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Episode 60: Family Business & Doing It Your Way

In this episode of the Family Business Show, host Michael Palumbos chats with Danielle McCurry, the entrepreneurial force behind Rise N Shine Diner and Loaded in Syracuse, New York. Danielle shares her compelling journey from a teenage mother to a successful restaurateur, emphasizing the importance of family in her business endeavors.

Danielle's story begins with her early experiences in the restaurant industry, influenced by her family's background in food service. She recounts the challenges she faced as a young mother and her transition from working in various restaurants to taking a leap into the office world, which didn't quite suit her dynamic personality.

The turning point in Danielle's career came when Peter Hatzis, the original owner of Rise N Shine Diner, recognized her potential and, facing a terminal illness, decided to pass on his diner to her. This unexpected opportunity propelled Danielle into the world of business ownership, where she learned to navigate the complexities of running a restaurant.

Despite the hurdles, including the pandemic, Danielle successfully transformed Rise N Shine Diner and later created Loaded, a fast-casual eatery specializing in gourmet burgers, fries, and mac 'n' cheese. She emphasizes the importance of innovation and adapting to customer preferences, which has been key to her success.

Family plays a crucial role in Danielle's business, with various family members contributing to the growth and operation of her restaurants. However, she acknowledges the challenges that come with working closely with relatives, emphasizing the need for clear roles and communication.

Looking ahead, Danielle has ambitious plans for expansion and diversification within the hospitality industry, aiming to establish a presence across the United States while maintaining the unique character and high standards of her establishments.

This episode highlights the resilience, creativity, and family-centric approach that have defined Danielle McCurry's journey in the restaurant business, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and family business owners.

Episode 60 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos: Welcome everybody to the family business show I am your host Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy in Rochester New York.



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Michael Palumbos: And today, we have a wicked cool story for you we're joined by Daniel mccurry from rise and shine diner in Syracuse and loaded in Syracuse Danielle is pretty much a serial restaurant tour.



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Michael Palumbos: And I cannot wait to dive into her story and talk about how all the family is involved in what she's created and kind of go from there, so Danielle welcome.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Thank you, thank you i'm honored to be on your show.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : we've been we've been trying to connect for so long it's it.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : makes me i'm finally i'm finally here.



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Michael Palumbos: I love it no we're gonna have some fun we're gonna have some fun today so.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah we have the kind of the history is we allow people to do their own introductions.



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Michael Palumbos: Talk them, you know, so what i'm looking for is that background, how did you get from where you are where you were to where you are today what got you into, and now you have family working in your business.



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Michael Palumbos: Oh yeah you're doing things, but it was a and normally I say, give me the abbreviated version.



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Michael Palumbos: of your case I don't want the abbreviated version.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah and the top to give you a brief created it's too it's too much sorry.



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Michael Palumbos: let's dive into that because I think that's the part that for a lot of people to hear is gonna be really helpful.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Right um well, I mean really my my family's been in restaurants and and you know in grocery or whatever for since I was born, you know so that I think I feel like that's my roots on.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : But really I you know, I was a young mom and had three girls, starting at the age of 16 so you know I put that out there for everyone to know I don't you know it's my my gut and my.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : You know it got me where I am today so i'm Okay, with all of that being a teenage mom it's it's sucks some say the least.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : So I struggled a lot and I mostly you know dove into the serving industry, you know into restaurants and doing serving and my mother was into heavy so as my father that's all I really knew and.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : It was about where I had my third daughter, and I was just kind of sick of restaurants i'm like I just can't do this anymore, so I decided to step out went into the office world and that totally sucked for me sorry.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : i'm just saying it because, when you're that person and then people the restaurant people know this, when you are a restaurant person, you are not an office person.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : So to stick me like oh Hello i'm in an office today to stick me here is like putting me in a cage you know so like I can't I can't function, so I did that, for a while and it was just not my thing and I got a phone call I was, I mean I when I mean I was out.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I had just started, you know not feeling my relationship at the time with you know the husband and whatever and we were not doing well and I was super super down and out didn't have a job.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And I got a phone call from my stepfather and he says, I got this guy who is looking for another server and I heard they make great money and it's a little dive diner.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : you're going to hate it literally is where you're going to hate it, but I heard they make great money, and I said Okay, whatever so.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I subscribe any money, and you know, so I went and I started working so I said God was me contests to was it was a great little dive diner it was resident shine Is it the same name.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : On and I worked for Peter how to see he was an amazing man and he taught me a lot of things he started to get sick and.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : We didn't know why you know he is in and out of that hospital finally they found out he had leukemia and he only had months to live.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : He he didn't have anyone he wanted to I guess you know, bring give his business to or at the time, I think he felt I was right, I don't know here's a man of little words.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Though is very hard to understand, but he was a very, very manual it's hard to he was he was very like in your face very you know that old school is an Irishman, he was just like your it and i'm like.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Okay sure I mean he brought.



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Michael Palumbos: me right.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah yeah he brought me into his.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : His hospital room and and you know the lawyers and everybody was standing around me I didn't even know what's going on, and I was like a.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : What are we doing you know and he's like you're taking over, and I said, what do you mean like you know i'm going to be the you know I want to sign the checks now for you, while you're in the hospital.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : No, no, this is yours, this is your business, and I said, are you sure, and I like Am I really and he goes, this is what he wants, he said, who.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Am I going to be, I felt if I gotta give it to that wow I feel so, but he laughed he laughed because it was like.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : that's just who he was he would just make a joke out of something very sad, you know sad at the time and.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : It was a you know learning curve, it was very humbling it was very scary you know all of those fun words I was a server you know I didn't know how to cook I know from just my family.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And he had shown me, though, before he had gotten ill, how to do stuff a lot of fun things I feel like he knew something that I didn't know, maybe, maybe he just didn't share, but he did start showing me a lot of stuff in the kitchen.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And he did he died, about two months later, and that place is now what we call now we've loaded, which is very odd but that's what the pandemic brought me on.



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Michael Palumbos: pause for a second because I want.



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Michael Palumbos: To be after catching this you're.



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Michael Palumbos: How old were you when you started working there.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I was.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : OK, so this was run 10 so about 13 years ago so let's see I was in my I got into my 30s at this point, I was probably there yeah early 30s no no yeah yeah late 20s early 30s I think it was yeah.



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Michael Palumbos: So so here you are.



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Michael Palumbos: Your world kind of crazy.



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Michael Palumbos: crazy at the time you've got three girls your first girl at 16 years old you're.



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Michael Palumbos: Looking for money under working for how long did you work for Peter.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I was there for three four years.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Your.



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Michael Palumbos: relationship with the owner three or four years and yeah and then he just points you have you know you're a server there.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah doing your best to take care of the family, making ends meet doing what you have to do right yeah and then he just points to you and says your next your it.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah yeah and, at the time, you know, I was honestly I was doing Okay, you know, because the server I mean the server well they we you know what what tips.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, obviously we do very well you know I say we because i'm still to retire I don't care.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And I you know I mean great money, I was going to Disney world that year, you know.



00:07:29.370 --> 00:07:30.510

Rise N Shine Danielle : Before he passed.



00:07:30.540 --> 00:07:37.680

Rise N Shine Danielle : And I didn't know you know what was going on on, and it does come to a halt and then after.



00:07:38.760 --> 00:07:40.680

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, he had passed that.



00:07:42.000 --> 00:07:45.060

Rise N Shine Danielle : A lot of things changed because, once you become a business person.



00:07:46.890 --> 00:07:55.860

Rise N Shine Danielle : And own you know the restaurant things absolutely 100% change you're no longer the server you know over the cook you're no longer the employee, you are at.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And you're both actually at this time, so it was that's when I fell into even bigger destitute, which is sad because it's you know what what comes hand in hand with running a business, and so we struggles for another few years trying to grow, the business so.



00:08:16.350 --> 00:08:22.200

Rise N Shine Danielle : i'm talking about living out of a car slash hotel with the kids because now we've divorced.



00:08:23.610 --> 00:08:35.460

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know and we're you know it's me and the girls and we had some hardships, while we were trying to keep rising sign afloat so.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : So you're.



00:08:36.840 --> 00:08:38.760

Michael Palumbos: Running running running rise and shine.



00:08:38.820 --> 00:08:39.960

Michael Palumbos: As an owner.



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Michael Palumbos: And being a mom.



00:08:44.700 --> 00:08:51.150

Michael Palumbos: haven't gone through a divorce and trying to figure out, you know where to live.



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Michael Palumbos: Right and putting all of that, together, so.



00:08:54.060 --> 00:08:54.960

Michael Palumbos: And it.



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Michael Palumbos: Will you know anybody that's gone through running a business, we have hard times.



00:08:59.940 --> 00:09:00.330

Michael Palumbos: And I also.



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Michael Palumbos: I don't think anybody could relate, you know I think it's the.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : Lessons handed to you, I guess, but even then, I mean you gotta learn how to manage that money right so.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah no but i'm talking about you know, being a mom going through divorce and running a business and trying to figure out housing and my gosh but for you, so now.



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Michael Palumbos: we're where's the pivot what's that.



00:09:25.440 --> 00:09:32.250

Rise N Shine Danielle : As I was good for me, but not in Hong Kong, and that was it was amazing for me, because every I believe wholeheartedly and.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : You know you're you're brought and given gifts at all times in your life and then, when and if you pick them up and utilize them into your your life and what you've asked for all the time, you asked for these things you don't even realize that.



00:09:48.270 --> 00:09:57.780

Rise N Shine Danielle : you're to do what you need to do with them, or if not, you know you're going to fail, I felt I felt a lot um, but I think the pivot was.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I was finally like okay i'm going to do this, my way you know i'm going to stop, and it was so weird because P loves Sinatra.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : And he literally was buried by that that song.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : I did it my way and I kept thinking God, he did this whole thing his way and I wanted to kind of pay tribute to him and keep it running like he did, but.



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Rise N Shine Danielle : It wasn't a successful diner by all means, it was like a very you know hole in the wall like.



00:10:25.980 --> 00:10:34.380

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know the old the old timers that come in your regulars that was that really no one knew about the place, you know, so I was like we've got.



00:10:34.800 --> 00:10:43.920

Rise N Shine Danielle : Over right here off the thruway we got to put ourselves on the map, a little bit so that's when I said i'm going to make it more of my own and started with the.



00:10:46.290 --> 00:10:56.640

Rise N Shine Danielle : The recreation of the menu the inside the ambience the experience and, from that point on, we just never stopped.



00:10:59.610 --> 00:11:01.050

Michael Palumbos: You change the name.



00:11:01.590 --> 00:11:05.010

Rise N Shine Danielle : yep Well, no, no, well, it was it so well it'll keep winning.



00:11:05.220 --> 00:11:06.780

Rise N Shine Danielle : So heck I was ready to shine.



00:11:07.200 --> 00:11:13.320

Rise N Shine Danielle : diner on legality wise and if there's like a two on the under something weird, but we still are able to call it right side diner.



00:11:13.980 --> 00:11:14.340

Rise N Shine Danielle : Okay.



00:11:14.820 --> 00:11:22.980

Michael Palumbos: yeah so talk, talk about you know so you're you know the traditional truck stop diner kind of think you know what what people would have in their head.



00:11:23.430 --> 00:11:25.080

Michael Palumbos: yeah and what did you transform into.



00:11:25.890 --> 00:11:27.330

Rise N Shine Danielle : Oh um.



00:11:28.590 --> 00:11:34.560

Rise N Shine Danielle : I guess My experience is all I ever really want that to be so inexperienced I want you to.



00:11:35.250 --> 00:11:43.620

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, feel taste and see you know something really fun and creative and I don't know somewhere where you're not insane.



00:11:44.160 --> 00:11:47.100

Rise N Shine Danielle : You don't feel like you're going to have breakfast once you feel like you're going to.



00:11:47.520 --> 00:11:54.270

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, a fun place you know to eat because you're starving to but you know, have a great taste together great so that.



00:11:54.600 --> 00:12:06.900

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know and joyful look at this movie a little bit, but experience with it, you know, so you know we made this is when we started doing our crazy concoctions you know, we had a pancake cones and ice cream in them and have a pancake wrap.



00:12:07.830 --> 00:12:13.050

Rise N Shine Danielle : made with eggs and bacon and cheese and home Fries all inside of it or big burrito and.



00:12:14.340 --> 00:12:26.010

Rise N Shine Danielle : We did started messing around with our French toast and made this press thing with panache and such a delight tastings that just people weren't really I guess doing you know, especially at that time.



00:12:27.840 --> 00:12:28.140

Rise N Shine Danielle : and



00:12:28.680 --> 00:12:32.190

Michael Palumbos: Your website is rise and shine diner calm.



00:12:32.430 --> 00:12:37.080

Michael Palumbos: Yes, yes and and I would just you know anybody if you're a foodie.



00:12:37.530 --> 00:12:43.860

Michael Palumbos: You know you definitely need to go out and take a look at what she's created over there.



00:12:44.910 --> 00:12:53.790

Michael Palumbos: it's these dishes are delicious and you know, like you, you go through and eggs Benedict you call them the benny.



00:12:54.630 --> 00:12:55.230

Michael Palumbos: go from.



00:12:55.380 --> 00:13:08.610

Michael Palumbos: pastrami smoked salmon Bernie to the grill you know shrimp PO boy benny smoked brisket benny I mean it's like okay that's you can do that there's a little bit of that twist for people.



00:13:09.030 --> 00:13:12.840

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah and now you can have it on a flight, so we do as many flights.



00:13:12.930 --> 00:13:14.130

Rise N Shine Danielle : So you get your local.



00:13:14.370 --> 00:13:17.760

Rise N Shine Danielle : versions I don't know why we started flights or pancakes like.



00:13:18.360 --> 00:13:33.720

Rise N Shine Danielle : A couple of years ago and it went crazy, so I don't know about you guys and Rochester Syracuse is just NUTS over these flights, so we do most of lights coffee flights now everything's on a flight now and it's what I call it the flight room, but you know.



00:13:34.890 --> 00:13:52.170

Rise N Shine Danielle : That the flat the flight house, but we yeah we and we just whatever is starting to you know they like and trends, but like as of today, we just did a a carrot cake crepe sentence looks like little carrots and they're cute and they're delicious you know yeah.



00:13:52.260 --> 00:13:56.100

Michael Palumbos: I mean, I remember watching a pancake flight go past me.



00:13:56.370 --> 00:13:58.860

Michael Palumbos: When I when I had lunch with your diner like.



00:13:59.340 --> 00:14:00.030

Michael Palumbos: That I mean.



00:14:00.240 --> 00:14:10.620

Michael Palumbos: Like three stacks of pancakes that are just covered, and you know i've never seen reese's peanut butter cup pancakes before I you know being at your place.



00:14:11.010 --> 00:14:16.110

Rise N Shine Danielle : So well and then they're drawn Stan peanut butter and chocolate.



00:14:17.550 --> 00:14:17.880

Rise N Shine Danielle : Really.



00:14:18.870 --> 00:14:20.400

Michael Palumbos: delicious delicious.



00:14:20.640 --> 00:14:36.960

Michael Palumbos: yeah so rise and shine i'm starts to take off tell me about what is that journey like for you what's the transition from you know you're taking care of Peters legacy.



00:14:37.350 --> 00:14:38.100

Michael Palumbos: To.



00:14:38.220 --> 00:14:48.480

Michael Palumbos: The switch to your legacy and and this creation and what is it looking like and feeling like today, for you versus when you started that transition.



00:14:48.960 --> 00:14:59.880

Rise N Shine Danielle : I mean it's it's it's almost a little surreal and a lot of people say that when they get in into something and they're just you know they start from nothing to a success or in the making of.



00:15:00.900 --> 00:15:05.610

Rise N Shine Danielle : It really is surreal though it's not making anything out it's you know the.



00:15:06.450 --> 00:15:18.660

Rise N Shine Danielle : From the little nothingness to where we are today, I mean we're working on our third restaurant opening our third concept, even on and by next year, looking at you know our second.



00:15:19.380 --> 00:15:30.690

Rise N Shine Danielle : location for rise, are you know, maybe franchising out loaded you know and it's just amazing you know we we did suffer through the pandemic, just like everyone.



00:15:31.890 --> 00:15:41.430

Rise N Shine Danielle : Was tough, it was just another hurdle, but I think those hurdles keep us grounded keep us humble realize, where we are and what we need to do.



00:15:41.850 --> 00:15:49.530

Rise N Shine Danielle : And I think that was our another kind of recreation of where we're going to go for the future of what we now call.



00:15:50.490 --> 00:16:04.560

Rise N Shine Danielle : Our dd restaurants and hospitality group which is actually where my family it works now so a lot of my my father and my sister my daughter still in the company as well, so awesome.



00:16:05.580 --> 00:16:09.150

Michael Palumbos: So what roles that what role or family members playing in the business.



00:16:09.900 --> 00:16:12.840

Rise N Shine Danielle : So my father oh I this is funny because my father.



00:16:14.370 --> 00:16:19.890

Rise N Shine Danielle : He came and now he has been like I told you he's been in the restaurant business, since he was you know yea big as well.



00:16:20.220 --> 00:16:30.600

Rise N Shine Danielle : And you know he's owned pizza shops he's done some stuff in his life as well, and he was just like no nevermind i'm I work for the bad guys he just retired working for sands.



00:16:32.280 --> 00:16:42.750

Rise N Shine Danielle : sands casinos and they're based out in Vegas and they had one down in Pennsylvania, so he just you know he built them from ground floor he worked with Emerald emeril lagasse.



00:16:43.170 --> 00:16:47.280

Rise N Shine Danielle : On a few of openings of his burger joints down there hit a burger joint I think of.



00:16:47.910 --> 00:16:56.190

Rise N Shine Danielle : A more high end restaurant there, and he helped him open those as are like my you know it's there it's my father knows a lot.



00:16:56.700 --> 00:17:19.410

Rise N Shine Danielle : And I was like hey want to come help me make this like i'm retiring so he's here he's part time he's mostly my like I don't know he's he's a guy go to for anything to ask about business relations to anything really anything you would know um and then my my sister.



00:17:20.880 --> 00:17:26.430

Rise N Shine Danielle : she's been with me since day one, I can't even actually P hired her before like a year before he had passed.



00:17:26.700 --> 00:17:28.200

Rise N Shine Danielle : So she was in there.



00:17:29.070 --> 00:17:44.670

Rise N Shine Danielle : And she was having about of luck than two and had to come into the restaurant and she'd never worked in restaurants so she's stuck with me, ever since I think she's been a lot of my rock she's the one I cry do speeches tells me you're an idiot keep going.



00:17:46.590 --> 00:17:54.720

Rise N Shine Danielle : And then, and then my daughter's my daughter's have all worked for me all been servers busters dishwashers whatever they could to help but.



00:17:55.620 --> 00:18:07.170

Rise N Shine Danielle : The other two, you know wanting to find their own way and they've moved on and massage their best work one works for apple and then my oldest daughter works for me and she has been.



00:18:08.850 --> 00:18:15.000

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know she just knows everything so when it comes to her she's more that supervisor or she kind of just she's waiting for the good role.



00:18:15.810 --> 00:18:31.980

Rise N Shine Danielle : To get into right now I bet I said stay serving because it's such great money you know it really is, and as me looking at her i'm like hey just do that for now, you know she's she's good with it, and then I think she'll find her way somewhere up here i'm sure.



00:18:34.050 --> 00:18:34.350

Michael Palumbos: Good.



00:18:34.380 --> 00:18:36.180

Rise N Shine Danielle : that's a fairly random hill.



00:18:36.780 --> 00:18:38.520

Michael Palumbos: yeah you know I get you know.



00:18:38.520 --> 00:18:39.750

Michael Palumbos: you're someplace.



00:18:41.070 --> 00:18:41.580

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah.



00:18:42.000 --> 00:18:43.020

Michael Palumbos: I got it.



00:18:43.410 --> 00:18:44.460

Michael Palumbos: yeah um.



00:18:45.900 --> 00:18:56.250

Michael Palumbos: it's a pretty incredible story and journey journey to get to where you're at and like I said, you know I load, I want to make sure that people know the websites it's.



00:18:56.340 --> 00:19:03.780

Michael Palumbos: yeah loaded Lol D D S, why are calm crash, and that is what would you call that concept.



00:19:03.840 --> 00:19:11.430

Rise N Shine Danielle : Of so so that was the original rise and shine that we had to change into because of that whole takeout saying everything happened during.



00:19:11.430 --> 00:19:11.970

Rise N Shine Danielle : The pandemic.



00:19:12.660 --> 00:19:16.890

Rise N Shine Danielle : We changed that to this takeout facility called loaded and it's.



00:19:18.330 --> 00:19:31.770

Rise N Shine Danielle : it's gourmet burgers Fries MAC and cheese hotdogs we now have mcgee's we call them all fresh homemade everything's like it's so good, I can't even you know what i'm not even like a.



00:19:32.400 --> 00:19:40.740

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know i'm obviously i'm a little biased, but like I can't I can't go there because it's so good so like I can walk in the kitchen.



00:19:41.310 --> 00:19:53.460

Rise N Shine Danielle : And not grab you know grab a nugget or some you know all, let me try some frazzled and it's literally just even the components that go on top of these things are so so good, but really the concept, there is.



00:19:54.240 --> 00:20:02.280

Rise N Shine Danielle : You can your you have a build you build anything off of a MAC and cheese or a hamburger or Friday tomorrow plane to but you know you put in all these different.



00:20:02.580 --> 00:20:15.720

Rise N Shine Danielle : flavors on top of everything and there's no way, one is called the bogey it's one of our favorites like a Korean bbq spin on and then you add that, on your MAC and cheese and i'm like oh it's so good, I.



00:20:16.620 --> 00:20:17.010

Michael Palumbos: will go.



00:20:17.430 --> 00:20:21.960

Rise N Shine Danielle : and say just go hey like i'm drooling because it's, no, no, but whenever.



00:20:23.550 --> 00:20:37.770

Michael Palumbos: you've got you even got a surf and turf dog, which is you know the the famous you know foot long hot dog some shape sirloin steak grilled shrimp real lobster claws and lyman garlic aioli and a hawaiian you know.



00:20:37.830 --> 00:20:39.270

Michael Palumbos: kingsway mom your mom.



00:20:39.330 --> 00:20:52.110

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah the dog oh my God that was a new one, two and now that summer i'm like i'm i'm it they're already starting to sound crazy once it's nice out he always see hot dogs like crazy but oh yeah they're so good.



00:20:52.680 --> 00:20:59.880

Michael Palumbos: that's phenomenal yeah you get the hot dogs the burgers and then just you know, a chicken, you can do the same things just.



00:21:00.690 --> 00:21:01.530

Rise N Shine Danielle : fried chicken yeah.



00:21:02.040 --> 00:21:03.840

Michael Palumbos: And then all of those things.



00:21:03.870 --> 00:21:06.570

Michael Palumbos: You can build it on top of MAC and cheese i'm just looking at this.



00:21:06.660 --> 00:21:12.540

Michael Palumbos: One you know people don't know what time we're we're recording this, but we are recording right around lunchtime it's not.



00:21:12.540 --> 00:21:13.860

Michael Palumbos: Like fair for me yeah.



00:21:17.640 --> 00:21:21.780

Rise N Shine Danielle : i'm down the street so i'm going to skip past them today.



00:21:22.950 --> 00:21:26.700

Rise N Shine Danielle : Just because i'm trying to watch my weight today i'm definitely trying.



00:21:28.080 --> 00:21:45.270

Michael Palumbos: I just think this is just a fantastic you know idea that you put together at loaded and rise and shine you know when we went in there, you could just it is it doesn't feel like any place else there's nothing that i've ever seen like it is very cool.



00:21:45.690 --> 00:22:00.540

Rise N Shine Danielle : it's a fun enjoying atmosphere and that's why I hope to always give the Community, you know any of the restaurants sweet reopen so you know I love that I love that feeling, you know.



00:22:01.500 --> 00:22:05.790

Michael Palumbos: Good um so we talked about family in the business.



00:22:06.060 --> 00:22:06.360

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah.



00:22:06.450 --> 00:22:07.500

Michael Palumbos: And what they do.



00:22:09.060 --> 00:22:14.070

Michael Palumbos: What are the best parts about having your family around you, and what are some of the challenges of having your family around Jeff.



00:22:14.850 --> 00:22:15.480

Rise N Shine Danielle : Well, the.



00:22:17.130 --> 00:22:18.960

Rise N Shine Danielle : The worst ones are probably the biggest list now.



00:22:22.110 --> 00:22:29.850

Rise N Shine Danielle : Anyone that works with family anywhere even you know living with your family is is a tough thing because everybody.



00:22:30.270 --> 00:22:43.770

Rise N Shine Danielle : we're so connected, where we love each other to death they'll do anything for each other, but in the same breath well don't just do we all agree, we agree to disagree, sometimes and sometimes we just don't agree on I gotta say that for.



00:22:44.940 --> 00:22:56.580

Rise N Shine Danielle : Our you know our good times I absolutely wholeheartedly trust my family, I mean I would not, you know the the easiest thing for me is to put my sister, and I put her in my financial.



00:22:57.030 --> 00:23:10.710

Rise N Shine Danielle : department and my father overseen you know everything and And what if they know or don't know I know that I can trust them to tell me the truth to never you know lie to me, and it is what it is, you know that's huge for me.



00:23:12.120 --> 00:23:19.470

Rise N Shine Danielle : it's really nice to see my dad here a lot, he did let moved to Pennsylvania, for a long time, and his back and it's nice to have them here and around.



00:23:21.270 --> 00:23:21.750

Rise N Shine Danielle : My.



00:23:22.770 --> 00:23:25.170

Rise N Shine Danielle : my sister, not so much you know that's okay.



00:23:27.450 --> 00:23:45.480

Rise N Shine Danielle : guys are the only two is my brother to, but we in her very close and close in age and we're girls so we're just like black but um and my daughter, I mean I love having my kids here on it's just just being around them, the good part you know just being around them, trusting them.



00:23:46.650 --> 00:23:47.760

Rise N Shine Danielle : as well the bad.



00:23:51.000 --> 00:23:51.510

Rise N Shine Danielle : Being around.



00:23:54.630 --> 00:23:58.800

Michael Palumbos: Oh it's true we talked about it all the time that's you know I worked with them.



00:23:59.040 --> 00:24:03.960

Michael Palumbos: And then, when I want to do something outside of work, who am I calling i'm probably doing a lot with them.



00:24:04.080 --> 00:24:08.910

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah they're just you know they're up your butt all day but um.



00:24:10.140 --> 00:24:15.750

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know a lot a lot is you know we they tell you the truth, sometimes you don't want to hear.



00:24:16.710 --> 00:24:18.480

Rise N Shine Danielle : Sometimes they tell you too much.



00:24:18.840 --> 00:24:22.050

Rise N Shine Danielle : And sometimes they should just you know quiet.



00:24:23.040 --> 00:24:25.410

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, so we might get into some times, where.



00:24:26.430 --> 00:24:38.790

Rise N Shine Danielle : we've probably said too much or Rebecca in front of employees, like things like that shouldn't happen and then like my fiance who I all the world to to as well um he has done 101%.



00:24:39.270 --> 00:24:46.230

Rise N Shine Danielle : of things, recently, you know when since we've been together to help me grow this business and he ended up partnering with me for rise and shine.



00:24:46.920 --> 00:24:54.030

Rise N Shine Danielle : To help me grow, but he always says like we even tried like his kids came in and portcullis little bit um.



00:24:55.020 --> 00:25:09.900

Rise N Shine Danielle : I mean, he caused enough criticism which we should have just a harsh word, but you do see from that one side, like you, shouldn't have you know family, sometimes it looks like they get better things, and you know and the employees think they can you know.



00:25:11.010 --> 00:25:22.110

Rise N Shine Danielle : They should to and all in, and I mean it's it's hard so hard so I tried to make sure for my absolute point of view of my my team not my family, you know, and I say.



00:25:22.560 --> 00:25:34.680

Rise N Shine Danielle : What do you want, what are you seeing what's your perception and then I go from there, so if my daughter looks like she's getting any kind of you know, special you know privileges, I never want she doesn't.



00:25:35.190 --> 00:25:50.940

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know use your there as an employee as well you know you should get the same response yeah she's been in the business a little longer, but you know it's not fair, you know everyone wants to grow as well in the company and I just want to make sure they all grow equally you know.



00:25:52.080 --> 00:25:59.250

Michael Palumbos: I always refer that to are you a business run by a family or a family that happens to run a business.



00:25:59.640 --> 00:26:03.900

Michael Palumbos: Right so it's you know, or is it is it family decisions.



00:26:04.140 --> 00:26:05.700

Michael Palumbos: being made inside the business.



00:26:05.730 --> 00:26:14.070

Michael Palumbos: Or is it a business decisions made by the family and what you're saying is do your best to make sure that their business decisions.



00:26:14.250 --> 00:26:22.080

Rise N Shine Danielle : Yes, my family would tell you on they only give me their opinions and they're very few and far between now because.



00:26:23.460 --> 00:26:32.730

Rise N Shine Danielle : I think we've grown so so big and so fast that they saw a lot of it came from you know what came from me originally so.



00:26:34.560 --> 00:26:45.990

Rise N Shine Danielle : They don't want to interfere with what's going on, I think I think they're just like Okay, but if i'm doing something bad they're gonna obviously but I try not to make too many decisions with me, you know so it's fair it's fair.



00:26:47.520 --> 00:26:56.040

Michael Palumbos: When you're looking at what you're trying to accomplish today, so now you're running two restaurants talking about a third one on its way.



00:26:56.400 --> 00:26:56.670




00:26:58.050 --> 00:27:05.280

Michael Palumbos: franchising or new locations and all kinds of things that are in your head, what are your top three.



00:27:06.480 --> 00:27:09.360

Michael Palumbos: biggest frustrations pains obstacles what's.



00:27:10.890 --> 00:27:13.770

Michael Palumbos: What are the things that you know right now you're struggling with.



00:27:14.340 --> 00:27:21.060

Rise N Shine Danielle : Right now, I think everybody's struggling with everything the inflation, you know everything going up pricing.



00:27:21.810 --> 00:27:27.120

Rise N Shine Danielle : I mean i'm not just talking about in the restaurants i'm talking about building the restaurants, I mean the Labor.



00:27:27.690 --> 00:27:34.500

Rise N Shine Danielle : deliver for us in the restaurants and I gotta say maybe it's just us and move the popularity of the restaurants, but we did very well you know knock on wood.



00:27:35.340 --> 00:27:42.840

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, once one was out for anybody didn't want to say that we had another one came in, it was just fun very good, but construction oh.



00:27:44.010 --> 00:27:53.130

Rise N Shine Danielle : i'm not i'm not in construction, I read, I was want to say, thank God, but it's crazy there, the problem is is they don't have enough people.



00:27:53.520 --> 00:28:06.930

Rise N Shine Danielle : And they have so much work now because everyone had a little cash another on overflow and I can't get a plumber or electrician if you paid me to you know it's just like that hard.



00:28:07.500 --> 00:28:22.530

Rise N Shine Danielle : And then the material material the stuff that sitting out on a boat somewhere i'm not even sure like a six months to eight months for stuff to come in it's crazy, so this rush hour ability right now honestly took.



00:28:23.070 --> 00:28:35.670

Rise N Shine Danielle : We started it in June, or at least started the ball rolling, and it is now April we've probably looking at July, you know yeah.



00:28:36.030 --> 00:28:37.020

Michael Palumbos: So you're.



00:28:37.050 --> 00:28:38.340

Michael Palumbos: 30 months.



00:28:38.460 --> 00:28:39.990

Michael Palumbos: back up and running.



00:28:40.140 --> 00:28:46.230

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah and and we're talking about just sitting around twiddling our thumbs for for our plate, you know.



00:28:47.400 --> 00:28:49.440

Rise N Shine Danielle : A big chunk of that you know waiting.



00:28:49.830 --> 00:28:50.010




00:28:51.960 --> 00:28:53.250

Michael Palumbos: What else, are you juggling.



00:28:56.220 --> 00:29:00.570

Rise N Shine Danielle : We are again to get another concept from i'm going to talk about it.



00:29:03.030 --> 00:29:12.660

Rise N Shine Danielle : Sarah has got to stop stop and and then duplicate, so we are you know building this corporate office, so that we have the.



00:29:13.380 --> 00:29:18.900

Rise N Shine Danielle : resources to continue to run all the restaurants and make more so.



00:29:19.260 --> 00:29:31.800

Rise N Shine Danielle : On the you know so that fourth one once I get I gotta get this one, open and then I think I want to hit that next one, and I will real fast, because I have all the most amazing people on our team right now that's going to.



00:29:32.400 --> 00:29:37.890

Rise N Shine Danielle : How run that you know that show so it's that this one's gonna be fun, this is the Italian.



00:29:37.950 --> 00:29:45.150

Rise N Shine Danielle : So okay now one of the things that people talk about right now was you know it's hard to get people.



00:29:45.180 --> 00:29:46.800

Michael Palumbos: it's hard to get employees.



00:29:47.100 --> 00:29:48.450

Michael Palumbos: How are you combating.



00:29:48.480 --> 00:29:50.940

Michael Palumbos: That, in your industry.



00:29:51.450 --> 00:30:00.090

Rise N Shine Danielle : it's it's not it's like I said I um I think we're super blessed i'm not going to complain about it um.



00:30:00.960 --> 00:30:10.470

Rise N Shine Danielle : I think we know enough people and have enough people in our in our group, that if we don't have one someone knows someone and they're looking for someone and they want to come over here, and the other thing is is.



00:30:11.370 --> 00:30:20.490

Rise N Shine Danielle : I did try this new saying since obviously we have the resources to do this, we are starting a lot more and team building so.



00:30:21.090 --> 00:30:30.300

Rise N Shine Danielle : When I say that out mean like high picking you up and singing kumbaya I mean like we're going to put a package together so when you come here as an employee you feel.



00:30:30.780 --> 00:30:41.760

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know you feel part of the team one year you grow as a company, we have for having 401k and like crypto my you know buying into this, we have health insurance, we have.



00:30:42.270 --> 00:30:51.960

Rise N Shine Danielle : um you know we pay more than the average Joe and most of the local restaurants and we give you paid time off within a year.



00:30:52.470 --> 00:31:03.330

Rise N Shine Danielle : And I mean every day, I went down to the dishwasher where that's not you know usual for restaurants, I think, giving back to your team who helps you.



00:31:03.900 --> 00:31:11.370

Rise N Shine Danielle : Obviously they make these restaurants run as huge and that's I think they see that you know I think people see.



00:31:12.270 --> 00:31:26.790

Rise N Shine Danielle : They have more opportunities here, and you know and a bigger, I know that you know more things that they can they can achieve here and then just coming in and washing dishes are us and tables and moving on you know yep.



00:31:27.330 --> 00:31:41.760

Michael Palumbos: But so basically you took a whole new concept for some for the restaurant itself and maybe add an experience, but you have done the same thing and that same culture you're doing with your employees and making it a different experience for them.



00:31:42.150 --> 00:31:47.430

Rise N Shine Danielle : Absolutely yeah I mean we wouldn't be here, without them, you know it's it's the same it goes the same I and.



00:31:47.820 --> 00:32:00.480

Rise N Shine Danielle : that's just coming from me because i've dishwasher and I was the server and you know and i've done everything in the industry, for years, but I come from that place first, before I come from up here, you know.



00:32:00.930 --> 00:32:02.850

Rise N Shine Danielle : You don't know running the business, you know.



00:32:02.880 --> 00:32:03.330

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah so.



00:32:04.230 --> 00:32:18.150

Michael Palumbos: I read an article and I don't remember where it was from apologize, but it was you know that the average family you really, really make a difference when you can get to about 70 grand a year and.



00:32:18.840 --> 00:32:31.740

Michael Palumbos: For the for the average family and that you know you're trying to do your best to help that family put those pieces together and think about planning for retirement there's not a lot of for one case inside of the restaurant business.



00:32:31.770 --> 00:32:35.340

Rise N Shine Danielle : No, no, not unless you're in the corporate you know, like that that.



00:32:35.820 --> 00:32:45.720

Rise N Shine Danielle : You never see that you can buy into 401k again I use like dishwasher by everyone uses I messed up the low low man on the totem pole i'm like well I don't you know we.



00:32:46.200 --> 00:32:56.040

Rise N Shine Danielle : We don't pay as much as a dishwasher we pay them for their experience and I get some guys that have you know they've perhaps they've done that, so we pay a little more for for our guys because they do.



00:32:56.580 --> 00:33:08.370

Rise N Shine Danielle : Other things you know but yeah I mean for them to get 401 K and a and a paid time off, I mean that's huge I mean people don't ever get days off, let alone a whole week off.



00:33:08.520 --> 00:33:09.150

Rise N Shine Danielle : And hey.



00:33:09.720 --> 00:33:23.910

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, so why not, I mean these guys bust their ass more than a lot of other industries do i'm sorry, you know we're we're some hard work and the restaurant, so it isn't you know.



00:33:24.660 --> 00:33:32.940

Michael Palumbos: I love it and again Hats off to you, you know you started from a tough place may these things happen.



00:33:32.970 --> 00:33:37.650

Michael Palumbos: I think you're just kind of paying it forward, you know you got.



00:33:38.310 --> 00:33:51.750

Michael Palumbos: had an opportunity and now you're trying to pay it forward so that you know again the customer has this experience, but by treating your employees and the TEAM members in a different manner and I always say I like to say TEAM members.



00:33:51.840 --> 00:33:53.550

Michael Palumbos: Nuts yeah not employees.



00:33:53.610 --> 00:33:57.660

Rise N Shine Danielle : Like I hate Sam I don't like employees in a foreign word manly it.



00:33:58.050 --> 00:33:59.010

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah but.



00:33:59.220 --> 00:34:05.910

Michael Palumbos: If my if you treat your team members well they're going to turn around treat your customers well, they want to come back it's part of the experience it.



00:34:06.000 --> 00:34:14.880

Rise N Shine Danielle : full circle when everyone's happy everyone's happy you got that one person that just doesn't feel good and nothing seems right, you know, then.



00:34:15.960 --> 00:34:30.060

Rise N Shine Danielle : Then they all start to feel horrible and then you never know I mean it just it's a big vicious circle everybody either is happy or unhappy, I think you should keep everybody happy and and wealthy just as much as you are, you know, like spread it spread it around.



00:34:31.710 --> 00:34:32.070

Rise N Shine Danielle : that's it hi.



00:34:33.510 --> 00:34:43.230

Michael Palumbos: So one of my business coaching heroes a guy named Jim Collins who coined the phrase be hag the big hairy audacious goal so.



00:34:43.800 --> 00:34:46.290

Michael Palumbos: So, and where we go with this.



00:34:46.680 --> 00:34:52.740

Michael Palumbos: So the he says a bee hag is something 10 years out and it's something that you just can't even.



00:34:53.580 --> 00:35:07.470

Michael Palumbos: fathom it today, so if you're sitting in for sitting you're having this conversation, you know 10 years from now, and you claim to what you'd be had was today what would you what would you what would your vision for the future look like 10 years from now.



00:35:09.660 --> 00:35:10.110

Rise N Shine Danielle : i'm.



00:35:11.190 --> 00:35:15.210

Rise N Shine Danielle : very tired i'm telling you i'm going to be that one that young.



00:35:17.010 --> 00:35:24.900

Rise N Shine Danielle : Really, a plentiful life no I I don't think i'll ever stop working and I just know it's it's too much my I couldn't do it, but.



00:35:25.440 --> 00:35:33.960

Rise N Shine Danielle : I do see myself in this company being highly successful, I want to plant some restaurants.



00:35:34.740 --> 00:35:52.590

Rise N Shine Danielle : Around the United States i'm working myself just in the east coast, at the moment, but like i'm talking more of our you know hospitality group thing so in 10 years I hope to have dove into a lot of more than just restaurants, even hospitality wise and.



00:35:54.210 --> 00:36:00.900

Rise N Shine Danielle : and have a highly successful places that everyone will learn to love and enjoy forever.



00:36:03.780 --> 00:36:04.200

Rise N Shine Danielle : Right.



00:36:04.560 --> 00:36:05.670

Michael Palumbos: yeah no absolutely.



00:36:08.070 --> 00:36:09.210

Michael Palumbos: um.



00:36:13.740 --> 00:36:14.460

Michael Palumbos: let's see.



00:36:15.540 --> 00:36:18.720

Michael Palumbos: So you go to that point thinking about.



00:36:20.160 --> 00:36:20.760

Michael Palumbos: what's that.



00:36:22.860 --> 00:36:24.450

Rise N Shine Danielle : I guess is and you lose your spot.



00:36:26.190 --> 00:36:42.300

Michael Palumbos: I had three ideas that wants to just popped into my head and I was like burning through which one that you know we're going to go with but let's talk about your your potential transition and potential retirement yes you're never going to retire.



00:36:42.420 --> 00:36:44.310

Rise N Shine Danielle : I got that feeling yeah.



00:36:44.850 --> 00:36:55.140

Rise N Shine Danielle : But Oh well, I guess what it would be like, for me, would probably be more of just traveling you know traveling to see where we are and what we're doing, but then you know i'll take some time off.



00:36:55.560 --> 00:37:06.540

Rise N Shine Danielle : I will, I promise I will do that i'll learn to enjoy um I guess the rewards of working your ass off your whole life, you know, and I don't that's one thing I.



00:37:06.990 --> 00:37:12.570

Rise N Shine Danielle : Like I really, really wanted to do that for my parents, you know, make sure my mom says order and now having fun so.



00:37:12.810 --> 00:37:21.000

Rise N Shine Danielle : But my dad was one that was that hard worker and never stop never took the time off and now he's in retirement, I had a little bit more control of that because he did come here to work.



00:37:21.630 --> 00:37:28.560

Rise N Shine Danielle : And I know he won't stop but i'm like Okay, some of the home, you know okay go fishing hey there's a trip, I heard about.



00:37:29.160 --> 00:37:38.910

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know why don't you go there, you know so i'm pushing him and I think he's starting to feel it and i'm like that's what we all should do I should never work yourself to death or work yourself to your dad you know.



00:37:39.660 --> 00:37:47.550

Rise N Shine Danielle : You need to enjoy life, you really do you know, so I hope to get there, right now, this is, I think my time that i'm supposed to work my ass off.



00:37:48.960 --> 00:37:57.780

Rise N Shine Danielle : Sorry, I think we know you're when when the sun shines you make a now the sun is shining So it is time, though, it is time to make a.



00:37:58.650 --> 00:37:59.520

Michael Palumbos: um I.



00:38:05.550 --> 00:38:15.660

Michael Palumbos: Think I got you just somebody else's getting ready to you know work somebody else's working in a family business that.



00:38:17.640 --> 00:38:27.240

Michael Palumbos: is struggling with family in the business or just trying to you know decide on these concepts, or you know, whatever they're working through.



00:38:28.080 --> 00:38:33.480

Michael Palumbos: What is your advice, for you know how do you communicate with family members, how do.



00:38:34.590 --> 00:38:35.220

Rise N Shine Danielle : I you know.



00:38:36.900 --> 00:38:44.280

Rise N Shine Danielle : I gotta say the biggest thing it's tough, but I think each one of the family members need to know their role i'm being very.



00:38:45.360 --> 00:38:50.130

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know stick, you know something like stay in your lane kind of thing like yes you're there for.



00:38:50.790 --> 00:38:57.120

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, mental and moral support as a family member but remember like unless it's something super bad you know, like.



00:38:57.600 --> 00:39:05.190

Rise N Shine Danielle : coming up with the concepts if that's your role cool but like coming out there, and you know, trying to give your opinions on everything, I think that.



00:39:05.580 --> 00:39:11.670

Rise N Shine Danielle : It hinders too much on family family members love your opinion and hate them all in the same breath, you know, so I feel like.



00:39:12.450 --> 00:39:19.920

Rise N Shine Danielle : Do your thing help how you're supposed to help it don't don't push don't push the limits, because, just like anyone, no one wants to be.



00:39:20.460 --> 00:39:32.100

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know, then you have invites and whatever you know I just think I think I grew my family grew on because they did they my sister she knows she's like I know when to just be quiet.



00:39:32.700 --> 00:39:37.770

Rise N Shine Danielle : You know what I mean and not that i'm like you know shut up Tara but it's more like.



00:39:38.640 --> 00:39:50.040

Rise N Shine Danielle : She knows when maybe I have an employee that's that you know, can do that, I have a team Member that's going to be able to take care of that situation I don't need your opinion about it, you know you know, but on.



00:39:51.450 --> 00:39:57.000

Rise N Shine Danielle : You just kind of work together, you know you just really got to figure out each other, just like in any relationship your family's the same.



00:39:57.810 --> 00:40:05.610

Rise N Shine Danielle : Even with like my fiance we fight all the time, but it's back and forth, and what kind of knowing where we go like okay I got this right you got this you know you just got.



00:40:06.600 --> 00:40:07.950

Michael Palumbos: really well stay in your lane.



00:40:08.430 --> 00:40:09.570

Michael Palumbos: yeah and you know and know.



00:40:10.170 --> 00:40:11.010

Michael Palumbos: What your job is.



00:40:11.610 --> 00:40:13.140

Rise N Shine Danielle : You gotta do yeah.



00:40:13.200 --> 00:40:24.870

Rise N Shine Danielle : Everyone has a piece of this puzzle for a reason you know if you're a part of my piece, and where the hell, am I going to get the other pieces, you know it just you gotta you just gotta stick together and do what you're supposed to do.



00:40:25.950 --> 00:40:33.000

Michael Palumbos: You have a resource in your hometown that i've mentioned on the show before the New York family business Center.



00:40:33.480 --> 00:40:48.810

Michael Palumbos: yeah, so I will throw it out to you, you may want to catch a meeting here there, because they all of these topics that that we hit on in this show they happen to do a lot of that there with people that are brilliant in different topics and.



00:40:48.960 --> 00:40:53.100

Michael Palumbos: Again, like my might be helpful i'm.



00:40:54.180 --> 00:40:56.940

Michael Palumbos: Looking at you know, do you are you a reader.



00:40:58.020 --> 00:41:01.260

Rise N Shine Danielle : um I mean I wish I was a reader and.



00:41:02.790 --> 00:41:10.410

Rise N Shine Danielle : I don't have time to read sometimes that's horrible for me that is horrible so what I am more of a i'm like podcasts.



00:41:10.890 --> 00:41:14.160

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah yes my thing you know what so what's your favorite.



00:41:14.520 --> 00:41:15.630

Michael Palumbos: What is your favorite podcast.



00:41:17.700 --> 00:41:18.330

Rise N Shine Danielle : Oh.



00:41:20.820 --> 00:41:23.400

Rise N Shine Danielle : I don't know I can't I mean nothing really about business.



00:41:25.980 --> 00:41:28.710

Michael Palumbos: You use you use the podcast I get away.



00:41:28.920 --> 00:41:30.270

Rise N Shine Danielle : Yes, yes I want.



00:41:30.300 --> 00:41:32.700

Rise N Shine Danielle : Either someone in New York City I think it's called breakfast.



00:41:32.790 --> 00:41:33.570

Rise N Shine Danielle : breakfast club.



00:41:34.080 --> 00:41:34.620

Rise N Shine Danielle : And it's like.



00:41:35.100 --> 00:41:38.940

Rise N Shine Danielle : it's a little more like rappers and stuff but that's because i'd like to get away from you know.



00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:39.990

Michael Palumbos: As you're working all.



00:41:40.320 --> 00:41:50.730

Rise N Shine Danielle : Day my world so sometimes you might catch me on instagram just literally scrolling like a weirdo like I shouldn't be doing, because I don't have time to do that, but you know it gets me a break, to be free.



00:41:51.750 --> 00:41:52.140

Rise N Shine Danielle : So.



00:41:55.230 --> 00:41:56.280

Michael Palumbos: I don't have.



00:41:57.390 --> 00:42:03.600

Michael Palumbos: I don't have any other major things and so excited you know I want to hit find out about this Italian place and.



00:42:04.110 --> 00:42:07.650

Michael Palumbos: Luckily, I happen to drive to Syracuse on a pretty regular basis, so.



00:42:08.250 --> 00:42:11.850

Michael Palumbos: Once the argument definitely definitely make a stop I knew.



00:42:12.900 --> 00:42:14.670

Michael Palumbos: I have not been to loaded yet.



00:42:15.240 --> 00:42:17.130

Michael Palumbos: So here's a question.



00:42:18.420 --> 00:42:23.760

Michael Palumbos: You go on at your computer in order is it isn't available and easy to get works on your phone as well.



00:42:24.180 --> 00:42:32.880

Rise N Shine Danielle : Oh yeah yeah you go on our website you just do an order now and make your order from our website, we also are on third party, you know delivery Apps.



00:42:33.300 --> 00:42:42.030

Rise N Shine Danielle : um I think three or four of them at least because it is that fast casual so you do have to you know in and out kind of thing there is some tables I know.



00:42:43.200 --> 00:42:45.390

Rise N Shine Danielle : they're already talking about I need to expand.



00:42:48.090 --> 00:42:55.590

Rise N Shine Danielle : I can't so I want to make that into more of a restaurant atmosphere, so that might happen in the near future.



00:42:58.740 --> 00:43:05.250

Michael Palumbos: I just did I just did the wrong thing and I looked at your website again grandma's probably oh Nice.



00:43:05.550 --> 00:43:06.480

Rise N Shine Danielle : callie on a.



00:43:06.660 --> 00:43:10.740

Michael Palumbos: polio nice oh my gosh it's a burger with a meatball.



00:43:10.740 --> 00:43:15.150

Michael Palumbos: I throw all my gosh mozzarella and marinara.



00:43:16.320 --> 00:43:16.920

Michael Palumbos: I love it.



00:43:17.340 --> 00:43:26.640

Michael Palumbos: Dan Danielle this has been so much fun i'm so excited to have heard your story and share it with you know the audience here.



00:43:27.660 --> 00:43:34.860

Michael Palumbos: Keep it up, you know I think you know a lot of what I learned from you is do it your way.



00:43:35.430 --> 00:43:44.250

Michael Palumbos: yeah I do not run my business the way my father does, and I, you know I it took me a long time to shed that skin.



00:43:44.730 --> 00:43:45.630

Rise N Shine Danielle : He has here yeah.



00:43:45.900 --> 00:43:50.370

Michael Palumbos: And so I think that that's really incredible even though your first generation.



00:43:50.550 --> 00:43:51.720

Michael Palumbos: Business owner.



00:43:51.870 --> 00:43:57.630

Michael Palumbos: you're really started kind of like a second generation, because you need more peer wasn't your family.



00:43:57.780 --> 00:43:58.170

Michael Palumbos: You have a.



00:43:58.500 --> 00:44:00.030

Michael Palumbos: legacy to live up to.



00:44:00.360 --> 00:44:03.270

Michael Palumbos: You know, and so that was a really good for.



00:44:03.300 --> 00:44:09.450

Michael Palumbos: You know catches that you one generation doesn't have to run it identical to the way that it was always done.



00:44:09.960 --> 00:44:13.800

Rise N Shine Danielle : No absolutely not there's a times team so things seems yeah.



00:44:13.860 --> 00:44:15.540

Rise N Shine Danielle : yeah it's like work with the times.



00:44:16.020 --> 00:44:30.180

Michael Palumbos: And so, this is, you know you wouldn't have done what you've done without being who you are and just shooting you know doing it your way and creating you are so creative.



00:44:30.690 --> 00:44:43.830

Michael Palumbos: And, and that has come out and you know what your concepts and your food and all of those things so i'm really looking forward to finding out, you know I want to do this interview five and 10 years from now, so we can.



00:44:43.860 --> 00:44:45.690

Michael Palumbos: find out what else is going.



00:44:46.740 --> 00:44:47.850

Rise N Shine Danielle : to play back right.



00:44:48.060 --> 00:44:49.410

Rise N Shine Danielle : that's right, you said.



00:44:52.500 --> 00:44:53.130

Michael Palumbos: So.



00:44:53.370 --> 00:44:56.160

Michael Palumbos: Thank you, thank you so much for joining us today.



00:44:56.310 --> 00:44:56.580

Michael Palumbos: This is.



00:44:57.390 --> 00:44:58.560

Michael Palumbos: a ton of fun.



00:44:59.010 --> 00:45:04.080

Michael Palumbos: Again, its rise and shine diner and loaded both in Syracuse New York.



00:45:04.410 --> 00:45:06.630

Michael Palumbos: go and check them out Danielle mccurry.



00:45:08.550 --> 00:45:10.110

Michael Palumbos: appreciate it so much.



00:45:11.340 --> 00:45:17.670

Michael Palumbos: Thank you so much like a Columbus oh you're welcome my name is Michael Columbus you've been listening to the family biz show.



00:45:17.970 --> 00:45:37.890

Michael Palumbos: i'm with family wealth and legacy in Rochester New York, please you know, look forward to these other episodes there's some great family businesses out there and we've got some wonderful new episodes coming up in the weeks to follow so have a great day, everybody appreciate it take care.

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