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Episode 67: Make Better Decisions Faster

In this episode of the family-based show, host Michael Palumbos interviews Shannon Susko, author of "Metronomics." The conversation focuses on the impact of Metronomics, a systematic approach to business growth and management. Susko shares her journey of developing Metronomics, born from the necessity of having a repeatable playbook for business success. The system combines best practices from various business methodologies, adapted and integrated into a cohesive framework.

Susko elaborates on her experiences, highlighting the transformation from an entrepreneur managing day-to-day operations to a strategic leader focused on long-term goals. The discussion covers how Metronomics aids family businesses in particular, addressing common challenges like succession planning, scaling up, and preparing for sale or generational transition. The emphasis is on the practical application of Metronomics in real-world business scenarios, demonstrating its adaptability and effectiveness in fostering business growth and operational excellence.

Through Metronomics, businesses can develop a clear strategic direction, improve team cohesion, and implement efficient operational systems. The episode serves as an insightful exploration of how structured methodologies like Metronomics can revolutionize family businesses, providing a roadmap for sustainable growth and success.

Episode 67 Transcript


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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Welcome everybody to the family-based show. I am your host, Michael Bluntis, with family welcome legacy in Rochester, New York. And I have been waiting to do this podcast. This the Pacific one with Shannon Susco. For months I read the book metronomics. Um! I just was really super engaged, and super, you know, excited about bringing



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Michael Palumbos: um Shannon to this audience. So welcome, Shannon.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, thank you. Our tickets a bit to get this coordinated. But i'm really glad we're here,



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Michael Palumbos: and not even just that you didn't, you know, like I had this idea in my head before, as soon as I read the book, and I, you know I read the book and was like



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: it was. It was like, you know. It was like the red pill blue pill was like before. Life was like this and that. Oh, man, so I mean



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I drank the Kool-aid book, you know all the way through to the point where what i'm right now. I'm in the process of becoming certified as a metronomics coach. So I might be a little biased as we're going.



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Michael Palumbos: And that's okay.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: That's okay. That's okay.



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Michael Palumbos: So what I thought would be interesting is just tell us about. You know, we have a tradition that really kind of tells us the Twisty attorney path to get to where they are today.



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Michael Palumbos: Um! And there's a lot There's reasons why it's important for people to understand where you came from, because it really matters when we talk later about some of the other things that we'll be talking about.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. So um, you know, I' i'm gonna like chunk it up to the cold's nose version.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Um. So you know, founding my, you know, cobbounding my first company, You know we've got the best technology. It's our baby. It's so good we can create anything that kind of you, you know, young and focused, and all those things. But you know what we didn't know how to do was really we didn't have a repeatable playbook, We I I looked everywhere for a repeatable playbook. We didn't have to create it, you know there must be one. Us, my coach ask others



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: read, you know, four books a week or two or two years, looking for it like the silver bullet. Come on, there's got to be one right. We couldn't find it. So we decided that you know what



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: let's pull together Everything we've learned. This is my leadership team and I and my coach, and let's just start piecing it together



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and let's piece it together into our own repeatable playbook. And we did. We did over ten years. We did. We built the company up. The first four years was Harry, you know. Every mistake made was made, maybe twice. I don't even say that out loud, because you don't want to make mistakes twice,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and then so we built it up. We sold it.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Nice, successful exit. Great, you know. Good. We get acquired into the next business. Um, and you know I go along with the deal. The team goes with the deal, and i'm there for a couple of years as you are, and the first thing the business required us wanted they loved what we did they? You know technology and all that it doesn't really matter. But the other thing they wanted was the system



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: they wanted the system that we now know as metronomics, but they wanted the system for their own business. And so they asked, Would you know, Would I implement that now, and do a four hundred person company I was like? I don't think so, you know. I actually said no the first time. Um! And then, you know, really looking for the Ceo to commit to really want it, and that I would support the Ceo in getting it in in place. We put it in place. That company grew sold



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: half a billion dollars,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right? So then, Okay, I I believe I did my time as what I say I leave, and I was like, Wonder what i'm going to do Now I Maybe i'll just retire now. But then we picked up some orphan technology that again no one needs to know what that technology does. Great, you know, found our way into a nice position to that marketplace. But again it came back to the system. And this system that we now know is metronomics that actually, you know, was the repeatable playbook



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: that we built. The team around. That we, you know, drove the company forward, and this was three years. First, one was ten years second one was zero to three years, three years exponential value, you know. Top three deals mid market deal on Wall Street that year, and then Then I retired.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I'm still retired right, because it's what it's what I do every day, and sure that no one was as desperate as I was to find the repeatable playbook.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, that's phenomenal. And then from that you came out of retirement or you're still retired, or



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Michael Palumbos: and you had other companies tap, you and say, Can you help us with this? How many companies do you think since the since you sold the second one, have you coached?



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You know you're right. I did. I did have companies top. So that's how we got into this and sharing this, You know outward that others could leverage this. I coach six clients at a time. I try and keep it a six. Sometimes it's a bit more, a little bit more than that, but I try and keep it at six.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Um to keep myself true to. You know what I call requirement. Right? I'm in um re prioritized right. So focusing in on metronomics, i'm making an impact on companies, and to ensure they weren't as desperate as I was to grow a company, So yes, I got topped by a Ceo in the Vancouver market That, you know, watched us do this right? Go up one ten years step of do the time with the acquire



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: about build again even bigger in less time. A third of the time.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: They're like, What are we doing? Wrong? Right? They're They're slogging along for fifteen years. They're like they're getting the same results. So they topped, and they said, Would you come and coach?



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I was like I don't know. You know I did what's him on my radar. None of this was on my radar, and I was like I don't know. What does that mean? You know I had a coach, so I know what that meant to me. But what do you want out of a coach? And the most interesting thing is, they said they wanted a Ceo plus leadership team coach,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and that's what we grew my own coach into. I was coached through that whole time, and we took a Ceo coach only, who was just coaching me and brought them in and coach myself with my leadership to him. So powerful, right, so powerful. And so that's what they wanted.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And I said, Oh, okay, like that. That makes sense. Okay, good. And I said, But I just want to say I



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: we I've always been involved on the team with the system with the metronomic system. I don't know if it's going to work from you for you. I'm going to be on the other side coaching it, but I don't know.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: So they they said, Come on, let's go. And I said, Yeah, let's give it a try. Find the rest of the bit history from where we've come from, but you know what



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know. It worked it so worked right, so, you know. Then you know. Then they tell two friends right, and the next one comes on, and the next one comes on, and people are laughing that I was probably



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: in the coaching two or three years, maybe even up to releasing the metronome effect that I didn't have a website or a business card.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I refuse, and I refuse you. You have success. They tell you, friends, and so on. And so you know. And honestly, I think you know this, but naively



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: writing down the metronom of fact, which is the street version of metronomics like, Here's how we did it here, though we like grinded it out and got it out there. I mean, we wrote that prescriptively,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: so that people would stop calling.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We all know that I have not heard that story before. Oh, my gosh, yeah, like I wrote it so that it was one to many right, so people would stop calling, and they could just take it and apply it. Coaches could take it and apply it like same with three hug. Why, it was written that way. And, as you know, same with metronomics.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: So yeah, yeah, really, naive, actually



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Michael Palumbos: so from there. So like that now you're You've been coaching clients for a few years, and what happens is I have to assume that now there's like thirty or forty people that are, you know, somewhere along the lines in Chan. We want your time, and you're like, Wait a minute.



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Michael Palumbos: I'm retired.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, that's



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: no actually great. So today we? How many coaches do you have in the metronomics program?



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, We have just under a hundred coaches in the program.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And now it's like it's



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yeah around the world around the world. Amazing blows me away. It took a lot.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It convinced me to do that. I mean, that sounds ridiculous based on what you just said right. You have. You know I code six clients. That's That's the time I have the for that impact. We wrote down the metronoma back Here you go. Here's the prescription um, And in the maximum of fact, you know naively,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the three hag is not in the metronome effect. Vernon Harnish wrote the forward to that book, and we put



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: that version of the seven strata on there. And I thought, like, how special is the three hag, you know, like we did it. My clients do it



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: not that big of a deal, you know. But then some other coaches asked me about this three hag I talked about. I was like, Well, you've got one right, and you've got one, and everyone's like No,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Well, not really not not like you're doing it. What do you mean? Of course you do, anyway? They they, you know, convince me. No. And they asked. They said, Can Can we use it?



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Can we use the three hag method all Diego. Yeah, of course. Here you go, right. You know the up, off you go. And and they did. They took it back to their clients, and it wasn't until I was sitting in a gross summit a couple of years later. Actually, that there was a war story on stage, and the Ceo is asked. Tell us about this incredible growth, like three thousand percent growth, like over the last three years, like off the charge growth.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And the Ceo replied. They said, Well,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: it's all about the three hack,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: like I almost follow to my chair.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I was like i'm like looking around the room, going whose client like which coaches client Is that right? And the coat stand up like a crossing room for me and and go. That's my client. Yeah, I was like. Wow! That's amazing.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And so that day it led me. You know I left that day it everyone was asking, you know, about this three Hag: i'm like Ah, I got to write that down. Ah, okay, I'm gonna write that down. So I left that day, and I was like, i'm gonna write down three hagui, and what actually came out of that is, we wrote it down again to give it to everybody, coaches and clients alike. This is a ah step by step, P. By numbers. Get your strategy mapped out system,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: but you can keep it alive, and it's all yours. Off you go right. It's in metronomics, you know It's powered up metronomics. So okay, great. But then, after that, you know, coaches picked it up when the book came out, people read it.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You know I get a call after It's released in April by May and June. I have about thirty plus calls from coaches that they want to certify



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: three. Hagui not like, really. You don't need to do that just like I wrote it down



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right. You're like. Come on! We want to be really good. We want to be experts, and you know it took quite. It took a couple more months to convince me to say yes, but I said Yes, for all the reasons that you already know is, it allows an exponential impact



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: to ensure No one was as desperate as I was to grow a company.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Right? That's why we said yes,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and in in what we've learned you know what I is that, as you say, there's no Olympic team that has gone on to win role without coach. Yeah. So it is important to have that coach helping you and I. Um. I use a coach through many, many parts of my career, and it always helped me to. You know better. See the blind spots that I might have been missing or not thinking about. So Yeah, yeah, And I always joke, you know. And you know I



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: about it in metronomics. I call the coach the Blind Spot Remover, because that's what the coach. All coaches did for me, and when we do it with our, you know Ceo and leaders, and we bring a coach into that



00:13:12.400 --> 00:13:28.679

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, holy cow, you know it's to remove Blind Spot save time, you know. Get to where you want to go faster, free up time like I can go on and on. That's what coaches did for me, and that's why i'm so excited to, you know. Do that back,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know. Help Other coaches do that for other companies, you know, around the globe blows me away.



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Michael Palumbos: Yeah. And and you know one of the things that i'll throw to you. I, when i'm out meeting business owners and talking to them. And there are so many people, especially today, and I don't know if you see this or not, but they're weary,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and they're like. What What are you trying to sell me? I'm like I I don't want to sell you anything if you don't want this, go someplace else. It's fine. But the power of this it is so magical.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, Because because it's incremental steps in all the years we're going to talk about the system in and in a second. But it's It's that incremental learning. Because if you're trying to teach the one, you're going to teach the Ceo to be a Ceo instead of an entrepreneur.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Right? Yeah, that's part of this. And then it's the leadership team to take away the things that the Ceo was trying to run around and keep their fingers on him. Yeah, yeah, get out of their way the way.



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Michael Palumbos: And so that the leadership team can do it. But you can't expect a leadership team. And I talked about about this with a client just recently. I'm like, by the time we're three years into this. This is going to be your Mba.



00:14:42.010 --> 00:14:42.990

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: This,



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Michael Palumbos: you know, you're going to learn what you need to do to really be a master's business administration, metronomics powered by metronomics.



00:14:50.800 --> 00:14:56.189

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: If you think you're going to take one meeting or one year and be able to



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: do all of these pieces, it's just not fair. And so when I, when I started to understand the power of metronomics, and that what you're doing is planting seeds to grow trees,



00:15:09.120 --> 00:15:24.489

Michael Palumbos: and it was just a little bit, and then, you know, next meeting I can stretch them a little bit more, and then I can stretch them a little bit more By the time they're you know they're they're twenty four months into this. They're like, Oh, we're not even the same.



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, Yeah. And that progression is is one of the things that, you know gets me up every day. Um! I was talking with one of my clients who's been, you know. I've been working with them, whether in workshops, and then directly for ten years



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Now I'm speaking with them today, and I I asked, I said,



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Think back to when you started and describe you know who you were when you started. You know this this progression, and then describe who you are today, and you know they described a Ceo who didn't really know they were a Ceo, you know their owner of a business who was in the whirlwind



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right of the business each and every day making operational decisions right where they probably shouldn't have been, and like went on and on I said, Well describe what you are today, you know, and has been this way for years, he said. Oh, yeah, now, my my one goal is to, you know. Make sure this



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: progression stays disciplined and in place with you, he said. I focus out on strategy and culture, and I make zero operational. You know, decisions. The team owns it. They're driving the you know. It's just such a contrast, and it's just so nice like I didn't. I laid up the question but



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: to hear him reflect



00:16:51.090 --> 00:17:11.380

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: on his own progression, and, like I always say, and you know the word progression. I always say, grow up, and it can be like a negative like Grow up right, but it's not. It's You gotta grow yourself up. You gotta grow your team up, throws your company up, and you know it sounds a bit cliche, but we know that



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the leaders, the Ceo. The leaders and the team gets get their life back because they're out of the whirlwind.



00:17:19.020 --> 00:17:21.990

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, right? And it's



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: again. I think I don't want to overlook this. I want to really make sure people get the fact that it's. Yeah, it's a progression. It is. You're not giving them anything that they can't handle You're gonna go.



00:17:35.110 --> 00:17:44.189

Michael Palumbos: I remember it's one of the key tools that I didn't realize how powerful the function flow. Map was,



00:17:44.200 --> 00:18:02.060

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yeah order stuff. And and so. But as I started to understand how critical that is, it's like, Ah, this is where the freedom starts, and the very first time you're doing it. There is nothing that the Kff. M the key function, fall, map



00:18:02.070 --> 00:18:12.669

Michael Palumbos: can do for them in iteration. One that's going to change the world, and so I think it's sometimes the simplicity of the system, and you just look at it.



00:18:12.730 --> 00:18:18.690

Michael Palumbos: I don't get it. I mean, really, that I get that all the time I don't get this for one. It's just, and then it's just the



00:18:18.700 --> 00:18:23.690

Michael Palumbos: trust me. It's a process. Trust the system, and just a lot



00:18:23.700 --> 00:18:24.890

to know that this is



00:18:24.900 --> 00:18:32.910

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you Just, you know there are people on your leadership team that you might know all these things, how it goes to marketing and sales, and



00:18:32.920 --> 00:18:55.090

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: your team has never seen this picture like this before. No, no, no! And it's like the pictures are the thing that I don't know, and that's Why, it's always so funny that I wrote a couple of books. There's lots of pictures in those books, but the pictures, you know, are so key because they give one view that everybody can describe



00:18:55.100 --> 00:18:56.580

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: just came away.



00:18:56.590 --> 00:19:00.389

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: What do they say? You know a picture is better than a thousand words.



00:19:00.400 --> 00:19:09.929

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, that's what. So like somebody was just talking to me about pace, which is, you know, where the yeah long time ago, where this came from? Right? Yes, yes,



00:19:09.940 --> 00:19:25.069

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and so like I just don't get it. It just doesn't make any sense to me. And the way you do the Kffm. And graduated pace process accountability chart to. You know the Kfsm is brilliant,



00:19:25.080 --> 00:19:40.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and then once you start to see behind it, and then you know, and we're going to talk. I am getting off base for people that I apologize to talk about the Widget, and I was like as i'm reading the book. I'm going to tell you the first time. I'm like



00:19:40.300 --> 00:19:44.290

Michael Palumbos: Widget. I need another widget like I need a hole in the head.



00:19:44.300 --> 00:20:03.020

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It just doesn't it. It didn't have what it was. But then, once you start to see once you understand what the key widget is, and then build through. Then it's like all of a sudden. Now I can have widgets that I keep everybody in the business accountable for their widget and people.



00:20:03.030 --> 00:20:21.689

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And and again we'll we'll talk more about that a second people don't understand revenue-driven questions and money-driven, you know conversations. But if you tell somebody I need a thousand screws made per month, what do we need to do to make those thousand screws. Oh, well, I need two machine right,



00:20:21.700 --> 00:20:30.219

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and they can think in that manner, and that's the it. Touch it, Control it right, connect it all of it



00:20:30.230 --> 00:20:34.590

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: love it so. All right. I I jumped ahead. I didn't.



00:20:34.600 --> 00:20:48.409

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I apologize, everybody. But this is again. If you haven't read the book metronomics as a Ceo, what I would say, and and and one of the things I've been sharing with the Ceos that I give this to is, do not read this as if



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Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Um, that's what's the word I want to say, as if you don't understand it, because you will most. Ceos, but owner of the business will understand this, and then they look at it and say, Ah, I get this, and we do that. We do all this. And yes, you probably do a lot of this in your head, or you know that you would have been Yeah, we didn't do that. But now we need to take all that, and transition it



00:21:12.700 --> 00:21:20.389

Michael Palumbos: into a repeatable process that your team can use, so that you can start working forty hours a week instead of sixty,



00:21:20.400 --> 00:21:23.890

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: more than thirty or whatever you so choose. Yeah,



00:21:23.900 --> 00:21:26.210

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yeah, yeah, Absolutely.



00:21:26.220 --> 00:21:35.820

Michael Palumbos: So when you describe metronomics other than the system, what is metronomics? And let's just kind of walk through that together, and maybe we'll unpack it for people.



00:21:35.870 --> 00:21:53.689

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. So I start with the made up word of metronomics. I always start there, and you know it's it's three words. One is metronome, and the metronome represents. You know It's why we have the metronome of pack, and but you know it represents the fiercely humble



00:21:53.700 --> 00:22:06.040

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the Eo who's committed to a regiment a progression with their team. So metronome represents a Ceo economics represents the balance,



00:22:06.050 --> 00:22:30.780

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You know. We usually go like dollars in time for a company value right, and life value right? So there's a you know. It's almost like a four d, You know, Br. There, that we came up with, but it was really as it progresses. It was like, you know, giving that up to you know that up and right line that we like that hockey stick, but not just for dollars.



00:22:30.790 --> 00:22:50.379

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It's about, you know, as you just that balance and time, and, you know, doing different things in the business, having the time to do different things. So that's the economics of it. The The third word is metric, and metric represented, as you nicely put forward the widget and the widget is are the things



00:22:50.390 --> 00:23:05.070

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: that flow through your organization that you know your team owns they control. They move, they're things, not dollars, and those three words make up metronomics, and you know the widget connect



00:23:05.080 --> 00:23:24.589

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right? So the whole thing around metronomics and connection. So when I explain it to others. If I take it one step further, You know, I look at the metronomic system as having, you know, really four pieces. One is a repeatable playbook. Awesome. Everyone can go. Yeah, We've seen that there's different systems out there



00:23:24.600 --> 00:23:33.229

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: to the repeatable playbook, you know that you know, allows a connection to a behavioral accountability platform



00:23:33.240 --> 00:23:47.499

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: which which we call metronome software, right? The open playing field. There's other things you can use, but we use metronome software to allow the team to see each other playing together. Business is the team sport,



00:23:47.510 --> 00:24:00.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and we need to play together on the field, and when a coach at the is the third piece. A coach then, can see the team playing can help, you know, guide the the repeatable playmark.



00:24:00.300 --> 00:24:23.480

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We think of the best professional coaches out there who have won the most championships. They have a repeatable playbook. They have a system there's an open playing field, and they are experts at it. So that's what we think of metronomics. But the thing in the very middle of that, and these professional sports teams, coaches, have it as well. They have players with a willingness and desire



00:24:23.630 --> 00:24:43.170

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: to actually, you know, play and grow within that framework. Same for metronomics. It's the key. Must. You must have a Ceo plus leadership team who have the willingness and desire to actually grow and achieve whatever goals they set, and those four things bring it together.



00:24:43.180 --> 00:24:46.790

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Now, you know, you can go one step deeper,



00:24:46.800 --> 00:25:13.010

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and the one step deeper is where we actually probably the most special pieces are, which is in what we call the in the repeatable playbook, you know, in our geek speak in metronomics, and you know we call it the compound growth system and the compound growth system brings together and breaks down what we know as a business, but we break it down into seven systems. Some people go. Oh, my God!



00:25:13.020 --> 00:25:16.690

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Seven systems! Could you not have done three.



00:25:16.700 --> 00:25:34.890

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: No, we got to like double click and go a little bit further, because when we started this and we thought about the compound growth system, and all the pieces that myself and my team back in the late nineties early. Two thousand, we, we, everyone said, Look, it's people, strategy, execution, and cash.



00:25:34.900 --> 00:25:36.329

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Those are the things,



00:25:36.340 --> 00:25:48.100

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and I bought into strategy, execution, and cash. But people, the people thought of it it just wasn't one bucket. There were three systems. In there there was the cultural system,



00:25:48.150 --> 00:25:51.970

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the cohesive system, and then the human system,



00:25:51.990 --> 00:26:11.190

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, strong, clear-known culture co-heath of team that's committed to a team goal, right? And we'll work together to get there right high performing. And then the human system was understanding, you know, really clarity of expectations of every team member the role that they own,



00:26:11.200 --> 00:26:28.239

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the widgets they own for success connected to the overall team score. So we broke it down and we we built a house. I don't know why we built a house, but we built a house on the outside of the house. The foundation was the cultural system, and is the cultural system.



00:26:28.250 --> 00:26:34.599

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Cohesive system in human system? Are the walls in the foundations of Ceo,



00:26:34.620 --> 00:26:49.339

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the top of the house right? It is the is the leadership team and the the very top. The rest of the roof is the team, and the team holds the reputation of the business in their hands for the marketplace,



00:26:49.350 --> 00:27:08.759

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right? And everything that you know holds up that house are those three systems inside the house is a strategy system, what we call the hard edge strategy. It does some execution. They're what's making the host, you know, move and alive, and you know. Think of light, some water, and all those things,



00:27:08.770 --> 00:27:11.910

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and then the thing that connects all of them together.



00:27:11.920 --> 00:27:20.579

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It's the three-year highly tubal goal that coaches and clients came so long ago to said, Oh, My gosh! We've got to have that.



00:27:20.590 --> 00:27:34.120

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: The reason they needed it is because it brought together the outside. So the people systems right, and strategy, execution and cash together connected with the team and actually reduce,



00:27:34.440 --> 00:27:39.619

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, reduce the risk in achieving your goals. That's why everyone loves it.



00:27:39.630 --> 00:27:52.789

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, it's. And And when when we look at this it makes so much sense where you have all right. It's great to, you know. Use the be. Have the Jim Collins. He had that twenty to thirty year. Rational thing.



00:27:52.800 --> 00:27:55.590

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, that's what I'm shooting for.



00:27:55.600 --> 00:28:10.780

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, like what you what you talk about in the book is everybody said, Okay, then, what? Your five-year goal. But what everybody was doing? It wasn't a five year goal. It was an idea. Guess. Yes, yeah, I was a guess, and ours was a guest, too, like we were guessing.



00:28:10.790 --> 00:28:13.189

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And they can these lots of money on a gas?



00:28:13.200 --> 00:28:33.829

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. And so so if I if I telescope it back from the B head. Now I've got a three head that's three or highly achievable. The only what makes it highly achievable is understanding those widgets. And then it's really really clear on all those things, because now you can look at it and say, Okay, yes, we can do that. We are



00:28:33.840 --> 00:28:43.689

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: to do to get there. I may not be able to figure out the five here, but the three year really makes sense. Yeah, from three to one to corner. And now I know what I'm doing.



00:28:43.700 --> 00:28:53.570

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, you know, I always say it's like um. You know that that ten, three, one right? So you know we had a ten, five, one



00:28:53.580 --> 00:29:14.989

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and everybody was, you know, disconnected like. No, but that's just a fairytale, Shannon. Five year, ten year fairytale. As soon as we put the line in the sand as a leadership team with the sport of our team of our three-year holy cable goal, you know fit school numbers widgets what we're going to be key capabilities. What we're going to be known



00:29:15.000 --> 00:29:29.970

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: like amazing humanly what that did to our team. We're all on the bus together drive in that way, being able to make better, faster, more confident decisions at every no turn in the road.



00:29:29.980 --> 00:29:39.640

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We knew which way we were going, and sometimes we thought we should turn right and things around us, you know, and then we we had to turn love and take the long way



00:29:39.650 --> 00:29:56.080

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right, but at least we had visibility. I was on with that Ceo yesterday, and we were talking about their metrics, and they had quite a Christmas tree of widget metrics going right red yellows, greens, And I said, Wow! What's going on?



00:29:56.180 --> 00:30:01.319

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: So the first thing i'm going to say is at least we know exactly where we are today,



00:30:01.830 --> 00:30:07.979

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: compared to where we should be. And we're taking action today. And here are the actions,



00:30:08.020 --> 00:30:12.500

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know. And so it was like that was fantastic feedback. I loved it



00:30:12.830 --> 00:30:14.030




00:30:14.220 --> 00:30:23.509

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: So you said there were six, and I think we did with there's another seven systems.



00:30:23.520 --> 00:30:26.639

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Um! So what's the seventh.



00:30:26.790 --> 00:30:42.829

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: The seven system is the you know, the ultimate. We call the coach cascade system, and when we're growing up a business, a business only grows as fast as its leaders grow right. That's pretty obvious, and the team grows.



00:30:42.840 --> 00:30:47.349

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And you know my coach of the day was like, you know



00:30:47.360 --> 00:31:15.729

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you have to grow your i'm coaching you into a coach, and you need to coach your leadership team into coaches, and they need to coach their leaders into coaches and so on. And so the coach cascade system allows us, and it's it's really great. Now we get the team to a level of cohesiveness that allows us to turn the coach cascade system on, and that's that's where we as coaches. We know that are coaching the Ceo



00:31:16.050 --> 00:31:28.630

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: into their best, you know, coach, and they're we're coaching them to coach their leaders, and and that cascades through at the organization. And the difference that makes is for leaders,



00:31:28.700 --> 00:31:40.430

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You know. I'm thinking about one of my teams there. Their larger leadership team is probably about forty leaders and their exact team set of old sticks.



00:31:40.440 --> 00:32:00.570

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: But you know we have cascaded. We're well beyond that group of leaders, all of them together, and we're, you know, cascading this out now into the organization, and it's just simple. You know, coaching the The funniest thing is, I I love it with this training someone to be a coach. Just take that back, take a breath,



00:32:00.580 --> 00:32:15.990

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: take a look at the situation and ask a great impactful question for that point in time. That's what a great coach does. You know. I drive my husband crazy because I come home at the end of the day, and I ask a lot of questions because stop asking questions. I go. Well, that's



00:32:16.000 --> 00:32:22.649

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: that's what I do all day. I ask questions. I'm curious. And so it's really training,



00:32:22.660 --> 00:32:49.069

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, leaders to, you know, in order to turn the coachcast case this month, the team needs to know where they're going. That's what the three he's so important. They need to know where they're going to be in one year, where they need to be in ninety days, and once the team sees where they're going, leaders don't have to, you know, answer questions. The team knows how to answer those questions. They can ask the question. They don't have to make decisions. The team can do that



00:32:49.080 --> 00:32:55.000

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right, and you're there guiding, as you know, your coach. I'm a coach. What do we do? We guide?



00:32:55.060 --> 00:33:13.650

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We're guiding teams right in the direction and the goals they want to achieve. And so, by turning on the coach Cascade system. It's one of you know, the really Isa secret systems, but like it's written all about. And so it's not secret. But that's the one,



00:33:13.660 --> 00:33:18.489

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, really takes a company to the next level.



00:33:18.500 --> 00:33:33.720

Michael Palumbos: Got it, and realistically, I heard this um a while ago, and i'm like, Oh, that's so good when you have more people than can share a large pizza gathered around It's probably too many.



00:33:33.730 --> 00:33:34.690

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: He's so



00:33:34.700 --> 00:33:40.790

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: so you know you. You can't have twenty people on the Executive leadership team at just an hour.



00:33:40.800 --> 00:33:45.090

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It's it's six or seven is mad, and then,



00:33:45.100 --> 00:33:53.289

Michael Palumbos: and then they're going. That that cascade makes so much sense. It's like, Okay, Now, how many people report to you? Great? Here's your pizza Here's what you're cascading down.



00:33:53.300 --> 00:34:12.549

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, that's right. There You go. Pizza, buy pizza, And I think that came from Apple or Google, or what? But it it plays out in that play the the scalability of an organization right. That was one of the the biggest gap right that we have when we're growing up is the ability to communicate



00:34:12.590 --> 00:34:17.619

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right and cascade the messages through their organization. So,



00:34:17.920 --> 00:34:22.730

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: coach cascade. No difference need to cascade that through the organization.



00:34:22.739 --> 00:34:37.389

Michael Palumbos: Okay. So we that we understand the systems And what's one of the things that I learned from you is that you know it's not Metronomics is the repeatable system,



00:34:37.400 --> 00:34:41.490

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and it's metronomy engine, Collins. It's not true. Yes,



00:34:41.500 --> 00:35:01.440

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and Patrick Luncione, Yeah, You know each of those systems. It's not like you went out and invented what to do in those systems. You just found the coach or the process, and if a better one came along we'd be like we plug it in. It's the best thing, and it really fuels my learning appetite. But



00:35:01.450 --> 00:35:18.490

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the The biggest thing is is that we learned, and in the early days we read so many great business books with great ideas, and there's a time and a place when you need those things, and we started picking them off and putting them into this repeatable playbook, and you know you plug it in.



00:35:18.500 --> 00:35:31.369

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You plug in, so it's not an or it's an and and like, yeah, metronomics has a great execution. So some i'm going to be biased and say that out loud. It's grown up out of looking at



00:35:31.380 --> 00:35:39.849

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: a business and Eos, and scaling up, and all those other execution systems. Well, we brought the best of all those and plug them in



00:35:39.860 --> 00:36:05.220

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: like plug them in together for speed, for clarity, for accountability, for ownership. So like this, you know that the thing that you know, those seven systems like this. But we brought in the best thought leaders tools. Otherwise we found they were like little silos. They were little silos. We'd go work a little bit on, You know this cohesive stuff over here connected to nothing.



00:36:05.470 --> 00:36:13.869

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We'd go that with the night's couple days, and then we go back and do whatever else we were doing over here. Right? Go back to making, you know. Biscuits.



00:36:13.880 --> 00:36:16.980

Michael Palumbos: Okay. So the



00:36:16.990 --> 00:36:19.140

now we've got our seven systems,



00:36:19.300 --> 00:36:31.889

Michael Palumbos: and we're not turning on the coach cascade right away. And there's a reason because we're not ready for it. And you know, if you go through metronomics, What you'll see is quarter over quarter mapped out for you for the next three years.



00:36:31.900 --> 00:36:50.680

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, And you know one of the the pieces that I learned is it doesn't matter where you are? You might have gone from Beos and scaling up, or some other working with another business coach. But go right back and start at square one and just trust the system. You may be through it faster.



00:36:50.690 --> 00:37:08.690

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And that's okay. That's okay. Yeah. But but don't be don't. Be so eager to move forward. Slow down and give the T. Because you got caught up in the system. The team wasn't always in there for all of those pieces, and we need the team to time to catch up.



00:37:08.700 --> 00:37:23.489

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, catch up, and so like it is Patience and your another. Ceo is talking to this week. They're like Oh, i'm just so impatient. And I said, Well, remember you've thought about it longer harder than your team.



00:37:24.190 --> 00:37:36.349

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Take a breath. You know. Think about how you can help progress it with your coach to speed it up. The one thing you know that is that is absolute.



00:37:36.360 --> 00:37:45.990

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You know human, and why the system, like I would say, trust the system. But a lot of people, miss. Why, right? So if we take those seven systems,



00:37:46.000 --> 00:38:09.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, certain ones need to be at a certain level before you can progress the next and the next. And we think of you know the phases that we go through in metronomics. The first one is the foundation base, right? No matter where you are, no matter where you are, you know you'll just do a little check in on the foundation phase. You might be beyond that already, but you know it's a check in to just take stock of where we are,



00:38:09.300 --> 00:38:13.049

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and the next phase is the momentum paid



00:38:13.110 --> 00:38:41.079

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right in the next phase of the compounding thing. But there is a critical path to get through that. And So if people are, you know, lifting it and going. I've been in for twenty years. I must be in, you know, the compounding phase, but your momentum face. Maybe maybe you are. You know you. You'll get that check in and the kick off. But the things that turn it on, you know that move you from face to face, like the foundation phase, in order to move from foundation



00:38:41.090 --> 00:38:42.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: through the momentum



00:38:42.300 --> 00:38:53.819

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you have to make your execution system going. Get of your cache system going. You need to have a level of cohesiveness that we call normalized, and you need a strategy matter



00:38:53.830 --> 00:38:55.569

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: or the whole team to see.



00:38:55.580 --> 00:39:10.340

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And when we go check your check all right. We've got the other symptoms turned on a little bit. It's like, Okay, we're now ready. We have enough cohesiveness to go. Have really good discussions to validate and create confidence in our strategy that we map.



00:39:10.350 --> 00:39:30.179

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Let's do that next doing that right, keeping an excuse to the cash going and taking the strategy, the validation of the thrive, the up through the cohesiveness, those healthy, conflicted discussions we can now have takes your strategy to another level which creates the confidence that you need to drive the moment.



00:39:30.360 --> 00:39:43.220

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: And when you get to the you know, when you have the absolute confidence in your strategy where you're going to stand up in a room of a thousand Ceos, and say your strategic phrase out loud, even with your competitors in the room



00:39:43.410 --> 00:39:44.789

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you are moving on.



00:39:44.800 --> 00:40:08.489

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: You're going to the next space right, and and that takes a bit of work right. But the thing is is that you have time to do the work, because your execution system's cranking your cad system's cranking your human system's cranking right? So we're taking care of that repetitive habitual theme habits on the process. Right? So we've time to work on the business,



00:40:08.500 --> 00:40:13.170

Michael Palumbos: and I have a quick story that i'll share with you that just kind of nailed it down



00:40:13.250 --> 00:40:29.710

Michael Palumbos: talking about the cohesive portion of the the program, and when you look at it I had a client that we went through, and it's like you're doing all these little pieces to build the cohesive team together. And I had gotten to the point of doing left, right Appreciation?



00:40:29.720 --> 00:40:36.509

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yes, yes, and so they're doing left-right appreciation, and I got done. And then I asked the question,



00:40:37.070 --> 00:40:39.249

Michael Palumbos: How was that for you guys



00:40:39.330 --> 00:40:44.789

Michael Palumbos: And one of the project Managers raised his hand and was like, you know,



00:40:44.870 --> 00:40:46.290

Michael Palumbos: that was awkward.



00:40:46.300 --> 00:41:03.490

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: That was that was weird. And and and so I I shared that. You know this was somebody that I had to go back. We were talking about. Why metronomics was the, you know, the the next thing that we're talking about. The reason why I said, that is like. Look at. If I had asked you to do right left, you know appreciation.



00:41:03.500 --> 00:41:06.589

And oh, by the way, here's the thing that drives me crazy about you.



00:41:06.600 --> 00:41:20.080

Michael Palumbos: What would happen in this room? They're like. We are definitely not ready for that, and that goes back to You know what you're building is that cohesive team that can handle, you know, constructive criticism along with the appreciation.



00:41:20.270 --> 00:41:23.080

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you know,



00:41:23.280 --> 00:41:36.690

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, I mean It's it. They they're so They're just little like the little things right. It's the little things that that actually move us along faster than some of the big things.



00:41:36.700 --> 00:41:44.889

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: We think that we know they are tangible and grabby, and we can hold, and we can make numbers and analyze and all those things.



00:41:44.900 --> 00:42:02.789

Michael Palumbos: Well, then. So one of the things that I wanted, and there's there's tons. We can unpack all of this stuff about metronomics, but go grab the book. It's all in there, and you know, and there's just wonderful things for you to dig into as a Ceo. But Don't read the book by yourself. Read it with your



00:42:02.800 --> 00:42:03.390

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yes,



00:42:03.400 --> 00:42:15.679

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yes, great together, and and start to understand and remember that you know you may not understand all the pieces, but just remember what it is, is step at a time. Step at a time as you're going through it.



00:42:15.690 --> 00:42:21.350

Michael Palumbos: I want to go through and talk about. You know this is the family, this show, and it



00:42:21.490 --> 00:42:23.800

Michael Palumbos: for family businesses,



00:42:23.930 --> 00:42:32.089

Michael Palumbos: I think, and I feel that you know, as I've been doing this, it's really also not just about growth.



00:42:32.800 --> 00:42:37.630

Michael Palumbos: So it's when we talk about what I love, what you say. You talk about growing up



00:42:37.700 --> 00:42:49.590

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right, and it's not in a negative manner, but you might need to grow up your team and grow up yourself as a Ceo, so that you can actually transition the business to somebody else some.



00:42:49.600 --> 00:43:01.950

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yes, yes, your successors, and you know there's just so many reasons, you know, that it fits You've worked with a ton of family business.



00:43:02.120 --> 00:43:09.970

Michael Palumbos: Talk about that a little bit more. And what are some of the impacts and things that you've seen just specifically from that family business side?



00:43:09.980 --> 00:43:23.389

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. So from the family business side who have adopted this system. Metronomics, you know the reasons why they've adopted it. One is, you know, generation Transition.



00:43:23.400 --> 00:43:42.910

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: That's that's one reason. Another is um. They're getting the company ready to actually sell it right. They they don't want, they don't want it. Another reason is they it's a new generational Ceo that's just taken over, and



00:43:42.920 --> 00:43:46.559

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: they want to knock, knock it out of the park,



00:43:46.750 --> 00:44:12.879

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and they know that you know It's seventy five years old. They know they got it this far amazing, but the generation before is done. But they've got other aspirations, and they're coming in to build. You know, the next level of high growth. So I've seen high growth. I've seen, you know, put this in place for legacy for all ages, for all generations to grow through for this business full of hundreds and hundreds of years,



00:44:12.960 --> 00:44:24.780

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and we've seen it to actually get the company ready to actually get all the value out of it they can. You know the highest value is strategic value actually in order to access



00:44:24.790 --> 00:44:41.480

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right. So if you're you know the second or third generation of of the family, and you're still in the business. You're still doing the work to make things. You're not going to find somebody that says, Hey, I want to buy your business so that I can have a job



00:44:41.490 --> 00:44:42.410

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: now,



00:44:42.670 --> 00:44:50.089

Michael Palumbos: and for many families it's they have a job. They have a position inside of the business in order to keep it running.



00:44:50.100 --> 00:45:07.489

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. And And the other thing that I've seen. So on the you know the exit part of it, you know. It really checked all the you know boxes for an acquisition, right? It's the right team in place. Cleaned up a lot of things like all of that, and I always say to



00:45:07.500 --> 00:45:24.820

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: family business owner who isn't going to transition it to another family member they are going to ah sell it. Um, it allows, you know. I always say, like, you know, they're going. I think we're gonna sell it next year. I just go. Do you have at least twenty four months of energy loss



00:45:24.850 --> 00:45:40.349

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: like to actually take this, and if you told it next year, what you know, what would you want to sell it for? And they they would tell me to go. Oh, my God, it's been that the valued way higher than that! You know that's what's going through my head. So I was asked you. Have you at least twenty four months



00:45:40.360 --> 00:45:49.950

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: more of energy to actually put this in place, so that you can get the highest valuations. But you don't, leave your blood sweat and tears on the table.



00:45:49.960 --> 00:46:07.779

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. Oh, my gosh, that's crushing right. The other thing we've seen, which I think is just amazing, because metronomics is about human nature is that this isn't a system that that my dad or my mom



00:46:07.900 --> 00:46:09.869

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right brought in



00:46:09.880 --> 00:46:34.079

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: when they were Ceo, or you know, and and this they're not gonna the next generation doesn't throw this system out. They actually love it because it freed up, you know, as they're working in the business as they're owning different functions. And they're figuring out who the next leader for the business is. It's really cleaned it up right for that generational transition? And the funny thing is the system doesn't get thrown out.



00:46:34.090 --> 00:46:39.890

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: It works for all levels of experience because it's based on human nature.



00:46:39.900 --> 00:46:41.680




00:46:41.710 --> 00:47:10.320

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the other piece is for those companies a lot of times. What I've seen inside of family business is they care so much about their employees.



00:47:10.630 --> 00:47:34.219

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. And you know, I got to say. I worked with a client, you know, came in um They were interested in, you know, exiting in the next couple of years we put it in. We put the system in. They're all in, you know. Nice family business, everybody in, and you, you know, like the system went in so nicely it actually freed up



00:47:34.230 --> 00:47:41.689

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the Ceo slash owners time. So they they go, you know. They They saw the company flourish



00:47:41.700 --> 00:47:43.820

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right. I didn't want to sell it.



00:47:44.030 --> 00:47:51.840

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: They grew it. And there's continuing to grow it. And that's a great story, right? They were selling it because they were tired.



00:47:51.850 --> 00:47:52.689

Michael Palumbos: Yeah,



00:47:52.700 --> 00:48:05.590

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I just lunch with somebody before that we before this recording, and what they, their their third priority, went, and like what are your top three prairies for you, you know. Third one. It's just not fun anymore.



00:48:05.600 --> 00:48:10.889

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. And I said, Well, if we could make it fun again, how long would you stay? Because



00:48:10.900 --> 00:48:24.540

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I stay for another ten years at first. Yes, yes, I just I i'm not there. And so that's really key. And what we brought that out. Yeah, yeah, it's got to be fun that you know they're tired. They don't want to do it anymore. It's like,



00:48:24.550 --> 00:48:32.129

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: but but this has brought it back, and I have at least two to three examples of that which is really great because it is fun.



00:48:32.140 --> 00:48:33.020

Michael Palumbos: Yeah,



00:48:33.030 --> 00:49:02.109

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I'll throw in. I want to make sure when we talk about the repeatable system. The repeatable system is, you know, it's inside of metronomics, and you can see it. Three-hand way, really, you know, with is talk digs into it each piece. Yeah. But what's neat about a chance is that as you build out each of the steps and you're going through, and you're you're working on execution and accountability throughout the system. Working on your core customer. You're working on your market and and



00:49:02.120 --> 00:49:13.590

Michael Palumbos: the view every time you go through the system you keep going around. What you're doing is updating it and making it better. So it's like, Yeah, we're really clear on our core customer. Take. We got that,



00:49:13.600 --> 00:49:21.839

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah. But all of a sudden we you know, the next year you go to triple check that You're like the market has been shifting. Yes, and you don't do this.



00:49:21.850 --> 00:49:44.750

Michael Palumbos: You do not miss things in your strategy, or you you know, or even execution. You know It's just phenomenal that it keeps repeating, and That's when you say a repeatable system is like strategy, execution and cash, and you know, putting all of things around the people is phenomenal. But even just from it as a Ceo's perspective to say,



00:49:44.760 --> 00:49:54.140

Michael Palumbos: are we going to market properly? And are we in it, you know, without the Governor on? Are you doing anything that's



00:49:54.150 --> 00:50:14.490

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yeah. And it said, You know you don't have to recreate it. It's already alive right? So it makes it so easy to check in with strategic pictures make it incredibly easy to check in, and I think a lot of people go. Oh, we people like we do the same thing every time. I don't think I've ever done the same thing every time



00:50:14.500 --> 00:50:18.449

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: same Same flow, but not the same thing.



00:50:18.460 --> 00:50:19.370




00:50:19.380 --> 00:50:21.089

Michael Palumbos: And so you'd like



00:50:21.100 --> 00:50:29.990

Michael Palumbos: we did a market map for a client just recently, and they said the the Ceo looked at and goes. I didn't learn anything from that,



00:50:30.000 --> 00:50:30.690

Michael Palumbos: you know. And I



00:50:30.700 --> 00:50:46.889

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: that's okay. Did anybody else pick anything up? And two people picked up and said, We're only getting twenty or thirty percent of the market, and we're trying to grow so that we're a lot bigger. There's a lot of opportunity for us that these alone



00:50:46.900 --> 00:50:51.990

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: yes, leadership team hearing that and going. Oh, my gosh!



00:50:52.000 --> 00:50:53.279

Michael Palumbos: Market nap,



00:50:53.290 --> 00:50:56.559

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, and and really holiday, you miss it.



00:50:56.620 --> 00:51:01.359

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: There's two pieces inside of three head. Well,



00:51:01.410 --> 00:51:20.889

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and we you know the thing about three highway, and creating the pictures at each and every step is, it allows the whole team with where they come from, and their functional expertise to be able to easily get provide feedback value question things without those pictures.



00:51:21.040 --> 00:51:23.000

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: There's nothing to talk about.



00:51:23.010 --> 00:51:23.879




00:51:23.890 --> 00:51:27.230

Michael Palumbos: Yeah. And then that's That's why it's so important.



00:51:27.280 --> 00:51:32.160

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I could talk about this for hours.



00:51:32.170 --> 00:51:38.849

Michael Palumbos: You know I had. I had gotten certified in another coaching program. You know that not everybody.



00:51:38.900 --> 00:51:51.570

Michael Palumbos: And and the problem for me, and why metronomics just was like a light bulb, for you know, going off was that there was so many tools,



00:51:51.990 --> 00:52:04.980

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and there was no prescriptive to say, When do we do what it's that having that repeatable system that takes you through. And then the different exercises to stretch the team,



00:52:04.990 --> 00:52:13.089

Michael Palumbos: and it just makes all the difference in the world to have that repeatable process to say, Okay, here's what we're doing Here's what we're doing.



00:52:13.100 --> 00:52:20.399

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, just gives you a guide, right? And And I think you know we were looking. We were looking for that



00:52:20.770 --> 00:52:25.699

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right back in the day. We all the tools we just didn't have the guide



00:52:25.710 --> 00:52:26.490

Michael Palumbos: right.



00:52:26.500 --> 00:52:34.850

Michael Palumbos: It is a business owner. We should all appreciate that. Because if you went out and let's just say you make paper napkins.



00:52:35.250 --> 00:52:43.389

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: If you were recreating the process, and how to make paper napkins. Every six months you would be on the business



00:52:43.400 --> 00:52:50.590

Michael Palumbos: so fast, and you really need, you know you need those repeatable processes. And then there's no difference for your system.



00:52:50.600 --> 00:53:08.079

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, Yeah. And then, like, the system runs itself like you forget about the system. And you're more thinking about. What are the things we need to do in the system, in the strategy, in that it's It's such a I love taking teams through that foundation phase, because they're



00:53:08.090 --> 00:53:10.609

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the progression and evolution.



00:53:10.760 --> 00:53:24.070

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: They're They're just like it goes so fast, and then we get to the other momentum, And you think you you know you. You pulled them through there, but it's not a pole. They're pushing right, which is really really fantastic.



00:53:24.540 --> 00:53:33.270

Michael Palumbos: I love it. Um, we're getting up to closing time here. Is there anything that I should have asked you that I didn't.



00:53:33.280 --> 00:53:43.650

Michael Palumbos: Is there anything that if you were the Ceo of the family business, you know, and you're sitting with them that you just want them to hear that we haven't talked about yet.



00:53:44.850 --> 00:53:45.910

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Well,



00:53:46.100 --> 00:53:57.649

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: I think the most important thing that you know. I know that people have talked about when we think of family business, but it's really about



00:53:57.660 --> 00:54:08.079

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: the whoever the Ceo is of that family business, and and thinking about the family itself, right and knowing what the plan is.



00:54:08.100 --> 00:54:09.819

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: But the plan is



00:54:09.830 --> 00:54:23.640

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: right. That helps guides. You know the system is the system. But what we do within the system is so important. And so you know a lot of the family business, Ceos, that I work with i'm sure they have a personal



00:54:23.740 --> 00:54:25.670

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: one-page plant.



00:54:25.680 --> 00:54:27.089

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Personal one-page plan,



00:54:27.100 --> 00:54:46.849

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: you know, for purpose ten year, three year, one year. They have that for their business, but I want them to have that as well, so that they have that path. You know they're they're building. If they're building a legacy, then then they need to have the papa fall through, but it starts with the leader of the business,



00:54:46.860 --> 00:54:51.120

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and having that clarity of where they are going personally,



00:54:51.130 --> 00:55:02.379

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: and then you know, it flows back, and i'd say that for every Ceo. Honestly. But in family business the most, there's so many um pressures.



00:55:02.390 --> 00:55:03.220




00:55:03.430 --> 00:55:05.590

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: uh pushing from all angles.



00:55:05.600 --> 00:55:16.870

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, it might be coming from people that Aren't working in the business that want to know what you're what you're planning on, especially if you have. You know owners that are working in the business.



00:55:16.930 --> 00:55:23.600

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Yeah, and that personal one-page plan. If if the leader has clarity on their own plan,



00:55:24.270 --> 00:55:35.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: makes, it, you know, as you as a coach and as a coach. It makes it much easier to design and plan the business with the leader and the team.



00:55:35.300 --> 00:56:05.289

Shannon Susko - Metronomics: Shannon's Susco metronomics. This has been a super fun show. I really appreciate everything that you've shared. Go on check out um metronomics website to get some, you know. Wonderful things. Get the books there's even There's some videos and training and all that all about that are available. You could find a coach there, if that's what you decide to do um again. My name is Michael Columbus. You've been listening to the family business. Show on that with family welcome by this



00:56:05.300 --> 00:56:22.000

Michael Palumbos: in Rochester, New York. And please, please, please, we can't wait to have you on the next show. We've got another great show coming up next time with, you know, in another two weeks, and we look forward to sharing some more with you in the future. Thanks, everybody.

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