:37.740 --> 00:47:45.000

Michael Palumbos: And to you know metallica is credit nothing we're in this about metallica but they said, you know if it wasn't for.



00:47:45.300 --> 00:47:54.450

Michael Palumbos: That person, they would have gone the way of the Beatles they would not, they would not have made it through those things, and you know when we look at where the family is today.



00:47:54.930 --> 00:48:04.470

Michael Palumbos: You know everybody's in a spot where there are 1,000% happier doing the doing what they're you know that what they were meant to do and.



00:48:05.880 --> 00:48:18.750

Michael Palumbos: You know, if we look at you know, Brian like you were saying you know it was it was you and your three brothers originally and now you know, since then, you know to SDS you know.



00:48:19.350 --> 00:48:30.030

Michael Palumbos: sessler environmental services has grown in all by itself has grown above that that catapulted, mark you know I don't want to you know it's.



00:48:30.570 --> 00:48:49.260

Michael Palumbos: well past a million dollars surpassed the you know the $10 million mark and it's put itself, you know made its own mark, and you know done something that you know, very few companies do in the US and you've got a twice in two different companies that have that have done that talk about.



00:48:50.400 --> 00:49:00.090

Michael Palumbos: Jane from your perspective, bringing in verne's boys what was that, like and they brought a different dynamic to you know, to the company.



00:49:01.110 --> 00:49:18.780

Jane Shaffer: They did both the burns boys that are engineers, so they went to penn state into acute university obtained their engineering degrees that in the barn he has his MBA and his engineering, so they brought a.



00:49:19.560 --> 00:49:34.080

Jane Shaffer: Different strength to the team for us and laverne was working in the New York City area is project management so key is the last person they assessor family to join.



00:49:34.350 --> 00:49:50.130

Jane Shaffer: The company, but he brought with him a wealth of experience and ideas from the same field Nick brought a lot of good engineering ideas and a lot of let's go get them enthusiasm.



00:49:51.120 --> 00:49:59.550

Jane Shaffer: which was very good and what I say about those Saturday meetings is we're bringing everybody is that.



00:50:00.210 --> 00:50:16.710

Jane Shaffer: kudos to the family, because we all showed up as painful, as that would get is the band aids were ripped off, we were all there and we were frank, open and honest to move the company in the family forward.



00:50:17.250 --> 00:50:24.810

Jane Shaffer: And you know you'd leave that meeting and two hours later you're you're at a ball game together or you're having a family dinner.



00:50:25.110 --> 00:50:34.200

Jane Shaffer: So it is hard, most people know within a family business to try and separate the business from the family, so that you can.



00:50:35.070 --> 00:50:51.060

Jane Shaffer: That was frustrating but hey my go grab a beer, do you want to go do this or oh yeah where your House tomorrow night, so that was something my mother always did Sunday family dinners and you couldn't talk about business till 7pm Sunday night.



00:50:51.480 --> 00:50:52.950

Jane Shaffer: And when they'd all go into.



00:50:52.950 --> 00:51:02.640

Jane Shaffer: The Office type thing so that's very important on any family business has to find and to carve out that time that you don't bring.



00:51:03.780 --> 00:51:16.980

Jane Shaffer: The work into the family or know where that division is, but so those theater day meetings you know, giving up, we gave a lot of saturday's but look what it did, for us it was very productive.



00:51:17.400 --> 00:51:29.670

Jane Shaffer: And it went right back to what Vernon bb started in their early years of relying and consultants and other expertise to help with the planning.



00:51:30.480 --> 00:51:39.660

Jane Shaffer: Only you know what you know you need to bring it in so bringing in laverne and neck to the fold of the Dan the brain the Jeff in the cabin.



00:51:40.020 --> 00:51:51.180

Jane Shaffer: Who were all boots on the ground at all times in Vernon net came from a different direction, and I have to say that I also have two children.



00:51:52.170 --> 00:52:06.510

Jane Shaffer: who follow their spouses cross countries and who are not active in the family business but there's still a very important part, but the sessler family dynamic and understand all the companies.



00:52:07.140 --> 00:52:13.200

Michael Palumbos: yeah you know that's a really interesting point and I want to take that because i've met your kids and one of the things you know.



00:52:13.560 --> 00:52:25.620

Michael Palumbos: Being you know, being part of the assessor family carries with it a level of responsibility and a level of pride that even though they're not working in the business, you know when you, you know.



00:52:26.130 --> 00:52:29.100

Michael Palumbos: When we run a family meeting, and you have the you know.



00:52:29.520 --> 00:52:38.550

Michael Palumbos: Have fam them there they want to know what's happening in the business, not because they want to change anything, or do anything or have a say in it, but it's.



00:52:38.880 --> 00:52:51.630

Michael Palumbos: it's this it's this pride that they have and that connection back to you know their aunt and uncle you know their uncle and uncles and their mom and dad and the grandparents.



00:52:52.050 --> 00:52:57.690

Michael Palumbos: And so you know when you're part of a family business, even if you're not working in it, you still care, and I think.



00:52:58.080 --> 00:53:03.900

Jane Shaffer: smoothly and we have four grandsons boys are prominent within this family.



00:53:04.380 --> 00:53:15.210

Jane Shaffer: And one grandson wants to own a bobcat company, so he can ranked assessor companies, the other one out in omaha's going to start a new.



00:53:15.540 --> 00:53:35.730

Jane Shaffer: You know mid West division for demolition and the other one wants to own the railroad so I can help suppliers, so all these boys and even though they're not active in the day to day they understand it in there, a part of and they're already thinking how they're going to be part of.



00:53:36.810 --> 00:53:41.670

Michael Palumbos: amazing I want to come back to the grandkids and a second Jane but there was something else, when that.



00:53:43.830 --> 00:53:55.080

Michael Palumbos: piece there's there's the business part that we were doing a lot of transition and communication work, and you know in scaling the business and figuring out where everybody was going to go.



00:53:55.440 --> 00:54:08.760

Michael Palumbos: On top of that, though, there was some you know when I you know met you guys Craig Jane and vern in order to be able to to leave the business and past the legacy.



00:54:09.360 --> 00:54:34.080

Michael Palumbos: You needed to know that you are personally going to be okay and and that you know was there was a lot to that went in and correct me if i'm wrong, but I remember between the three of you, there was probably five or six different advisors that we're at with some level or another involved.



00:54:35.130 --> 00:54:51.270

Michael Palumbos: And you know to you know, for me, what I what I was like there was like being pulled in different directions, this one said this, this one said that and and you know, by the time we had gone through and unraveled everything.



00:54:53.010 --> 00:54:57.090

Michael Palumbos: We looked there were some opportunities that came from the planning process.



00:54:57.630 --> 00:55:08.760

Michael Palumbos: There was some gaps that were inside of there, and you know i'm talking about this, because I think it's really important from a transition standpoint until those things.



00:55:09.210 --> 00:55:24.390

Michael Palumbos: were tied up in Nice and neat and and you felt that there was the probability of success when and probability of financial independence, even if you didn't own the company, you probably wouldn't have backed away, do you want to comment on that at all.



00:55:25.890 --> 00:55:28.200

Jane Shaffer: You just want to rip off Andy don't.



00:55:28.320 --> 00:55:29.790

Michael Palumbos: know now you're not too bad.



00:55:31.830 --> 00:55:49.710

Jane Shaffer: Well, it was a difficult time, the company, it takes a little bit of a downturn in 15 and 16 and then it quickly rebounded but at that time we're halfway through the transition we're not sure where G three is going to land.



00:55:51.060 --> 00:56:06.120

Jane Shaffer: or where the direction that companies are we're going to we're going to close down the racking start a new sister company, so there is so many transitions and, as you said, we have so many advisors.



00:56:06.990 --> 00:56:22.170

Jane Shaffer: We have three different legal companies, we have yourself with the CPA for, and then we also had a CPA consultant So yes, by time you put them on how to get there in stuff but.



00:56:24.840 --> 00:56:34.260

Jane Shaffer: was very pivotal pivotal because it could have gone entirely different direction, and instead everybody pulled up the bootstraps.



00:56:34.740 --> 00:56:47.610

Jane Shaffer: and worked to find the best path forward and working with the different advisors and getting through the personalities in the expectations.



00:56:48.450 --> 00:57:13.140

Jane Shaffer: And that was the difficult part because G two is this is is our life right and we need to make sure that our lifestyles, are going to continue and then G three understands, you know what our expectations are in what our needs are the same as we need to understand there's.



00:57:13.500 --> 00:57:23.550

Jane Shaffer: Right so trying to make sure that you know, are the by cells and plays are the absurd life insurance is in place.



00:57:24.660 --> 00:57:48.060

Jane Shaffer: What do we need to do for transitions how's it going to be, what are the tax the impacts that if we transfer or if we gift what's the best estate situation and then every year, it seems as a different politician that wants to play with the estate tax so that jumbles up all your planning.



00:57:49.380 --> 00:58:02.400

Jane Shaffer: It so yeah, but I think we're in an excellent spot right now but 15 and 16 you know, five, six years ago, was the pivotal point for the sessler companies.



00:58:03.090 --> 00:58:08.220

Michael Palumbos: And one of the things you know I wanted to say thank you to the sessler family myself because.



00:58:09.000 --> 00:58:17.760

Michael Palumbos: When I entered working with the sessler family, I would call myself a financial advisor a wealth manager.



00:58:18.090 --> 00:58:27.240

Michael Palumbos: And you know even a pretty high you know high level because we did the estate and the tax planning, and you know we did the you know the business transition.



00:58:27.720 --> 00:58:37.500

Michael Palumbos: But it was still that field um I think through the years for myself, is where we've grown to an outsourced family office where.



00:58:37.740 --> 00:58:44.520

Michael Palumbos: Now we make sure that the trusts, you know are taken care of and you know the the transition and.



00:58:44.880 --> 00:59:01.650

Michael Palumbos: You know you guys forced me to become a business coach me you didn't force me, but it was like in it just you know I went out and got certified in a program so that you know I could talk the language and just help you know the family as much as possible and laverne the third.



00:59:02.730 --> 00:59:09.660

Michael Palumbos: said to me, once you know Mike you know there's a book that I just read called the one thing.



00:59:10.620 --> 00:59:20.430

Michael Palumbos: don't you think you know you do so much do every time I say you know we need help in here, and you say Oh, I can help with that I need help over here, and you say I can help with that.



00:59:20.820 --> 00:59:31.890

Michael Palumbos: And so I sat down with laverne a couple of months ago and I showed him our business plan and I showed him our our process for serving a family.



00:59:32.280 --> 00:59:36.360

Michael Palumbos: And I said, you know and basically it was all about getting the family aligned.



00:59:36.780 --> 00:59:43.470

Michael Palumbos: Making sure you know, the focus on the family, focused on the finances and focus on the future or the the three phases that we've developed.



00:59:43.860 --> 00:59:49.530

Michael Palumbos: And in a lot of it came from this relationship that i've had with you and several other clients, much like yourselves.



00:59:50.010 --> 00:59:54.540

Michael Palumbos: And, and when I sent a little Vernon said I do focus on the one thing.



00:59:55.230 --> 01:00:08.340

Michael Palumbos: I focus on the family business it just so happens there's there's a lot of stuff around there that somebody has to kind of pull all the spider webs together and be in the Center of it, so that you can.



01:00:08.880 --> 01:00:21.750

Michael Palumbos: Talk between the contracts attorney in the tax attorney and the accountant and the 401k plan and and and the business, you know the business coach so.



01:00:22.200 --> 01:00:33.150

Michael Palumbos: I you know I really want to say thank you for the the level of experience that you've taken our practice to through the years, and you know, we have moved from.



01:00:33.690 --> 01:00:39.660

Michael Palumbos: Being financial advisors and wealth advisors, to now it's this you know outsourced family office.



01:00:40.200 --> 01:01:01.590

Michael Palumbos: That includes coaching the businesses and that's you know, on that note to get two things, two things left that I want to hit on before we get done Brian you know you and your siblings and and cousins are starting to think about you know the future, and you know number one from.



01:01:03.810 --> 01:01:10.680

Michael Palumbos: To today toy, you know we just finished 2021 the business has grown about four times.



01:01:11.250 --> 01:01:22.560

Michael Palumbos: sad about right, you know and then that's just looking at obsessed with companies, all of them and I bet you, you know Jane I didn't even think about this, but if he started, taking all of the enterprises.



01:01:22.860 --> 01:01:32.190

Michael Palumbos: it's probably closer to five times because you throw in all the development and some of the other things that you've been doing that's pretty impressive in five years.



01:01:33.870 --> 01:01:42.990

Michael Palumbos: Brian, what do you, what do you guys talking about what's the future look like for the sessler companies, what do you guys envision over the next 20 years.



01:01:43.650 --> 01:01:47.490

Brian Sessler: Well, so it's funny because we're in the middle of a bunch of.



01:01:48.900 --> 01:02:07.110

Brian Sessler: Talking and strategic planning and everything else but, but the general gist of what my generation feels for the future is we don't we don't need to be the biggest okay we're not out there to be the biggest the demolition company, the biggest environmental company.



01:02:08.490 --> 01:02:19.320

Brian Sessler: We just want to be the best and in order to be the best you know we know we need to hire the best employees that we can out there and so we're strictly folks you know we focus so much.



01:02:19.860 --> 01:02:27.840

Brian Sessler: Who, we can hire who's who's available and everything else because that's, the only way we're gonna we're gonna do it, so our future, you know.



01:02:29.070 --> 01:02:29.400

Brian Sessler: I.



01:02:30.480 --> 01:02:39.450

Brian Sessler: I applaud you know my partners, you know my generation so much because if you look across across the mall, you know as i'm the oldest.



01:02:40.620 --> 01:02:51.180

Brian Sessler: I just I look down and there's, not a single one of them, that that I could say is you know, a drag on the company here, you know, is it down around the company they every single one of our brains.



01:02:51.570 --> 01:03:00.090

Brian Sessler: And it's it's really funny to look at, but everybody's got that unique that unique ability to assist and thrust, the company forward.



01:03:01.200 --> 01:03:13.020

Brian Sessler: And it vary so much between sales and engineering, you know, a mind for the finances and there's just so many different areas that my.



01:03:13.530 --> 01:03:31.020

Brian Sessler: My partner's my generation excels at and it's a you know it's it's It makes me smile when I think about it, and then, when a couple that with the team that we've put in place it's it's you know, we have no choice but to go forward and be successful, you know it's just going to happen.



01:03:31.590 --> 01:03:43.050

Michael Palumbos: that's awesome and Jane in order to help them with their success, you talked about you've got four grand grand sons and I happen to know a project that you know.



01:03:44.220 --> 01:03:52.530

Michael Palumbos: I had talked to you about and then you just went on your you just went with this and we call it the grandparent grandchild philanthropy project.



01:03:54.360 --> 01:04:05.370

Michael Palumbos: Talk about what you did with your grandsons a little bit around that because I want to, I want to tie in you know where I see you know that can be really helpful to a family enterprise.



01:04:07.140 --> 01:04:23.550

Jane Shaffer: My husband and I started a plant therapy fund like a foundation and within with those monies they allocated, I have two children and they each have two.



01:04:24.450 --> 01:04:34.350

Jane Shaffer: Children, so I had set up a program where I allocate 5000 to each family and that they're allowed to.



01:04:34.980 --> 01:04:47.220

Jane Shaffer: make recommendations for grants to these different organizations and that the parents can, but the kids as well, so each of the kids are allowed to make.



01:04:47.640 --> 01:04:57.630

Jane Shaffer: A $250 donation to an organization of their choice, but in order to do it, they need to hand write out their application very simple.



01:04:58.170 --> 01:05:09.750

Jane Shaffer: They need either volunteer at that organization or attend to meeting they also need to do a poster about why they wanted to support this organization.



01:05:10.230 --> 01:05:26.520

Jane Shaffer: And then they presented it our family meeting in one meeting, so we have a seven year old this stands up and explains why he wants to support the ymca to give sports equipment to.



01:05:27.120 --> 01:05:38.820

Jane Shaffer: kids they can afford to play baseball you know, and they have the pictures that it makes them understand and to care about their communities and care about there's that.



01:05:41.100 --> 01:05:48.960

Jane Shaffer: We were all together over new years and one of the nine year olds because there's two seventh to ninth one of the nine year old said.



01:05:49.350 --> 01:06:04.920

Jane Shaffer: Nana can we start making our request for this year i've got my list offset I know who I want right, so the kids understand it, and they get excited and we develop a listing.



01:06:05.310 --> 01:06:11.400

Jane Shaffer: Of all of the different organizations and what they do in each family just.



01:06:11.880 --> 01:06:30.420

Jane Shaffer: Two weeks ago, went through and discussed what the impact they had because somewhere in the Midwest somewhere on the east coast so it's just about volunteering community service looking out for others into know about the legacy that you individually can leap.



01:06:31.260 --> 01:06:38.400

Michael Palumbos: love it now watch this and tell me if you see if you're seeing this the you got nine seven.



01:06:39.120 --> 01:06:44.010

Michael Palumbos: They had to communicate in front of the the family, so now they have communication skills that they're building.



01:06:44.700 --> 01:06:52.740

Michael Palumbos: They have critical thinking that they're that they're doing at nine and seven to determine why I want to give to this organization.



01:06:53.280 --> 01:07:05.010

Michael Palumbos: There have to be you know in do some volunteer work so now they're stretching themselves to either be at a meeting or be in front of you know people that are much older than them around this piece.



01:07:05.610 --> 01:07:15.600

Michael Palumbos: And and developing leadership, you know skills, because that's what's happening there, Brian if i'm not mistaken if you're looking to hire new employees aren't you looking for somebody that can.



01:07:16.050 --> 01:07:22.350

Michael Palumbos: be critically, you know do their own critical thinking has good communication skills and good leadership skills.



01:07:22.800 --> 01:07:23.430

Brian Sessler: And represent.



01:07:23.640 --> 01:07:30.030

Michael Palumbos: You understand where this is going then Jane i'll throw a project to you a little curveball toward Jeff.



01:07:31.290 --> 01:07:35.130

Michael Palumbos: somewhere between now in age 1011.



01:07:36.210 --> 01:07:43.500

Michael Palumbos: Get the four boys, even though they're in different parts of the country to choose a charity together make them work as a team.



01:07:44.460 --> 01:07:51.060

Michael Palumbos: Absolutely, and that, and so, then you can start to build that team building peace along alongside of that.



01:07:51.690 --> 01:08:06.960

Jane Shaffer: So, Michael, not just within my family, but the extended sessler family, we come together for a weekend in the summer mandatory sessler family attendance right find time.



01:08:07.110 --> 01:08:08.850

Jane Shaffer: Another Saturday meeting right.



01:08:09.720 --> 01:08:22.470

Jane Shaffer: In we do make it fun, but one thing I incorporated this last year was for each of you know my nieces and nephews and green science to develop a poster.



01:08:22.890 --> 01:08:32.640

Jane Shaffer: about all the things they did this past year, so whether it was skiing or ice skating or rollerblading or baseball or hockey or lacrosse or soccer.



01:08:33.090 --> 01:08:46.380

Jane Shaffer: To and then they stood up in front of the 67 D family members and they presented their poster and talked about what they did right so, even though it wasn't about.



01:08:47.490 --> 01:09:01.230

Jane Shaffer: Making financial donations, it was about gathering the information presenting it, and then speaking in front of the group, and I think Brian you agree, they are did an excellent job.



01:09:01.530 --> 01:09:21.060

Jane Shaffer: And even the youngest step for was there, you know every single one had their poster with either glitter or whatever, but you know and we'll do that again this summer it's just to keep generation for involved into the family, make sure they're coming up through as well.



01:09:21.720 --> 01:09:34.560

Michael Palumbos: Incredible nice nice nicely done um I know, and I think that you know we shared an email That said, I could do this podcast with you guys for about five hours we've gone over time.



01:09:36.300 --> 01:09:47.850

Michael Palumbos: I guess the the we'll wrap up with a couple things but one you know we know there's going to be obstacles in your future Brian with in G three will experience obstacles.



01:09:48.150 --> 01:09:56.100

Michael Palumbos: You know what are some of the lessons that you've learned from g to to make sure that you know you guys work to overcome those obstacles.



01:09:56.880 --> 01:10:11.130

Brian Sessler: yeah I mean integrity, you know it's it's in lean and other people as a as and Jane was mentioning you know we're going to come up with a lot of lot of issues that we don't know the answer for.



01:10:11.640 --> 01:10:30.210

Brian Sessler: And, fortunately, we have a network network of consultants, that we can reach out to and and just we gotta rely on each other as a as a partners to help get us through the obstacles that not if they come, but when they come because.



01:10:31.320 --> 01:10:32.850

Brian Sessler: It seems like every week there's a new one.



01:10:33.420 --> 01:10:40.620

Michael Palumbos: Right, exactly, especially in these times and then let's just we'll wrap up with each of you.



01:10:41.670 --> 01:10:48.810

Michael Palumbos: If you're talking to the transitioning generation Jane somebody that's getting ready to go to transition, what are the.



01:10:49.140 --> 01:11:05.190

Michael Palumbos: You know what are your two or three words of wisdom for them and Brian for the rising generation who's getting ready to to be you know part of the transition, what are your words of wisdom to them them so Brian i'll let you go first and then Jane being take us out.



01:11:07.230 --> 01:11:15.630

Brian Sessler: Like a really sum it up in two words but uh be humbling and be patient, you know it takes time it's going to be stressful.



01:11:17.100 --> 01:11:26.490

Brian Sessler: You know everybody's heads, going to be in a in a in a different place you know and it's it's going to be really good to have an open line of communication and.



01:11:26.790 --> 01:11:38.310

Brian Sessler: and be honest be honest with yourself and be honest with with the other generation, so they can understand where your head's at and and hopefully they're honest with you, so they know where they're at and and.



01:11:38.910 --> 01:11:45.030

Brian Sessler: And the one thing you got to keep in mind is is if if you're entering into a transition process.



01:11:46.110 --> 01:12:01.200

Brian Sessler: It just means that everybody has the same goal in mind, they want the family business to to keep moving forward so when you have that common goal, you know you just you can figure out a way to get there you'll you'll see the path just stay humble and be patient.



01:12:01.770 --> 01:12:03.540

Michael Palumbos: lover Jane.



01:12:04.920 --> 01:12:19.890

Jane Shaffer: I would, I would say to G three is that you are being given a torch in the torching thousand integrity family pride and also legacy.



01:12:20.400 --> 01:12:33.870

Jane Shaffer: And did that those three things you need to carry forward for multiple generations to make sure that the sessler legacy that your grandparents started continues.



01:12:36.270 --> 01:12:48.420

Michael Palumbos: And to what would you advice to somebody that's getting ready to transition, the business to you know it's to the to their to the next generation what advice would you give to another family business Member that's getting ready to do it.



01:12:49.200 --> 01:13:01.470

Jane Shaffer: The same thing that Brian just said, be humble be mindful be open right open dialogue is important and expect pushback.



01:13:02.190 --> 01:13:11.550

Jane Shaffer: because everybody has a is their own idea of how it should go and don't be afraid to rely on your consultants to help.



01:13:11.970 --> 01:13:25.320

Jane Shaffer: You wrap it up and move it forward, because you know Mike you and your father before you have been instrumental in our family in our company's transition, and we thank you for that.



01:13:27.090 --> 01:13:35.520

Michael Palumbos: No problem um I want to say thank you to assess their companies and to Jane shaffer and Brian sessler.



01:13:35.910 --> 01:13:40.800

Michael Palumbos: My name is Michael Columbus and with family wealth and legacy you've been listening to the family business show.



01:13:41.160 --> 01:13:51.810

Michael Palumbos: And we really enjoyed having you with us make sure you hit the subscribe button, so that you don't miss the next episode of the family business show, thank you, everybody have a great day.



01:13:52.410 --> 01:13:52.980

Jane Shaffer: Thank you.



01:13:53.010 --> 01:13:53.460

Brian Sessler: Thank you.

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