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Episode 63: All About The People in Family Business

In this episode of "The Family Biz Show," host Michael Palumbos chats with Bill Boulter of Boulter Industrial Contractors, a family-owned business that has been operational since 1892. Bill shares the journey of his involvement in the family business, from his early exposure to the industrial world as a child to eventually taking over the company from his father.

Bill delves into the significance of the Boulter brand in the industrial contracting industry and discusses the evolution of the business over the years. He emphasizes the company's commitment to quality and problem-solving, which has been crucial to its longevity and success.

Throughout the episode, Bill highlights the importance of adapting to changes within the industry and the business itself. He reflects on the transition of leadership within the family business and the challenges and rewards that come with it. The conversation also touches on the broader impact of family businesses on the economy and the unique dynamics they navigate.

This insightful episode offers valuable lessons on resilience, adaptation, and the enduring power of family ties in the business world.

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Episode 63 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos: Well, welcome everybody to the family, this show I am your host Michael Columbus with family wealth and legacy in Rochester New York, and we have an awesome show for you, today we are joined by Bill bolter at bolter industrial contractors.



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Michael Palumbos: I will tell you i'm so excited about this, because I think when it comes to branding the boelter you know name and the bolter business really has some wonderful stuff for you to take a peek at so welcome bill.



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William Boulter: Thank you, thanks for having me.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah absolutely so you guys your business turned 130 years ago, you know 1892.



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Michael Palumbos: that's pretty awesome.



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Michael Palumbos: that's it.



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Michael Palumbos: it's an amazing feat typically what we like to do is, we have a you know just a hit history of allowing you to kind of give us a background of how you entered into the family business.



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Michael Palumbos: Your background and what you've been doing and then we'll dive into the history of the business and i've got some questions and we'll go from there, so.



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Michael Palumbos: Okay, tell us about yourself.



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William Boulter: So how I got into the business was being brought up next to the business.



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William Boulter: You know i've always been wanting to do this, so I knew in high school growing up, that this is what I wanted to do.



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William Boulter: My dad and my grandfather both.



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William Boulter: I didn't have school breaks I didn't have days off of school, I went to work and I was doing work, I was doing painting the fences coming inside painting for trucks doing this doing that helping out around just to give me more give me involved in it, but at a young age.



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William Boulter: I did go to you know I graduated high school and I went to the alford.



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William Boulter: State for two years.



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William Boulter: went Alfred university for one semester, and I call my dad in December of 1989 is that i'm ready.



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William Boulter: So he says Okay, so I went to directly into the field.



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William Boulter: Okay, put me in the field for about five years by four or five years in got to learn the business outside of.



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William Boulter: The office in the warehouse bark and work with all the all the different trades, that we are affiliated with, and the best part about is that the guys in the field didn't treat me.



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William Boulter: As the owner's son, I was just another guy and that and I didn't have that attitude of i'm the boss's kid and i'm just going to get everything I want it didn't work that way.



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William Boulter: So, so I did the field for five years and then in 98 I became Vice President kept working my way up and then by the time 2005 my dad was ready to retire, and here we are today.



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Michael Palumbos: Right that's you know there's two ways to enter the family business one is exactly the way you did it where it's like it was.



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Michael Palumbos: it's been in my blood i've been i've been here all the time, I know that I want to do this and there's other families that say you know go out get five years experience someplace else and then really prove to us that you want to come back.



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Michael Palumbos: Right.



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William Boulter: Now I knew I knew from day one, I was always you know trucks and you know trailers and equipment, you know we when I first started, we weren't you know my dad started the rigging part in in the late 70s.



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William Boulter: So we had our rigging department out here in Webster, and then we had to carding division in the city which was more which is warehousing.



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William Boulter: And I pretty much started working in there when I got out of college right away to learn that part and then I came out the Webster, and the rigging part for about three years.



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William Boulter: Okay, my five to learn this part, so my grandfather ran the city and my dad ran Webster.



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William Boulter: Okay, and I knew once I sent you know ricky part with equipments and the big four trucks and what they're doing you know.



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William Boulter: it's, the best thing about it is that every day it's something different we're we're problem solvers and you can be the same machine same location, but it's got to go in a different door different way it's just.



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William Boulter: My guys are the best problem solvers around and that's what we'd like to i'm not coming to the same same job every day love it.



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Michael Palumbos: And that's.



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Michael Palumbos: You know it's it's interesting because i'm second generation dad started the business, you know 40 plus years ago and I wanted nothing to do with it so i'm the exact.



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Michael Palumbos: Rochester.



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William Boulter: You throw.



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William Boulter: up your.



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Michael Palumbos: mind my it's yelling at me hold on a second.



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William Boulter: you're good no.



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Michael Palumbos: All right, Christina you got some editing to do on this one.



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Kristina: yeah this time, Sam did.



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Michael Palumbos: um so I was just saying you know, being the opposite of your direction I watched my father work I didn't understand the business at all.



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Michael Palumbos: And i'm like I don't want to do anything with that i'm going to get into computers and I started doing the computer work.



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I hated hated.



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Michael Palumbos: And then you know I went back to school, I worked for Xerox for a few years loved it and I was in the city, you know, I was a sales guy sales manager and my father grabbed me and said.



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Michael Palumbos: You know what are your favorite parts about what you do at Xerox and like a B and C is like, let me show you.



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Michael Palumbos: how you can get that same thing doing what i'm doing times 100.



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William Boulter: And he.



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Michael Palumbos: showed me and i'm like wow all right.



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Michael Palumbos: And it's what you said about problem solving.



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Michael Palumbos: there's not one day that goes by that i'm doing the same thing, no it's.



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William Boulter: always the same stuff right.



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Michael Palumbos: Why.



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William Boulter: it's fun right.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah families are different and the businesses are different so.



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William Boulter: that's very cool.



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Michael Palumbos: And we I call myself a problem solver.



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Michael Palumbos: So that's that's kind of fun.



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William Boulter: You know you wake up at 330 and four o'clock in the morning thinking, the same things I do.



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William Boulter: 100%.



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Michael Palumbos: So let's talk about you know where did the business start, and we, you know, without going through and we we could take three hours just do the history.



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William Boulter: yeah.



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You know.



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William Boulter: Patients.



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William Boulter: The thing for with your first started 130 years ago, as you know, we were in the city I couldn't I can't remember the actual street boat, you know we delivered ice and Cole.



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William Boulter: You knows what it was you know ice and call the delivery truck then back then the and my great grandfather started.



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William Boulter: You may get my great grandfather started more of a freight division warehousing division in the city on our cameraman even a street and then my grandfather started grew that part and then upon Emerson street Emerson Mr reed.



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William Boulter: Sure, and then my dad got involved and grew it even more and and up in pain Emerson street and Potomac street, which is, which is right across from the old maple Dell party house, because you American laundry really.



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William Boulter: And that's where I both are creating division was for years in the meantime, my grandfather.



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William Boulter: We were the big free company just mostly frame freight and warehousing and then my dad started a little household moving do some household will be Thank God we don't do that now and then.



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William Boulter: We then we started my dad started the rigging part and 78 we should do a lot of work and Xerox.



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William Boulter: And he had to do a move of moved a couple of small machines and he said, this is pretty interesting Xerox kept calling them next thing you know.



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William Boulter: The 1980s my dad was building our first building out here in Webster 1980 and then by 2000.



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William Boulter: We built a brand new hundred thousand square foot building up the up the street on basket road and I it just kept growing and growing and now.



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William Boulter: We are on 26 acres here on basket road hundred 50,200 75,000 square feet.



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William Boulter: of space and one of my biggest things is that we always were all over the place city to Billings and Webster, and my one of my goals was I always wanted to be under one roof under the same roof, but the same same spot, so I built 50,000 square foot.



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William Boulter: And they 2019 20 and.



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William Boulter: So now we are on one spot one location.



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Michael Palumbos: that's great and it does you know, like right now we haven't gone through coven where I have my team members all over the place yeah we still haven't gone back to the office yet it's working, but you do miss that you know.



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Michael Palumbos: yeah let's get together, so we what we did to sell for that right now is we just do a team meeting, every day we make sure that we're that we're connecting and interacting and you know and talking about more than just business sometimes you.



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William Boulter: know you know.



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Michael Palumbos: How was your weekend what's going on.



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Michael Palumbos: what's new in your life so.



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William Boulter: They turn on a half an hour meeting turns into an hour just.



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William Boulter: finding out what they did for the weekend what's going on their lives yeah.



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Michael Palumbos: Definitely um talk about you know you don't you don't survive 130 years without having some pretty strong company values, would you agree.



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William Boulter: yeah yeah.



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Michael Palumbos: If you if you talk about what are the values that run through your business.



00:09:47.190 --> 00:09:47.610

William Boulter: You know.



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William Boulter: The biggest thing for us we've been successful for many years because of our people, you know the people outside of our office here or on my side my office you know I can get the jobs and get the get the work at the customers, but my guys in the office in the office they're the best.



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William Boulter: We.



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William Boulter: Try to fit we're not I don't want people to come to us because we're the cheapest I want them to come to us because we're the best in we in we are you know, and my guys they.



00:10:25.560 --> 00:10:30.600

William Boulter: have expectations when they go on that job, but I want them to exceed those expectations and they do.



00:10:31.290 --> 00:10:38.280

William Boulter: And that's you know I have second and third generation families working for me the word for me.



00:10:38.700 --> 00:10:50.370

William Boulter: That i've had guys that just retired that work for my grandfather my dad now I have their sons, so you know it's just been a great it's been a great seeing different generations of other families.



00:10:50.430 --> 00:10:51.630

William Boulter: working here as well.



00:10:52.050 --> 00:10:53.160

Michael Palumbos: yeah it's.



00:10:53.700 --> 00:10:59.040

Michael Palumbos: it's funny listening to you speak because I feel like we must have done this before, because.



00:10:59.340 --> 00:11:09.630

Michael Palumbos: Right now, one of the things i'm incredibly proud of is the the intern that's working for us the summer is the great grandson of one of our first clients.



00:11:09.750 --> 00:11:10.530

William Boulter: Because it really.



00:11:10.710 --> 00:11:18.090

Michael Palumbos: yeah awesome, and so it was like you know they were a Rochester business, you know real estate development and.



00:11:19.290 --> 00:11:29.820

Michael Palumbos: You know, he he attended family meetings with his father and just was listening in as I would talk and he's like i'm finishing up college, could I possibly course.



00:11:31.020 --> 00:11:37.230

Michael Palumbos: Though just you know, a testament to like you said you're you know you've got families that have been with you for two or three.



00:11:37.230 --> 00:11:38.760

William Boulter: Generations yeah.



00:11:39.870 --> 00:11:43.320

William Boulter: We do we become they bleed blue.



00:11:44.400 --> 00:11:58.920

William Boulter: colors are blue and and they my guys, they all bleed blue they care, you know they do a great job they care about each other you're going to have it here and there, you're going to have a little no different any party going to work you're going to have that but.



00:11:59.280 --> 00:12:08.940

William Boulter: Right yeah you know these guys, you know they know even though, if you can't get along with someone we know in our business they.



00:12:09.960 --> 00:12:20.160

William Boulter: just get the job this get done safely and let's go on, because that's one of my biggest fears every day, is, I want to make sure that everyone goes down at the end of the day.



00:12:21.090 --> 00:12:30.060

William Boulter: You know in this business here, you know it's it's risky I mean it's challenging it's risky, but you know we work together and then go home at the end of the day.



00:12:31.050 --> 00:12:42.750

Michael Palumbos: It most of our top clients are all happened to be it was strange, we found out in during the coven that we looked at our business differently everybody's in the construction industry.



00:12:42.990 --> 00:12:44.520

Michael Palumbos: yeah and it was like.



00:12:44.940 --> 00:12:52.590

Michael Palumbos: I don't know how that happened but it's this you know the same mantra is we're doing demolition we're building.



00:12:53.370 --> 00:13:00.090

Michael Palumbos: A big giant things were way up in the air doing things this is that you know simple work let's make sure everybody gets home.



00:13:00.930 --> 00:13:15.060

Michael Palumbos: And I do think that you know when you're part of a family business because you've had that connection with your family members, you treat the employees it's it's one family, we got last name is.



00:13:15.090 --> 00:13:18.960

William Boulter: Right that's exactly right we're just one big family here and.



00:13:20.070 --> 00:13:26.730

William Boulter: it's not just I have my I have a sister that works here, but I consider everyone here working for me as far as the family as well.



00:13:27.210 --> 00:13:38.460

Michael Palumbos: yeah i'm going back through history, you know, nobody, no one gets to where you are today without stubbing your toe hitting some obstacles some.



00:13:38.970 --> 00:13:43.710

Michael Palumbos: Things you might you know you might pick one or two things and just kind of you know.



00:13:44.700 --> 00:13:47.700

Michael Palumbos: yeah, I can tell you the major obstacle right now is.



00:13:48.900 --> 00:13:54.450

William Boulter: Is skilled Labor is finding people, and I think I think we're not the only ones.



00:13:54.510 --> 00:13:54.960




00:13:56.130 --> 00:13:57.060

William Boulter: we've hosted.



00:13:58.590 --> 00:13:59.340

William Boulter: career day.



00:14:00.630 --> 00:14:12.240

William Boulter: Here, probably about three weeks ago and we've reached out to 160 kids through all the both these programs through mono county and outside mono Connie.



00:14:13.230 --> 00:14:21.810

William Boulter: trying to get these kids to come into the skilled trades, showing that you can make a great living without going to school.



00:14:22.740 --> 00:14:28.650

William Boulter: I would never tell someone not to go to school, but you can make a great living without going to school and.



00:14:29.400 --> 00:14:43.110

William Boulter: We had 160 kids come here and I would have to take for interns for the summer and I told them all, you know I want for interns at eight week program here and we're Union we're related affiliate with unions and i'm trying to help them out to get these kids to come into because.



00:14:44.280 --> 00:14:52.470

William Boulter: You can go tells me what we do, but you need to be here to see what we do, because it's hard to explain in a 760 kids come in.



00:14:53.670 --> 00:14:57.780

William Boulter: I got four applicants for summer internship.



00:14:58.650 --> 00:15:10.680

William Boulter: 160 or 60 kids and it's just I don't I just don't know it's hard to hard to believe we figured we'd have at least 50 and we were struggling and then I had 400 I set up for interviews and I got responses from too.



00:15:11.400 --> 00:15:21.000

William Boulter: So it's just the way skilled Labor is right now it's tough, you know I have, I have projects going on all around the country I have people in Alabama right now I have.



00:15:21.450 --> 00:15:35.040

William Boulter: People in utica saranac and I have great foreman because they're great and I have like to a first year or second year plan is working with these guys so it's difficult it's difficult to train them.



00:15:35.550 --> 00:15:46.590

William Boulter: Because they are one, for you know, three apprentices with one form and you can't really can't teach them all, at the same time, because they're spread out but it's it's getting very difficult with the skilled skilled Labor.



00:15:47.640 --> 00:15:48.240

Michael Palumbos: gotcha.



00:15:48.810 --> 00:15:56.550

William Boulter: yeah major major you know fuel costs, of course, but that's the major obstacle that we have right now.



00:15:56.910 --> 00:15:57.720

Michael Palumbos: that's today.



00:15:57.840 --> 00:16:05.730

William Boulter: We will start you know and i'm not the only one, and we, you know i've talked to other business owners to is you're you're almost turning some work away because you can't man.



00:16:06.690 --> 00:16:21.090

William Boulter: I go back to my dad's days and he would just call the halls and I need 50 guys and then 50 guys at your door, the next day, and if I had a job, right now, where I needed five additional guys I can get them wow yeah.



00:16:21.600 --> 00:16:23.340

Michael Palumbos: Like you said you're not alone everybody's going.



00:16:23.340 --> 00:16:25.440

William Boulter: On and I know everyone's in the same boat.



00:16:27.060 --> 00:16:29.280

Michael Palumbos: It in history.



00:16:29.670 --> 00:16:39.960

Michael Palumbos: What were some of the obstacles historically that either your grandfather your father ran into where you sit back and you heard those stories, you know.



00:16:39.990 --> 00:16:42.870

William Boulter: That it wouldn't have it, that they had it easy back then, and have no.



00:16:42.870 --> 00:16:48.180

William Boulter: Obstacles know i'm sure they probably had the same thing a little bit too, you know.



00:16:49.260 --> 00:16:51.300

William Boulter: I mean obstacles.



00:16:52.350 --> 00:16:59.280

William Boulter: I don't know if it would be an obstacle, but they didn't have what we have now for technology and equipment that we can do now, you know.



00:16:59.670 --> 00:17:10.410

William Boulter: Things have changed the been granted how much you don't like cell phones and computers well I couldn't run my business now without him, they did successfully, but I couldn't successfully without.



00:17:11.490 --> 00:17:12.900

Michael Palumbos: It was a different time you're right.



00:17:12.900 --> 00:17:13.980

William Boulter: Different time yeah.



00:17:14.850 --> 00:17:35.100

Michael Palumbos: i'm talking about family in the business family out of the business for me for a second so through your time here, and you know your father's time, who are the family members that were involved, how did it work, who was involved who wasn't was there any rules are.



00:17:35.670 --> 00:17:40.200

William Boulter: The only rule we ever my father ahead is my grandfather's just say it was.



00:17:41.340 --> 00:17:49.440

William Boulter: No, we all have we all have daughters no son was there ever never allowed never allowed no bring any son in laws and and we've never you know.



00:17:50.940 --> 00:18:07.530

William Boulter: it's just been mostly me and my father and my grandfather my aunt used to work in that city for part time once while my sister Theresa works here in the office she's been with me and all I can be 1520 years already she's in the office.



00:18:08.730 --> 00:18:13.740

William Boulter: But that's pretty much it we kind of you know kind of keep it keep it simple.



00:18:14.760 --> 00:18:18.810

William Boulter: I have three daughters, they have no interest in the business.



00:18:20.160 --> 00:18:21.270

William Boulter: So, which is okay.



00:18:21.660 --> 00:18:22.050

Michael Palumbos: yeah that's.



00:18:22.380 --> 00:18:27.180

William Boulter: Good yeah they got their own careers that they're they're looking at and it's okay.



00:18:28.740 --> 00:18:39.360

Michael Palumbos: Through your time with the business Okay, a lot of people I don't think can get a picture of what bolter you know industrial contracting does.



00:18:39.360 --> 00:18:51.270

Michael Palumbos: and talk about maybe a job or two that you look back and say, nobody was supposed to be able to do this and we figured out how to how to make it happen.



00:18:51.630 --> 00:18:55.260

William Boulter: yeah it's a great question there's there's so many.



00:18:56.280 --> 00:19:00.960

William Boulter: One sticks out to me every if you go to the strong museum of play.



00:19:01.260 --> 00:19:04.050

William Boulter: yeah inside inside there's the old Highland diner.



00:19:05.190 --> 00:19:05.700

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:19:05.880 --> 00:19:16.350

William Boulter: yeah we we put that inside that bone that's this going back many years, but it was a challenging one it was over, and it was I was when I was over at cornell University in.



00:19:17.970 --> 00:19:18.540

William Boulter: culver.



00:19:18.930 --> 00:19:22.740

William Boulter: yeah remember, bringing it over there, so.



00:19:23.100 --> 00:19:25.140

Michael Palumbos: How did you do, that what were some of the things.



00:19:25.470 --> 00:19:28.980

Michael Palumbos: That complicated, but you figured it out.



00:19:29.130 --> 00:19:37.740

William Boulter: The weight, the weight of it, you know it was it was really heavy the permits the issues with getting permits back is going way back.



00:19:39.390 --> 00:19:44.400

William Boulter: It just not having what we mean you look back at what we had back then for tools and equipment.



00:19:45.510 --> 00:19:53.790

William Boulter: It was harder, but now, if I did it today it'd be a piece of cake it's just not having the right, you know the equipment wasn't available back then, what do we have now.



00:19:54.870 --> 00:20:03.990

William Boulter: The one of the jobs that always sticks out in my mind that job we did at Xerox is called a call the rocks unit, which is like a filter process squeezed all that toner.



00:20:04.530 --> 00:20:14.940

William Boulter: With water I got the water out of the toner in a way 240 3000 pounds and they had to go through a second floor the second floor over part of the offices, so we had a.



00:20:15.450 --> 00:20:24.180

William Boulter: gantry system set up outside with a large crane set it up on top, the gantry system system.



00:20:24.750 --> 00:20:40.140

William Boulter: put it in and then we're going sideways and jacket down, it was but it had to go in straight and turn and you know precision, it was it was a challenging one, but I will always sticks out in my mind there's so many around here that I can I can't think of one right now what there's.



00:20:40.170 --> 00:20:40.980

William Boulter: there's so many.



00:20:41.130 --> 00:20:45.780

Michael Palumbos: You guys just did that you know, I was laughing you guys just pulled the dinosaurs out of the.



00:20:45.780 --> 00:20:48.540

William Boulter: rajan pull the dinosaurs out of.



00:20:50.820 --> 00:21:06.180

Michael Palumbos: It was cool and just watching the video on your your YouTube channel your wet and website, whatever it is um you know you see these great big giant windows, the museum got smart said we're putting these big doors so they can get it now, but not every building has that.



00:21:06.240 --> 00:21:13.350

William Boulter: No, no, so you know it's one of the questions when I first meet somebody and they say what are you doing i'm like oh.



00:21:14.400 --> 00:21:19.200

William Boulter: hardest hardest thing is playing, so I get on my phone I pull up our website and I go here.



00:21:19.560 --> 00:21:30.810

William Boulter: here's what just watch this for a minute, and it kind of gives the brief and they get it, but this sit there explain the rigging, you know the creating and packaging and steel fabrication some people, they just not understand, so I chose a website.



00:21:31.380 --> 00:21:43.170

Michael Palumbos: that's smart work we have been dealing with that for 20 years because, and especially in the last five minutes seven when we started doing business coaching.



00:21:43.530 --> 00:21:52.140

Michael Palumbos: So it's like so you're a financial advisor you're a wealth manager you're a business coach your estate planner which one, are you.



00:21:53.820 --> 00:21:55.590

Michael Palumbos: we're just we're just geeks.



00:21:58.170 --> 00:22:12.570

Michael Palumbos: out about taxes and all these all these things and we meld them together there's No one on the planet, that I have met that does all the things that we do the way we do a minute, so you know again i'm listening to you going us.



00:22:13.380 --> 00:22:13.710

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:22:14.070 --> 00:22:16.200

Michael Palumbos: If we're an industry that's cool.



00:22:17.280 --> 00:22:18.180

Michael Palumbos: um.



00:22:20.100 --> 00:22:23.160

Michael Palumbos: let's say, one of the best parts about being in a family business for you.



00:22:24.900 --> 00:22:26.910

William Boulter: best parts of it to be.



00:22:28.350 --> 00:22:39.480

William Boulter: For me, is you know you know, one of the day I bought my father, I was a nervous wreck you know i've used a lot of thought, I felt a lot of pressure pressure can I get it done can I continue on.



00:22:41.040 --> 00:22:56.130

William Boulter: It you know I just was I was a nervous wreck but you know here I am 17 years later and we're still growing so it's a great achievement, you know, for me, getting us on one location like I said was a great achievement for me.



00:22:58.140 --> 00:23:03.780

William Boulter: That was the biggest thing for a family business because it here I am number five all right number five is keep it going.



00:23:04.620 --> 00:23:13.200

William Boulter: You know, then they had the pressure from my grandfather, you know, back then, is and once the boy common ones, the boy was it, you know the name calm and, but I have three girls so it's okay.



00:23:14.220 --> 00:23:27.270

William Boulter: So yeah That was a you know it's you know, having my sister here in the office you know you have a person that you can trust yeah you know some of the cares more than just as your as your brother.



00:23:29.070 --> 00:23:32.400

William Boulter: A family business, you know is is not always easy.



00:23:33.780 --> 00:23:44.970

William Boulter: It has its challenges, you know when you get to people, you know it's like my dad and my grandfather were together and then my dad and I were together, you get a little bit of you know this and then.



00:23:45.900 --> 00:23:55.380

William Boulter: You work it out, but it is challenging and then you know once everything was in 2005 it's been it's been fantastic that's great.



00:23:55.590 --> 00:24:02.610

Michael Palumbos: yeah I know exactly what you're saying, my father and I we didn't work well together, and I say that in a.



00:24:03.090 --> 00:24:19.920

Michael Palumbos: super respectful way it was we just came at the problem solving differently, he was from a different era than I was and I had these different thoughts and it drove him crazy at times be like why can't you just listening.



00:24:20.280 --> 00:24:20.640

William Boulter: and



00:24:20.910 --> 00:24:28.590

Michael Palumbos: i've had success doing it this way for so long, and we agreed to disagree with our offices were two doors apart.



00:24:30.210 --> 00:24:38.100

Michael Palumbos: And then you know it just took some time, but when I wrote that last payment to him because I bought my father out as well.



00:24:39.630 --> 00:24:56.970

Michael Palumbos: and know that i've grown those clients and the relationships and the things that we've done with them hey we're different but, yet they appreciate all the things we bring to the table that's fun and dad looks back and go and watch this man he's like all right.



00:24:57.030 --> 00:24:59.130

William Boulter: it's that make sense yeah.



00:24:59.670 --> 00:25:01.380

William Boulter: Good and so when.



00:25:02.730 --> 00:25:07.740

William Boulter: I will never forget the day, whereas in a conference room and one of our board me and.



00:25:08.820 --> 00:25:24.090

William Boulter: It was brought to my dad that you know, we need to buy computers, we didn't spend $40,000 I computers and he was no way we don't need Oh, and we had to twist his arm to get these computers and he didn't you know you just don't need we don't need them, but you need them.



00:25:24.960 --> 00:25:25.290

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:25:25.500 --> 00:25:34.950

William Boulter: i'll never forget never forget that point if I was ever to tell anybody with family business you're going to have your ups and downs, and I would ever tell like if.



00:25:36.180 --> 00:25:47.610

William Boulter: Let the next generation that i'm you know trust them that i'm doing their thing you're always going to be there to help them if they need you, but let them do their thing yeah.



00:25:49.350 --> 00:25:49.620

William Boulter: yeah.



00:25:50.220 --> 00:25:56.550

Michael Palumbos: I love that because it's it's I think it's difficult, especially if I.



00:25:57.570 --> 00:26:10.260

Michael Palumbos: Think it's difficult for everybody, but especially if you're the founder if you're the founder and you're going to the next generation, and that was my father's position and I have another family that you know, working with right now, you know.



00:26:11.280 --> 00:26:18.450

Michael Palumbos: 30 plus years in business and and dad's monitoring all the time, with the sun is doing.



00:26:18.870 --> 00:26:19.170

William Boulter: And it's.



00:26:19.200 --> 00:26:22.440

Michael Palumbos: Like and they're not they're totally different people.



00:26:22.620 --> 00:26:24.330

Michael Palumbos: they're going to do it differently and it's.



00:26:24.330 --> 00:26:25.500

Michael Palumbos: really hard to let go.



00:26:26.520 --> 00:26:27.660

Michael Palumbos: Point like.



00:26:28.770 --> 00:26:41.640

Michael Palumbos: i'm transitions so you talked about the transition from you and dead, how long did how long were you planning that you know how long were you talking about that, before it happened, or was it a.



00:26:42.270 --> 00:26:42.930

William Boulter: It was a.



00:26:44.010 --> 00:26:54.930

William Boulter: I think was a November decision he made and we signed we committed deal with December, he said he when he was done, he was writing, and it was it was it was very, very short.



00:26:55.350 --> 00:27:04.860

William Boulter: Okay, I think my father realized, you know figuring you realize that you know what this kid can do it and i'm ready to go, so it was it was very short.



00:27:07.380 --> 00:27:08.610

Michael Palumbos: glad glad.



00:27:08.670 --> 00:27:16.950

William Boulter: To have you know, for me, I don't have you know you know for me for my plan is, you know I don't have a plan right now um.



00:27:18.150 --> 00:27:29.430

William Boulter: yeah I don't have we've tried to the Aesop way of you know, going to try to go through employees it's not going to work so happens, what happens here what happens here i'm not have no plan right now.



00:27:29.850 --> 00:27:30.300

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:27:30.480 --> 00:27:40.410

Michael Palumbos: You know, let me throw something to you that I think is really important, there is, you know you started the conversation saying now it's on my shoulders and there was you know I you know.



00:27:42.660 --> 00:28:00.690

Michael Palumbos: I had some worry about that or stress around that I believe that the world of family business is done as a little bit of an injustice to people they you know you've been around for 130 years the average s&p 500 companies less than 15.



00:28:02.130 --> 00:28:02.640

Michael Palumbos: Okay.



00:28:02.850 --> 00:28:08.490

Michael Palumbos: And you are yourself have been doing this for over 15 years.



00:28:08.610 --> 00:28:09.630

Michael Palumbos: yeah and.



00:28:10.710 --> 00:28:13.200

Michael Palumbos: You know, think about the families in the Community.



00:28:13.320 --> 00:28:15.360

Michael Palumbos: And all the people that you've impacted.



00:28:15.660 --> 00:28:18.930

Michael Palumbos: So somebody will continue that legacy it.



00:28:18.930 --> 00:28:21.210

Michael Palumbos: May it may look different.



00:28:21.480 --> 00:28:24.330

William Boulter: They look different and you're right and somebody will.



00:28:24.390 --> 00:28:33.060

William Boulter: Somebody will succeed take over and succeed and continue this on may be different, not the way I would do it, but it should be successful.



00:28:34.800 --> 00:28:39.090

Michael Palumbos: And it may not be family owned at that point and that's okay.



00:28:40.200 --> 00:28:41.610

Michael Palumbos: 30 years you killed.



00:28:41.700 --> 00:28:47.520

Michael Palumbos: You beat every s&p 500 companies so that lots to be proud of.



00:28:47.610 --> 00:28:50.160

Michael Palumbos: focus on what what you did do.



00:28:50.970 --> 00:28:54.090

Michael Palumbos: You know, because most don't last five generations yeah.



00:28:54.750 --> 00:29:05.340

William Boulter: No, it was you know, like I go back to 2005 I remember you know sign those papers like like you probably did too, and you know you've got an agreement with your father for for 10 years.



00:29:06.420 --> 00:29:12.660

William Boulter: And like okay let's go here you go and I remember that last the last checked it 2015 it was like I didn't.



00:29:13.590 --> 00:29:15.990

William Boulter: Oh, let me tell you ever miss one my.



00:29:16.440 --> 00:29:18.780

Michael Palumbos: manually of this year was my last check.



00:29:18.840 --> 00:29:22.140

Michael Palumbos: yeah oh yeah it was it was an exciting moment.



00:29:23.190 --> 00:29:37.920

Michael Palumbos: And then you know as you're living through coven and all these other obstacles, you know, for you, you had 2008 2009 Oh, and everything pulls back during those sessions and you're still making payments.



00:29:37.980 --> 00:29:40.590

William Boulter: yeah still making the payments never missed it.



00:29:40.980 --> 00:29:50.970

Michael Palumbos: yeah yeah um let me think here i've got a couple other things that I just wanted to make sure that we talked about what is your thing so.



00:29:51.990 --> 00:29:59.370

Michael Palumbos: What is your vision for the future, if you could wave a magic wand What would it What would it look like for boelter 20 years from now.



00:29:59.820 --> 00:30:00.720

William Boulter: 20 years.



00:30:02.400 --> 00:30:08.490

William Boulter: we're trying to get outside of the five surrounding counties which we've started to lately.



00:30:10.260 --> 00:30:25.350

William Boulter: we're trying to get a new territory to Syracuse utica finger lakes corning area like I said I have guys down in Alabama right now for a company that's been traveling has an Arizona starting roster company called life cycle.



00:30:26.460 --> 00:30:33.930

William Boulter: it's moving here to Rochester we're trying to get you know broaden our get out and move, you know get to these new areas.



00:30:34.980 --> 00:30:47.730

William Boulter: You know saranac brewery is a great example you know I met with Fred matt and one of the guys and talk to him, he showed us, you know what we can do, and in high of bad guys there now for eight months.



00:30:48.030 --> 00:31:00.060

William Boulter: wow so it's it's worked out very well you know and the thing is me I can talk to Fred I can talk to their guys are production, you know manager guys but it's my guys doing the work yeah yeah.



00:31:00.480 --> 00:31:11.220

William Boulter: These my guys i'm telling you that they love once I get in the door they're like wow these guys, are you know, are we, the cheapest no material, now we are not but we'll get it done for you on time.



00:31:12.240 --> 00:31:21.720

William Boulter: And right, you know that's you know i've built, you know 50,000 square foot building, I would like to see more you know we could use more space.



00:31:23.490 --> 00:31:31.890

William Boulter: to buy new equipment, I have, I buy new equipment every year and I just we kind of have the rotations ruin and that's getting difficult now to I mean we just.



00:31:32.460 --> 00:31:42.300

William Boulter: You know I ordered two new tractors, you know the big trucks and my first door to them they're like your Bill Gates and end of 23 and you receive it first quarter 24.



00:31:42.840 --> 00:31:59.760

William Boulter: wow holy cow them with they've come around and we're going to get them by the first of next year, but that's been difficult, but um that's what I see you know I hope to see it moving past, you know we've always been kind of stuck I say stop it was mostly focused on the Rochester area.



00:32:00.240 --> 00:32:00.720




00:32:02.130 --> 00:32:18.270

Michael Palumbos: But obviously it's been good to you through the years and you've done great work so sometimes it's hard to get outside of that area I had I get it because I had plans of you know I family in California and i'm like I can do this.



00:32:18.540 --> 00:32:25.050

Michael Palumbos: And that would be kind of cool but just you just keep serving the people that are here and.



00:32:25.440 --> 00:32:25.800

William Boulter: yeah.



00:32:26.040 --> 00:32:27.060

William Boulter: it's been forever.



00:32:27.120 --> 00:32:31.800

William Boulter: we've never been not as working on a state like we are now, which is great.



00:32:32.340 --> 00:32:33.900

William Boulter: yeah we joined.



00:32:35.010 --> 00:32:35.850

William Boulter: magni.



00:32:37.950 --> 00:32:44.010

William Boulter: Past my I was probably about a year ago, probably magnet in central New York Manufacturers Association central New York.



00:32:44.580 --> 00:32:44.790

Michael Palumbos: and



00:32:44.820 --> 00:32:53.700

William Boulter: You know meeting all those people over, and so in that area and that's how we got into saranac you know, keep finding these organizations to join.



00:32:54.240 --> 00:33:02.310

William Boulter: And meeting different people, we now have a move one of my project managers to a business development position or he's just out.



00:33:03.030 --> 00:33:13.200

William Boulter: You know, email and knocking on no kid knock on the doors like we used to eat that those days are gone, you have to do it this way now, instead of going to people, because no one let you in the door as a coven anymore.



00:33:13.440 --> 00:33:14.550

William Boulter: yeah so.



00:33:14.940 --> 00:33:17.610

Michael Palumbos: Right it's it's checking their linkedin profile.



00:33:17.640 --> 00:33:18.030

William Boulter: yeah.



00:33:18.780 --> 00:33:33.150

Michael Palumbos: social media that way yeah exactly that's funny um how did you find the transition from field to office to running the company what was that, like, for you.



00:33:35.790 --> 00:33:44.610

William Boulter: I didn't it wasn't when I first started, I was still doing both I was doing field, and then I worked my way in the office, I was a dispatcher.



00:33:45.840 --> 00:33:52.200

William Boulter: And then I would kind of work on the weekends, I was still staying involved, working with the guys, I was still drive truck and I was still dispatch driving a truck.



00:33:52.920 --> 00:34:07.050

William Boulter: And i'm when I when I started, mostly in the office, probably in 2000 I was strictly in the office, and then I just started, you know doing this, what i'm doing now it's been everything but yeah but I like it.



00:34:08.280 --> 00:34:16.710

William Boulter: And haven't done in last five years because of back issues that I have or whatever, but I was still going on the weekends, working with the guys.



00:34:16.980 --> 00:34:21.450

William Boulter: Okay, I love it, you know I keep telling the guys that you're on the best fork truck driver and our companies still.



00:34:22.680 --> 00:34:24.420

William Boulter: don't believe either didn't it's not true.



00:34:26.160 --> 00:34:28.080

William Boulter: No, I like being hands on you'll catch me.



00:34:28.440 --> 00:34:35.340

William Boulter: You know i'm sitting in my office here, I have two big windows i'm looking out a truck comes in, and I see that the guys are busy i'll just go out there and unload the truck.



00:34:35.550 --> 00:34:42.180

William Boulter: Sign the guys paperwork and the way it goes into people's who is that guy he's the owner he's unloading you there okay.



00:34:43.590 --> 00:34:54.750

Michael Palumbos: I think that's so important to never be above anything you know and just loving the business I don't you know for us it's the same thing it's you know.



00:34:55.020 --> 00:35:02.970

Michael Palumbos: i'll get in and run the software and you know just start read i'll read i'll read the documents you know, whatever it takes you want to get during.



00:35:04.110 --> 00:35:14.820

William Boulter: When you go into the if you ever go to like the breweries are any food plants we do work and you see how this stuff is bottle like somebody fillers are filling bottles or cans at 1000 bottles a minute.



00:35:15.870 --> 00:35:29.730

William Boulter: minute and it's just like you can't even see him it's how fast are gone and just you know know when you look at that and the conveyor lines i'll go with them that you know, this is what we do, and this we put this equipment and so people are like they're amazed.



00:35:31.830 --> 00:35:32.820

Michael Palumbos: that's very cool.



00:35:33.990 --> 00:35:34.770

Michael Palumbos: um.



00:35:35.970 --> 00:35:51.180

Michael Palumbos: What are some of the other, so you, you talked about your goals, what are some of the obstacles in the way of making those things happen today and what is, how do you it mean I guess that's where I really want to go is it's not just you doing this by yourself.



00:35:51.270 --> 00:35:57.330

Michael Palumbos: Right, who are the people that you work with what is the leadership teamwork look like and how do you guys interact together.



00:35:58.440 --> 00:36:05.940

William Boulter: We interact every day, you know if you can see it on this path of my there's everyone my doors always open.



00:36:07.350 --> 00:36:14.610

William Boulter: I have three other project managers that we meet try to meet once a week every Tuesday.



00:36:16.410 --> 00:36:31.320

William Boulter: We have we've joined purchase hubspot back in 2019, which is a sales tool which has been phenomenal I can I can focus on all I see what's going on with their deals and their quotes and everything.



00:36:33.660 --> 00:36:40.980

William Boulter: So we're in my doors i've always saw my doors are always in here, always in here and my door is always going to be open.



00:36:42.990 --> 00:36:54.120

William Boulter: Some of the major obstacles like I told you before for me to grow more is the Labor part yeah is the Labor part that's the hardest part that's the hardest thing.



00:36:54.540 --> 00:37:02.640

William Boulter: To me, I can make a sega told you, before I can go to another get a job, somewhere, and they can go to start Monday with five guys know I can't.



00:37:03.360 --> 00:37:15.930

William Boulter: Have years past, yes, I can but now it's just I can't be unlimited you know we have 60 employees, you know, and we have to mean in to get more is difficult right now.



00:37:17.340 --> 00:37:19.470

William Boulter: And when we look at projects, right now, we have to you know.



00:37:19.680 --> 00:37:22.860

William Boulter: These are 60 so we have to kind of schedule work that's.



00:37:23.280 --> 00:37:26.460

William Boulter: around these 60 guys and when they're available and free.



00:37:27.300 --> 00:37:27.750




00:37:28.920 --> 00:37:29.820

Michael Palumbos: um.



00:37:32.460 --> 00:37:33.120

i'm Jay.



00:37:34.230 --> 00:37:41.550

Michael Palumbos: Talk about family for a second how big is the extended family, did you when you grow up, it was you how many siblings and your family.



00:37:42.360 --> 00:37:47.880

William Boulter: So my sister Theresa and then have a stepbrother and stepsister I dad had.



00:37:49.830 --> 00:37:50.790

William Boulter: Four sisters.



00:37:51.870 --> 00:37:59.910

William Boulter: One had a loving kids so my grandparents had like 26 grandchildren, it was a big family.



00:38:00.300 --> 00:38:00.630




00:38:01.680 --> 00:38:20.490

William Boulter: My grandma side was a big family too, and we used to have family reunions for many, many years that I can remember for my grandfather passed away in 2005 we would have them every year hamlin hamlin beach or at those thousand hundreds of people hundreds, it was a big family.



00:38:22.560 --> 00:38:25.560

William Boulter: Like seven sister teresa's here in the office with me right now.



00:38:26.940 --> 00:38:29.250

William Boulter: that's you know that's it right now.



00:38:30.660 --> 00:38:37.050

Michael Palumbos: We go growing up any family traditions that that you guys had that you.



00:38:37.410 --> 00:38:38.220

William Boulter: family reunion.



00:38:40.230 --> 00:38:40.710

Michael Palumbos: yeah.



00:38:40.800 --> 00:38:45.330

Michael Palumbos: yeah I can only imagine as a kid that that would have been like.



00:38:45.450 --> 00:38:48.210

William Boulter: Oh, it was awesome it was great when you're a kid it was fantastic.



00:38:48.630 --> 00:38:50.340

William Boulter: yeah grandfather was this thing.



00:38:51.360 --> 00:38:59.370

William Boulter: called the lion Han theories to sit in a chair and just have all those grandkids or any kids around and he would just do this little white.



00:38:59.790 --> 00:39:18.360

William Boulter: lion one thing I can still have the song in my head and we all would be doing it with them, and he loved doing that he did that to the you know, the best way 84 he was 84 and 2005 but he did have to use it for every time any grandkid are great grandchild he would do those little line.



00:39:20.160 --> 00:39:23.610

Michael Palumbos: I love it I love it um.



00:39:25.050 --> 00:39:35.490

Michael Palumbos: So you meet with your project managers will go back to the business you've got what is your meeting rhythm you say you meet weekly and daily or is always open do you have a rhythm to how you do things.



00:39:36.000 --> 00:39:43.890

William Boulter: No, no, no, no, we just we try to meet every Tuesday every Tuesday sales meeting every other Tuesday i'd meet with the project managers and.



00:39:44.760 --> 00:39:55.110

William Boulter: In a couple of the girls in the office just to kind of go through jobs what's going on and billing and past views and just trying to you know get everyone together, just to get together.



00:39:55.500 --> 00:39:55.680

William Boulter: and



00:39:56.370 --> 00:40:09.840

William Boulter: Because we're all it's this business, you know everyone else it's crazy you get sidetracked it's just it's crazy and you just have to get everybody in the room for half an hour like you get your zoom meeting for half an hour.



00:40:10.050 --> 00:40:11.190

William Boulter: To get everyone together.



00:40:11.970 --> 00:40:21.000

Michael Palumbos: You said something really interesting you know I work with a lot of construction family businesses, and when I start talking about marketing and sales.



00:40:21.420 --> 00:40:35.910

Michael Palumbos: Like that's that's not what we do and i'm like What do you mean it's exactly what you do because they look at it, as you know, it's estimating and we can't go through and figure out what we're going to be doing, because every project so different.



00:40:36.690 --> 00:40:54.960

Michael Palumbos: And, but you you you you blogged on to hubspot doing business development, which is the marketing that's it it's just called different and you're going out and shaking hands and kissing babies, so to speak, right on the business development side.



00:40:56.820 --> 00:41:05.460

Michael Palumbos: And then on the sales side, it sounds like you're just looking at all the estimators do you, is it does the project manager do the estimating yes.



00:41:05.970 --> 00:41:06.360

Michael Palumbos: So you.



00:41:06.480 --> 00:41:17.100

Michael Palumbos: want to say what's our flow, what if you know the you know the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that's being estimated right now, you get a pretty good idea in terms of.



00:41:17.490 --> 00:41:23.760

William Boulter: what's coming up the banner right that's the nice thing about is that I can I can see, on my computer right now.



00:41:24.180 --> 00:41:37.980

William Boulter: What what you know years past you'd say right we're, what do you got coming in six months i'd have to walk around and figure out, we know what we have coming in six months now, I just got to go on go on hubspot I can just click on it, I can see what's.



00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:48.120

William Boulter: received accepted when it's going to happen and we can do is focus on how you know it's helping us with manpower, we can see what's coming off.



00:41:48.690 --> 00:41:49.200

William Boulter: Okay.



00:41:49.380 --> 00:41:50.850

William Boulter: I was, I can always remember.



00:41:51.780 --> 00:41:57.840

William Boulter: i'm going way back like we sit in board meetings my dad and my grandfather and counseling attorneys and they would always say.



00:41:58.560 --> 00:42:12.990

William Boulter: what's what's it like next year, who, who knows, I mean what's it like a six month I can, I can tell you, but now, if you send me, what do you got going on six months, I can tell you, though, we got this coming up, we got this coming up, you can kind of see it.



00:42:14.910 --> 00:42:28.470

Michael Palumbos: I can't Thank you enough for that conversation, and you guys are using hubspot because i'm telling you very more often than not, the people in the construction industry, especially when it's you making widgets.



00:42:28.560 --> 00:42:32.310

Michael Palumbos: So it's not production line so you can you can figure all that stuff out.



00:42:32.490 --> 00:42:32.790

William Boulter: But at the.



00:42:32.940 --> 00:42:41.760

Michael Palumbos: end of the day, those estimates, you know and where they fit where are they where they're looking at and that doesn't mean it's not going to change.



00:42:41.940 --> 00:42:43.170

Michael Palumbos: really makes you say.



00:42:43.230 --> 00:42:50.220

Michael Palumbos: We slotted this for the end of 2023 but we just ended up with some extra money we want to move it up to June of 23 right.



00:42:50.460 --> 00:42:52.170

Michael Palumbos: Right or push it back.



00:42:52.470 --> 00:43:00.840

William Boulter: yeah I go back before we get it that I wouldn't know what they're quoting USA I asked what's coming on now I usually every Sunday.



00:43:02.520 --> 00:43:09.480

William Boulter: I take an hour to and I just got to turn it on I look at it at home go through it, I look at some of their quotes I don't go through all them and just kind of see.



00:43:10.200 --> 00:43:22.920

William Boulter: What they're saying how they're writing them and then i'll come back and say hey you forgot, you should, what are you doing here, are you sure you got enough money or you know you know it's it's nice to know, and I do it on Sundays because i'm coming in Monday I know.



00:43:24.420 --> 00:43:31.890

William Boulter: I know what's coming ahead for the week yeah I like to see what schedule for the week, through it, and I know what jobs are coming up, not just mine that I have going on.



00:43:32.580 --> 00:43:34.140

William Boulter: With the other guys have going on, too.



00:43:34.710 --> 00:43:36.540

Michael Palumbos: So you're still writing jobs yourself.



00:43:36.870 --> 00:43:38.670

William Boulter: Oh yeah oh yeah.



00:43:39.720 --> 00:43:39.990

Michael Palumbos: That.



00:43:40.230 --> 00:43:49.260

William Boulter: Focus yeah most of mine are the you know the larger projects, you know the food, food and beverage industry, you know, the bigger the bigger projects, the day to day once i've kind of.



00:43:50.070 --> 00:44:05.100

William Boulter: kind of moving to say to to another guy but i'm still hands on you know Someone needs me just call me, so I mean they know they can get Ahold of me, and I was, I will never be never turn anybody away put it that way.



00:44:06.300 --> 00:44:19.230

William Boulter: Even so, i've been doing some of these customers for 3030 years there's that you know in I can't just say here move over to the next guy nah will stick with the same guy for 30 years yeah.



00:44:19.410 --> 00:44:19.680

Michael Palumbos: Now.



00:44:19.710 --> 00:44:24.330

William Boulter: That you want to do a two day two jobs a year with the guy but i've known for 30 years yeah.



00:44:25.680 --> 00:44:38.580

Michael Palumbos: You said, your day and feel free to say I don't want to get into that but it's your daughter's don't have any interest in the business curiosity, what are the directions, you know they've watched you do this stuff for so long.



00:44:39.090 --> 00:44:39.840

William Boulter: Where are they oh.



00:44:41.130 --> 00:44:42.780

William Boulter: yeah I wouldn't put this on the air but.



00:44:44.130 --> 00:44:47.970

William Boulter: they're just make it's just didn't have.



00:44:49.980 --> 00:44:58.710

William Boulter: I want to see the drive and I had kids are you know they're different these days and it's partially the parents fault yeah I would take some of the blame on it, but family business.



00:44:59.400 --> 00:45:06.390

William Boulter: was difficult, you know in like I said this probably shouldn't go under either, but my dad and I didn't get along for years.



00:45:06.840 --> 00:45:14.610

William Boulter: We didn't get along my dad and I didn't get along for years and I know I saw my dad and my grandpa and I get along for for many years and.



00:45:14.970 --> 00:45:26.130

William Boulter: I didn't want that with my kids yeah I didn't I didn't I didn't want that friction and I didn't want that, in my day and I go on great now it's you know, but during a time when you're working together and.



00:45:26.670 --> 00:45:37.740

William Boulter: It was difficult and we didn't speak for many years and we spoke, but it wasn't you know, he was my dad but you know you'll always be my dad, but it was it was difficult.



00:45:38.340 --> 00:45:44.340

William Boulter: But you know that's in one of the things with my, even if I even had a busy man or a boy girl these days anybody could run this business.



00:45:44.820 --> 00:46:01.590

William Boulter: Is that I just didn't want that friction between my son or my daughter, and if if one of them did I would definitely not have that friction that's one of the things I did learn let let that next generation do their thing, let them do their thing, let them try it, you know.



00:46:02.190 --> 00:46:02.640

William Boulter: I didn't.



00:46:02.880 --> 00:46:13.950

William Boulter: I felt everything that I did was you're not doing it right you're not doing it right so obviously I think he looks back now, it says, then kids do it right yeah.



00:46:14.130 --> 00:46:16.230

Michael Palumbos: It was just it was a different time your dad.



00:46:16.350 --> 00:46:17.190

William Boulter: Your time right.



00:46:17.250 --> 00:46:17.670

William Boulter: i'm doing.



00:46:18.210 --> 00:46:19.410

Michael Palumbos: An awful lot of life.



00:46:19.560 --> 00:46:27.630

Michael Palumbos: And you know they they just they were taught away and we're and we're successful they wanted the best for us, so they were just trying to put that.



00:46:27.990 --> 00:46:30.510

Michael Palumbos: That level of thinking to us.



00:46:30.600 --> 00:46:37.830

William Boulter: And just different in in me this could go on here, but you know the part of the family business that I would say to him was.



00:46:39.390 --> 00:46:53.430

William Boulter: Leave home at home leave work at work yeah when you go home from work your your family and have fun and do your thing don't talk about work just you know leave work at work to leave home at home.



00:46:55.410 --> 00:46:58.440

Michael Palumbos: I love it smart a it's and it's difficult it's.



00:46:58.800 --> 00:47:07.470

Michael Palumbos: Hard if you know if you're a family that everybody's involved in the business, you know it's like Oh, how do you do that.



00:47:07.590 --> 00:47:16.470

William Boulter: You know, would you try to go to do a family reunion, or you get everyone together, you want to sit around a table and start talking about work like you know leave it leave it at work.



00:47:17.910 --> 00:47:25.800

Michael Palumbos: We had that the flip of that, though, is there's probably a balance, because you'd probably have some family members that aren't in the business.



00:47:26.220 --> 00:47:32.820

Michael Palumbos: That that that are proud of the boelter name proud of the you know, whatever your business, you know is.



00:47:33.210 --> 00:47:48.000

Michael Palumbos: And I think when you do that family reunion, maybe a 15 minute segment to say here's what we're working on right now here's the stuff that we do, and just so that you know we you know these are the big projects of the highlights of the year.



00:47:48.120 --> 00:47:48.510




00:47:49.770 --> 00:47:59.100

William Boulter: you please don't put this on as well as the biggest when I bought my father Oh, we were you know we we had 20 cranes with 20 cranes between Kodak and.



00:47:59.550 --> 00:48:07.020

William Boulter: In our jeannie donegan Day and it was it was the we weren't doing well it's just too many of them, we had.



00:48:07.620 --> 00:48:29.010

William Boulter: Eight crane operators and you had 20 cranes okay dad we have 12 that are sitting idle every day, every day there's 12 piece of equipment every day sitting idle So when I bought my father out 2005 may 12 2005 we had one tip over on the Mount airy boulevard.



00:48:30.630 --> 00:48:38.010

William Boulter: It was a girl operator which didn't matter with her name was Mary she was a great operator she had the computer set at full outrigger.



00:48:38.550 --> 00:48:48.300

William Boulter: outriggers and then she was only said it half and she was doing a Jersey berries on the road, and it went over and right so when that happened i'm like i'm done i'm done.



00:48:48.930 --> 00:48:54.030

William Boulter: we're done with these things and I, and I sold them three months later, I sold, all of them in.



00:48:54.840 --> 00:49:04.050

William Boulter: I sold them the company up the road Clark, and part of the deal was my brother was a great crane operator my step brother and he was part of the deal.



00:49:04.530 --> 00:49:14.430

William Boulter: So my brother end up working up the road for a different company, not the boulder company, so I turned to kind of be the bag of the family right then right then and there but.



00:49:15.210 --> 00:49:23.310

William Boulter: If I didn't do that at that time I wouldn't be here today because they're those things are just expensive and they're really they're just.



00:49:24.210 --> 00:49:35.100

William Boulter: they're just too expensive and and they need 20 of them right it didn't need 20 hours, so it was difficult back 2005 to 2008 you know.



00:49:35.490 --> 00:49:42.810

William Boulter: How could he sell the cranes, and so to have his brother go up the road, well, I was part of the deal and that's what he wanted to do because he was very good at it.



00:49:43.320 --> 00:49:46.110

William Boulter: sure you know his last name is bolter, of course, but.



00:49:46.410 --> 00:49:46.650




00:49:47.760 --> 00:49:51.330

William Boulter: He was working for them, he doesn't know he doesn't even work for me.



00:49:52.680 --> 00:49:53.100

William Boulter: So.



00:49:55.650 --> 00:50:12.120

Michael Palumbos: Those are the stories Those are the things I am Christina and create another timestamp here, but we, you know what bill said we're trying to figure this out, we would, I will do bill is, as we put this together, because there are some really good things that you're just talked about.



00:50:12.210 --> 00:50:13.530

William Boulter: yeah you can mix it in yeah.



00:50:13.620 --> 00:50:16.890

Michael Palumbos: trying to figure out how do we say that put together.



00:50:17.040 --> 00:50:22.890

Michael Palumbos: yeah i'll run before we do anything we will run this episode past, you know, like.



00:50:22.920 --> 00:50:25.980

Michael Palumbos: Anything in there that did you let us know.



00:50:26.070 --> 00:50:33.030

Michael Palumbos: yeah because, because what you're talking about and that's to be 130 years down the road.



00:50:34.380 --> 00:50:36.870

Michael Palumbos: Their family is family.



00:50:36.930 --> 00:50:40.920

Michael Palumbos: We don't always get along and we don't always agree.



00:50:41.160 --> 00:50:49.980

Michael Palumbos: And so, one of my you know things when i'm talking about leadership teams and helping them to get to a point where they're trust each other enough.



00:50:50.670 --> 00:51:00.180

Michael Palumbos: To have that back and forth in the discussion allow everybody to get their voice out about why they agree or disagree with you know, whatever decision.



00:51:01.350 --> 00:51:04.800

Michael Palumbos: But then you've got to disagree and commit.



00:51:05.280 --> 00:51:07.170

Michael Palumbos: Right and it's okay.



00:51:07.230 --> 00:51:09.390

William Boulter: it's okay it's okay.



00:51:09.870 --> 00:51:24.930

Michael Palumbos: And it's in within a family, because we've been doing it for so long, especially you know the dynamics of i'm dead in it, but what I say goes around mom and when I say goes or i'm the oldest brother, whatever the dynamic is.



00:51:24.990 --> 00:51:29.880

Michael Palumbos: Right it gets a little dicey or, which is where I yeah.



00:51:30.180 --> 00:51:32.370

William Boulter: yeah and I see you know I talked to a lot of.



00:51:32.490 --> 00:51:33.240

William Boulter: You know I know.



00:51:33.420 --> 00:51:45.270

William Boulter: Some construction companies have two brothers that are you know I know quite a few other just two brothers running together and getting good for them that's not easy it's not easy yeah.



00:51:45.840 --> 00:51:48.180

Michael Palumbos: And it's learning a whole different skill.



00:51:48.180 --> 00:51:48.810




00:51:50.160 --> 00:51:54.120

Michael Palumbos: to manage the family dynamic with the work that.



00:51:55.650 --> 00:51:55.980

Michael Palumbos: I was.



00:51:56.340 --> 00:51:57.870

William Boulter: that's why i'm glad i'm the only one.



00:52:00.240 --> 00:52:05.310

Michael Palumbos: Real um what did I asked you that I showed us.



00:52:09.570 --> 00:52:13.560

William Boulter: What are you doing this weekend, because i'm reading ready to go play golf at 1130 low net and.



00:52:14.880 --> 00:52:16.440

Michael Palumbos: Were you playing where you play in.



00:52:16.680 --> 00:52:18.060

William Boulter: I belong to kill.



00:52:18.240 --> 00:52:20.430

William Boulter: Nice I don't play that much.



00:52:20.820 --> 00:52:21.060




00:52:23.430 --> 00:52:25.830

William Boulter: there's a there's the Member Member and his.



00:52:26.910 --> 00:52:30.540

William Boulter: family business owner Gavin wrongly from crosby brown them playing with him.



00:52:31.020 --> 00:52:39.600

William Boulter: We have great conversations about family business we've met last night for our dinner, and we I sat down with him and.



00:52:40.980 --> 00:52:52.830

William Boulter: rufus Johnson from bike company, who is another family I said in pat darlin for me savage teams and other family and we just sat there and just talked about family business, and it was it was great.



00:52:54.870 --> 00:53:13.290

Michael Palumbos: it's so dynamic really like, and you know as we talked about it's 65 75% of GDP and you in the US, I think it's 68 I think the number just phenomenal and it's overlooked on a regular basis, you know that.



00:53:14.910 --> 00:53:28.230

Michael Palumbos: How applications and how hard it is, but yet at the same time it's same that you can you know you can be hard on each other and still sticking out make it work because we trust each other, we have each other's back.



00:53:28.530 --> 00:53:33.660

Michael Palumbos: When we're doing it that's I always knew whether I agree or disagree with my father, they had my back.



00:53:34.650 --> 00:53:49.110

William Boulter: interest at heart right and that's one of the things with with me and my with my sister being here, and you know it's hard to you know she's my sister but it's hard to you know she doing something that i'm not agreeing with to be hard and harder and harder because, yes, my sister I know.



00:53:51.000 --> 00:53:51.870

William Boulter: it's difficult.



00:53:52.230 --> 00:53:52.890

Michael Palumbos: I get it.



00:53:54.630 --> 00:53:57.780

Michael Palumbos: Well, listen if you're talking.



00:53:59.820 --> 00:54:08.010

Michael Palumbos: to other family businesses, you gave the piece of advice, let one generation figure it out, give them some autonomy.



00:54:08.340 --> 00:54:20.430

Michael Palumbos: yeah um what else you know, through the years what else would you share with people, you know that you've picked up on and said, you know these are kind of when it comes to family business i've talked to enough other family business owners.



00:54:20.640 --> 00:54:21.090

Michael Palumbos: here's some.



00:54:22.440 --> 00:54:22.770

Michael Palumbos: I would.



00:54:22.920 --> 00:54:23.220

William Boulter: Think.



00:54:23.460 --> 00:54:30.930

William Boulter: And I think most of them are like with me it's difficult, you know, being the next the next generation and you're going to want to make some changes.



00:54:31.260 --> 00:54:48.240

William Boulter: And having that older generation, you know going along it's difficult, you know, once you do make those changes in seeing how successful you are it's nice to have the older generation look back and say wow they really know what they're talking about.



00:54:49.500 --> 00:54:50.250

Michael Palumbos: yeah yeah.



00:54:51.510 --> 00:55:06.210

Michael Palumbos: I get I get that i'm through the years where do you where were some of the places that you ended up besides family businesses and talking to other family business members any other places that you got a lot of support and learn things from.



00:55:06.840 --> 00:55:11.010

Michael Palumbos: Any associate or books or trainings or things that you went through.



00:55:11.760 --> 00:55:18.840

William Boulter: Most of it, you know, ours is hands on as a lot of hands on training here, and you still you know you can be working this business for.



00:55:19.500 --> 00:55:29.340

William Boulter: 10 years and you're still i'm still learning still learning and learning about conveyor more than learn about conveyor right now, and you still it's all hands on mostly we belong to.



00:55:31.080 --> 00:55:32.100

William Boulter: We first.



00:55:33.150 --> 00:55:38.790

William Boulter: I first came in the office we Xerox was 98% of our business.



00:55:39.000 --> 00:55:40.110

Michael Palumbos: Oh wow okay.



00:55:40.170 --> 00:55:53.370

William Boulter: So me looking forward i'm like dad we gotta you know, God forbid anything happens a Xerox we got to look forward, so I joined the art tma what's the Russia to him seen association.



00:55:55.080 --> 00:56:08.700

William Boulter: And that's where I learned a lot of the met a lot of the two one dies companies here in Rochester and that spread us out into the you know more of the rigging, besides just at Xerox in in since then we've just grown.



00:56:10.440 --> 00:56:12.150

William Boulter: From that part of the business.



00:56:13.260 --> 00:56:14.820

William Boulter: And I guess the biggest part.



00:56:15.840 --> 00:56:17.790

William Boulter: And kind of get off track here a little bit is that.



00:56:18.870 --> 00:56:21.750

William Boulter: In all the generations we've all come up with a new.



00:56:22.920 --> 00:56:31.650

William Boulter: Say division, you know my father started the rigging division alright so, then I started to creating and packaging division in 2009.



00:56:33.270 --> 00:56:40.530

William Boulter: And now that's just growing it's growing and us being successful is because we're more diversified.



00:56:40.830 --> 00:56:50.580

William Boulter: You know, in the steel, we have the word creating we have the rigging, we have the warehousing so one can be a little slower than the other, but the only ones doing good so it's been kind of Nice, you know being that.



00:56:51.480 --> 00:56:59.220

William Boulter: My father started ringing my grandfather started the household moving we all had our own little own little division, I want to say that we started.



00:57:01.020 --> 00:57:01.500

William Boulter: And where I got.



00:57:01.560 --> 00:57:04.770

Michael Palumbos: excited, no, no, I think that's a really good.



00:57:05.940 --> 00:57:11.130

Michael Palumbos: Like it goes right into allow the next generation some me to do something.



00:57:11.430 --> 00:57:14.550

Michael Palumbos: The way you always did it doesn't have to be the way somebody else always.



00:57:15.240 --> 00:57:26.520

Michael Palumbos: When I look at what you talked about, and I think I just want to end with this, because I think this is a really good learning point you looked at the market we call it, we create a market map.



00:57:26.940 --> 00:57:34.650

Michael Palumbos: And the reason why you create that market map is so that you're always looking at it and we updated annually, so you can say.



00:57:35.160 --> 00:57:49.980

Michael Palumbos: Is 98% of my business coming from one place, and I just didn't even without without realizing it I didn't get my know I got myself into a situation and what you just talked about, and we think about it Xerox is not the same as it was you know 30 years ago.



00:57:50.070 --> 00:57:51.900

William Boulter: And now it's 2% yeah.



00:57:52.230 --> 00:57:52.650




00:57:53.910 --> 00:57:54.270

William Boulter: it's.



00:57:54.750 --> 00:58:04.380

Michael Palumbos: super important one of the things we did a market map for somebody they had an association that through that association, they were getting a lot of business.



00:58:05.340 --> 00:58:11.370

Michael Palumbos: But they weren't supporting that they were going to the association, but they weren't really supporting it all of a sudden they're looking at it, saying.



00:58:11.670 --> 00:58:19.560

Michael Palumbos: We might want to be part of that golf tournament and we might want to do some other things over there, so that association knows that you know we get they get our love.



00:58:19.770 --> 00:58:22.320

William Boulter: Right yeah we do allows golf tournaments to.



00:58:24.030 --> 00:58:30.960

Michael Palumbos: Well, you can play that was as a financial advisor quote wealth manager I can't play golf.



00:58:33.240 --> 00:58:35.640

William Boulter: The golf balls you gonna have fun Tom matters.



00:58:35.700 --> 00:58:43.470

Michael Palumbos: that's me yeah I I played at around equate once with my in laws and they never invited me back so I don't know if that's saying anything.



00:58:44.490 --> 00:58:53.820

William Boulter: yeah you know it's it's you know the sport it's it's different you never know unless you play every day which who can play every day, so if you're a pro.



00:58:54.600 --> 00:59:04.890

William Boulter: You know just think about not the, off the subject now you've seen all these guys battling from the PGA going over this new new League and the money these guys are getting is unbelievable.



00:59:06.450 --> 00:59:07.350

William Boulter: it's crazy.



00:59:07.800 --> 00:59:14.280

William Boulter: yeah and it's not you know it's a PGA is not in a good spot now it's coming to here next year.



00:59:14.880 --> 00:59:21.120

William Boulter: And now they're they're banned and, from what I heard yesterday now these guys are leaving they came to the four majors here anymore.



00:59:21.810 --> 00:59:33.600

William Boulter: yeah so it's it's going to be a big hurting on the PGA and there's more there are more and more who's going to go there, can you blame me tiger was turned on nine $907 million.



00:59:34.260 --> 00:59:36.720

William Boulter: wow turn it down yeah.



00:59:37.380 --> 00:59:42.090

Michael Palumbos: Anything but but that goes the exact same thing we're talking about from a business standpoint.



00:59:42.090 --> 00:59:42.300

William Boulter: Of.



00:59:42.420 --> 00:59:45.510

Michael Palumbos: What the PGA is going through, they should have been looking to.



00:59:45.510 --> 00:59:47.190

Michael Palumbos: Say horizon what's.



00:59:47.760 --> 01:00:02.400

William Boulter: what's going to happen and they know they've known about this for years and then doing about it, and now know they're in trouble, you know you've got guys that are signing over there for to play in that League for maybe 5 million they'll never make 5 million in the PGA.



01:00:02.790 --> 01:00:04.110

William Boulter: Whatever they'll find never win but.



01:00:04.230 --> 01:00:06.480

William Boulter: they're guaranteed $5 million why wouldn't they go.



01:00:06.960 --> 01:00:10.260

Michael Palumbos: yeah and again and just making that point.



01:00:10.470 --> 01:00:19.290

Michael Palumbos: Businesses business whether you're you know bolter industrial or the PGA you're still deal with the same things at the end of the day, you know what it is people.



01:00:19.470 --> 01:00:20.010




01:00:21.240 --> 01:00:22.410

Michael Palumbos: started this segment.



01:00:22.500 --> 01:00:26.640

Michael Palumbos: With people matter and it's all about the people finish it with.



01:00:26.850 --> 01:00:27.990

Michael Palumbos: it's all about the p.



01:00:28.320 --> 01:00:35.370

Michael Palumbos: yeah and what are they doing what are they thinking it's okay to interview people say how are we doing what's happening out there.



01:00:36.180 --> 01:00:36.480




01:00:37.650 --> 01:00:38.670

Michael Palumbos: phil bolter.



01:00:38.730 --> 01:00:39.570

William Boulter: appreciate it.



01:00:39.870 --> 01:00:42.420

Michael Palumbos: I gotta say thank you, this has been a lot of fun.



01:00:43.590 --> 01:00:52.050

Michael Palumbos: Thank you, everybody for listening, my name is Michael Columbus with family wealth legacy in Rochester New York, this is the family biz show.



01:00:52.590 --> 01:01:03.600

Michael Palumbos: Please, you know hit subscribe, listen to the next episodes as they come up and we'll have some more exciting family business interviews for you coming up have a great day, everybody.

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