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Episode 94: From Bricks to Community Engagement in a Multi-Generational Family Business

In an insightful episode of the Family Biz Show, host Michael Palumbos from Family Wealth and Legacy in Rochester, New York, engaged in a profound conversation with Andy Breuer of Huber Brewer Construction Company. The dialogue delved into the nuances of running a family business, community involvement, and the pivotal role of company culture.

Andy Breuer's journey into the family business is a tale of tradition and expectation, reflecting the ethos of many family-run enterprises. From an early age, Breuer was immersed in the company's activities, a narrative familiar to many who are born into family businesses. This early exposure not only instilled a work ethic but also deepened his connection to the family legacy.

A significant highlight of the discussion was the emphasis on community engagement as a core aspect of the business philosophy. Breuer articulated the importance of being actively involved in local initiatives and fostering a culture of giving back. This commitment is not just about business benefits but about genuine care for the community, showcasing a model where business success and social responsibility coexist harmoniously.

The conversation also touched upon the critical aspect of company culture. Breuer emphasized celebrating small victories and the importance of team dynamics, underscoring that the success of a family business is not just about individual achievements but about collective effort and shared values.

The episode encapsulated the essence of legacy in family businesses, highlighting that succession planning and preserving the company culture are paramount. Breuer's insights shed light on the delicate balance of honoring tradition while embracing change, a balancing act that many family businesses strive to achieve.

In conclusion, this episode of the Family Biz Show offered valuable perspectives on running a family business, emphasizing the significance of community engagement, the strength of company culture, and the enduring impact of legacy. It serves as an inspiration for family businesses navigating the complexities of growth, tradition, and community involvement.

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Episode 94 Transcript


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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Oh, welcome everybody to the family. Biz show. I'm your host, Michael Columbus, with family wealth and legacy in Rochester, New York, and today we have a incredible show for you. We're joined by Andy Brewer from Huber Brewer, Construction Company.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Build design. You name it in Syracuse, New York, but does projects all over the place.



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Andy Breuer: Welcome, Andy. Thanks, Mike, happy to be here looking forward to a good discussion.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So you don't know this. But I spent some time living in Syracuse and raising kids in Syracuse for a few years so I drove past your, you know, facilities on a pretty regular basis and headquarters we like to call. That's right, our humble beginnings on the south side of Syracuse. We're still here.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Well, what I like to do when we start the show, and I'm bringing somebody, you know, new into the show is just a family business. Is that weird thing where everybody has their own journey. How they



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: made the made the trek and started in the Jur, you know, started in the family business. So if you don't mind, share with us.



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Andy Breuer: What was your journey like to enter into the family business? Sure, I was the first born of 3. So think early on. There was kind of that expectation that Andy was gonna be working summers and



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Andy Breuer: Christmas breaks and whatnot with the family business. So you know, I was. I was working at Huber Brewer before I could drive



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Andy Breuer: sweeping floors and hanging doors since 94. I say so a lot of early interaction on those job sites.



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Andy Breuer: And you know, just as there's some family succession at the leadership level. If you're brewer, we also have a lot of.



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Andy Breuer: you know, superintendents who's



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Andy Breuer: fathers and sons have worked for us, you know some good lineage in the field, too. So it it's been great over, you know, the 30 plus years I've been involved to kind of see



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Andy Breuer: see how that is tracked over multiple generations at, you know, different different levels, different sectors of the company



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Andy Breuer: and I, you know, would come back from Christmas, break even from college or whatever, and



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Andy Breuer: would work a couple of weeks on some of the job sites, and we're always, you know, attend the the Hebrew brewer, Christmas party and whatnot, and stay in touch with all the superintendents and all the guys I worked for over all the summers. And



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Andy Breuer: when I graduated from college in Atlanta. I went to Emery University in Atlanta. II ultimately took a job with a real estate developer in North Atlanta, in Roswell.



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But frankly, 9 11 was kind of that defining moment for me where



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Andy Breuer: there was that that tug to come home. You know that that longing to be closer to family, and



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Andy Breuer: probably put some things in perspective. And



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Andy Breuer: you know, looking back on it now, I can say there's probably at at age 22. There's probably some ego involved with feeling like something was given to you right. The lineage is there for you with nepotism.



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Andy Breuer: But you don't realize at age 22, how difficult it is even to maintain the status quo, you know, especially in a in a economic region like Central New York and upstate New York.



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Andy Breuer: So II was probably a little ignorant to it. But I remember being in one of those Christmas parties and talking to one of those old superintendents, and



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Andy Breuer: you know I was in Atlanta at the time, and he's like when he coming back. I'm like, well, you know, I'm not not sure yet, and he kinda gave me like what you like. Of course you come back like this is your destiny.



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Andy Breuer: And that was exactly maybe what I was turned off by at the time, and at the same time.



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Andy Breuer: It is what what led me back, and



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Andy Breuer: so glad I did. It's been. It's been a great journey. It's been



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Andy Breuer: absolute honor to work, you know, alongside



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Andy Breuer: not only my father, but now you know my brother, you know, to be at a position where my 14 year old son just got his working papers, and



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Andy Breuer: while the Osha rules have changed, I can't put them on a job site yet, but I can certainly put em working in the Uber Brewer warehouse for the Uber Brewer office next summer. So



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Andy Breuer: you know, I look forward to being able to share those kind of experiences now with my kids. And I'm generation 6, a hundred 51 years. So no pressure to my kids, we gotta pass that baton, though.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Totally understand? That's you know th, I wanna make sure that people he heard some of the things that you said that I think are just a Testament to



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: who Huber brewer is several



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: generations of not just family members, but superintendents and people in the field that have been there. And that there's only one thing that that that allows for that, and that's creating and keeping an incredible company. Culture.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You, your family, and through the years and the generations the Hubert Brewer company is known for a great place to work.



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Andy Breuer: There's nothing that makes me prouder than that. And we spend a lot of time talking about culture and talking about legacy.



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Andy Breuer: talking about solutions. You know that the end of the day, if we're gonna be frankly, pretty hyper regional, we don't seek really to



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Andy Breuer: to be multi regional throughout the northeast were generally, you know, within a hundred miles of Syracuse, and



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Andy Breuer: if you want to keep that number one. You have to have



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Andy Breuer: the esteem of your repeat clients. It's a small town, and it doesn't take long for reputation to spin out of control. But, furthermore, you have to be a bit of a chameleon in terms of



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Andy Breuer: riding the wave of the sectors that that are hot at any given time. So we've we've seen a couple of different changes in industry and the creativity.



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Andy Breuer: and frankly, the desire to be to be flexible, to be nimble. With what kind of product types and what kind of projects you want to pursue and be successful with.



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Andy Breuer: That's that's part of the secret, right? So



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Andy Breuer: that's certainly been a big part of that of our legacy and of our



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Andy Breuer: I just think, reputation in the community.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Great. She's a hundred 50 years



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Andy Breuer: 151. That's talk about that.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you know. I don't want to spend too much, you know. I don't want to spend the yeah. I want to talk about today. Little bit of background, 1,872. Yeah. So so it's one family, right? The Hubers and the brewers. What what happened is my grandfather Vladimir. They called him Vic Vic. Brewer, went to work for his father in law.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So my father, the hubris are my father's matriarchal energy. Le Lin Lynn



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Andy Breuer: lineagee and the brewers are his.



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Andy Breuer:  Are his patriarch



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Andy Breuer:  If that makes sense so the lineage is kind of on both sides, so it's always been one family, and I don't know why the vowels are so similar, and the mouthful that it is but just luck of the dry, I guess. But the hubris would have originally come over here. From Alsace, Lorraine, France.



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Andy Breuer: They were likely stone masons and probably came here this would have been after the Erie Canal was largely completed, but there was still a, you know, per continuous maintenance of the canal, so they probably came here as masons affiliated with some of the canal work.



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Andy Breuer: They settled in east side of Syracuse. Manoa, Fayetteville. we used to say it was 1,880, but actually just 5 or 6 years ago, we unearthed some history from Immaculate Conception Church in Fayetteville, New York



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Andy Breuer: where they found evidence that hubris had done some work there on a convent in 1872. So we got to have a hundred fiftieth party 8 years earlier than originally planned. So that was last year. So that that's the history in a nutshell. And then, you know, 3 generations of Hubers, and now 3 generations of brewers, when my basically, my father went to work



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Andy Breuer: for his grandfather and father. So that's where it kind of changed from hubris to brewers.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: That's awesome.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: And you know, one of the things that also resonated with me that you're talking about is no pressure legacy. 6 generations. So I wanna I wanna II wanna give you a little little tiny gift. And that gift is most smp. 500 companies



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: don't make it 20 years. Right?



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So so we always focus on the legacy and how hard it is to do this, and how much weight there is. But even if it stopped tomorrow the family should be cheering and the community should be cheering. And I wanna make sure that there's a positive spin on that. And you focus on the positive piece that's there. Friends of mine colleagues of mine have written a book called Well, 3 point O,



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: and and that's kind of the in a nutshell. It's we we, we push that, you know. That negative, and you know how what few get to the third or the fourth and the seventh generation.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: But you get, if you just look at it from the different lens. It's like congratulations nicely done.



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Andy Breuer: Thank you. Yeah. There is some college in Chicago. I can't remember if it's University Chicago, or might be loyal, but one of them has a dedicated study to family business and and legacy business. And



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Andy Breuer: I remember seeing a Stat. This is probably a decade ago that it's like point 3 or point 0 3% of companies make it to a fourth generation. Yeah. So you compute that out over 2 more generations. I can't even imagine what the



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Andy Breuer: you know, what minority we are in. So. Yeah, there's a lot of pride in in maintaining it for that reason. And also.



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Andy Breuer: you know, you do have to reconcile the fact that, like inevitably someday it might, it might not exist. So it's



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: But but to your point, you know.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you're doing some things already, and and this is not a, you know. Let me. Let's talk about what Huber brew brewers doing. Great! I just wanted to have you on, and I wanted to have this conversation. I never know where they're gonna go, but you've got a 14 year old, son that's coming in and and talking about. So there! So there's a couple of good things. II would I would highly recommend that there'd be a choice from my perspective.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: But you know



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: it's that getting involved in finding out. If it is something that you want to do, finding out why.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: why dad and his uncle and his grandfather are so proud of the work introducing them to the son of somebody who's, you know, father or grandfather was also a foreman in the company, and and weaving that story without the pressure.



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: is, that's the that. If you can pull that off you're that's the that's what you have to master, in my opinion, is, how do I not put the pressure on this person, because at the end of the day, if your son, said Dad, you know I really like what we do, and I'm really proud of who we are, and I'm glad that I'm a brewer. But I wanna be, you know, a dancer, or I wanna be in the arts. You know our job as parents number one is, make sure our kids flourish and are happy. Right?



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Andy Breuer: Well, and I think that



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Andy Breuer: you know we we are construction managers. You take the construction part away. The construction is the product, but it's it's like in manufacturing. You make a widget in management. You manage a certain



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Andy Breuer: product and process, and ours happens to be construction. But the reality is.



00:11:31.600 --> 00:11:41.210

Andy Breuer: if if my my son or my nephew would that you know, if they were, if they're interested in, or even tolerant of, the you know the sector of management.



00:11:41.280 --> 00:11:51.449

Andy Breuer: then, of course, why wouldn't you gravitate towards the man, regardless of what you're managing. Why, why would you not gravitate towards the sector where you have? You know the additional



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Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: every generation. I don't think that's what I'm trying to do. I don't know if that's what I'm going to do. I'm not sure if you're gonna be able to do that, I'm not sure that's what I'm going to do. I'm not sure if you're going to be able to do that, or you're not gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it. And then you're gonna be able to do it



00:12:08.320 --> 00:12:24.190

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: without getting this a seventh, you know, going into the seventh generation, and then it's culture and what culture is all about as people. You're not in the Widget business. You're not in the service business. You are in the people business, and your people



00:12:24.330 --> 00:12:40.319

Andy Breuer: have to. Actually, that, you know. Everybody says customer service customer first. N. No, because they won't have any customers if I don't have a team. And when you say our people, we don't self perform anything. I don't have, you know, 50 guys in the field. Who are.



00:12:40.690 --> 00:12:44.160

Andy Breuer: you know, cranking out concrete forms, or framing or



00:12:44.170 --> 00:12:51.109

Andy Breuer: plumbing, or Hvc, so you know, when you talk about our people, I mean, it's it's that multiplier effect of



00:12:51.270 --> 00:12:54.300

Andy Breuer: how we lead our call it 75 people.



00:12:54.480 --> 00:13:11.550

Andy Breuer: And then the spider web of what they create to carry that out amongst their 100 200 people on a job site and  have to remind ourselves sometimes, especially on the days when you know you don't you? You end up, not managing to do a thing you set out to do that day because of



00:13:11.670 --> 00:13:20.729

Andy Breuer: whatever came up, which is often right, and you have to remind yourself that when you're in the management business it is your job to keep the train on the tracks right, that



00:13:20.820 --> 00:13:27.040

Andy Breuer: if all the subcontractors showed up every day, and all the material showed up when it was ordered. And



00:13:27.210 --> 00:13:36.799

Andy Breuer: you know, the architects got every last detail right on the drawings. Then there'd be no role for a construction. All we do is align things and maintain.



00:13:37.240 --> 00:13:49.069

Andy Breuer: You know, budget schedule and expectations. And yeah, if you, if you don't like talking to people. You're not gonna be good in any management business, let alone construction, where tends to be a lot of



00:13:49.740 --> 00:13:52.400

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: lot of rings in this circus



00:13:52.790 --> 00:14:05.390

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: talk about if you would, for from your perspective, you know you, you hinted at the fact that you know I'm in my twenties, and I'm pushing back. And you know, I'm gonna go a different direction.



00:14:05.450 --> 00:14:13.600

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You made that switch. You flipped over. You get the legacy, you understand? You know all of these pieces? What are



00:14:13.890 --> 00:14:16.559

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: what are some of the things that you love



00:14:16.700 --> 00:14:29.440

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: about being part of the family business? And and then the flip of that is, what are the things that are difficult? And then how does how does your family navigate those difficulties?



00:14:29.970 --> 00:14:31.170

Andy Breuer: So I'll say.



00:14:31.630 --> 00:14:42.150

Andy Breuer: I'll change your question a little bit, and I'll say, what do I love about the construction, business, family, business, or otherwise, and with, you know, construction? I can't imagine being in a role like even being like a restaurant tour of of like



00:14:42.500 --> 00:15:04.570

Andy Breuer: you. You you know you have a product. Come in and then a product. Come out and you come in and do the same thing following day with. I love the fact that I can drive around, especially as localizes we are. I can drive around Syracuse and and every other block I can say. Yep. We built that 1993, and we did the addition to it in 2,014, and I. And you can. You look at this tangible product, and there is literally the fruit of your labor.



00:15:04.670 --> 00:15:08.860

Andy Breuer: And that's wonderful right. And you hope that those buildings stand for hundreds of years.



00:15:09.870 --> 00:15:12.960

The most challenging thing obviously, is turning it off right? It's like



00:15:13.470 --> 00:15:18.100

Andy Breuer: the family dinners, or you know, those moments when you are having some



00:15:18.200 --> 00:15:21.980

Andy Breuer: R and R with, you know your my folks, or



00:15:22.110 --> 00:15:34.750

Andy Breuer: all of us together like it. How do you not have some of the. You know you never have enough time in the workday to get to it. So of course, when you're having those supposed to be moments of rest and and fun. It's hard to not



00:15:35.040 --> 00:15:47.700

Andy Breuer: you know, gravitate towards some of that same discussion that that would be dominant at work. So that's definitely the hardest part of it is, is trying to find time to turn it off, and especially in a community like Syracuse, where



00:15:47.770 --> 00:16:00.220

Andy Breuer: your social life and your work life. I mean, we're not a bedroom community. It's not like we live in Westchester and work in New York City. I you go out for a Burger chances are you're gonna run into somebody, you know. from a project.



00:16:00.380 --> 00:16:06.849

Andy Breuer: so it you never really escape it in your social life. In a town like Syracuse or Rochester



00:16:07.630 --> 00:16:09.499

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: agreed. And I think



00:16:09.520 --> 00:16:13.499

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: it's funny. I look back at my career, and



00:16:14.200 --> 00:16:23.599

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: every most most of them. Once I start working with business owners. That was my favorite part is that every day was different, even though I was doing the same thing



00:16:23.960 --> 00:16:46.669

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: each day I was in a different facility. I was. I was learning something new, whether it be from a cabbage farmer or from a construction manager. You know it's it's pretty fabulous that you keep your brain active. And for you like I love the idea of we built that. That's something we did for me. Now. It's like



00:16:46.670 --> 00:17:00.720

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: when I see that business make it from the second generation to the third generation. And I think about all those jobs and the community and the impact that my team is having to help make those. You know things happen. It's it's one for us.



00:17:01.380 --> 00:17:05.329

Andy Breuer: No doubt it's just great to be able to to share that with.



00:17:05.339 --> 00:17:09.340

Andy Breuer: You know your team and his family. and frankly.



00:17:09.720 --> 00:17:14.760

Andy Breuer: but for that reward of of feeling like you have that tangible achievement.



00:17:14.980 --> 00:17:19.510

Andy Breuer: This business can be very maddening sometimes, and I'm not, you know there's not a lot of people who would do it if



00:17:20.599 --> 00:17:25.279

Andy Breuer: if it was just a sandcastle. They got washed away after you were done. I mean, it's it's it's



00:17:26.150 --> 00:17:31.050

Andy Breuer: yeah, can take it out of you sometime. So you you need the pride in that achievement and that the team



00:17:31.440 --> 00:17:36.310

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: the team share in that pride agreed



00:17:36.740 --> 00:17:40.140

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you mentioned being able to be



00:17:41.310 --> 00:17:46.660

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: did not so much visionary, but flexible and adaptable. You know.



00:17:46.950 --> 00:17:51.950

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: when you look through the years and the projects and the things that you've taken on.



00:17:52.260 --> 00:18:15.729

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: how is it that you know who's responsible for, you know, doing the Swat analysis. And how do you know what are the things that you're looking at? Because I think that's really important to say it's one thing for the CEO to have done it through the time. But you, you know, to get the leadership team and everybody that's you know, on there to get, you know on the same page and be aligned through different things. How do you guys go about doing that?



00:18:16.830 --> 00:18:24.340

Andy Breuer: Well, I think I think it says a lot to the culture of the company and not just our family, but the the families who work for us, and that



00:18:25.430 --> 00:18:42.449

Andy Breuer:  You know, there are construction companies out there who go and they build wal, marts all over the country, or they build delta sonics all over the northeast, or whatever it is, and that's never going to be us our. For the most part our people expect to be able to come home and make it to their kids. Soccer game or get, you know, be there to



00:18:43.080 --> 00:18:47.669

Andy Breuer: support their spouses, whatever business or otherwise



00:18:47.780 --> 00:18:50.900

Andy Breuer:  And so I think that as



00:18:50.910 --> 00:19:05.350

Andy Breuer: as those opportunities inevitably came across my father, my grandfather's desk, whoever you know, we we always said, No, let's focus on the best opportunities here in Central New York rather than worry about a sector and then taking the show on the road.



00:19:05.940 --> 00:19:07.070

Andy Breuer: And so



00:19:07.350 --> 00:19:13.780

Andy Breuer: then, because of that, and because of those kind of cultural dynamics within the company, and the desire to be close to home.



00:19:14.100 --> 00:19:17.019

Andy Breuer: Think that that has forced us to always be thinking about



00:19:17.560 --> 00:19:21.059

Andy Breuer: alright. You see, you see a project on the horizon.



00:19:21.390 --> 00:19:31.620

Andy Breuer: and then you try to say, All right, what's gonna equip us to differentiate ourselves? What nuance of work we've done in the past, or what could we be doing to better prepare ourselves when that opportunity does



00:19:32.050 --> 00:19:36.909

Andy Breuer: does really arise, and then they turn into waves. You know we've done waves of



00:19:37.090 --> 00:19:44.270

Andy Breuer: higher Ed work and waves of K. Through 12 work and waves of senior housing and multi housing and purpose built senior housing.



00:19:44.550 --> 00:19:57.160

Andy Breuer: parking garages. So it's funny there is a little bit of a. you know, institutional keeping up with the Joneses sometimes when Colgate might build a building, and then Syracuse University has to have one comparable to it or



00:19:57.330 --> 00:20:06.869

Andy Breuer: you know, a medical office building goes up for one medical institution, and then you can sense. There's going to be, you know, a similar competing project from a competing institution. So.



00:20:06.990 --> 00:20:13.109

Andy Breuer: yeah, there is a little bit of that herd mentality, I guess, with some of the projects running



00:20:13.260 --> 00:20:14.080

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: nice.



00:20:14.880 --> 00:20:21.189

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: When you look at the projects that your company's done in the last 30 years.



00:20:21.220 --> 00:20:23.489

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: what are some ones that you just



00:20:23.710 --> 00:20:36.079

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: if you're if you're gonna bring somebody that doesn't know Huber Brewer at all. And you're gonna show them the top 3. What are the projects that you guys are most proud of. and it's not the most, but they just



00:20:36.430 --> 00:20:48.749

Andy Breuer: well, they they anything having to do with really public assembly. Right? Those are the projects that really resonate the most with the community so I could. I could rattle off, you know half a dozen of them that kinda check that box



00:20:48.840 --> 00:21:02.479

Andy Breuer: when the Mets came to take on our Minor League team here in Syracuse. They dumped a bunch of money through the county into the new stadium, so we got to do all the you know, all this new lipstick on the ndt stadium that that was a great project to do, cause you get the



00:21:02.600 --> 00:21:10.749

Andy Breuer: the fun of being there with the Mets organization when they cut that ribbon. Then you see, all these thousands of people come into this new stadium and the kids eyes light up stuff like that



00:21:10.790 --> 00:21:16.719

Andy Breuer: the Lake View amphitheater. Which is now the St. Joe's Amphitheatre on the shores of on Bogga Lake.



00:21:16.740 --> 00:21:32.440

Andy Breuer: We got to work with Gilbain to do that. And it was really a game changer to, you know, to compete with Cmac and Saratoga and the rest of these kinda aging amphitheaters for largely, for you know, summer concert series kind of things, and I love live music, and



00:21:32.580 --> 00:21:36.529

Andy Breuer: it's certainly a source of pride to go to a concert at the amphitheatre and



00:21:36.740 --> 00:21:45.480

Andy Breuer: look out over the you know the setting sun on Onondaga Lake, and just feel like, Wow! We really, there's a sense of place here for the community that did not exist 2, 3, 4 years ago



00:21:45.690 --> 00:21:48.339

Andy Breuer: the nexus center in Utico, which is the new.



00:21:49.100 --> 00:22:11.679

Andy Breuer: the new hockey arena. So they had an existing single rink. They call it the Odd or the Adirondack Bank Center, and now they have a 3 rink addition to it. So they have 4 rinks now they can host all of the youth hockey, you know. You go in there on a Saturday in December, just crawling with families so projects like that where you feel like they're really part of the fabric of the community and the public assembly of the community. Those are hard to beat.



00:22:11.950 --> 00:22:14.210

Andy Breuer: Expo Center. At the New York fairgrounds



00:22:14.270 --> 00:22:22.490

Andy Breuer: we built a really cool, indoor lacrosse arena on the Onondaga nation, south of Syracuse things like that. They're just they're just fun. They're unique.



00:22:22.650 --> 00:22:24.950

Andy Breuer: And they they contribute to the community.



00:22:25.380 --> 00:22:26.180

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Love it.



00:22:26.790 --> 00:22:32.780

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC:  culture. Let's go back to that for a second. When



00:22:33.060 --> 00:22:52.570

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you know I'm a big believer that the the head of the company, regardless of title, head of companies in charge, is their number one priority to make sure the head of company is doing head of company activities. So head of company activities for me are company culture is number one and strategies number 2



00:22:52.700 --> 00:23:07.709

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: when you pick on company culture, what are the things that you and you know your predecessors and your brother? You know what are the things that you're that are important to make sure the company culture stays at that high level.



00:23:07.960 --> 00:23:15.769

Andy Breuer: Yeah. And right now, and you're absolutely right. It is very easy to get to become a micro manager in this business.



00:23:15.800 --> 00:23:16.830

Andy Breuer: and so



00:23:17.210 --> 00:23:29.840

Andy Breuer: part of the culture is instilling the trust and the leadership from senior management to that. You know that next level of project managers and assistant project managers so that you feel like



00:23:30.140 --> 00:23:31.260

Andy Breuer: you can.



00:23:31.800 --> 00:23:38.690

Andy Breuer: you know, properly delegate and and do it in a way that doesn't keep you up at night still keeps you up at night, but maybe less of a night.



00:23:39.540 --> 00:23:46.060

Andy Breuer: But the I'll say that the highlight right now, or the focus area, the spotlight of our culture.



00:23:46.780 --> 00:23:52.150

Andy Breuer: the focus right now is really on the succession plan. How do you plan for growth.



00:23:52.630 --> 00:23:55.739

Andy Breuer: Like, probably



00:23:55.800 --> 00:24:04.189

Andy Breuer: every workplace in America, we're at that same kind of aging, you know, baby boomer transition  and particularly with.



00:24:05.080 --> 00:24:20.019

Andy Breuer: you know, the skill set of the old salt bricks and mortar construction managers, who probably came up much more out of the field as compared to coming out of a construction management program where they're learning as much software and systems as they are.



00:24:20.240 --> 00:24:23.400

Andy Breuer: You know, physical construction properties.



00:24:23.660 --> 00:24:29.180

Andy Breuer: That's a that's a big part of what we're trying to capture. And what we're trying to.



00:24:30.320 --> 00:24:37.320

Andy Breuer: you know, in some ways extract from the old dogs and invigorate the new guys. So



00:24:37.880 --> 00:24:41.300

Andy Breuer: yeah, succession planning is is absolutely the



00:24:41.800 --> 00:24:45.620

Andy Breuer: the the pinnacle of cultural success.



00:24:46.810 --> 00:24:49.729

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So when and it sounds like when you're talking about



00:24:50.420 --> 00:24:52.889

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: succession planning, it's not just.



00:24:53.180 --> 00:24:59.930

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you know, for your family. It's all those positions all the way through, and making sure that you've got backups.



00:25:00.140 --> 00:25:03.150

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: And you're taking that knowledge base, right?



00:25:03.420 --> 00:25:15.650

Andy Breuer: And I think across all industries right now in Syracuse we're kind of I'm not sure how well coined this term is, but it's kind of like the micron. The micron moment is kind of hitting here, and it's this kind of



00:25:16.000 --> 00:25:18.479

Andy Breuer: rising tide floats all boats. Right? So we're



00:25:18.860 --> 00:25:27.790

Andy Breuer: we are bracing for inevitable growth. For for years we've never really had the peaks or the valleys in construction. It's always been just kind of steady.



00:25:27.870 --> 00:25:35.469

Andy Breuer: which is great, and that it's been very predictable. but you know, we we definitely are looking at our



00:25:35.950 --> 00:25:38.609

Andy Breuer: project pursuits and the pipeline and saying.



00:25:39.030 --> 00:25:45.459

Andy Breuer: You know, 3 years from now, we're gonna we're gonna need to be a twox. We're certainly gonna have the opportunity to be a twox our volume. So



00:25:45.690 --> 00:25:49.400

Andy Breuer: what does that mean for succession planning recruitment retention? All those things.



00:25:51.200 --> 00:26:06.579

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Yeah, one of the things I liked about I looking at your website one. Obviously, you know, I love the fact that it's Hb. 1872, dot build which just is very fitting, and very, very few people, in my opinion.



00:26:07.100 --> 00:26:18.050

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: put those things right into their into their you know you are. I thought that would be great until there's all these automated like apps and stuff you try to register, and they don't recognize the dot build. And then you're like. Oh, maybe this was not well thought through, but



00:26:18.170 --> 00:26:22.550

Andy Breuer: we do have a default, too. But yes, thank you for picking up on it.



00:26:22.710 --> 00:26:28.219

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: But the other thing that's on there. So one you you know, you, you honor the history



00:26:28.240 --> 00:26:38.360

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: of the family, and but that came before you. You're talking about succession, you know you happen to live. You know we all live in on a Doga, you know



00:26:38.560 --> 00:26:59.340

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: world the Iroquois Indians, and you know that seventh generation, thinking it's very cool, and you guys are in on the cusp of living it so honoring the people that came 7 generations before you. And so I would. I would push you to be thinking about when you're thinking about succession planning



00:26:59.390 --> 00:27:04.689

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: is to be putting out there to say, how are the decisions that we make today



00:27:04.700 --> 00:27:10.630

Andy Breuer: going to effect those 7 generations from now. And I had a



00:27:11.740 --> 00:27:21.299

Andy Breuer: really interesting conversation once community conversation that included some native Americans. And I was. It was talking about that 7 7 generation principal. And another way of looking at it is that



00:27:21.590 --> 00:27:35.679

Andy Breuer: I knew 3 of my great grandparents. I you know I remember my interactions with them, and you hope you live long enough, that you know your great grandchild. So that is 7 generations. Right? And so, yeah, my, when I think about it that way.



00:27:35.810 --> 00:27:49.859

Andy Breuer: My grandfather. who, you know, might it would have been great if my son didn't know him. But like it's a it's that close right that he would have been kind of that middle generation and 7 generations of Hubers and brewers. And



00:27:49.910 --> 00:27:51.559

Andy Breuer: yeah, it's it's a



00:27:52.470 --> 00:28:04.539

Andy Breuer: it's just great to know that you're kind of living what that parable should be.  it goes without saying in construction. There's a lot of buzz words around sustainability, right? So



00:28:04.890 --> 00:28:07.769

Andy Breuer: you think about doing doing what's right, for.



00:28:08.300 --> 00:28:15.470

Andy Breuer: you know, for the community to day and for the world that we hope to leave to our children like, you know, the the principles of sustainability which



00:28:15.540 --> 00:28:19.619

Andy Breuer: no one knows better than our native American community members like that. That.



00:28:20.120 --> 00:28:24.819

Andy Breuer: I'm I'm I'm encouraged. It is starting to become a little bit more.



00:28:24.950 --> 00:28:33.810

Andy Breuer: not even an ambition of the construction industry. But what we used to think was like aspiration for a lead accredited project.



00:28:33.990 --> 00:28:42.849

Andy Breuer: Now, it's kinda just common, like. No, that's part of the life cycle analysis. That's part of the energy code study. That's part. It's just become



00:28:43.280 --> 00:28:45.459

Andy Breuer: little bit more industry standard



00:28:46.000 --> 00:28:49.700

Andy Breuer: but of course we can always do better, and we're seeing it every day with.



00:28:51.010 --> 00:28:55.860

Andy Breuer: you know, mass timber structures, or certainly with a lot more solar



00:28:56.860 --> 00:29:02.499

Andy Breuer: geothermal energy. So I think all those things play into that 7 generation. Look ahead. And



00:29:03.500 --> 00:29:09.119

Andy Breuer: I don't know. I was talking to Christine earlier about how it's it's hard to



00:29:10.170 --> 00:29:16.289

Andy Breuer: think back to how we used to have to shut jobs down in the winter time because of the anticipated snow accumulation and the cold.



00:29:16.610 --> 00:29:26.239

Andy Breuer: I think we have, you know, a very local example here of how real climate changing isn't that we don't really plan to shut jobs down anymore? We just kind of grin and bear it. And



00:29:27.290 --> 00:29:32.109

Andy Breuer: so you know, climate change is real. The need for sustainability is very is very relevant.



00:29:33.610 --> 00:29:46.070

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: I'm gonna stay on the topic of company culture because I can't emphasize, in my opinion, how important it is. And so when I look at company culture, it's the the blending of



00:29:46.110 --> 00:30:04.639

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: 3 different things. It's that vision for the future. It's that big, hairy, audacious goal to get everybody excited about where we're going, and core purpose, which I think you know, is is, I'm listening to you and and it not. Everybody defines it with these words, but I think that we get there all the same way. We just might use different words to get there.



00:30:04.640 --> 00:30:27.099

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So where, you know, you're talking about 7 generation thinking you're talking about succession planning and not succession planning from a from as an event. But succession planning as kind of that purpose. How do we make sure that there's jobs for the grandchildren of the you know the form, and that we are that we're feeding today, and that we that we're taking care of today.



00:30:27.170 --> 00:30:31.380

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: the other side of that. So if I take my vision for the future.



00:30:31.400 --> 00:30:40.350

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: I have my core purpose of you know what drives us. and I love. The idea of succession is what drives us.



00:30:40.390 --> 00:30:55.239

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: And then I yeah. The other part to me is always core values. And when you blend those 3 together that that makes company culture come together. And you know, your website does a really great job of talking about them



00:30:55.460 --> 00:31:11.370

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: caring and safety quality, integrity and innovation. And and I would say that, you know, from talking to you many times you look at somebody's website or you look at them the words on a wall. They're aspirational. But you guys live them.



00:31:11.670 --> 00:31:18.149

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: I wouldn't. I'm and I'm throwing. I am throwing a curve ball at you a little bit. But just how do you



00:31:18.330 --> 00:31:28.810

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: see people? How do you capture people living those values? How do you keep those values alive at Huber Brewer on a regular basis?



00:31:29.440 --> 00:31:39.599

Andy Breuer: So the most tangible way we do it is through employee recognition. So we we literally have a program where we ask people to, you know, catch folks in the act



00:31:40.010 --> 00:31:51.409

Andy Breuer: and on a quarterly basis. We call out those moments, and we commend those people for exhibiting those values, and they literally go up on a wall. Here they they are a brick on a wall.



00:31:51.780 --> 00:32:18.609

Andy Breuer: So I'm cheering for those of you who can't see me and are listening. This this is like we call this actions to live by. And the fact that you guys are doing that I didn't know, but I could just feel that. I mean I wasn't trying to lead you or anything. But this is hardly a curveball. It was a softball. Yeah, no, it was easy. And we've we've increasingly tried to put some emphasis on that, because as the company gets larger.



00:32:18.840 --> 00:32:30.200

Andy Breuer: and as there is maybe less interaction between, you know Jim Brewer and the average carpenter. Whoever on a job site like you, you need everybody to be the eyes and ears, and the advocates for the company and for



00:32:30.420 --> 00:32:35.799

Andy Breuer: and for you know the successes of of their coworkers. And



00:32:36.500 --> 00:32:41.869

Andy Breuer: who doesn't want a little bit of recognition for going above and beyond and try to build that and celebrate it.



00:32:43.140 --> 00:32:45.670

Andy Breuer: It's it's increasingly something we're doing more of.



00:32:45.890 --> 00:32:48.080

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Yeah. And and again.



00:32:48.300 --> 00:32:57.230

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you're in the people business. You're 22 years old, 2024, whatever it was when you came over to Huber, Brewer came back home.



00:32:58.210 --> 00:33:09.810

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Nobody. Very few people. I know there are some people that feel that leadership is just. You're. It's an 8, and you're just born with it. And I challenge that on a regular basis, because



00:33:09.890 --> 00:33:21.700

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: I feel that it's something that it has to be learned. Yes, there are some people that have more emotional intelligence than others, and they're gifted in that arena. But leadership can be learned if you look through



00:33:21.740 --> 00:33:24.119

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: your development as a leader.



00:33:24.210 --> 00:33:37.660

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You know you didn't, you didn't I? Don't. You? You probably learned a lot of things. What were some of the things that or books that you read, that you said there and said, you know, I went through this, or maybe defining moments, where you messed up



00:33:37.840 --> 00:33:40.790

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: and said, Oh, that's not happening again.



00:33:42.320 --> 00:33:46.050

Andy Breuer:  boy!



00:33:46.960 --> 00:33:58.190

Andy Breuer: Huh! I guess the the the to answer the last question of you know that that's not happening again, that the the best way to combat that is to get into uniformity of process right? And



00:33:58.360 --> 00:34:10.160

Andy Breuer: I am not good personally at the discipline of sitting down with my team in developing standard operating procedures and having, you know, the employee handbook.



00:34:10.420 --> 00:34:12.219

Andy Breuer: If there's anything I learned. It's that



00:34:12.270 --> 00:34:21.089

Andy Breuer: I learned that that's not. That's not something that I'm ever going to be good at. It's something that's always going to be in my back burner. So finding somebody who is good at, you know, bringing people onto the team



00:34:22.000 --> 00:34:26.750

Andy Breuer: are not only capable of doing that, but are drawn to doing that and see the value of it.



00:34:27.250 --> 00:34:39.400

Andy Breuer: Getting to that uniformity of process is the only way where you can grow. And increasingly so with systems, right? With software, with scheduling software project management software accounting software.



00:34:39.800 --> 00:34:55.099

Andy Breuer: We all become dependent on these systems. But if we don't all use them the right way in the same way. Then what's the what's the point in having them and paying all these extensive licensing fees and whatnot. So yeah, we've we've made a big jump to add to the kind of verticality of some of that process, uniformity of that process



00:34:55.110 --> 00:35:00.600

Andy Breuer: to equip ourselves to grow. And that's been a big effort here, the last, I'll say 10 years.



00:35:00.870 --> 00:35:10.990

Andy Breuer:  I don't know in terms of some of the leadership book. II think some of the simplest ones are good to great. That's that one certainly is.



00:35:11.170 --> 00:35:16.149

Andy Breuer: I think you can look at any company at any stage and say, Well, we're a good company, you know, and



00:35:16.340 --> 00:35:29.259

Andy Breuer: to try to make it better. And then, in the in the context of looking your competition, you're always gonna be good. We can always be better. And I like that old saying, you know things get better, they get worse. They never stay the same.



00:35:29.490 --> 00:35:35.270

Andy Breuer: I'm also lately on kind of a brevity kick. I really like part of this is



00:35:35.350 --> 00:35:37.089

Andy Breuer: has grown out of my



00:35:37.900 --> 00:35:45.229

Andy Breuer: disdain for polarized news sources. Right? I kind of a couple of years ago, I said, I'm going to try to find the middle o the road.



00:35:45.450 --> 00:35:49.369

Andy Breuer: You know news outlet, and I landed on Axios.



00:35:49.530 --> 00:35:53.449

Andy Breuer: and if you're a fan of the Axios news source, you know that they do a lot



00:35:53.830 --> 00:36:00.569

Andy Breuer: to promote brevity both in how they deliver the news is how, as well as kind of what they promote



00:36:00.880 --> 00:36:05.410

Andy Breuer: as kind of the life lessons and work lessons. Which is an interesting part of it. And I.



00:36:05.510 --> 00:36:11.600

Andy Breuer: So I've steered a lot of my coworkers to it. They have a book called Smart Brevity, that naturally is a pretty short read and



00:36:11.800 --> 00:36:14.409

Andy Breuer: and it just kinda speaks to



00:36:14.940 --> 00:36:22.330

Andy Breuer: the amount of content that we're all taking in. We're always on our phones. We're in computers. We're hearing it on the radio. We got print media. We're on television.



00:36:23.000 --> 00:36:29.309

Andy Breuer: It's coming at us in so many ways. And people don't get past the first paragraph. So don't waste that first paragraph.



00:36:30.010 --> 00:36:30.830

Andy Breuer: you know.



00:36:31.150 --> 00:36:46.910

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: and I think it's just very important. I don't always get takeaways, so I've already pulled up axios. Take a peek at it. Thank you. Another smart brevity book is definitely worth it about an hour and a half. So



00:36:46.990 --> 00:36:48.609

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: love it perfect.



00:36:48.770 --> 00:37:03.009

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC:  so we've got company culture. You've done a great job with that. We're talking about leadership. Great book! Good to great! That's you know, we we that's one of the books that we foundational in our, how do we build a business?



00:37:03.170 --> 00:37:07.469

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC:  The other piece that we talk about had a company



00:37:07.520 --> 00:37:21.509

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: is in charge of his strategy. And the way when when I talk about strategy, and I again, I think I might be throwing you a meatball across home plate on this one. But when I talk about strategy. It's all about.



00:37:21.810 --> 00:37:40.349

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: how are we unique? We don't compete. I don't. You can't compete to be the best. If you're competing to be the best. Everybody is going to be. It's price. And this and that those pieces. The only thing that you really can compete on and build a strategy around is what makes you unique? So far



00:37:40.440 --> 00:37:50.819

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: I'm one of your clients. If I'm you know. If I'm thinking about hiring Huber Brewer, what are the what are some of the pieces that make you stand out that make you unique.



00:37:52.020 --> 00:37:57.660

Andy Breuer: You you've nailed it that, and you know, a sea of competitors. What's the differentiator? And



00:37:58.320 --> 00:38:03.489

Andy Breuer: there's always an intangible, especially in a community like Syracuse or Rochester.



00:38:04.180 --> 00:38:11.280

Andy Breuer: we. We try to ingrain ourselves in the community, and it's not just the brewer family. We we are



00:38:11.350 --> 00:38:12.810

Andy Breuer: kind of openly



00:38:13.410 --> 00:38:22.690

Andy Breuer: promoting and and advocating for our team to to get involved in something that they're passionate about in the community, and I don't care if it's



00:38:23.300 --> 00:38:29.620

Andy Breuer: dog rescue, or meals to wheel or meals on wheels, or you know, and



00:38:30.440 --> 00:38:33.150

Andy Breuer: an artistic venue, whatever it is.



00:38:35.120 --> 00:38:42.389

Andy Breuer: It gets you out of your comfort zone because you inevitably end up on a committee or a board. You know a group of people that you wouldn't necessarily see



00:38:42.570 --> 00:38:45.989

Andy Breuer: by going to the little League game, or at your school function, or whatever.



00:38:46.750 --> 00:38:56.910

Andy Breuer: So now you're out mixing with people from, you know, all around the community, and it just it always leads to an opportunity to a differentiator, saying, Yeah, we know that person, or we



00:38:57.240 --> 00:38:58.389

Andy Breuer: and then



00:38:59.040 --> 00:39:03.009

Andy Breuer: supporting those organizations, you know, leads to.



00:39:03.030 --> 00:39:09.780

Andy Breuer: I don't know. Pet projects is the right. But there's there's a lot of organizations that I feel like because we are so community oriented.



00:39:10.000 --> 00:39:16.340

Andy Breuer: They look at us as kind of a natural problem solver for so and sometimes, years before, there's a project.



00:39:16.400 --> 00:39:34.299

Andy Breuer: it's, you know, help us navigate this programme challenge with our facility, help us think through as I love those skulls. cause number one. I feel like I'm helping the community and number 2. I know that 2 years later there's going to be some project that comes of it after the capital campaign. And after the so



00:39:34.610 --> 00:39:46.280

Andy Breuer: yeah, I think that just immersing yourself in community and not to do it in a way that is not rewarding to our to our team members like. If our employees.



00:39:46.930 --> 00:39:53.989

Andy Breuer: I don't want them to get involved in something they're not passionate about, so we just encourage them to do something that that rings true for them. And



00:39:54.020 --> 00:39:58.150

Andy Breuer: if there's some gravy that comes out of that in a business or community relationship, then great.



00:40:00.030 --> 00:40:11.670

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: that's but awesome. That's perfect. That is a really, I mean there's so many tendrils that go out and spokes to that wheel that really make a difference.



00:40:11.840 --> 00:40:38.490

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Yeah, into the other side of it. My gut says, you know whether it's a foreman or a leader in the business, or a manager when they're involved in these pet projects in their pet project, meaning the charity that they're involved in a you know, some place that they're passionate about when they come back and say, Hey, they're doing a campaign to for XY and Z, are you guys okay.



00:40:38.720 --> 00:40:40.730

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: backing me on this?



00:40:40.780 --> 00:40:57.600

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So you're getting it. That goes, I mean, think about just from a company culture perspective. The company cares about the projects that are important to me. And how about the the community being an advocate? For in the face of the company just



00:40:57.820 --> 00:40:59.750

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: brilliant. And then



00:40:59.800 --> 00:41:07.999

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: 2 way street, right? Yeah. And it wouldn't. It wouldn't be real like you said, if they weren't passionate about it.



00:41:08.090 --> 00:41:27.579

Andy Breuer: And if you didn't mean it. And the reason why it's so meaningful is because you guys care. It is one of the core values. You really care about the community that you're in and the legacy that you're building. Yeah, going back to the whole, you know, if we were building Walmart's all over the country, you don't have that opportunity because you don't have the genuine connection with with community. So



00:41:27.740 --> 00:41:38.070

Andy Breuer: think the reason we've become this on this chameleon in Central New York is because of that genuine commitment to our team. And that team's commitment to the community. So



00:41:39.940 --> 00:41:41.329

Andy Breuer: I'm super proud of it



00:41:41.810 --> 00:41:43.769

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: really am good. Thank you.



00:41:44.000 --> 00:41:51.049

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Looking at all right. So we've got company culture. We've got strategy.



00:41:51.370 --> 00:42:00.310

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: what is communication like through your organization? What are you know? How? How do? How does the company communicate. What's the rhythm for communication through the company?



00:42:01.930 --> 00:42:11.790

Andy Breuer: Funny, the cadence and discipline of that communication is something we're always trying to improve. And if there's anything that we kind of test through surveys.



00:42:12.400 --> 00:42:23.719

Andy Breuer: It's it's looking at the frequency and the format of communication. And this kind of goes back to the brevity piece. I don't wanna insist on people sitting through a monthly meeting. If they don't.



00:42:24.090 --> 00:42:26.949

Andy Breuer: they just feel like it's redundant, or it's a drag. So



00:42:29.680 --> 00:42:42.919

Andy Breuer: yeah, there, there! There are people who sit around, you know the the I'll say the boardroom table, you know, every Friday morning who know most of what's going on in the company. the people working on a specific job site for 18 months. They certainly don't have the same pulse



00:42:43.020 --> 00:42:47.820

Andy Breuer: or have the same understanding of the pulse of what? What we're chasing. So



00:42:47.970 --> 00:42:53.819

Andy Breuer: you have to be cognizant of that, I think, with how information is disseminated around the company.



00:42:53.960 --> 00:43:09.020

Andy Breuer: and some of it is just that people want to feel confidence, that because we tend to work on job cycles that are a year or 18 months or 2 years. Well, where am I going next? There's a lot of that communication that's don't worry, you know the pipeline is intact.



00:43:09.500 --> 00:43:15.420

Andy Breuer: so I find that the communication is much about the confident. I mean, if we do our jobs well, we're constantly working ourselves out of.



00:43:15.940 --> 00:43:22.219

Andy Breuer: So the communication needs to be around the confidence in the, you know, perpetuity of the work. And



00:43:22.920 --> 00:43:25.619

Andy Breuer: we're doing a better job with that. But we can always improve



00:43:25.830 --> 00:43:35.519

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: nice in terms of succession. and how that relates to company culture and building out your.



00:43:35.600 --> 00:43:42.180

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: you know the A player leadership team, as they say?  is there?



00:43:42.620 --> 00:43:47.600

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Or has there been any talk about like Huber Brewer University.



00:43:47.840 --> 00:43:48.580

Andy Breuer: Huh?



00:43:48.840 --> 00:43:53.719

Andy Breuer:  it's funny we didn't really work with a leadership consultant until about 2 years ago.



00:43:54.090 --> 00:43:56.060

Andy Breuer: and it's funny I can even go back



00:43:57.210 --> 00:44:12.949

Andy Breuer: 10 years ago, when it was kind of like Jim Brewer and everybody else. And it's taken us. It's taken us even that, you know, here we are, 140 years into our company. We didn't necessarily have the verticality of saying, Well, we have a preconstruction department and a construction department and a operations and accounting department.



00:44:13.230 --> 00:44:18.559

Andy Breuer: So that's all like relatively recent in the in the, you know, arc of the company.



00:44:18.960 --> 00:44:24.709

Andy Breuer: So we're now, just kind of getting to the point where in that succession, we say, Okay, well, we need. Now, we need to define



00:44:25.230 --> 00:44:27.790

Andy Breuer: what our leadership development looks like.



00:44:28.030 --> 00:44:41.129

Andy Breuer: And the first thing to do in that is getting to those standard operating procedures and protocols. And you know, employee handbooks. So you can, you know, accurately define what somebody's role is. So that it is replicable.



00:44:41.210 --> 00:44:50.390

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Yeah, we I just, I just gonna I love that conversation because you're right. I mean, you're right there.



00:44:50.810 --> 00:45:13.249

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: We call come on we score cards instead of Job. II love and I and II would like to call them trading cards, but everybody gets mad at me, cause you know you can be traded to another company if you so choose, and that's fine. But that that may be a little little crass, but score cards are Bru. A brief job. Descriptions are too long.



00:45:13.250 --> 00:45:21.009

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Is what are you? My function accountabilities? What are the what do I need to bring to the table where the Kpis that I'm getting measured on?



00:45:21.010 --> 00:45:40.009

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: And if I keep on that simple and that brief on one page. Oh, and, by the way, the company values, add that to the everybody scorecard, and then rank them on. You know a 0 to 5 on the company value. So you can say, how am I holding up on these different company values? That's it. And the as I'm learning more about



00:45:40.360 --> 00:45:45.369

Andy Breuer: what a Leadership Academy of Sorts would look like. I think I'll say that



00:45:45.750 --> 00:45:53.419

Andy Breuer: probably the scariest, boldest part of it is the inevitable kind of 360 review, you know, looking up and down the chain, that I



00:45:54.500 --> 00:46:06.570

Andy Breuer: doesn't matter what role I play in the company. If I'm kind of tap to be a leader. I have to have the thick enough skin to be able to say, Well, I need to know what people above me, the people below me and the people around me kind of think of my leadership style, my strengths and weaknesses.



00:46:06.920 --> 00:46:20.840

Andy Breuer: That's a that's a scary prospect for an organization that's never done a true 3 60 degree review process and survey. So you know, we're right at that point right now. And something we're gonna need to embark on as we think about succession and growth. So



00:46:21.110 --> 00:46:23.840

Andy Breuer: it's a very relevant topic for us right now.



00:46:25.250 --> 00:46:35.830

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: If you look at the next 12 months, and I know. II think I know the answer to this already based on what we've been talking about. What what would you say? Is your number one top priority



00:46:36.240 --> 00:46:45.990

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: is, is this what ex? This is it right now, it's just how do we put our success leadership succession leading to growth making it replicable?



00:46:46.110 --> 00:46:46.940

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Okay.



00:46:47.360 --> 00:47:08.169

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: there we go. Hpu. I'm I'm gonna coin it for you. Hpu University. I'm I'm a I'm a big. I'm a big fan of every company having their own university, and not as a farce, not as a you know, not just to have the name and think it's cool, but to actually



00:47:08.540 --> 00:47:11.630

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: delve into those things, and, you know.



00:47:11.880 --> 00:47:38.680

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: happy to at any time feel free to say, what about this? What about that, Mike? You you now have my email. And I'm happy to share those things. Oh, our our company marketing people already coined it. They say we're gonna have it on Tuesday afternoons, and we're gonna call it 1870 Tuesday. Oh, better than I. So much they win. That's what that's why I'm not in marketing. They can come up with that



00:47:38.970 --> 00:47:52.490

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC:  When you look at the you know the current pains and frustrations that you're dealing with right now, what would you say? Are the top one or 2 pains or frustrations as a CEO that you're dealing with.



00:47:55.440 --> 00:48:01.220

Andy Breuer: I think I'd like to think we're kind of. We're we're through the



00:48:02.850 --> 00:48:04.589

Andy Breuer: What were they calling it the great



00:48:04.850 --> 00:48:12.459

Andy Breuer:  where where we was kind of leaving their job here 2 years ago?



00:48:12.590 --> 00:48:15.389

Andy Breuer: anyway, I'd like to think we're over that part of it.



00:48:15.570 --> 00:48:22.799

Andy Breuer: We didn't lose a lot of people. We were very fortunate. but you know I didn't think we had a lot of grasses greener kind of moments here.



00:48:22.940 --> 00:48:45.310

Andy Breuer: Which was encouraging. But it's it. I still was reading enough headlines that it had me worried, you know.  I don't know. I mean, of course, you're always worried about risk management and insurance with construction. Right? I mean, my father jokes that he never has to go to the Casino, because he just goes to work every day, and we just hope that you know nobody falls off a ladder.



00:48:45.990 --> 00:48:51.869

Andy Breuer: The risk management climate in New York State labor laws. Some of the



00:48:52.070 --> 00:48:53.410

Andy Breuer: frankly. You know.



00:48:55.470 --> 00:48:57.490

Andy Breuer: medical



00:48:57.650 --> 00:49:00.600

Andy Breuer: legal groups that are out there.



00:49:00.800 --> 00:49:21.169

Andy Breuer: employee employment law and whatnot. I mean, there's just a lot of it's a it's a tough risk management, risk environment, as a state. And so we're always looking at how we're managing best practices and safety and best practices in insurance. Whether that be, you know, lines of general liability in auto and workers Comp, or even looking at health insurance planning



00:49:21.280 --> 00:49:22.729

Andy Breuer: feels like those.



00:49:23.510 --> 00:49:32.290

Andy Breuer: Those programs are probably the thing that are the most burdensome and therefore worrisome.  so that's really the only thing that comes to mind.



00:49:32.440 --> 00:49:40.249

Andy Breuer: But I'm not. I'm not worried about the pipeline. I'm not worried about the job pursuits. I'm not worried about the culture that. So that's



00:49:40.970 --> 00:49:43.539

Andy Breuer: that's the the good side of it. So



00:49:44.550 --> 00:49:45.450

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: nice.



00:49:46.170 --> 00:49:57.180

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You're sitting in an auditorium. You're on a panel, and the audience is second and third generation. Family businesses that are



00:49:57.880 --> 00:50:01.489

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: hoping that they can make it to 6 and 7 themselves.



00:50:01.510 --> 00:50:04.989

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: What are you telling them? What are they? What is your? What are your top 3.



00:50:05.250 --> 00:50:07.729

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Don't take your eyes off of these balls.



00:50:07.880 --> 00:50:08.700

Andy Breuer: Yeah.



00:50:09.180 --> 00:50:12.840

Andy Breuer:  celebrate the little victories.



00:50:14.540 --> 00:50:18.199

Andy Breuer: Don't be afraid to be your own advocate, you know. I think that



00:50:20.160 --> 00:50:26.930

Andy Breuer: and it it might. It might be almost a bit of a sense for New York thing, too. I think that we are sometimes our worst enemy, that we don't.



00:50:27.650 --> 00:50:36.270

Andy Breuer: We just have a little bit of pessimism here, and it's it's from. It's from generations of, you know, the flight of business. And just feeling like, we're kind of an under dog.



00:50:36.910 --> 00:50:39.169

Andy Breuer: We have a lot of



00:50:41.220 --> 00:50:44.450

Andy Breuer: differentiators and knowledge base and



00:50:44.570 --> 00:50:51.989

Andy Breuer: frankly, just grit in this community. And sometimes you have to remind people that we're not the underdog, or at least we're not anymore.



00:50:52.010 --> 00:50:53.569

Andy Breuer: So be your own advocate.



00:50:54.280 --> 00:51:05.690

Andy Breuer: and and I wanna add, I wanna just add to that. I think that's not just Syracuse. It's Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse credit for this, I 90 corridor.



00:51:05.700 --> 00:51:07.780

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: and what we've all been through.



00:51:07.810 --> 00:51:25.519

Andy Breuer: you know, and and how we're all have a lot of grit. And the people, the people who are often the one yesterday, the ones who've never. They've never lived anywhere else. So they don't they? You know you. I've lived in Atlanta. You go to Atlanta for 6 years and deal with that traffic, and that he, you know, move to Washington, DC. And deal with the traffic, move to



00:51:26.320 --> 00:51:29.820

Andy Breuer: Boston or La, or wherever Texas.



00:51:30.320 --> 00:51:35.180

Andy Breuer: So I think that sometimes the people are the most vocal, or maybe the least qualified to have that



00:51:35.840 --> 00:51:37.750

Andy Breuer: have that opinion.



00:51:37.870 --> 00:51:51.750

Andy Breuer: and the people who are most satisfied here are those that have gone someplace else, and then come back to the 4 season towns that we love here.  and and realize the I don't know the simplicity sometimes of of our lifestyle here.



00:51:51.800 --> 00:52:00.070

Andy Breuer: Yeah, we have high property taxes, but we also have an abundance of water. We have places where my kids can go skiing in the afternoon after school.



00:52:00.460 --> 00:52:03.529

Andy Breuer: Not many places in the country level in the world.



00:52:04.120 --> 00:52:11.469

Andy Breuer:  anyway. My last one is is, you know, the team dynamic. Nobody can do it themselves, so



00:52:11.700 --> 00:52:14.380

Andy Breuer: probably goes along with celebrating the little victories in that



00:52:14.810 --> 00:52:18.249

Andy Breuer: celebrated as a team, not as an individual. And



00:52:19.780 --> 00:52:21.530

Andy Breuer: yeah, prioritize the team.



00:52:21.810 --> 00:52:22.799

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Love it, love it?



00:52:23.420 --> 00:52:28.349

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC:  I had a question, and then I was



00:52:28.610 --> 00:52:33.269

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: listening. Last one is.



00:52:34.790 --> 00:52:35.759

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: It's not about



00:52:35.990 --> 00:52:43.469

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: books. Usually. That's one of the things I throw out, what do you? I guess that's what do you do? You know, leaders.



00:52:43.490 --> 00:53:08.969

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: our learners, when leaders are always, you know, reading something or learning something? How do you learn? And what is? What are some of the things that you know you? You shared axios with us right now, but my my wife would tell you I haven't really read a book, and you I it's true. I haven't sat down and ready book cover to cover in multiple years. And yet I'm always reading right too often, probably on my phone, and too often when I should be shutting off the lights and go to sleep.



00:53:09.400 --> 00:53:10.420

Andy Breuer: But



00:53:11.870 --> 00:53:20.939

Andy Breuer: I think any any good manager of people is also, you know, a student of people, a student of emotional intelligence. And



00:53:24.160 --> 00:53:30.970

Andy Breuer: my business is my family, but you have to remind yourself when you're in a leadership role at a family business, that it's not everybody else's family.



00:53:31.250 --> 00:53:38.610

Andy Breuer: and that you are never going to be as important. You're you know. You can never expect an employee to treat his work



00:53:39.790 --> 00:53:48.439

Andy Breuer: as the as the number one thing in their lives, and more importantly than their own families and their own lives and their own, you know. Passions and recreation.



00:53:48.840 --> 00:53:50.910

Andy Breuer: And



00:53:51.960 --> 00:54:04.869

Andy Breuer: It goes a long way, I think, to to be. I don't know astute enough or perceptive enough to know when that employ, when something is so important to that employee that



00:54:05.370 --> 00:54:08.470

Andy Breuer: I have to say, you know what we have to backfill this, because



00:54:08.680 --> 00:54:20.590

Andy Breuer: I want this employee to respect their job and respect what's important to me enough, then I better have the perception to know that this is a very important weekend or event or moment for that person.



00:54:21.390 --> 00:54:44.639

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So that's good. That's that's that's gold for a lot of people. I don't think they. I think they feel it and think it, but not maybe not out loud, and you need to bring that to the forefront. The fact that you know your employees, families always gonna come before your family always gonna come before the business, and if we don't realize that it could be detrimental.



00:54:44.730 --> 00:54:52.479

Andy Breuer: That's right. If you wanna if you wanna gain that forever. Loyalty and an increasingly fickle, you know, recruiting and retaining environment.



00:54:53.430 --> 00:54:56.930

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You. You better know what makes those people tick?



00:54:57.590 --> 00:55:02.879

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: All right. Last last one. Okay. Favorite family tradition.



00:55:04.290 --> 00:55:05.310

Andy Breuer: Oh, man.



00:55:06.630 --> 00:55:11.979

Andy Breuer: So we we like to get away to the St. Lawrence River. We have a place up on Wellesley Island, and



00:55:12.260 --> 00:55:17.539

Andy Breuer: I'll say the the best tradition is just the ability to have summer weekends up there like it's



00:55:18.250 --> 00:55:20.039

growing up, you know. That's where



00:55:20.200 --> 00:55:24.390

Andy Breuer: I got into trouble. And it's where my kids are. Gonna get into trouble and



00:55:24.460 --> 00:55:30.290

Andy Breuer: there's a certain. you know, reliance that you kids develop, I think with



00:55:30.870 --> 00:55:37.920

Andy Breuer: you know, they can only get in so much trouble. But it's like a different, you know, learning to be on boats and learn how to fix some motor, learning how to.



00:55:38.400 --> 00:55:46.069

Andy Breuer: you know and install that part of the Doc, or whatever like it's just there. There's a certain craftiness



00:55:46.600 --> 00:55:52.770

Andy Breuer: that comes to. You know that that time and everybody's got that place there, whether it's their garage, their camp, their summer home



00:55:54.070 --> 00:56:04.870

Andy Breuer: registered. always trying to prioritize those moments because there's a certain self reliance that comes out of those experiences, you know, camping, whatever it is, so I try to hold on to those.



00:56:05.410 --> 00:56:22.029

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Thank you for sharing. That's you don't know this, but my wife and I just were up in Ottawa, beginning of September, and we went across. You know the the the 1,000 Island Bridge looked at ourselves as we were going through. We're getting to that point of life where, you know, all of our kids are out, and we're like.



00:56:22.170 --> 00:56:43.550

Andy Breuer: we always think about the finger lakes. We're totally missing it by not coming up here, and I just started looking at real estate up there. So nothing will create a self reliance on a 15 year old kid, and getting pulled over by the Canadian customs vote. And having answer those questions right? And wondering if you're gonna find yourself in some Canadian jail and you're both being impounded.



00:56:43.760 --> 00:56:54.709

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: So yeah, I think there's just a certain amount of self reliance that comes out of our time up there which is great Andy Brewer from Huber brewer in Syracuse, New York.



00:56:54.840 --> 00:57:07.439

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your time and your I really enjoyed it. I always learned from, you know, moments like this. Events like this. I appreciate being included. Your program. So thank you.



00:57:07.500 --> 00:57:21.519

Michael Palumbos ChFC, CBEC: You got it. Thanks everybody for listening. My name's Michael Columbus, with family wealth and legacy in Rochester, New York, and you've been listening to the family biz show. We cannot wait to host you again on the next episode. Have a great day. Everybody.

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